Adventures in PuG leveling

As I have mentioned in the past, I have been leveling the roguelette and PPP.  The main reason behind trying to get these alts up are their professions.  The roguelette has mining/engineering and PPP has herbing/alchemy.  I want my volatiles!

The roguelette has been questing and finally hit 75 last week.  She has been put in full heirlooms and has been tearing things up.

On the other hand PPP was not given anything and has leveled almost exlusively through dungeons.  She quested a bit back in the lower levels (when I couldn’t stand the dungeons I was faced with) and has herbed for a bit, but about 95% of her xp has come from dungeons.  During these dungeons I have come across more things that I should never have to see, more than once.

Everyone knows about the Spellpower plate wearing DK.  You see those quite often.  More than anyone should for that matter. >.>   Now I had heard about spellpower plate wearing warriors.  Even seen a few with a piece here and there.  However, last night I had the “pleasure” of running Old Kingdom with a “fury” warrior who was decked out in Spellpower plate and Int gear.  I am talking caster cloak, neck and rings ON TOP of the holy pally gear.

Normally I don’t bother to look at people’s gear unless they are doing something that is off.  The first boss in OK seems to drop the holy pally belt like every time I was in there.  Everyone rolled greed and I won the item.  The warrior chimes up “Can I have that?”  I told him no, it wasn’t for him it was a holy pally belt and he doesn’t want it.  This went on for a good 10 mins.  Complete with him linking his green belt (one of his few items with strength on it) and went on about how the blue belt was better because the (and I quote) “Armor, stam and crit as so much better.”  I then went on to tell him that he needs to stack strength NOT the other stats.  It took the mage in the group to tell him “Dude that is a paladin belt.”  That was when he dropped it.  /Sigh.

The downside to playing an alt of a different class than your main is seeing all the other people playing “your” class and failing.  The sheer amount of fail warlocks that I have come across just makes me want to pull my hair out, curl up into a ball and cry.

Yes I know my blog no longer generates any major traffic (not that it ever did) but I do want to say this for all you people leveling warlocks:

  • Your voidwalker DOES NOT BELONG IN A DUNGEON

There is NO REASON you should be using this minion for dps.  No he DOES NOT do more dps than any other pet you have.  Yes his taunt CAN mess with the tank.  Any warlock who uses this pet in a dungeon IS DOING IT WRONG!  I have an issue if you use the wrong pet for your spec, but if you are still doing decent damage/dps I won’t be that upset.  I will still /facepalm at you, but I won’t get pissy.

  • If you life tap until you are close to death, USE YOUR HEAL!

Warlocks now have a channeled heal that we can use out of combat.  You get this heal in the teens.  There is no reason why I should have to heal your ass because you are too lazy to hit a button while we are out of combat.  I will, and have, let warlocks die for not healing themselves.

  • When there is ONE mob, use your rotation, DO NOT use your AoE spells

Spamming Seed and Rain of Fire on one mob will not kill it faster.  Trust me on this one.

  • At least know what spells your spec should be using.

If you are affliction, you want to use Haunt, Unstable Affliction, Corruption and Bane of Agony with Shadow Bolt spam.  If you are Destro you want Immolate and Incinerate spam.  Demo has the mixture of both.  Affliction benefits from SHADOW damage.  You DO NOT want to use fire spells if you are looking for the best damage output.  Destro is the fire spec.  Demo benefits from both.

I had an affliction warlock in one of my Gundrak runs.  She had a felpuppy out (that made me happy) so at least she passed that test.  She would cast Haunt then spam Incinerate and Soul Fire.  I had to double check her spec to make sure she wasn’t just running with the wrong pet.  Nope, she was affliction using Destro spells.  I whispered her asking why she was doing that.  She replied back that she hadn’t played this toon for a while and had forgotten the rotation.  I asked if she would like some tips, to which she was VERY happy to receive.  I left that run very happy with myself.

Now you might think I am a crazy bitch who is horrible in dungeons, but I will at least keep it in whispers if I see someone doing something that is “off.”  I don’t want to embarass them in front of the whole group, hell they are doing that on their own, I just want to help them if they need it.  Obviously the warlock above needed that help and I was there to give it.  It is when they are doing something that is so horribly bad and when they get mad at you for asking them why is when I turn into bitch mode.

If you are going to play something against the norm you will need to give me a reason why.  It can be a stupid reason like “I wanted to see how badly I could do this” but I need a reason.  Yes I know this is a random 5 man and NOT a raid, but damn it there are 4 other people with you, at least have the courtsey to know how to play before you join a random.  You don’t have to be awesome, but please at least know how to play your role.

Another thing that drives me nuts (I KNOW I have mentioned this before) is people not releasing when it is a wipe.  If my ass has to run back, so does your ass.  I WILL NOT rez you.  Last night I zoned into a Gundrak (I was there so much yesterday >.<) where they had wiped on the trash before the first boss.  BTW what is with the dungeon finder not telling you that you are entering a dungeon already in progress?!!?  I ask what happened and was told that the healer zoned in and midway through the pull apologized and left.  Everyone had released and run back in, except for the tank.  He was still sitting there in the doorway waiting for someone to rez him.  I sure as hell wasn’t going to do it.  He was at the FUCKING door.  It would take him LESS time to release and run back in by the time I would have rezzed him.  So I sat down and pulled up my internet window and started reading.  Asshole move I know.  The best part to me was the fact that I was the only one in the group who could rez.  I didn’t say anything, just sat back to wait and see what would happen.  After about 2 mins one of the mages (there were 2) started bitching about “people not pulling their weight” (no I didn’t understand it either) and dropped group.  Another minute later the other mage started bitching “Just rez him already so we can get on with this!”  To which I dropped group.

Asshole of me, yes, yes it was.  Do I feel bad?  No, not in the least.

I chimed up in gchat about what happened and Zari (I ❤ you Zari!) says “I ❤ evil.”

Me too Zari, me too.

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  1. repgrind
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 11:44:06

    Every DK knows to stack spirit to increase their runic power regeneration. Geez. Come on.

    Hm. When I get around to playing with my lock again, I might have to try an aff spec. I always wanted a felpuppy. He’s demo right now, but I’m super confused as to what I’m supposed to be doing other than tossing on a DoT and watching the felguard go nuts. Not that it’s not fun doing that or anything. I like having him do all the work. 😛


    • koalabear21
      Feb 22, 2011 @ 11:46:19

      There have been so many changes to Demo since I last played it (pre 4.0) that I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing when I am in that spec.

      So yeah, I’m not much help when it comes to Demo.

      I love mah puppy, but sadly I have to use the succi for raiding


  2. zarigar
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 11:52:22

    I swear they took out that warning telling you the dungeon was in progress. Probably too many–like me–passing up on those runs.


  3. slice213
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 12:12:32

    WoW being an easy game breeds people like warriors who wear spellplate and locks spamming incorrect spells or AoE on single mobs. 😛

    Then again I use smite to heal…./facepalm


  4. Psynister
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 12:53:53

    I’ve been in at least 5 dungeon runs in the last two weeks that were in progress yet I received no warning at all. So something is definitely off on that though whether or not it’s intentional remains to be seen.

    I let people die for doing stupid stuff too, Mages and Hunters in particular. Hunters who think they can pull for the tank and then not suffer for it in most cases, or Mages who pull threat and then kite away from the tank and LoS me. You get one freebie in which I tell you to stop and why, and after that I’m not going to heal you. I’ll rez you the first time, after I’ve sat down and restored my mana to full, checked twitter and my email for any new messages, and that’s your only freebie rez too. From then on you can walk back every time and deal with no healing.

    And people who don’t run back after a wipe? You have a -5,000% chance that I’m going to rez you if we all had to run back. I don’t care if we’re on the last boss of an instance that takes 30 minutes to run from the entrance to the final boss’s location, you’re not getting a rez from me.


  5. Sojhin
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 15:58:07

    I don’t want to come off as a twat, but this post is contradicting, at the beginning you state it annoys you when people do not play optimally and will not use their own abilities to convience you(your example was soul harvest for warlocks) yet you wont use a rez?

    Now granted, i don’t like the no run back crowd either, but you are punishing the entire group because you do not want to use an ability you have been given, which is fine, but you cannot have it both ways, im sure it felt like that tank was getting his just desserts, and if you were to rez him he would have “won” but i just can;t agree with a post like this. Plenty of times on my balance druid i was made to rez a person who didnt get heals(and for a reason, he was an idiot) and heal him myself, which cost our effciency, but im sure the healers pride was intact, which is the important thing.


    • koalabear21
      Feb 22, 2011 @ 16:45:47

      I won’t rez people who are being lazy and expect that they will get a rez because the rest of the group will get impatient and they will get away without having to do what everyone else has to do.

      Yes I full recognize that it is a dick move. I will own up to the hypocrisy. However, I reserve the right to not rez or heal someone. If you ask anyone who has healed in randoms (as a healer) most of them will go along with my stance. I don’t look at it as a prima donna move, because the person who expects that rez is saying “I am more important because I don’t have to run back.” I am simply transferring that power back to myself.

      As for warlocks. We have the most abilities to keep ourselves healed than any other non-healing class. There is NO reason, even before we got our heal, for a warlock to life tap themselves to near death and not get healed back from their own abilities. NO reason. Any warlock that doesn’t attempt to heal themselves, even if it is just bandages is being an ass. In fact many healers will flat out refuse to heal warlocks because of these dicks.

      If a warlock is being careful with their life tapping then I have NO PROBLEM with tossing them a HoT. The same is for people who won’t release. If they ask if they can get a rez because of some reason (a guildie said some people have major lag issues if they run in from a rez) I will rez them. What I won’t do is rez when they are just being lazy.

      The sad thing is the people who can heal/rez allow this to happen because they will give in and do it themselves, thus continuing letting the lazy get away with it.

      Yeah sorry that was kind of a rant in itself.


      • Kaylex
        Feb 23, 2011 @ 07:01:21

        If you think you are a bitch…get this.. once an encounter is over, I STOP healing. That means if you are still standing in green swirly shit, you die. I will rez you if I’m still alive, but I was healing your dumb ass through “Standing in the bad” during the fight. Once we are successful, I’m going to let you earn your repair bill.


        • repgrind
          Feb 23, 2011 @ 07:34:36

          And please freaking EAT between pulls. I’m busy doing that myself to get mana back, not wasting what little I have left healing your lazy butt back to full. Especially when the mage put out cookies before the run and you don’t even have to use your own food. >.<


      • AngerFork
        Feb 23, 2011 @ 11:34:34

        Amen to not rezzing people that won’t even make an effort to run back. It just comes across to me as disrespectful. If you legitimately have something to do or you’ll likely get lost, that’s at least something. But just sitting there expecting a rez…I’ve stopped doing it and my groups have gone much better since. Either A) the non-runner gets a clue and either tries to run back or ask nicely, or B) he gets kicked from the group provided I’m rocking out on the heals. Either way, we wind up with someone playing far better which becomes easier for me to heal.

        As far as Warlocks go, I’m with you there too. If you do a good amount of life tapping but aren’t going to give me a coronary bringing you back up over and over, I’ll keep a HoT on you as much as I can. And if you’re nice, no one else is needing a ton of heals, and you just like to use a lot of mana, I’ll even throw it on you while you’re full so you can life tap and pretend you have an infinite mana bar.

        Really, my healing practices just comes down to who is acting like a jackwagon and who isn’t.


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