Money, Money, Money

Now that you have that song in your head . . . 😉

Last night’s raid went really well.  We had one person who had only been there once before (when we weren’t killing things) and another who had only seen the fights the previous week.  Even then we downed Omnomnom, Magmaw and Chim without any major issues.  We then got our guild first kill of Maloriak (as last night’s post showed).  We then ran off to take down the boss in Baradin Hold since Horde got control again.  After that quick fight we ran back to BWD and put in some attempts on Atramedes.

All things considered we really didn’t do that bad.  Having never seen the fight, and only 2 people having done their homework (me and Slice) we got the poor guy to 69%.  We are going back in tonight.  I think we will do MUCH better and probably get him down. 🙂

Now on to the title.  We got a BoE epic caster sword to drop from the trash.  It was decided that we would sell it and replenish the guild bank instead of giving it to a guildie.  Most of the casters have the dagger from Magmaw so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  One of our Pally tanks has a PvP holy off spec and he was making noises about wanting it, but we stayed firm with the main spec “rule” and Sorak got the sword to sell.  I told him to put it on the AH for a minimum of 20k.  He went to trade and someone offered him 10k for it.  We told him to see if he could get 20k.  Yep, he got 20k for it.  Woot!  Our poor guild bank got replenished (we were getting sooooo low) and everyone was laughing over the guy who paid 20k for the sword.

The main reason we laughed was because the guy was in one of the top guilds on the server.  Maybe he wasn’t able to get loot in raids, or maybe he just wasn’t raiding with them.  Hell it could have been for an alt.  I know that there are a bunch of people that don’t necessarily have access to raids or the drive to raid.  It just seemed odd.  But hey!  SR got some money!!!

We had been having issues with donations.  When we set things up before the xpac we decided there wasn’t going to be a raiding rank.  There would be Officers, Vets and Members.  Everyone was a member.  You only got Vet status if you donated every week.  Vet status gets you repairs 24/7 on your main, gbank enchants, gems, food and flasks.  We just asked that you donate at least 250g worth of mats.  At first this went really well.  I was getting greens constantly, lots of gems, cloth, gear, etc.  The last month or so I stopped getting stuff from half the people who were vets.  I would get like 1k gold from them and that would be it.  Yeah that does equal 1 month’s worth of donations, but the guild was struggling with no herbs for flasks and 1k doesn’t go very far when you are wiping on progression bosses.

What made me kind of unhappy was the obvious farmers in the guild weren’t donating the mats that we needed.  Calls were put out that we needed specific herbs.  What donations did I get?  The usual greens, cloth and 1k gold donations.  We have at least 4 people who farm herbs and sell them on the AH.  They weren’t even giving us Volatile Life!  Sorak and I were talking one night and he basically said that we need to turn off the gbank for everyone since people cannot be assed to help out.  I wasn’t happy with this choice, but I am not the GM.  I just argue with him and pick on him. ^_^

After last night’s sale, Sorak decided to change the donation policy.  Instead of mats, the donation is now 500g a week and we will buy everything that we need.  He has recently caught the AH bug (people bitch about him in trade, makes him laugh & get all cocky) and is having a blast playing it.  So I told him to start buying specific things when he sees them on “sale” and stock up the bank from there.  I know other guilds have been doing this for a long time, but we never had to.

I got lucky the other day and got one of the new Meta gem recipes to drop.  There have only been 1-3 (counting mine) on the AH at any point in time.  I am hoping to get at least 20k from it.  So keep your fingers crossed for me! 😀

Our guild fishing tournament is underway.  It started on Monday and we pulled in over 300 fish in the first day.  Yesterday didn’t see much activity because most of the people online were in the raid.  The same will probably go for today too.  I know I personally didn’t get to fish at all yesterday, and probably not even at all today.  I didn’t even get a chance to do any dailies (other than the cooking & fishing ones).  Raid nights are busy nights.  I fully intend to catch back up on Thursday though.  I had the most fish on Monday *flex* but I know I will be behind by Thursday.  We have some pretty awesome prizes set up for the winners:

1st place
1 Landro’s Lil’ xt
1 little ivory raptor whistle
1 path of cenarius
1 sandbox Tiger
hyacinth Macaw
personal world destroyer
2k gold
1 illusionary bag
2 embersilk bag

2nd place
1 landro’s Lil XT
1 little ivory raptor whistle
1 sandbox tiger
1 path of cenarius
1 mechanical yeti
1k gold
2 embersilk bags
1 Hyjal expedition  bag

3rd place
1 paintbomb
1 party G.E.R.N.A.D.E
2 frostweave bags
1 otherworldly bag
choice of Lil’ smokey or pet bombling

4th place
1 paint bomb
1 paint G.E.R.N.A.D.E
1 mysterious bag
coice of Lil’ smokey or Pet bombling which every is not chosen by 3rd place


So yeah, lots of fun stuff!

I am looking forward to tonight, but I think that ultimately I want to try the Nefarion fight!  It looks like so much fun!