Mah Orb!

I have the worst luck when it comes to getting orbs on my druid.  She is (as far as I know) the only maxed out leatherworker in the guild.  We have several mail/leather wearers who want stuff made.  I’ve offered to make stuff for them, but I need orbs.  Their answer was to run some heroics with me on my druid and give me the orb.

Well that is the idea.  How it actually happens is far from that.  Last night is a prime example.

At some point yesterday afternoon I decided I was going to powerlevel jewelcrafting on my DK.  He was just going to sit there in Org so why did I need a gathering profession on him?  While doing arch on my rogue on Sunday I came across a ton of ore nodes, so I mined them.  How many times had I seen them while doing arch on my druid?  Lots!  So I wasn’t going to waste them when I had a character that could actually mine them.  The result was I had a ton of mithril and iron sitting in my mining bag.  This got me to thinking that power leveling wouldn’t be that difficult.

Onward to the guide!

I had Slice find me a powerleveling guide (cause he wasn’t working so why not) and when I got online last night I started farming the copper and tin.  Apparently I needed some stones that came with the mithril so I farmed some more up in Felwood.  It helped that I had two dig sites in the area.  Multi-tasking amirite? 😉

The tricky part was knowing exactly how many bars I needed and how much ore I should keep to prospect.  I tried to follow the guide, but I just didn’t have enough gems.  So I took what I had and went with the guidelines.  I got lucky and only needed to buy a few gems.  I think I got him to 222 and found I had no thorium.  Off to Winterspring!

As I am trying to find nodes (seriously someone must’ve just been there and strip mined the place) Yui pipes up in gchat about not being able to get any gear for his druid (he obviously doesn’t raid with us because the only raid gear we get is druid gear).  I told him that my leatherworker could make him something I just need the mats and most importantly I needed the orbs.  So he was all “let’s run a quick heroic.”  Sorak was online and jumped all over that.  At this point Slice, Sorak, Yui and I were all in vent.  It was said in vent AND gchat that the run was so I could get orbs to make something for Yui.

We got Rep to come in as the 5th guildie and we queued up.  We had Yui tanking on his bear, Sorak on his rogue, Rep on her DK, me on my druid as a boomkin (I so fail in this spec) and Slice healing on his priest.  Slice no longer had a dps spec so I had no choice but to dps.  If I am lucky I can pull 6k on her in a non-moving boss fight.  Yeah I am pretty bad.  Yui’s bear isn’t really all that geared either.  But hey we have Slice, he who healed the 4 DKs in heroic Grim Batol, how bad could it be?

Well . . .

We got Lost City for our random and it was apparent that Yui was VERY squishy.  More often than not I had to switch out of boomkin and throw out some heals to help Slice.  Disc can have problems when 3 people just start dropping health rapidly.  Add on top of that only 1 CC option (and we all know how much Sorak LOVES CC) trash packs were painful.  The first boss took forever.  We just didn’t have the DPS numbers that all of us were used to.  I’ve honestly never seen these boss fights take this long, ever and I ran heroics in the first 2 weeks of Cata.

We FINALLY make it to the last boss, down him and I roll need on the orb.


What is this?

Slice ALSO rolled need on the orb!



Guess who won it?

You guessed right!

The fucker!

Of course everyone starts laughing and Slice is all “What?”

Me, being me, laid into him.  I reminded him that the entire run was to get me the orb so I could make Yui gear.  NOT so he could have an orb for his cloth cooldown.  He claims he wasn’t paying attention and was watching The Guild. /sigh

Now this is not the first time this has happened to me.  I tend to not run heroics on purpose.  I don’t like the feeling of “having” to run them every day.  Especially on my druid.  So when I am in a heroic on her it is because I need to get an orb for someone.  9/10 times that I have run heroics with my guildies for the purpose of getting an orb, someone else will also roll need on the orb and I get nothing.

It isn’t like I am taking the orbs and making gear to sell on the AH.  I am gearing a guildie who needs the gear to raid.  It took me at least 5 runs to get 2 orbs to make Zerl’s belt.  The 2nd orb I got was actually in a heroic that Arv asked me to come and heal on the last boss because they lost their healer.  It wasn’t even a guild run!


At this point it is past midnight EST.  Rep & Slice are both east coast.  It was decided we do a 2nd run.  This time we got the dreaded heroic Grim Batol.  I reminded everyone (aka Slice) to not roll on my orb.  I also asked them to please loot so I could skin the drakes (hell if I am making gear might as well get the leather right?)  The pulls were painful and people weren’t looting!

We get to the first boss and things are going well.  I am the only ranged so I am trying to take out the purple trogg.  The problem is my dps is so bad I can’t kill him fast enough.  I start dying to his hits AND all the hits of the other troggs.  Sorak tries to help me on his rogue, but he quickly dies too.

After 2 attempts Sorak switches to Fayle and said he would take care of the troggs.  This time we didn’t have an issue with the troggs.  Woot!

As an aside, they really need to change up the boss skinning.  If I have to have 530 skinning to skin him then he needs to drop something better than1 measly piece of leather.  I have to carry around skinning gloves for 1 piece of leather!  Soooooo not cool.

The 2nd boss wasn’t as bad as he could be.  At one point I got way out of range due to several falling rock spots and fire pits on the ground.  As I am trying to heal myself before I go back on the boss Slice life grips me to the rest of the party.  The fucker.  I hate it when he life grips me.  He does it on my lock during raids because “it looked like you needed to be moved” when I had things under control.  He also doesn’t have any kind of warning when he does it.  It just happens and you are jerked across the fucking screen.

Not cool.

He thinks it is the funniest thing.


We skip the 3rd boss and die to trash.  At this point Sorak has switched to tanking and is the worst DK tank ever.  I still am not sure why he keeps trying to tank.  He even admits he has no rune management.  /sigh.

We make it to the boss where Yui goes back to tanking.  Rep and I have one of the adds and Sorak has the other.  We were so good on the adds we got the achievement.  I even got a shiny new staff.

I also got the orb.


Hehehe bewbs

Last night in gchat I asked everyone how it was possible for the undead chicks to keep their boobs even when they jump around.  You would think those appendages would just fly off.  Apparently though “magic” is the answer.  I think there has to be something else though.  Nerds think about these things!

So yeah.  I think of some odd things sometimes.

Sorry for the radio silence.  I just haven’t had much to write about.  I can’t exactly write about guild drama anymore, mostly because I am an officer and am privy to all the background noise.  So while things have happened in game (nothing major) I just can’t/won’t write about it.

Plus Slice has this nasty habit of lecturing me whenever I “cross the line.”

/sigh males

PPP finally hit 85.  I’ve stayed shadow to do dailies and the occasional heroic with guildies.  I feel guilty for doing heroics.  While yes she has several crafted epics and has the gear level requirement, she still hasn’t “done time” in regulars.  I refuse to heal on her though.  I’m not enchanted and I want practice on regulars.  I haven’t healed since level 80 and I know that things have changed.  I noticed the difference on Tattia and I can just imagine it on PPP.  Add on top of that the fact that she is Disc.  Well let’s just say it probably won’t go over well.

My lone male toon is my DK.  Originally he was a female night elf on the alliance server Slice transferred to at the end of Wrath.  We had made DKs and were leveling them together.  He is my scribe and is an herbalist.  I personally don’t enjoy playing a DK.  I just mash buttons with them and things die.  The fun part is out dpsing and damaging Slice in 5 mans.  He has a rotation and is a good player, yet my button mashing wins.  It really does make me giggle.

Anyway, in order to get the Cata level of glyphs etc I had to get him to 75.  Like I said, Slice and I were leveling the DKs together.  That kind of died once we transferred back to Drak’Tharon.  We did a couple levels together but it got tough trying to find a time that worked.  Not to actually be online together, but when Slice actually would spend time leveling an alt he wasn’t going to raid with.  Eventually I just moved on because I needed him at 75.  Thus went the slog through Northrend.

I had been trying to level the roguelette at the same time.  The problem is she too was in Northrend.  I had managed to get her to 75 so she could get the next level of mining but I hadn’t moved much further than that.  After leveling the DK from 72 to 75 with no heirlooms through Northrend, I was done.  The roguelette just sat there in Dal.  I just couldn’t make myself go back to Northrend so soon.  No matter how badly I wanted a max level miner/engineer.

As you are aware, Slice transferred his mage to Rep’s server to help them with their raiding.  I had made a dorf lock over there a while back (and several horde toons) so when they were raiding I decided to level her again.  She went from 14 to 27 in one day.  I am actually leveling her as demo just so I can figure out the playstyle.  So far I have noticed that things die faster with the felguard as opposed to the voidwalker.  I do miss all the passive healing.  The thing I miss the most though is Soul Swap.  It is my new favorite thing on my warlock.  In fact I wish I had it on my priest.  Best. Thing. Ever.

While I was questing in the Wetlands I decided that I was going to pick up Arch on this toon and just do the dig sites that showed up in the zone I was in.  I wasn’t going to go out of my way to find the sites, but if they happened to be in the zone I was questing in, I would get some surveying done.  Now I had only done Arch on my max level toons so I had no idea the amount of XP you get from it.  At level 25 with no heirlooms, no rested XP, but the guild XP perks, I was getting almost 600 XP a successful survey.  Not too shabby.  Especially considering I was only getting 100-200 XP a mob.

As an aside, I am seriously leveling through zones super fast.  The guild XP perks help a bunch.  I can’t imagine how quickly the zones would go if I had heirlooms.

While chatting with a few people in Crits in their vent server I was informed that heirlooms affected the XP you got from Arch.

A lightbulb went off!

My roguelette is DECKED OUT in heirlooms.  The only ones she doesn’t have are the trinkets and the ring.  This was my ticket out of Northrend.  As I have previously discussed Arch is calming for me.  This would be a nice change from the slow XP grind on the roguelette.

Even better, it was Sunday. ^_^

I spent the better part of Sunday flying around (I even broke down and got epic flying, it was just too painful not to have it) and doing arch.  While I had rested XP I was getting around 46,000 XP a dig site.  That is the equivalent of 2 quests.  Once the rested ran out I got about 1 quest per dig site.  I was also picking up all the old world mining nodes.  Soooo much Mithril and Iron.  I got my first rare pretty quickly and am already working on my 2nd one.  I have decided to stick with Kalimdor again.  This is hoping I can get the trinket to drop.  Hey, it can’t hurt right?

I managed to get 2 levels on the roguelette before I called it quits for the night.  I will be sitting out one of the raid nights this week so I am hoping to get her to 80 so I can do the Cata zones this upcoming weekend.  I have no plans to raid with her, but I do want her max level so I can get the delicious ore and volatiles.  Just having my priest with her element transmuting has changed my dreamcloth production.  I am currently able to do every cooldown (except the chaos orb one, I don’t do heroics unless I don’t have a choice) each week.  In fact I am good for each one next week too.  I love being xmute specced.  The only problem I have now is what to do with all my dreamcloth stored up.

So yeah, that’s what I have been up to in game.  Lots and lots of alt playing.  The problem I am having is which one to play!  I still have my warrior and pally to level too!  Gah!! So many to play and so little time to play them all.

Screenshot Friday

Dragon coins hidden in the lava

Council Down!

Last week we saw this fight for the first time.  Tonight we took em down!

Ascendant Council 03/22/11


Next up Cho’Gall!

Screenshot Friday

Sweet dreams stabbity stab!

Hello BoT

Tonight we finally went into Bastion of Twilight.  We had been focusing exclusively on Blackwing Descent.  We hit a block wall on Nefarion though.  As much as you like to think that gear is not the make all end all thing, it does help immensely when it comes to the massive amount of damage that is done on that fight.  The choice was made to attempt the other raids.  Get some more kills and some more shinies.

Tonight was that night.


At first we were a bit apprehensive because we didn’t have a good drake combo (nether, slate and time) and we weren’t quite sure how it would play out.


Halfus 03/15/11


Yep we one shot him so fast several of us still weren’t sure what happened.  Slice was telling me afterwards that he still couldn’t believe how much of a pushover he was.  I personally was just surprised at how people have issues with this fight.  Oh well.


Moving on!


Time for the FABULOUS TWINS!


I had done my homework for this fight weeks ago.  Apparently I needed a refresher because the moment I zoned in I went completely blank on what I had to do.  I knew I had to move out of the bad and the drakes switched, but other than that I was at a loss.  Apparently I was not alone.


Luckily we managed to pull it together and downed the twins in only 5 tries.  Our best attempt prior to killing them was 19%.  Unfortunately I was the only one left alive and even as awesome as Affliction healing is, I am no match for two dragons.

Double Dragon Twins! 03/15/11


Grats again Shadow Rising!  Get ready to open a can of whoop ass on Cap’n Planet!

Screenshot Friday – Ava will like this picture

A tad bit morbid, yes

It’s update time!**

So let’s see, lots of stuff to update on.

No not really ^_^

I’ve mostly been plugging away at my alts.  I got PPP to 81 (as of last night).  I had to go *gasp* shadow once I hit 80.  I tried killing stuff as Disc, and it was just too painful.  Even when I was in Northrend I didn’t have too much of a problem killing stuff as Disc.  Man oh man though.  The mobs in the new 80-85 zones have a metric buttload of health.  After killing 2 mobs I was hearthing back to Org to pick up a 2nd spec.

I felt so sad.

Now usually people pick up a healing or tanking off spec so they can bring utility when they can’t deeps.  Here I am upset that I have to get a DPS spec.


Since I leveled Disc through dungeons I never looked into playing Shadow.  I knew that it was similar to an affliction warlock, but me being me didn’t bother doing any research before I threw together a spec and ran off to pew pew.  To give myself credit I did try to use the dummies to get an idea for button placement.  I couldn’t find the level 80 dummies in Org so I got stuck with the level 85s and a bunch of my spells missed.  Oh well.

Off to Mt Hyjal!

The first few quests around the starting hub are going well.  Getting the rotation down . . . HERB!  Feeling pretty good.  I moved on to the next part and I am minding my own business, killing twilight peeps when suddenly I’m being hit with moonfire and insect swarm.  My first reaction is to bubble and run, which I do, only to die a few steps away.

Ok, no big deal.  PvP server.  It is expected.  Run back to my corpse, rez, re-buff and start to drink . . . MOONFIRE!  And I am dead again.


Drak is pretty lopsided for the Horde.  The few Alliance players tend to avoid the Hordies mostly due to sheer numbers, unless they are roaming together in a pack, then they will actively chase you.  Most people won’t see much world PvP on Drak outside of TB.  Not me. If there is world PvP to be found, I will be killed by it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind world PvP, but when you camp someone for no reason it is BS.

This time I came back to my corpse, looked around and rezzed in a safe place.  Flew away to buff and drink.  I was more aware now.  I kept looking around.  I saw no one.  Went back to doing my quests.  I had to pick up the staff slivers.  As I am looting one BOOM!  MOONFIRE!

At this point I am PISSED!  I haven’t even bothered trying to fight back with this guy.  It is around 11 pm at night PST, 1 am server time.  It is late and I just wanted to get some quests done before I passed out for the night.  This jerk of a druid is holding me up.  I asked for help from guildies.  My brother parties up with me to come help only to ditch me when TB comes up.  Gotta love family right?  No one else seemed to be willing to come help at that point in time so I said fuck it and switched to Lyssi.

That’s right bitches, I got my MAIN!

This means war!

I fly out there and have no problem finding the druid.  Two dots and the fucker was dead.  I waited a bit, flew up (why do people NEVER look up?!?!) killed him again after he rezzed then flew away.  To make him think I was done with him.  Gave him a few to feel like he was safe, found him again and dotted him up.  He tried to get away, he even flew up to escape my range.

HA! I will still get you!

I flew up, dotted him up AGAIN! and took a fall.  I took an 85k fall damage hit, but he died.

I popped a healthstone and logged out from a spot watching where my priest was questing.

Logged back into my priest, looked around, no druid.  Rezzed, buffed, drank . . . HERB!  Went back to questing.  Was fine for all of 5 mins then BOOM!  MOONFIRE!

Did this moron not have enough?!!?!

I released and logged back into Lyssi.  Killed him again.  Logged back into PPP when I couldn’t find the druid.  As I was running back to my corpse I found him.  He was actually standing next to my ghost form.

Did I switch back to Lyssi?

You bet I did!

Killed him again!

Then killed him one more time for effect.

At that point I couldn’t find him anymore.  I quickly switched back to PPP to rez.  At this point it was almost midnight and I had work in the morning.  I hadn’t gotten anything completed.  Which of course pissed me off some more.

Stupid Alliance druid.

The next day at work I was telling Cynwise and Psynister how I needed to learn to PvP on my priest.  Psynister told me that he was going to finish his “How to level a shadow priest” guide and this worked out perfectly.  When I had been busy at work I had gotten behind on my blog reading so I went over to his site and got updated.

Just a plug here.  If you aren’t reading these blogs — You are seriously missing out.  These two guys are awesome.  Totally nice guys who just kick serious ass.  Go read them! 😀

So now I have more of an idea of what do to when I get jumped on PPP.

Not that I will remember or anything.

Most likely I will run, die, then go get my main.

It is how I roll.

**Also – You need to say the title like they do on the Jersey shore when it is T-shirt time. No I don’t watch the show. Give me SOME credit!

Atramedes down!!

Grats again guys!!  It was a very clean kill. ^_^

Let’s take down Nef next week! 😀

Blind dragon down! 😀


And just because this picture made me giggle!

Zuggie is the bestest!