It’s update time!**

So let’s see, lots of stuff to update on.

No not really ^_^

I’ve mostly been plugging away at my alts.  I got PPP to 81 (as of last night).  I had to go *gasp* shadow once I hit 80.  I tried killing stuff as Disc, and it was just too painful.  Even when I was in Northrend I didn’t have too much of a problem killing stuff as Disc.  Man oh man though.  The mobs in the new 80-85 zones have a metric buttload of health.  After killing 2 mobs I was hearthing back to Org to pick up a 2nd spec.

I felt so sad.

Now usually people pick up a healing or tanking off spec so they can bring utility when they can’t deeps.  Here I am upset that I have to get a DPS spec.


Since I leveled Disc through dungeons I never looked into playing Shadow.  I knew that it was similar to an affliction warlock, but me being me didn’t bother doing any research before I threw together a spec and ran off to pew pew.  To give myself credit I did try to use the dummies to get an idea for button placement.  I couldn’t find the level 80 dummies in Org so I got stuck with the level 85s and a bunch of my spells missed.  Oh well.

Off to Mt Hyjal!

The first few quests around the starting hub are going well.  Getting the rotation down . . . HERB!  Feeling pretty good.  I moved on to the next part and I am minding my own business, killing twilight peeps when suddenly I’m being hit with moonfire and insect swarm.  My first reaction is to bubble and run, which I do, only to die a few steps away.

Ok, no big deal.  PvP server.  It is expected.  Run back to my corpse, rez, re-buff and start to drink . . . MOONFIRE!  And I am dead again.


Drak is pretty lopsided for the Horde.  The few Alliance players tend to avoid the Hordies mostly due to sheer numbers, unless they are roaming together in a pack, then they will actively chase you.  Most people won’t see much world PvP on Drak outside of TB.  Not me. If there is world PvP to be found, I will be killed by it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind world PvP, but when you camp someone for no reason it is BS.

This time I came back to my corpse, looked around and rezzed in a safe place.  Flew away to buff and drink.  I was more aware now.  I kept looking around.  I saw no one.  Went back to doing my quests.  I had to pick up the staff slivers.  As I am looting one BOOM!  MOONFIRE!

At this point I am PISSED!  I haven’t even bothered trying to fight back with this guy.  It is around 11 pm at night PST, 1 am server time.  It is late and I just wanted to get some quests done before I passed out for the night.  This jerk of a druid is holding me up.  I asked for help from guildies.  My brother parties up with me to come help only to ditch me when TB comes up.  Gotta love family right?  No one else seemed to be willing to come help at that point in time so I said fuck it and switched to Lyssi.

That’s right bitches, I got my MAIN!

This means war!

I fly out there and have no problem finding the druid.  Two dots and the fucker was dead.  I waited a bit, flew up (why do people NEVER look up?!?!) killed him again after he rezzed then flew away.  To make him think I was done with him.  Gave him a few to feel like he was safe, found him again and dotted him up.  He tried to get away, he even flew up to escape my range.

HA! I will still get you!

I flew up, dotted him up AGAIN! and took a fall.  I took an 85k fall damage hit, but he died.

I popped a healthstone and logged out from a spot watching where my priest was questing.

Logged back into my priest, looked around, no druid.  Rezzed, buffed, drank . . . HERB!  Went back to questing.  Was fine for all of 5 mins then BOOM!  MOONFIRE!

Did this moron not have enough?!!?!

I released and logged back into Lyssi.  Killed him again.  Logged back into PPP when I couldn’t find the druid.  As I was running back to my corpse I found him.  He was actually standing next to my ghost form.

Did I switch back to Lyssi?

You bet I did!

Killed him again!

Then killed him one more time for effect.

At that point I couldn’t find him anymore.  I quickly switched back to PPP to rez.  At this point it was almost midnight and I had work in the morning.  I hadn’t gotten anything completed.  Which of course pissed me off some more.

Stupid Alliance druid.

The next day at work I was telling Cynwise and Psynister how I needed to learn to PvP on my priest.  Psynister told me that he was going to finish his “How to level a shadow priest” guide and this worked out perfectly.  When I had been busy at work I had gotten behind on my blog reading so I went over to his site and got updated.

Just a plug here.  If you aren’t reading these blogs — You are seriously missing out.  These two guys are awesome.  Totally nice guys who just kick serious ass.  Go read them! 😀

So now I have more of an idea of what do to when I get jumped on PPP.

Not that I will remember or anything.

Most likely I will run, die, then go get my main.

It is how I roll.

**Also – You need to say the title like they do on the Jersey shore when it is T-shirt time. No I don’t watch the show. Give me SOME credit!


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dilynrae
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 17:32:48

    Least your still plugging away on alts, my last monthly sub ended in mid-Feb, no plans in the immediate or near future to bother re-subbing. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate all the damn changes, and frankly not interested in relearning to play all my toons all over again. Fun while it lasted, but yeah… moving on


  2. slice213
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 08:49:46



  3. Arvash
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 09:30:45



  4. slice213
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 09:44:43

    *fist bump*


  5. repgrind
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 10:01:07

    Wow. I’ve only been killed once. lol. I was asleep at that time or I would have come and helped.


    • koalabear21
      Mar 09, 2011 @ 10:23:55

      Get this! Last night went back to Hyjal to quest. There were 3 level 85 Alliance toons there.

      I was in the bird shrine area standing in the inn when a level 85 hunter started shooting at me. As we all know, the NPCs will attack you if you start PvPing near them. I stood there healing myself while he kept auto shooting me. This entire time the NPCs are attacking him. He didn’t seem to realize it until he was around 5% health, then he started running. As he was running away MORE NPCs started chasing him. Made me giggle.

      At that point I decided I wasn’t going to risk Hyjal and went to Vashj’ir. I saw 2 people there, both Hordies.

      I think I made a good choice.


  6. rustbeard
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 17:26:49

    Living on a pvp server, I well understand your alt issues. Rest assured, the entire Horde population seems fit to avenge you on my poor Rogue, particularly when he was in Outlands. In particular one level 66 Druid seemed hell bent on making my 58 rogue impossible to level. Funny, people with flying mounts never seem to figure out that characters without flying might have alts that do…

    His change into bird form didn’t come quick enough to escape the DoT of serpent sting – and it was quite funny to watch the body plummet back to the ground.


  7. Slottie
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 16:40:48

    Was leveling my priest, mid 20s at the time in stonetalon mountains. Get ganked by a 31 rogue and his ?? Hunter buddy. Dead in a global, i thought “nice, hope you got your jollies off on that one.” Run back rez and the arrow appeared over my head a moment before ambush 1 shotting proceeded. I run back again, and theyre just standing over my corpse. No hiding, no questioning their motives.

    F this. i alt F4 out. Log on my rogue (this is during the days of ToC in wrath, so i was raiding pretty heavy in those days) – damn! im in howling fjord, was helping a friend level earlier. Take the blimp to UC, wait for the OTHER blimp to org… And start the flight path to sun rock retreat. Travel time no less than 11 minutes. The whole time i’m telling myself “they’ll be gone, you can just camp in a corner for insurancem”

    walk to my corpse… Nope, there they are, standing over my priest’s lifeless body. Turns out the hunter was only 35, both ate their demise a couple times and ran off.

    Those are the times i’m really glad all my characters have such similar names so that there’s no question who is handing them their ass.

    It’s a too good to be true story, but thankfully i had a witness. Plus those douchebags know who they are.


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