Raiding and Cataclysm

I had a discussion with a fellow blogger today.  It was enough of a topic to get me to write a post.  So here you go!

**Note, I am referring to regular raiding, not heroics**

Raiding in Wrath spoiled people.  As Rep put it, in Wrath raiding you could drag any old casual off the roster along when you were short someone.  You could feed them the strat and they could perform.  Even if they were the worst player out there you could still down bosses.  Especially in ICC with the pity buff.

I remember doing 25 man ICC with SR when I first dinged 80.  I was still in greens for crying out loud and yet I was carried through to the plague quarter.  I wasn’t alone in being carried either.

Fast forward to Cataclysm.

Raiding is “hard” again.

This is NOT ICC with the 30% pity buff.  This is NOT 10 man raids with 25 man gear.  10 man raiding is TOUGH.  There is less margin for error.  People CANNOT be carried.  Each person HAS to do their job, and do it correctly or you will spend your raid night wiping.

I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy wiping for 4 hours in a night.

Wiping the entire night is even worse when each wipe has NO progression.

The problem I am seeing people having is they shouldn’t be raiding and yet they are attempting it.

The bare, and I do mean BARE minimum that I would even consider taking someone raiding would require at least these things:

  • Fully enchanted
  • Fully gemmed
  • Fully reforged
  • Caps met or close
  • Correct gear type

Now I expect these to be at least the correct enchants/gems/reforging for your spec.  This means no Agility plate for the Holy pally.

Sorry Zari.

Now this is NOT min/maxing.  This is the bare minimum needed to perform anything in end game content.  This doesn’t even take into account if you have a decent spec (I’m not talking EJ spec just a logical one) or the ilvl of your gear.  Gear comes later, skill is needed now.

Sorak will point out that I am a big proponent of needing more gear to complete something.  Let me clarify what I mean when I say that someone isn’t geared enough.

  • The rdps is not high enough to beat the enrage timer
  • The rhps is not high enough to keep the tanks alive

That is it.

That is what I am referring to when I say we don’t have the gear for something.

If you truly still feel that gear is the issue and the problem isn’t those two items then maybe you are doing something you shouldn’t.

There is a clear progression in getting geared to raid.

Quest rewards -> Regular Dungeons -> Rep Gear -> Heroic Dungeons -> Justice Gear -> Valor Gear -> Raiding

While you CAN go into raiding with the lower end of gear you will fail a hell of a lot more.  Unless of course you have a raid full of Zugs.  Then you could probably go in there naked and still do 20k dps.

Nerf Zug, seriously.

Back on topic!

You will hear people say that you need a minimum ilvl of 338-340 for raids.  I would agree with that.  That puts you pretty firmly in the 333-346 range.  You might have a few 318 greens or some 325 blues, but for the most part you have to at least ground out some dungeons or maxed out some reps.

AKA – You worked for it.

Raiding equals work.  People have compared it to a 2nd job.  In a lot of ways it is.  If you want to succeed at your job you work at it.  You do your homework.  You make adjustments when things aren’t done correctly.  As Slice says “You work will not pay you to fail, why should WoW?”

Right now a lot of “casual” raiders are facing the issue of what they need to do since they cannot down bosses.  First and foremost they have to decide if they are willing to put the time and effort into raiding.  Even just the bare minimum listed above.  If that is too “hardcore” then they shouldn’t be raiding.

Just because someone is casual does not mean they are bad.

My words of advice to those who are facing this situation – Sit down with your raiders and find out from them how much they actually want to do.  If they don’t have the time (or the will) to put in the effort to raid in Cataclysm in current content then you guys should re-evaluate if you should even be raiding.  If raiding isn’t in the works then start working on heroics again.

If you do decide that you want to raid then you need to evaluate each raider.  The raid leader/class leader needs to go through the player’s spec and make sure they have met the basic requirements.  If they have not, then they need to fix it before they raid.  Don’t be that person that lets down the 9 other people.

You don’t even need to do major research.  If you can’t be assed to go online and do a google search then you can at least reforge to stats that you like, enchant for stats that you like, gem for stats that you like.





I wish you luck!