Personal post

At 5:30 this morning my maternal grandpa passed away.

He was 87 with Alzheimer’s.

I went home 2 weeks ago and got to spend some time with him.  A few days after I left he took a turn for the worse and was put into Hospice care this Monday.

He passed away in his sleep.  He didn’t suffer and wasn’t in any pain.

While I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened it doesn’t lessen the impact.

Tomorrow’s Post will be a picture of him in remembrance.

Love you Papa.

Screenshot Friday

Zug is kind of scary looking

12/12 – SR is kicking ass!

Tonight SR downed Al’Akir and put ourselves at 12/12 for current content!

Booooooooooooooooooooooom! 12/12 FTW!

We then attempted to take a kill shot:

Attempt #1

I tried yet again:

Attempt #elventybillion

Besides all we really want to see is this:

Oh yeah bitches!

Screenshot Friday – The correct date this time >.<

Party time in Org

Screenshot THURSDAY – Nef is Down BITCHES!

BOOM BABY! - SR 06/15/11

SR in their mangowns for the kill shot

Much love!

I keep finding myself wanting to put something up each week.  Something that is a bit more than the screenshot you get every Friday.  The problem I keep coming across is I don’t really have anything to impart.

I don’t really take a lot of pictures while playing (repgrind does that), I don’t really bitch about the game (slice does that) and I don’t gush about my sunflower pet (zari does that).

What I do do is ramble and usually I don’t have a complete thought by the end of the extremely long pointless post.


I also write sentences like that! ^_^b


I don’t know if it is because my play style has changed so much (it really hasn’t per se) or the fact that I am in an awesome guild with very little drama, but there litterally isn’t anything to talk about that isn’t already covered.


I mean I could talk about how the Netherweave bag market has been making me cry lately.  How the price of cloth is MORE than the bags are going for.  How I was the only one selling the bunny pet from engineers and now after selling 5 some jerk has come in and is vicious about the market (btw no one is buying the damn bunny now) so I have like 7 bunnies in stock that I can’t sell because I get undercut immediately.  Theoretically I could talk about that, but it is mostly whining and seriously who wants to read a huge page of that?

Yeah that’s what I thought.


I will say though, watching the AH sharks in the guild is rather funny.  Sorak (on Cayle), Zarm, Arv, Zug, Zerl, Slice and Ado are hilarious to watch.  They litterally control the gem market on the server.  They also have a large share in the enchanting market, the glyph market and Zarm has a good thing going with the volatile market.  There is a competitor who keeps trying to beat them (Cownips).  I think they finally broke him.

This is a typical day in the guild:

You log in.  Most likely you will be in Cowtown (Valley of Wisdom) and there will be at least one SR member at the auctioneer.  They will sit there and post, then undercut, cancel, etc.  When one has to move away to get their mail they will say IN say “(name) your turn to take over” and then THAT person will pick up where the first person left off.  Now mind you, their competition is RIGHT THERE next to them.  They of course are laughing in gchat.  Although now that Cownips has some sort of ban on him I don’t know how aggressive they have had to be lately.

Since remote chat has come about Sorak has the ability to lurk and catch us talking shit about him.  Rep was doing it a bit when she was on vacation, but Sorak is the worst.  You don’t even KNOW he is there until he chimes in with his usual “bitches.”  It is like “oh hai! funny to see you there!”  To which you get the “. . .” that we have all come to know and love.

Don’t misunderstand though.  I adore Sorak.  He is such a wonderful guy and I can’t wait to meet him in a few months.  He really is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

This of course doesn’t mean that I won’t pick on him every single chance I get.

Don’t worry, he gets me right back.

I’ve explained to Slice (who is usually caught in the middle of it) that it is very much like a brother-sister relationship.  Where we drive each other crazy, but totally have each other’s back no matter what.  Although he does need to remember that Slice is MY man and their bromance can only go so far.

Frankly the man-man-man-man-mangown love going on in the guild would be enough to turn anyone’s face pink!

ESPECIALLY once Zerl gets going.

Seriously guys, watch yourself with him.  You will fall under his spell then you will become yet another notch on his belt.



When Angerfork brought over his warrior (and got to honored) we got the Classy Belf achievement.  Now I have mentioned in the past the sheer amount of belfs in our guild.  63/209 guildies are belfs.  That is 30% of all the guildies.  We have 81 level 85s in the guild, 27 are belfs.  That is exactly 1/3.  Now remember, that includes alts.  The next closest are Tauren at 21/81.  The funny thing is the vast majority of our mains are belfs.  We typically have an 80% belf group when we raid.  We did an alt run last night and we had 2 people who weren’t belfs, Sorak and Ado.  They of course high-fived as soon as it was noticed.

/sigh males


Now that none of this makes sense or flows together I will say that I am so happy I have my home here with these crazy people.  My day gets brightened spending time with you all.  I hope that we will be able to keep things going strong for a long time.  Most of all . . .




Screenshot Friday


So close . . .



We got Nef to 3%


Then in typical Shadow Rising raiding we started to regress and make dumb mistakes.


Also, Zarm couldn’t seem to stay alive.




So I blame him ^_^b


We’ll get him down, but yeah was very heartbreaking to say the least.

One day I will post regularly again

You know, when I actually get off my duff and have something to say.

Not much has been going on in game for me.  I hurt my back about 2 weeks ago and haven’t been playing much as a consequence.

We seem to be doing pretty good raid roster wise.  Adoe from Crits brought over one of his hunters and Angerfork brought over his warrior.  Now that Zarm is out of school (he done gadgiated) we have been able to raid each night.  We even managed to go in and knock out Heroic ICC.  I believe that the achievement run is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday.

Tonight is Nef.  The punk ass is going down.  He will of course drop the Pally/Priest/Lock token that will go to one of our 2 pally tanks or our priest healer.  I will not see my 4 piece set until 3 other people have theirs.  That means we have to kill him the minimum of 3 times and my token piece will need to drop each time!  So yeah, I’m never going to see my 4 piece.

WoW Insider just posted the announcement that Arena Season 9 is ending by the 21st with Season 10 starting a week later.  So it looks like patch 4.2 should be here on the 28th.  Slice has said that he wants to go back to the tier bosses even after 4.2 hits just to get people their tokens; especially if T12 is as tough as it is looking to be.

Personally I don’t care.  I just want my staff! 😀

This is the week where we should finish T11 content.  All we have is Nef and Al’Akir.  The current plan is to kill Nef tonight and Al’Akir tomorrow.  I haven’t looked at the sign ups for tomorrow, but I do know that tonight we have 11 people ready to go.  So that much is positive!

I was checking out the Al’Akir fight and it honestly doesn’t look that bad.  Yeah bad RNG is bad, but shit happens and you deal with it.  The explanation I read likened the tornadoes to Sarth’s fire walls.  I was pretty good on the firewalls.  The knock back and quick run in sounds like an ideal situation to use teleport.

Yeah I am getting excited over the thought of a new fight! ^_^b

I am hoping that we knock out Nef fairly quickly (who am I kidding, it will be the last pull of the night) so that we can get some attempts on Al’Akir.  That way we can work on some heroic modes in BoT.

Since my normal market has been flooded (seriously! people who were _never_ in it before are suddenly in it) I have had to branch out and make money some other way.  What I find funny about my bag market is it is absolutely flooded with people when the prices are lower than the price of cloth.  When we kept the prices high there were only 3-5 of us and we really didn’t undercut each other all that much.  It was all just a matter of who had more stock and back stock of cloth.  Now I make more profit buying cheap cloth and re-listing it.  Like I said, cloth is going for more than bags.  I’m still selling bags, just not the volume I was before.  Makes me mad.  Especially since I spent about 10k gold on gear for my other toons.  Luckily I found another little market that no one seemed to be filling.  At least for a few days.  /sigh.  People are already trying to butt their way into it.  I’m not making a ton of gold, but a decent chunk.  Add that to my weekly sale of illusionary bags (seriously over 5k for each one, delicious) I’m not looking too badly.

I can only imagine how much the Primordial Saronite-type items are going to cost.  Slice said he is going to give me 20k for my staff.  I have 20k saved up for that purpose.  Zarm has also offered to help out when I need it too.  Just going to be expensive as hell.  ugh.  I am still so excited though!

In other news:  Since I haven’t been able to stay seated for very long at my computer desk I have been playing some FF12.  I hooked up a chair with a bunch of pillows for support and have been having a blast.  I never played 12 before.  I got it a few months ago at the suggestion of Andrew.  When I first tried playing it I had a hell of a time with the controls.  I had gotten so used to having a mouse and keyboard it was very odd going back to a controller.  I finally got it all sorted out and been enjoying something new.  I doubt I will be getting back too much into the console world, but it sure is nice to come back for a visit every now and then.

I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with my rogue.  Mostly I have been trying to figure out if I want to learn to actually play her and not just mash the same 3 buttons over and over again.  I really don’t like melee dps and the energy resource isn’t really all that great (compared to mana IMO).  I had briefly toyed with the idea of PvPing with her.  I mean it is still an option.  Half of her gear is the crafted PvP stuff so she has some resil.  Considering how much I fail at PvP this might not be a good enough thing.  Oh well, we’ll see what I can come up with.  Right now she farms and does TB dailies.  Escaping from people trying to gank me makes me happy. ^_^

Well the work day is just about gone and I need to head home to kill Nef.  Wish me luck guys! 😀

Screenshot Friday

Scorpions beat out everyone else!