Naviclaus strikes again!

I got a cryptic IM from Navi this afternoon while I was at work.  Something about going to the Throne of the Tides.  I didn’t understand it until I got home and logged into Lyssi and saw my in game mail.

That silly Navi had given me (and Slice) pet codes!

We went down to Booty Bay and redeemed them to find out she got us these!

Navi you are the bestest!

Navi you are the bestest!

Thank you again Navi!!! 😀

Just for River

Yes I know I haven’t posted in weeks.

This is different though.

This is about something that cannot go one minute more.

My love of BEEF!

What, you thought I was talking about men?

Pssh.  Men don’t compare to that delicious cow product!

Raiding and Cataclysm

I had a discussion with a fellow blogger today.  It was enough of a topic to get me to write a post.  So here you go!

**Note, I am referring to regular raiding, not heroics**

Raiding in Wrath spoiled people.  As Rep put it, in Wrath raiding you could drag any old casual off the roster along when you were short someone.  You could feed them the strat and they could perform.  Even if they were the worst player out there you could still down bosses.  Especially in ICC with the pity buff.

I remember doing 25 man ICC with SR when I first dinged 80.  I was still in greens for crying out loud and yet I was carried through to the plague quarter.  I wasn’t alone in being carried either.

Fast forward to Cataclysm.

Raiding is “hard” again.

This is NOT ICC with the 30% pity buff.  This is NOT 10 man raids with 25 man gear.  10 man raiding is TOUGH.  There is less margin for error.  People CANNOT be carried.  Each person HAS to do their job, and do it correctly or you will spend your raid night wiping.

I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy wiping for 4 hours in a night.

Wiping the entire night is even worse when each wipe has NO progression.

The problem I am seeing people having is they shouldn’t be raiding and yet they are attempting it.

The bare, and I do mean BARE minimum that I would even consider taking someone raiding would require at least these things:

  • Fully enchanted
  • Fully gemmed
  • Fully reforged
  • Caps met or close
  • Correct gear type

Now I expect these to be at least the correct enchants/gems/reforging for your spec.  This means no Agility plate for the Holy pally.

Sorry Zari.

Now this is NOT min/maxing.  This is the bare minimum needed to perform anything in end game content.  This doesn’t even take into account if you have a decent spec (I’m not talking EJ spec just a logical one) or the ilvl of your gear.  Gear comes later, skill is needed now.

Sorak will point out that I am a big proponent of needing more gear to complete something.  Let me clarify what I mean when I say that someone isn’t geared enough.

  • The rdps is not high enough to beat the enrage timer
  • The rhps is not high enough to keep the tanks alive

That is it.

That is what I am referring to when I say we don’t have the gear for something.

If you truly still feel that gear is the issue and the problem isn’t those two items then maybe you are doing something you shouldn’t.

There is a clear progression in getting geared to raid.

Quest rewards -> Regular Dungeons -> Rep Gear -> Heroic Dungeons -> Justice Gear -> Valor Gear -> Raiding

While you CAN go into raiding with the lower end of gear you will fail a hell of a lot more.  Unless of course you have a raid full of Zugs.  Then you could probably go in there naked and still do 20k dps.

Nerf Zug, seriously.

Back on topic!

You will hear people say that you need a minimum ilvl of 338-340 for raids.  I would agree with that.  That puts you pretty firmly in the 333-346 range.  You might have a few 318 greens or some 325 blues, but for the most part you have to at least ground out some dungeons or maxed out some reps.

AKA – You worked for it.

Raiding equals work.  People have compared it to a 2nd job.  In a lot of ways it is.  If you want to succeed at your job you work at it.  You do your homework.  You make adjustments when things aren’t done correctly.  As Slice says “You work will not pay you to fail, why should WoW?”

Right now a lot of “casual” raiders are facing the issue of what they need to do since they cannot down bosses.  First and foremost they have to decide if they are willing to put the time and effort into raiding.  Even just the bare minimum listed above.  If that is too “hardcore” then they shouldn’t be raiding.

Just because someone is casual does not mean they are bad.

My words of advice to those who are facing this situation – Sit down with your raiders and find out from them how much they actually want to do.  If they don’t have the time (or the will) to put in the effort to raid in Cataclysm in current content then you guys should re-evaluate if you should even be raiding.  If raiding isn’t in the works then start working on heroics again.

If you do decide that you want to raid then you need to evaluate each raider.  The raid leader/class leader needs to go through the player’s spec and make sure they have met the basic requirements.  If they have not, then they need to fix it before they raid.  Don’t be that person that lets down the 9 other people.

You don’t even need to do major research.  If you can’t be assed to go online and do a google search then you can at least reforge to stats that you like, enchant for stats that you like, gem for stats that you like.





I wish you luck!

Atramedes down!!

Grats again guys!!  It was a very clean kill. ^_^

Let’s take down Nef next week! 😀

Blind dragon down! 😀


And just because this picture made me giggle!

Zuggie is the bestest!

Last night

Was a ton of fun.  At least that is what I keep hearing from everyone.  Slice was telling me that over and over again while on the phone after the raid.  My brother kept whispering me telling me how much fun he was having.  Sorak pings me on gchat and tells me how last night was a lot of fun.  When I was talking with Repgrind she also told me she had a lot of fun.

Who knew raiding would be fun like this in the 11th hour?

I personally was just stressed to the max healing.  So while everyone was having fun and getting phat lewts, I was freaking out over healing and developing a stiff neck.

Normally I wouldn’t be freaking out but trying to 2 heal ICC with the “new” mana regen was not fun.  Arv and I double druid healed.  He didn’t have much experience with resto druid healing, but he is pro so I wasn’t worried about it.  The problem I was having was the fact that I was going OOM in every fight.  There wasn’t an opportunity to sit back and let my passive regen happen.  I know that if I was having a problem that Arv was probably having even more of one.  I was using a flask of pure mojo AND spirit food.  I was popping innervate every time it was up and mana pots when I was dead in the water.  The druid healing style of Wrath doesn’t fit with the current system.

In ICC there is a TON of damage coming in from all angles.  The tanks are getting whacked with huge hits and the raid is being slammed with constant damage as well.  All during Wrath druids would blanket the raid with rejuv and pop in a few regrowths as needed or even spam nourish.

You can’t do that anymore.

Nourish now takes too damn long to cast.  You don’t really want to use it because it just doesn’t work with the fast paced environment of damage in ICC.  There is the option of using it with nature’s swiftness, but it doesn’t heal for as much as healing touch so you don’t want to gimp that big heal.  Let’s face it, if you are using your NS macro, then you are hitting your “oh shit!” button and you need as big of a heal as you can get.  So Nourish is out of the running.

Regrowth got its timer lessened.  Now you get a nice big heal upfront and a very short duration of a hot.  I really do like this spell, don’t get me wrong, but I am not used to the new version of it.  My mind still thinks of it lasting longer so I still treat it like it is the old version.  This results in me forgetting to keep it up on the tanks.  Otherwise this is your go-to spell.

Rejuvenation isn’t all that changed.  With everyone’s health pools being so large this heal doesn’t feel like it does all that much anymore.  I hit this spell more out of reflex than anything.  I am then left feeling very unsatisfied afterwards.

Kind of like how I felt with some of my exs . . .

Yeah you knew that was coming 😉

This all added up to me freaking out.  Yes I have healed since the patch changes, but it was with Sorak and he is so damn OP it is ridiculous.  Although it was freaking hilarious last night when he logged into Sorak to heal Sindy with me.  He hadn’t logged into him since before the patch so his talents had to be set up and he had to put his buttons back on his action bar.  Then he was all “What! I have to dps to heal!?!”  Yeah it was funny.

I think that was my favorite part of the night.

It certainly wasn’t the part where I had to swim on VDW.  Sad tree is sad.  I always feel ineffective when I have to swim.  For the most part I can hit the bubbles and get stacks (I ended up with 30 when she hit full health), but I always end up at her ass end and have to run to the front where all the fucking portals are.  So yeah, not exactly fun, but what are you going to do?

I do agree with Slice though.  It was really nice to see people get upgrades for once.  My brother has been attempting to level his hunter for months.  He took like a 6 month break when his computer died.  He now has a new one (I am so jealous of it and how gorgeous everything is on it) and finally dinged 80 on Friday.  We ran him through a bunch of dungeons and got him some crafted gear.  When he set foot into ICC last night he had a 3200 gearscore.  He was in a few purples, several blues and even some greens.  I think he is in half leather too.  Poor guy.  He did snag some pretty nice upgrades, including the bow that drops off LDW.  I think he creamed his pants when he saw it.  Now he just needs to get all gemmed and enchanted up before tomorrow’s LK continuation.

It was cute.  I got a whisper from him last night when we were closing down shop “Can I go with you guys again on Thursday?”  Yes you can silly.  We aren’t going to bring you through ICC just to tell you that you can’t come to the LK fight.  I really hope that we don’t have anymore DC issues so that we can get him a title.  I am excited for him.  He might not have ever raided in WoW before, but he definitely learned fast and everyone was very pleased with him.  I hope he will be able to raid with us at 85.

I really enjoyed getting to play with Rep.  She is already a ton of fun, but to see her in action is pretty awesome.  Her toon wasn’t even Ulduar ready and she was holding her own in ICC.  As she said it helped to get a buff when everyone else got a nerf, but even then you have to be a good player to pull off what she did in the gear she had.  I was very happy to see that she got several upgrades too.

I don’t know if there really was something that made last night more fun than our raids usually are, or if it was just knowing that this was the last time we will ever have to raid ICC.  I like to think that our guildies & raiders are just awesome people.  We had people come in and raid who really didn’t want to.  Thank you guys again!  It warms me to know that you guys are willing to help out when needed.  If they hadn’t then the raid might not have happened.  Sorak and Slice both thought that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  I was going to pug people if I had to.  I wasn’t going to get people’s hopes up with being able to raid then tell them “oh we didn’t have enough people, sorry no raid for you.”

Yeah I didn’t want that.

In other news PPP is now 65 and cruising through Outland.  I have a feeling she will be replacing my druid in Cata as my primary healer.  I don’t know if it is just that I haven’t come up against what Northrend can throw at healers or if Disc is just so easy that I have a false sense of healing security.  I do know that healing as Disc is easy and yet a lot of fun.  While I bitch and moan when the tanks pull the whole room and I end up OOM keeping everyone alive, I still feel all pumped that I was able to pull it off and keep everyone alive.  I usually emote flexing on PPP.  Then flex in guild chat.  If I didn’t have to keep my hands on the keyboard and mouse I would totally flex IRL too.


Like that.


Screenshot Friday – Guest edition

Since I am visiting Slice I decided to use a picture emailed to me by Tel.  It made him laugh, and it made me laugh.


BlinkFloyd will now take the stage

Alts and me

Thanks to some horrific drama (I’d post the whole thing but Del would kill me) Slice and I have been playing on another server.  He applied to an Alliance raiding guild, got in and we have been playing alts on his new server.  Del has joined us and we have been having a blast.

We made a leveling trio.  A tank, a dps and a healer.  The goal is for us to level together and to 3 man as many dungeons as we can.  Slice likes to have a challenge when he is leveling and this is what we came up with.

We are also leveling solo alts.  I picked up a pally again.  I have a level 28 pally on Bloodhoof that was my 2nd character ever.  She was originally my bank toon back when pallys were absolutely horrific to level.  When I got heirlooms I brought her out of retirement but I abandoned her when I leveled my DK.  So this new pally is different.

First off I am leveling her without having to go through the very painful period I had with Jacquebear.  Secondly, she doesn’t have an 80 (or rather didn’t) to support her.  I have been using quest rewards and random green drops to deck her out.  She is a miner/JC so she has rings and necklaces aplenty.  In fact I have made all the gold my alts on that server have by selling the low level JC rings.  The economy on this server is fantastic.  Apparently it is an old server (not sure HOW old, but much older than DT) and you can find/sell pretty much everything.  I know Slice has been making bank selling bags.  He puts them up and they get sold.  Quite a nice change from DT.

The downside to the market is everything is a bit more expensive.  When you don’t have a high level character to supply you with gold a 12g glyph is kind of out of your price range.  I was so excited when I was able to save up enough gold to get my minor glyph (blessing of might FTW).  People seem to have caught on though and the lower level ring market has been flooded since I started listing mine.  It is ok, I can wait :D.

I am hoping Slice will get off his duff and make a post about his new raiding situation.  Although I really cannot talk since I have been REALLY slacking in the post department.  Last week with all the drama I just wanted to write about it, but I was dissuaded by Slice and Del.  It would have been nice to get it all out, but I love my friends so I wont.  Since that is what was on my mind, I didn’t want to run the risk of letting it spew out into my blog and thus I didn’t post.

Now that I have the time at work to post (boss is on vacation for a week) I really don’t know what to write.  I haven’t been doing much except play my alts.  I log into Lyssi to do the fishing daily when I remember or if Slice wants to do a random on his pally.

I did get in on a weekly run on Tuesday.  It was Patchwerk so I knew I should be able to just get into a random pug and pull it off.  Slice was playing StarCraft and so I had him log over to heal the pug (I ❤ real ID chat).  I kicked ass on the overall damage and the boss damage.  I was the bottom dps on overall (from the trash) when we started the boss fight and I moved up to #1.  It was awesome.


After talking with Slice I decided to move my mage from bloodhoof to the new server.  Not to raid mind you, she is fail mage for a reason, but so he could have someone to help him with dailies.  He has gone back to disc/holy since his new guild doesn’t have any healy priests.  He was also pretty broke when he left DT.  Most of his gold was spent getting PS for his Pally.  So now he is finding he has to do dailies and farm cloth.  It takes a long time for him to do this on his priest.  I offered to bring fail mage over to help.  She is also a max level herber and alchemist so she can make flasks for him.  Aren’t I a nice girlfriend?

Del and I are also leveling a duo.  We originally made almost identical gnome warlocks (complete with pigtails) but Del decided that if he was going to level a warlock, he was going to level his 44 warlock.  After much deliberation over gchat, it was decided that he would roll a gnome rogue.  Identical to the warlock he deleted.  I logged into my warlock last night to unload my new bags (glee!) I got a really sweet message from Del’s new rogue.  So cute!

Sorak is not happy with our deflection to Alliance.  He keeps frowning at us when we play the gnomes.  It makes me giggle.  He also calls my draenei a space ghost.  /sigh.  No Sorak it is space GOAT.  GOAT.  He tells me that if I wanted hooves I should have just rolled a Tauren.

I think he has an odd fetish with Tauren.

Love ya Sorak 😉

It is kind of odd leveling an Alliance character again after playing Horde for a while.  I think I like the Horde world better overall, but there is definately a comfort playing Alliance again and knowing where to go and what to do.  Leveling my Horde toons has me questioning where I should be at and trying to figure out how to get there.

One thing I will say about the Horde though.  You can get to all 4 capital cities with NO ISSUE.

For example:

Make a Blood Elf.  You take the teleportation orb from Silvermoon to Undercity.  Run outside and hop on the Zep to Org.  Once in Org you hop on the Zep to Thunder Bluff.  The Zeps show up MUCH faster than any of the ships you have to take as Alliance.  You can go from Silvermoon to Thunder Bluff in around 5 mins or less.

Now try this as Alliance:

Make a Draenei.  You have to RUN for a long distance to a far corner of the map to find the boat to Darkshore.  Wait for the boat.

Wait for the boat some more.

Get on the boat to Darkshore.  Once there you have two options.  Take the boat on the left and go to Darnassus.  Take the boat on the right and go to Stormwind.

If you take the boat to Darnassus you can pick up the flight path so you never have to take the boat again.  Then you can fly back to Darkshore to get on the boat to go to Stormwind because there is absolutely nothing in Darnassus.

And I mean nothing.

Get back to Darkshore and hop on the boat to Stormwind.

Once in Stormwind you can run to the Dwarven district and wait for the tram to take you to Ironforge.  Make sure you get the flight paths because it is MUCH faster than the damn tram.

Side note, if you are on a PvP server you can be killed on the tram.

This trip will have taken you anywhere from 20 mins to 30 mins.  Depending on how long you have to wait for the boats.

I hate those boats if you cannot tell.

So yeah, I am missing the easy navigation of the Horde.

Come Cataclysm I will be back on Lyssi though.  Slice and I have already said that we will be leveling Lyssi and Orangeslice to 85 first.  Inbetween leveling sessions we will be leveling Tattia and Liyhe.  Since Liyhe is now with fail mage I should probably level her too.  Then of course there are always the new races to make 😀

So much to do!!! 😀

Screenshot Friday

We are the champions my friends

LK DOWN!!!!!!!

Wait did we just do this?

It is official guys!

Kingslayers bitches!

Weekend recap

Since my sweetie Slice is in town the weekend went over somewhat differently.

Originally his flight was supposed to land in San Diego around 10:15 am.  Due to this I was planning on finishing the cleaning in my apartment on Friday night.  I am a lazy, procrastinating slob.  It happens.  Friday night around 7 pm my time (10 pm his) we find out his flight has been moved to leaving at 11 am his time (instead of 7 am), this puts him landing here around 2:30 pm.  Plenty of time for me to finish up some stuff first thing in the morning on Saturday.


Thanks to the lovely airline system, he did not get a flight out on Saturday, instead he got to go back home and fly out at 7 am on Sunday.  Losing an entire day. 😦

This meant that he no longer had to bring his laptop to raid on Saturday night.

About an hour before raid time rolls around I put a call into him to make sure he is awake (he didn’t get much sleep the night before) and I get his voicemail.  Hmm ok no biggie.  I leave him a message and start looking at what I had for our follow up raid.

I had me on my druid, Slice healing on his pally, Doz on his DK tank, Soth’s pally tank, Zari’s shadow priest, Anna’s hunter, the pug mage, the pug druid and that was it. D’oh! I was missing my two melee dps, Zug and Del on their rogue and pally.

What I really needed was some heavy hitting dps power to make up for the lower dps brought by the boomkin and Del.

I was REALLY hoping for a shammy.

While I was waiting for raid time I was killing time chatting with a friend (Salisbury) from another guild. His guild Taem Dylsexia is in a co-op with SR on 25 man raids. They also tend to look to each other first before finding pugs. Salisbury had a dps DK he could bring in and possibly another dps from his guild. I wasn’t sure how his dps was on his DK since I had only run with his boomkin, but Sal is a pretty decent player and a nice guy so I was happy to have him.

This still left me one short, but I was hoping that Del or Zug would still show up so I didn’t want to attempt to find a pug.

Now about 45 mins had passed. It was now about 30 mins until raid time starts. Still no word from Slice. I tried his phone again, got voicemail. I sent him a text telling him to get online.

A few people had gotten online (the pugs were both there, eager to raid) but since I hadn’t heard from a few people I was starting to panic. I kept bugging the people who I could reach (sorry Soth & Zari!) and generally fretting to Sal, who btw took the brunt of my spazzing. Thanks again for that! 😀

Raid time was set for 7:15 pm server. At 7 pm I had 4 people online. Myself, Sal and the 2 pugs. 7:10 saw Soth come online. 7:15 saw Doz and Anna. Zari didn’t show up until 7:25 (the time he said that people would actually come online).

Still no Slice.

At this point I am calling him over and over again. Still thinking that he is passed out asleep and hoping that the constant ringing would wake him up.

I am still missing a dps. Soth was hoping I could find another tank just so he could dps on his pally and give us the dps boost we needed. That was not meant to be. Sal was able to get us a mage from his guild since I had put the pug druid as heals.

Just as all out panic started with me, Sorak comes online. I think I actually shouted yes over vent. I can’t remember. I immediately whisper him “I need you! Can you raid on Sorak?” He replies yes he can but only has an hour. I squeed and invited him. Gave him the vent info and he logs in. The first thing he says is “Ok so what am I doing now?” 😀 Gotta love Sorak. Just says yes without knowing what he is getting into. ^_^

I put him as dps and we headed into ICC. We had to clear out the trash again before we started on the Professor and it was a definite change from the previous week. We only wiped once on trash instead of three times. >.>

We got up to the professor, got buffed up and one shot him.


It was messy. The other druid healer (yes we two healed it with two druids) died so I brezzed him. Then I died and he brezzed me. Sorak died early on and anhked. I think we had one or two other deaths at the end (if that, I honestly cannot remember) but we managed to pull it off. It was a good feeling.

Off to the blood wing!

Still no Slice btw.

We get going on trash. Sorak had already switched to heals and we had the healing set up for the fight. As we are clearing out trash, guess who logs in?

Yep 🙂

Brat boy himself.

Turns out he was not sleeping, he was playing Magic. Him and Del were obviously of the same mindset for the weekend.

This worked out for the best. Sorak was able to stay for a bit longer and then Slice could come in and take over healing.

We get through the trash (seriously hate that trash) and I explain the fight. I think this was my quickest fight explanation to date.




But we 1 shot it.

We had a disco ball drop and a few people get thrown around the room from shock vortexes, but we held it together and managed to kill them. I think a few people died right as the prince did. It was pretty awesome.

Onward to BQL!!!

I was talking with Andrew yesterday at lunch about how I think some people just cannot understand a fight until they see it. He feels it is more that people don’t believe the fight will have that particular mechanic until they die from it.

I think we are both right.

Whichever one you believe proved to be true on the BQL fight. We had issues with biting and people not being 10 FUCKING YARDS APART DURING BLOODBOLT WHIRL.


We ran back after the wipe and Sal had to go afk. After about 5 mins after the break time was ended, we decided to boot him from the raid for the fight, bring Slice in to heal and have Sorak dps. We were really short on time and we couldn’t wait for him to get back because we didn’t know when that would be. Sorak had like 10 mins left so we had to haul ass.

Plus we REALLY needed his dps for the fight.

Again the fight was messy, but we managed to pull it off with 10 seconds left on the enrage timer.

Yeah it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay close.

We said goodbye to Sorak, brought Sal back in and headed to the frost wing.

But not without having Anna’s pet aggro all the mobs down the path we didn’t take up to BQL.

Yeah that was a fun wipe >.>

We took down the badge boss and explained VDW.

I put Slice and the druid in the portals. I was out healing the raid.

This fight did not go well.

I don’t know if it was not having enough dps or just not having enough “smart” dps. The dragon was at 72% and we were only a few mins into the fight. Mobs weren’t going down fast enough. As a druid I cannot dispell magic debuffs. The abombs and the worms both put up a nasty debuff. Almost everyone was getting those debuffs. Blazing skeletons were staying up far too long. Suppressors weren’t being burned down. The frost bolts weren’t getting interrupted.

It was pretty bad.

As we were coming back in from the wipe I get told that the pug mage and Sal have to go. I did a quick ready check to see if people were done or if we should beg people to come in and help us finish VDW. I had 2 people mark that they were done so I called it.

All things considered, it really was not that bad of a run.

I was sad that the wand I want from BP dropped and of course I was on my druid. 😦

The one thing I need from 10 man ICC on Lyssi and it drops when I am on Tattia.

Never fails.

Since Slice was due in the next morning I called it quits early and went back to finishing up the last few things I was going to do that night in cleaning my apartment.

Sunday I was up early to finish cleaning and to get stuff ready for Slice. According to the airport website his flight had landed at 10:30 am, only he hadn’t texted me to let me know he had landed. To be safe I left for the airport (it is like 10 mins away) only to get stuck in traffic. By the time he was outside waiting for me I was still a few miles away from the airport. Ugh stupid Sunday drivers.

We head back to the apartment to pick up Kate and Andrew so that we could head out to lunch at Phil’s BBQ. The best BBQ in San Diego. Om nom nom nom! The place opens at 11, since Slice’s flight was late, we didn’t get there until 12. Since it was lunch time, it was packed.

Now just to fill you in a bit, Phils is ALWAYS packed. The average wait time to get inside to order is about 30 mins. That is just to get inside. The service is pretty quick to get your food, it is just waiting for a seat that takes forever.

We got there at 12, left at 1:30.


We went back to the apartment. Slice took a nap and Kate and I went to get our toes done.

My nails are a bright pink btw 😀

We had tickets to Avenue Q at the civic theater downtown so we went out to that with Kate & Andrew. The boys got dressed up some and I will say that both of them looked very nice.

Kate was of course smokin hot.

I have pretty pink toes 😀

The show was fantastic and we celebrated with Albertacos and Yogurtland which just made everyone happy.

Slice is in town until early Sunday morning so I am not sure how much I will get online. Probably not much, but you never know. He didn’t bring his laptop so I don’t forsee any playing online unless he takes a nap or something. My boss isn’t busy this week (probably because I am only here today and tomorrow) so he shouldn’t be in the office much tomorrow. I am hoping to be able to knock out another post. Right now I have no clue what it would be about, but hey I am sure I could think of something.

I was hoping to beat out Del and his 1976 word post, but I am not quite sure how I could drag this out.

Ohhhh I know!!!

Kate showed me videos of baby koalas last night! They are the absolutely cutest things ever! Wednesday we are going to the San Diego Zoo where they have a nice sized koala exhibit. I keep hoping that one day they will make it to where visitors would get a chance to actually hold the koalas, but alas that is meant to be.

If anyone knows how I could end up holding a koala please let me know. I would be eager to find out.

BTW Del I beat you. 😀

2000 words.


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