Back in the saddle again

I was going to keep mum about this but then someone went and spilled the beans so now I am going to talk about it.

Yes I transferred my druid over to Shadow Rising.  Some level 29 Undead Priest had the name Tatia so I had to make a slight change.  My Night Elf Druid Tatia is now a Tauren Druid Tattia.

Yes I am still crying about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Taurens.  I have a Tauren hunter that I enjoyed immensely (when I played her).  It just doesn’t yet feel right being a cow instead of an elf.  It does help that she is usually in form so I do have a modicum of comfort there.

I had not played my druid in over a month.  In that time I was able to get so much rust on my leaves that I was flailing about for the first couple dungeons.  Luckily my guildies are PRO so there weren’t any issues.

For the longest time, I only wanted to raid on my druid.  Healing was cake and it made it easier for me to raid lead when I wasn’t having to worry about DPSing.  When I got going on Lyssi my attitude changed.  DPSing, while not raid leading, was a blast.  Even if I am the lowest DPS there, I was still having fun.  There wasn’t any “true” stress put on me, other than what I put on myself.  Raiding became much more fun for me.

I didn’t miss healing.

Fast forward a few weeks.

Shadow Rising had one resto druid, Del.  He has since retired from raiding.  This means they didn’t have a resto druid.  Guess who has an ICC geared resto druid? >.>

I don’t think they meant to put pressure on me to transfer my druid.  I think a lot of it was me knowing what was needed in the guild and (me being me) doing what I could to help.  For all intents and purposes, Tatia was just sitting on Bloodhoof molding.  By bringing her over to Drak’Tharon I would actually get to play her and use her for the purpose that I struggled to level her for.

I also missed having only one 80.  I had three 80s on Bloodhoof.  It made it nice to change up what I was doing.  I only have Lyssi on Drak’Tharon.  What is the point of having 4 80s when you can only play 1 right?  I had planned to eventually transfer fail mage over to Drak, but I was going to keep Tatia on Bloodhoof.  I guess the best laid plans and all that.

So Tatia is now Tattia the Cow.

I spent most of the weekend running Soth through dungeons on his baby pally.  Well I don’t think I can really call him a baby pally anymore.  The dude does 5.6k dps >.> so yeah, nerf Soth. ^_^

Sunday evening rolls around and Tir needs another healer for group Peanut Butter’s ICC 10 run.  They were on PP and were just “estatic” to have a druid healer for that fight.  Now remember, I have only healed up to Festergut.  We gave Rotface a few tries, but I have no experience healing beyond Festergut.  Good thing I knew the fights as DPS.

BTW we one shot PP.


I even kept Soth alive as he DCd in the middle of a giant slime puddle.


Did I mention we two healed it?


Then came The Blood Princes.

I HATE this fight as dps.  HATE it.  I think I hate it even more as heals.  I finally found a spot in the room where I could hit everyone (for the most part) and keep the tanks in range.  Guess what happens next?


If I have found a spot where I can be 10 yards away (as I am supposed to be) someone has to come along and get in my bubble.

I swear I am just going to make a macro that yells “GTFO of my bubble” and just spam it until people get the hint.

The funny part is I warned all of my guildies that I am a mean healer.  I warned them over and over again.

They didn’t believe me.

Soth tells me this today: “Gosh you get angry”

Then he tells me: “You are a great healer.  Definitely your best role.  Dps is pretty good too, but wow, awesome druid heals are yummy.”

So yeah, I have this horrible feeling that I will be healing a hell of a lot more than I had planned.  Even with being a very grumpy and angry healer.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though!

Arioch told me this today: “As far as I’m concerned, your lock is your main.  You can heal in the casual group if you want.”

You know what this means?


Happy Koala is happy.

Healer’s meme revisited

Miss Medicinia called out for those of us who filled out the healer meme thing a while back to go back and revisit what we had posted before.  So without further adieu:

The New Questions:

1. Reread your original answers to the questions. With the benefit of hindsight, score your own work in terms of its cringeworthiness.

Wow I was a nub.  I got my stats wrong and was completely ignorant about tank healing as a tree.  At the time I wrote that I was still fairly new to tree healing, now I feel like I have the hang of it.  The majority of that post was cringeworthy.  So yeah, don’t go back and read it for info guys, I fail. >.>

2. Has your class’s healing improved in the area you identified as its weakest?

I mentioned that I sucked as a tank healer and that I was all about raid healing.  Yeah sooo very wrong.  We are still working out the kinks in our healing strat for ICC, but it looks like I will be healing the OT and back up raid healing.  I have figured out how to lifebloom correctly and now use Regrowth when tank healing.  I still have my “oh shit” NS + HT macro, but I use swiftmend more often with better results.  I am currently working on using that whenever it is off cooldown.

3. Have you changed your “least favoured class to heal with”?

At the time I answered this question I had only just started playing with Heleva and her Disc priest.  I was used to just working with Vel and his resto shammy.  Now that I have done several raids with her I feel like I can understand her a bit better.  I use my HoTs with her bubbles to the full effect that I can.  I think once we get the new tank healing situation under control and work with it enough we will be an unstoppable healing machine.

I no longer have an least favorite.  There is just my jealousy of Vel’s 14-18k crits on his heals.  I’m thrilled when I see an 11k crit.

4. Did you read the entries from others in the webring, especially your class?

I have to admit that I did not.  The only ones I remember that I read were from Ilikebubbles and Miss Medicinia.  I think I might have read a few others, but I honestly cannot remember.  I know that since then I have found other tree blogs and priest blogs.  My blog roll exploded after that meme.

5. If Yes to #4, did you learn anything that made you a better healer?

Actually yes.  I learned what I actually needed to gear for.  What the raiding rotation should be and how to fulfill roles I previously thought I couldn’t.

6. What tools/resources or information do you think you would need to improve as a healer and how could that help the community at large?

I need to push myself more and learn where I can truly excel.  Up until we started raiding ICC, I didn’t have that much to do.  Healing raids was actually kind of boring.  Now I am being challenged and actually have to pay attention to what I am doing.  I went oom!  Several times!  I am a tree!  We aren’t supposed to go oom!  I have since fixed the issue, but now I find I am actually thinking about which spell to use and how often to use it.

I think most healers just need to be able to practice in something that will provide a challenge.  Most of the time healing in raids turns into the boring whack-a-mole that we all know and love and we get lazy.  I am very happy to see that ICC is bringing the healing challenges we need.

Most new trees were like me and confused to what we need.  Something like Lissanna’s blog with her awesome guides, but more leaning towards raiding.  Her guide is fantastic for beginning trees, but something that leans towards making sure the trees have a challenge.  Let’s face it, trees are OP, we need something to keep us on our toes.

7. What did you identify as your worst habit as a healer? Have you improved in this area?

I said overhealing.  This is still an issue, but it is something that I am actively working on.  Trees should never go oom :(.  I don’t know how much I have actually improved since it is a work in progress, but I think there might actually be some improvement.  I am still horrible about clipping and overhealing over my HoTs.  I put them up just to get a bigger Nourish; which is pretty bad.  I am working on it though!

8. What did you list as your favorite healing spell and your least used healing spell for your class? Are these answers still true? If they have changed, what caused the change (i.e. patch fix, different healing environment, etc)?

My favorite spell is still Rejuv.  I think I have finally gotten used to the quicker ticks thanks to the glyph, but I still find myself wanting to spam Nourish.  It has gotten better in 5 mans though.  99% of the time I pop one Rejuv on the tank and then go make a sammich.  It heals for ridiculous amounts of healing.

The least used healing spell I listed was Regrowth.  Since I have started healing the tanks I have found I use it a lot more.  It is usually one of the first spells I put on them.  Yes Lifebloom goes on faster but Regrowth lasts longer.

I used to never use Tranquility either, now I actively try to find a time when I can use it.  I like to think that I helped save us all by using it.  It might not be the case, but I can dream right?

Well those are my replies.  If you participated and now read my blog go post your answers!  You can post them here, in your own blog or over at Miss Medicinia’s place. 😀  Happy healing!

Screenshot Friday

Who is ready to heal?

She is ready to heal.

Renew bitches

To boldly go!

Last night was our first “official” EoF ToC 10 run despite there only being 5 guildies there to start off with.  *sigh*  It wasn’t that people signed up and didn’t show up, we just didn’t have anyone online.  We recently updated the raiding rules and they now say that we will PuG if we don’t have enough guildies.  I told the other officers that I was going to PuG that I wasn’t going to let a lack of sign ups make me miss out on my raiding.

Considering that outside of the people we nabbed, only one of our guildies had been in ToC before, we did a fantastic job.  We had a rough start with the Northern Beasts.  Those worms were just a big PITA.  Once we got them down we managed to one-shot everything else up to the final boss.  Yes, we one-shot faction champions :D.  We just got lucky with their composition.

I don’t know what our problem was with the last boss.  We had the dps, we had the heals, the tanks were great, we just couldn’t pull it together.  It might have been a lack of unity of the players.  We have gotten spoiled doing 100% guild runs and being with a bunch of PuGs, who all knew the fight, was a bit much to handle.  Although one of the guys we brought in was Australian and I was seriously melting at his voice.  I told him several times that I loved it, which he never replied.  *sigh*

With the advent of a weekly raid quest our raiding calendar has changed a bit.  Now instead of 2 nights where we raid we have 3.  This makes me very happy indeed.  Wednesday night we are going to do the weekly raid quest.  Thursday night, formerly our 8 man Naxx run, will now be Ulduar, which will be extended as far as we can take it.  Saturday, which was our Ulduar progression run, will now be ToC.  I am thinking that once we get used to ToC we can probably add Ony into the mix on the same night.  I am so tingly with excitement :D.

We have so many new members in our guild I don’t recognize anyone anymore.  The hunter we brought in a while back, Viva, has brought in at least 10-15 people with him.  All friends, family and coworkers.  Many of them keep bringing in their other toons.  Dily said the other day that they enjoy our guild.  They have gotten tired of the raiding guild mentality and like our relaxed atmosphere.  We also recently brought in a guy who one of our Vets was leveling an alt with.  He has a level 80 rogue that he doesn’t like to play and is in the process of leveling a shaman.  He has since brought in a half a dozen of his friends.  Several who are level 80 and very nicely geared.  All of these people are nice and get along with us very well.  I just need to get used to them.  When I was gone for a few days because my sweetie was visiting, we got like 6 or 7 new people.  I logged in on Sunday and saw all these names I had never seen before and was slightly disconcerted.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to everyone yet, but the few that I have talked to are pretty nice.

I wanted to put a shoutout to a guildie’s blog.  Nite started it up a bit ago and I feel horrible for not sending people over there sooner.  He doesn’t have a lot of posts yet, but I know that he will most likely put more up when he can.  He is in the process of moving his family cross country AND has a new baby on the way.  😀  So go stop by his blog and leave him a comment.  As I told him earlier today, he is my favorite tank to heal.  Favorite tank to run with too.  Enjoy!

Who shot who with a what now?

Oh man, busy busy weekend.  Since Nite has come back online we have been trying to do more heroics because we have a tank!  Woot woot!!  And of course there was much rejoicing.


Thursday night started it off.  I had put on the calendar that we were going to do WG then Vault.  I got 2 sign ups other than me.  When I logged in a new guildie was asking about the run and wanted to come, so she became introduced to our calendar.  Turns out she is a very well geared holy priest.  Hell I didn’t even know we had her available.  Go us!  The several of us that were online decided to do the daily (Nexus) twice since we all had 2 80s.  She came along and healed for us.  I got to go as druid dps, go me! >.< Vel ended up tanking on his druid, Andrew came on his rogue and we pugged a newbie DK.  Cake, no biggie.  For the 2nd run we had a dilemma.  There were no tanks.  I was going on my warlock, Andrew was on his warlock, Vel was on his shammy and Heleva was all set to heal on her priest.  Our new guildie said she had a level 80 DK who could attempt to tank.  She warned us that she didn’t have any tanking gear outside of a pair of boots, but if we were willing she was willing to give it a shot.

It was so much fun!

Vel switched back from elemental to resto and we decided to 2 heal it.  I brought out my VW to help with the tanking duties.  Andrew managed to die on his warlock on some trash I believe.  Other than that, we lived.  I used the VW to off tank some adds and we slowed on our dpsing.  Vel and Heleva just overhealed the hell out of us.  All of us kept saying how much fun we were having and how much of a challenge (in a good was) this run was.  As I sit here typing I have a smile on my face remembering the fun.


Friday Nite was around and we knocked out HoL and ToC.  Have I mentioned how I hate healing ToC?  Cause I really fucking hate healing ToC.  I hate it on heroic and I hate it on regular.  It sucks soooooo bad.


Saturday was the Ulduar continuation raid.  We had 80% of the people from the last run.  We walked in, I gave strats for IC and we took them down in one shot :D.  FINALLY!  I’d like to think that the nature resist totem helped big time.  My suggestion btw.  Two shammies and I had to suggest it >.<

We then made our way to Freya and her oodles of trash.  After some miscommunication from the bear OT turned MT when the MT switched to his shammy and we brought in Dily’s lesser geared pally tank, and a wipe on the first trash pull, we managed to clear out the place.  It was cool being able to use my CC ability.  I learned something new too.  Apparently I can rebanish something and it removes the banish on the mob.  I never use the spell.  I had to go find it for the trash fights.  Fun times.  I was so proud of myself.  I had the mob I was CCing on my focus bar, gave the proper calls out.  Yeah I did my job right! 😀  I will say though, we had 2 druids in the party, and neither of them could put that damn dragon to sleep.  WTH?

Everyone I have talked to said they hate Freya’s fight.  I fricken loved it.  There was so much you have to remember, and the waves being random was awesome.  It was a very creative fight and I just had a blast.  Yes we wiped over and over and over again, to where we had 10 mins left on her trash respawn when we finally got her down.  But we managed to take her down.  Then got the hell out of dodge before her trash respawned.

Despite our tanks not having any frost resist gear, we went ahead and decided to attempt Hodir.  Yeah I can’t understand it either.  Those snakes in the ice tunnel suck, but they sure do make for pretty dps numbers. 😀  Seed of Corruption FTMFW! 😀  Hodir was another interesting fight.  I was so confused in it though.  I think I would prefer to heal it in the future.  Seemed like it might be easier.  I don’t think  we even got him to 50%.  Oh well, we will get him eventually.  Our pally tank was already talking about getting some frost resist gear made.

After we decided to call it (it was like 1:30 in the morning for the east coasters) the night owls and west coasters decided to knock out the tourney dailies and the heroic daily.  Fun times were had by all.


Sunday, the day that I am still pissed about.

So I wake up on Sunday planning to play for like an hour or so, then start my laundry and house cleaning.  I’m logged in for like 20 mins and I beg Andrew to run me through Ramps on my mage for a quest she needs.  He had just bought Dragon Age and was about to log to go play it.  As we are making our way there (I ALWAYS get lost trying to find the entrance to ramps) a call goes out in the guild for an imprompto Naxx run.  Because heaven forbid we do Onyxia like I had on the calendar.  Can you see my eyes rolling through the screen?  Because they are really making a circut.  I said no, I was doing ramps.  Andrew said no at first, but then his need to play his lesser geared warlock won out.  He said he would go if they still needed him when we were done.

Fast forward like 15 mins.  They still haven’t started.  There were 2 other guildies online besides me who weren’t in the raid.  I asked if they were good to go and the RL said “we need another healer, we can’t go until we get one.”  So, thinking it would be like 2 wings then I could bail, I said “Ok I’ll heal you.”  Famous last words.  This was around 1:30 pm.  What I thought would be a 2 maybe 3 wing clear turned out to be a FULL FUCKING CLEAR.  This was not a group of over geared players running it for shits, giggles and badges.  Around 1/3 of the raid was still getting gear from bosses.  Several people got a ton of upgrades.  That didn’t phase the RL, he just kept going.  People died, and while I was trying to rez, he was pulling the next group.  Now this is our normal pally tank.  He knows this isn’t a geared group.  So I don’t know where he was coming from, but damn dude.  I didn’t ask to be an assistant to the raid, I didn’t even ask to be master looter.  He asked me if I wanted to ML since I normally am for the raids.  I said sure.  We started getting to bosses and he was all for jumping in with no explainations, despite several people asking for one.  Then he started giving the strats for 25 man.  Yeah not a good idea for 10 man.  So me and a couple others jumped in and corrected him.  For the rest of the run I would preface each boss fight with “Do you want to explain the fight or would you like me to?”  It was about 50/50 from him on his answers.  I wasn’t trying to take over his raid, and I tried to stay quiet, but damn I am just not a quiet person.  If you are doing it wrong I will tell you.

Since we started Ulduar I have been for all intents and purposes, raid leading and I love it.  There is a part of me that just likes to be in charge.  I am a control freak, I will be the first to tell you that.  When I am not the leader I have to be careful that I am not unconciously trying to take over the raid.  I am really bad about that.  I think that is what ended up happening during the Naxx run.  I just somehow took over.  I don’t know if it was because he really didn’t want to be leading the raid or if it was something else.  I just know he was decidedly pissy with me by the middle of the run.

Well whatever, I was pissy because no one told me this was a full Naxx clear or that I would be spending 7 FUCKING HOURS in this instance.  The longest breaks we took were like 5-10 mins for a bio.  Which I was doing, so I didn’t have time to cook food, let alone get any of my chores done.  Needless to say, when we finally got to Sapp I was livid.  Then we wiped on KT because people wouldn’t stay out of the 10 yard range.  I was not a happy camper when we finally killed him.


I then logged for like an hour.  Took a hot bath, got something to eat, then logged back in to do tourney dailies.


I am not looking forward to Naxx again on Thursday. >.<


L2P Nub

So lately I have been either leveling an alt or dpsing on Millea and just haven’t healed all that often.  Plus I recently switched from Healbot to Vuhdo and I am still learning the ropes.


So last night while we were  finishing our tourney dailies a guildie pops in and asks if we want to do the heroic daily (which also happened to be the regular daily).  The 3 of us (Vel, Andrew and myself) said sure we’d go as soon as we were done.  So we finished up the dailies and made our way back to Dal.  Then I proceeded to spam general, trade and LFG for a tank for 30 mins.  I SHIT YOU NOT.  Finally the rogue who we pugged for Ulduar (who has a pally tank) came online and I immediately started bugging him.  Luckily not many people usually ask him to tank (he is a tad bit undergeared) so he is usually up for it.  Just as we are walking into CoS who logs in?  Nite.  Our guild’s long lost bear tank >.>


Go fricken figure


So anyway we are in CoS, running around killing the waves when the guildie who wanted to do the heroics D/Cs.  Since we were pushing for the timer, we just kept going.  We actually ended up making the timer with like 2 mins to spare, with only 4 people. *flex*  Ahh yeah.  We did have 2 deaths though, >.> and they were TOTALLY my fault.


Now I mentioned above that I haven’t been healing much lately, and OMG did it show.  I went back into panic mode from when I first started healing.  No longer was I the bored healer standing in the back debating if I wanted to switch out of tree form to dps, nope I was freaking out because I couldn’t heal people fast enough.  The fact that we completed the instance meant nothing, I was pissed at myself because I let 2 people die.  I RARELY have deaths anymore, unless it is something completely out of my control, not because my reaction time was slow.


So afterwards we decided to bring in Nite to tank (the poor guy has been on several months break, we needed to toss him in the deep end fast) and our friend switched to his dps spec.  We hit up HoL because Andrew loves the voice on the first boss.  It makes him happy . . . in the pants.


Again, I was having a horrible time trying to keep people alive.  It was a little bit easier than CoS, but I actually ended up dying.  Those damn poison tipped spears can kill you easily if they aren’t taken off >.<  The really funny thing was healing through Loken was the easiest part of that run.  The key is to just keep everyone HoTed up and spam Wild Growth.  Cake.


So Andrew was on his lock, who is slightly undergeared (in comparison to the rest of the group, and his rogue) and wanted to do Heroic ToC.  I HATE healing this instance.  HATE IT!  I hate it almost as much as trying to heal Oculus.  Which I of course mentioned several times in vent.  I am vocal, what can I say.  So off we went.  Nite had only done ToC once before, and didn’t remember what went on.  So I was explaining the fights before they happened.  We did the jousting ok, I got knocked off my horse twice.  Fuckers.  I think one person died, maybe, I am not sure.  We got the rogue, mage and hunter.  NOT a fun combo, but much easier than the damn shaman and warrior.  I warned the guys to get out of the poison, which I know they tried to, but damn me if I couldn’t remember which damn mouse button combo that was assigned to Abolish Poison.  I mean I know it, it didn’t change from Healbot to Vuhdo, but hell if I managed to use it.


We got those guys down, I can’t remember if anyone died.  Next up, Paltress.  Yes I can hear your groans through the computer.  No we didn’t have a priest or a shammy.  WHICH SUCKED BTW.  So yeah we died, repeatedly, and kept running back in, only to die again.  I just couldn’t keep anyone alive.  We finally all waited to come in at the same time, and the tank was able to pull her away from me enough to where I wasn’t getting the nightmare effect all that much.  This meant I was able to heal people through the uber damage being done to them.


Next up the Black Knight.  I think this is my least liked fight.  The ghouls always make a beeline for me.  Never fails.  Even when I don’t heal, just stand there wishing I could heal because I know if I do I will get aggro, they come for me.  In the first attempt (yes we wiped, shut up) I kept trying to run around and bring the ghoul back to Nite.  No dice there.  I ended up spending more time running and trying to avoid descration then I was spamming Nourish, which I HAVE to do in this fight.  My HoTs are just not enough to keep people alive.  Maybe other druids it is different, not so much me.  We managed to make it to the 2nd phase where I just couldn’t do it.  The pally was taking too much damage, vel was taking too much damage.  Any time that I took my focus off the tank, he would nosedive into almost dead.  Then the lock would life tap and I would freak out.  And to top it off, I was taking a TON of damage myself.  One thing that I am not used to with Vuhdo is the bars change color depending on the amount of health the person has.  It goes from bright green, to sickly green, to babyshit yellow, to orange, red, then to brown and BOOM you are dead.  So any time my bars aren’t green, I freak.  My bars were in the orange-red zone far too much for my liking.


After we wiped (which I was the last one standing, yet again) we went back in.  As Nite was taking a shitton of damage, I realized while I was spamming Nourish (which wasn’t keeping him healed NEARLY enough), that I wasn’t using my cooldowns.  I seriously was so disgusted with myself.  I quickly hit my nature’s swiftness and healing touch, BOOM, full life.  HoTed him up again, major damage, swiftmend, BOOM, full life.  I also just stood there.  I didn’t move unless the descration hit me.  Guess what, no one died, and we managed to finish the damn instance.  Nite got some nice bracers and Andrew got a really nice chest piece.


I however, felt like a complete idiot.  Which of course I knew I would have to post this on my blog because listening to people laugh at me is the only way to go about things.  Amirite? >.>


Yeah I definitely need practice again.  I think I am going to have to start doing heroics again on Tatia.  Who knows, maybe I will begin pugging, just for the sheer blog material I will get.


Oh well

Meme that I stole

One of the other reasons that I wanted to start a blog was to be able to do all the nifty memes out there.  Now I wasn’t tagged to do this but I wanted to do it anyway!  So there!

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?

Tatia, Resto Druid – Treeeeeeeeeee

What is your primary group healing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)

Umm usually 5 mans or 10 man raids

What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why?

This is a toss up between Rejuv, Wild Growth & Nourish.  I love Rejuvs because I can pop them up on everyone.  Wild Growth is a quick fixer until I can spam Nourish.  Nourish is a big heal and fairly quick.

What healing spell do you use least for your class and why? 

Regrowth.  For the amount it heals it just isn’t worth it to me to spend the time casting when I can get more heals faster from Nourish.

 What do you feel is the biggest strength of your healing class and why?

Group heals.  I can heal a lot of you at once

What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your healing class and why?

Tank heals on raids.  I have one cooldown I can blow to get a super heal if the tank takes a big hit, but I am better off healing everyone else and just giving back up HoTs to the tanks.

In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best healing assignment for you?

I have only healed 1 25 man and it was the new fire boss in Vault.  I was put on raid heals with an OT to watch.  I think it worked out rather well considering I lived and my tank lived.

What healing class do you enjoy healing with most and why?

Shamans.  Vel our resident resto shaman is an awesome healer.  Him and I have great healing synergy and can 2 heal many things that we should probably have 3 healers on.
What healing class do you enjoy healing with least and why?

Disc priests.  Our new disc priest Heleva is an awesome healer, but I am not used to allowing tanks to drop to such low health.  I know her bubbles are awesome at damage mitigation (they are :D) but my bars are down and it makes me panic and throw heals on people, thus making me overheal more than I need to.

What is your worst habit as a healer?

Clipping my HoTs and spamming Nourish when if I was just a moment my HoT will have fixed the problem.

What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while healing?

Tanks running off before I am ready.  Mis has admitted he does this just to fuck with me.  Pisses me off soooooo much, you can’t even understand.  I am not quite to where I will stop healing the tank, but I am getting close.  You hear that Mis?  The clock is counting down on you brat.

Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other healers for PvE healing?

Oh most definitely.  I feel that trees are ideal raid healers.  This means that we work well with most other healers.  I haven’t had the opportunity to heal a 10 man with a holy priest (the “other” raid healers) so I might change my mind once I do, but for now I agree.

What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a healer?

Did people live?  Seriously, that’s what I do.  When I first started healing I would bug people about how well I was doing, now I just rate myself on how many deaths I caused.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your healing class?

That I should be tank/OT heals.  That I can spam this giant heal fast.  I can do that once every few minutes.  Not exactly a great spam people.

What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn?

The rotation and what to gear for.  When I hit 80, even with healing regular dungeons, I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing for a rotation.  EJ was no help for me.  Luckily one of my guildies knew of a site dedicated to newbie trees and sent me there.  Here is the site –

If someone were to try to evaluate your performance as a healer via recount, what sort of patterns would they see (i.e. lots of overhealing, low healing output, etc)?

Lots of overhealing.  I mentioned above why that is.

Haste or Crit and why?

Haste.  Yummy, yummy haste.  It speeds up my nourish casting time and in the new patch it is supposed to speed up my HoTs.  At least if I am reading that stuff correctly it is.  I do like crit, it makes my nourish nice and tasty, but I love haste more.

What healing class do you feel you understand least?

Priests.  I am not used to running with them so I really don’t have much experience with them.  I also cannot seem to level my priest at all.  So I don’t know anything more than what I read on people’s blogs.

What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in healing?

I use Healbot.  However the most recent update has removed my character picture and that of my target.  So I’ve had to disable it.  Pisses me off.

Do you strive primarily for balance between your healing stats, or do you stack some much higher than others, and why?

Ummm I just know I am supposed to go Spellpower, Haste, Spirit, MP5, Crit, and I probably got that wrong too.  I use ratings buster which breaks down what each upgrade does for me, so I usually go with stuff that is more green overall.  Yeah I am really bad about my druid.  If this was my lock I could tell you right off the bat, not so much with my poor tree.

So that’s that.  Apparently I am supposed to tag some other healing blog so that they can do this.  The only problem is I am not really on these people’s reading log, soooooooooo me tagging them most likely wont do any good.  So whomever is reading this, if you have a healer, fill it out! 😀

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