Last night

Was a ton of fun.  At least that is what I keep hearing from everyone.  Slice was telling me that over and over again while on the phone after the raid.  My brother kept whispering me telling me how much fun he was having.  Sorak pings me on gchat and tells me how last night was a lot of fun.  When I was talking with Repgrind she also told me she had a lot of fun.

Who knew raiding would be fun like this in the 11th hour?

I personally was just stressed to the max healing.  So while everyone was having fun and getting phat lewts, I was freaking out over healing and developing a stiff neck.

Normally I wouldn’t be freaking out but trying to 2 heal ICC with the “new” mana regen was not fun.  Arv and I double druid healed.  He didn’t have much experience with resto druid healing, but he is pro so I wasn’t worried about it.  The problem I was having was the fact that I was going OOM in every fight.  There wasn’t an opportunity to sit back and let my passive regen happen.  I know that if I was having a problem that Arv was probably having even more of one.  I was using a flask of pure mojo AND spirit food.  I was popping innervate every time it was up and mana pots when I was dead in the water.  The druid healing style of Wrath doesn’t fit with the current system.

In ICC there is a TON of damage coming in from all angles.  The tanks are getting whacked with huge hits and the raid is being slammed with constant damage as well.  All during Wrath druids would blanket the raid with rejuv and pop in a few regrowths as needed or even spam nourish.

You can’t do that anymore.

Nourish now takes too damn long to cast.  You don’t really want to use it because it just doesn’t work with the fast paced environment of damage in ICC.  There is the option of using it with nature’s swiftness, but it doesn’t heal for as much as healing touch so you don’t want to gimp that big heal.  Let’s face it, if you are using your NS macro, then you are hitting your “oh shit!” button and you need as big of a heal as you can get.  So Nourish is out of the running.

Regrowth got its timer lessened.  Now you get a nice big heal upfront and a very short duration of a hot.  I really do like this spell, don’t get me wrong, but I am not used to the new version of it.  My mind still thinks of it lasting longer so I still treat it like it is the old version.  This results in me forgetting to keep it up on the tanks.  Otherwise this is your go-to spell.

Rejuvenation isn’t all that changed.  With everyone’s health pools being so large this heal doesn’t feel like it does all that much anymore.  I hit this spell more out of reflex than anything.  I am then left feeling very unsatisfied afterwards.

Kind of like how I felt with some of my exs . . .

Yeah you knew that was coming 😉

This all added up to me freaking out.  Yes I have healed since the patch changes, but it was with Sorak and he is so damn OP it is ridiculous.  Although it was freaking hilarious last night when he logged into Sorak to heal Sindy with me.  He hadn’t logged into him since before the patch so his talents had to be set up and he had to put his buttons back on his action bar.  Then he was all “What! I have to dps to heal!?!”  Yeah it was funny.

I think that was my favorite part of the night.

It certainly wasn’t the part where I had to swim on VDW.  Sad tree is sad.  I always feel ineffective when I have to swim.  For the most part I can hit the bubbles and get stacks (I ended up with 30 when she hit full health), but I always end up at her ass end and have to run to the front where all the fucking portals are.  So yeah, not exactly fun, but what are you going to do?

I do agree with Slice though.  It was really nice to see people get upgrades for once.  My brother has been attempting to level his hunter for months.  He took like a 6 month break when his computer died.  He now has a new one (I am so jealous of it and how gorgeous everything is on it) and finally dinged 80 on Friday.  We ran him through a bunch of dungeons and got him some crafted gear.  When he set foot into ICC last night he had a 3200 gearscore.  He was in a few purples, several blues and even some greens.  I think he is in half leather too.  Poor guy.  He did snag some pretty nice upgrades, including the bow that drops off LDW.  I think he creamed his pants when he saw it.  Now he just needs to get all gemmed and enchanted up before tomorrow’s LK continuation.

It was cute.  I got a whisper from him last night when we were closing down shop “Can I go with you guys again on Thursday?”  Yes you can silly.  We aren’t going to bring you through ICC just to tell you that you can’t come to the LK fight.  I really hope that we don’t have anymore DC issues so that we can get him a title.  I am excited for him.  He might not have ever raided in WoW before, but he definitely learned fast and everyone was very pleased with him.  I hope he will be able to raid with us at 85.

I really enjoyed getting to play with Rep.  She is already a ton of fun, but to see her in action is pretty awesome.  Her toon wasn’t even Ulduar ready and she was holding her own in ICC.  As she said it helped to get a buff when everyone else got a nerf, but even then you have to be a good player to pull off what she did in the gear she had.  I was very happy to see that she got several upgrades too.

I don’t know if there really was something that made last night more fun than our raids usually are, or if it was just knowing that this was the last time we will ever have to raid ICC.  I like to think that our guildies & raiders are just awesome people.  We had people come in and raid who really didn’t want to.  Thank you guys again!  It warms me to know that you guys are willing to help out when needed.  If they hadn’t then the raid might not have happened.  Sorak and Slice both thought that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  I was going to pug people if I had to.  I wasn’t going to get people’s hopes up with being able to raid then tell them “oh we didn’t have enough people, sorry no raid for you.”

Yeah I didn’t want that.

In other news PPP is now 65 and cruising through Outland.  I have a feeling she will be replacing my druid in Cata as my primary healer.  I don’t know if it is just that I haven’t come up against what Northrend can throw at healers or if Disc is just so easy that I have a false sense of healing security.  I do know that healing as Disc is easy and yet a lot of fun.  While I bitch and moan when the tanks pull the whole room and I end up OOM keeping everyone alive, I still feel all pumped that I was able to pull it off and keep everyone alive.  I usually emote flexing on PPP.  Then flex in guild chat.  If I didn’t have to keep my hands on the keyboard and mouse I would totally flex IRL too.


Like that.



They are invading!

Last night EoF did ICC 10.  We drug Arioch with us on her DK.  Now her DK isn’t even Ulduar geared, let alone ICC geared.  We still brought her anyway.  She nabbed a new weapon, which she seriously needed and a new helmet.  Despite being the lowest geared person there, she really didn’t do half bad.

I didn’t have enough sign ups so I ended up having to pug 2 people.  BigGreg wasn’t online so I couldn’t grab him.  I found an elemental shammy and a hunter.  The shammy was almost as undergeared as Ari but the hunter was nicely geared.

Now we talk smack in vent.  We cuss, we tell perverted jokes.  It is what we do.  I don’t even remember what was said in vent, but the hunter pipes up with “Hey keep it PG, I am only 16.”

Excuse me?

Yeah, fuck that.  I will fucking tell dick jokes all night long in my own vent where it is allowed.  Thank you very much.

Moving on.

The shammy we picked up was awesome.  The dude knew his shit.  He was also unguilded.   Oh look!  We have a new elemental shammy in the guild :D.  On Saturday’s run we also picked up a mage and a hunter.  Three new people in less than a week.  Woot!

We also acquired a DK tank.  For some reason Tir decided to transfer his DK over to our server.  Dozzer started the transfer craze first with transferring his lock.  Then Ari brought her DK.  Zam is supposed to be bringing his Shammy too.  I do have to give credit to Orange though.  He was the first to make a toon on Bloodhoof to play with us.  Del then made a warlock, which he hasn’t logged onto since, and Tel made a hunter; which he has been leveling pretty steadily.  Tir made a level 1 pally to chat with us, but I never expected him to take one of his raiding toons from SR and come play with us.

Shadow Rising is taking over Echo of Fate!  O_o

I kid!  It is nice having guildies in both guilds.  So far everyone has been meshing very well and the good times keep rolling.

My brother and I will be rolling new toons on Drak’Tharon this weekend.  I plan on rolling a shammy and he is going to roll a hunter.  I was going to make a troll shammy, but he hasn’t decided what kind of hunter he will make.  He is up in the air between an Orc, a troll or a tauren.  Depending on what he picks, my shammy will be of the same area.  I am hoping we can keep them to where we only level them together.  We shall see.

I won’t be playing tonight because I am hanging out with a friend.  I hope my withdrawals won’t be too tough for me to handle. 😉

I logged in on Wednesday night and made a gnome warlock on Argent Dawn and joined Single Abstract Noun.  There were like 20 people online.  90% of them were blog fans.  I have a big feeling none of them know who the hell I was.  Ah oh well.  I have done my duty to the blogging community and joined.  I will even log in from time to time and say hi.  😀

I am pissed though that my name was taken.  Seriously, who uses the name “koalabear?”  ESPECIALLY on a RP server??!


Friday Echo will be attempting the Sarth 3D zerg.  Woot another title!!!  Now I just need to find out which toon I will be going on.  Decisions, decisions.

I am so full of it that even a mountain looks small

Lying to my boss is seriously almost 2nd nature at this point.  Yes this is bad, but frankly the man is gone 75% of the time and what he doesn’t know doesn’t hurt me.  😀

Sorry for the late post but he was in the office today after being gone for 4 days.  He is leaving tomorrow morning for the rest of the week too.  This means he has stayed at work all damn day and kept me busy.  Thus late post is late.

I’ve been feeling guilty lately in regards to my little brother.  He finally started playing WoW and I am never around to play with him.  He made a character on Bloodhoof since that is where I have money and resources.  The problem comes about that I am over on Drak’Tharon leveling my warlock.  I have apologized to him about it and he said it is ok, then turns around and asks me to level a character with him.  He said that the old world is virtually empty and there isn’t really anyone to play with.  There are a few problems with this.  One – on Bloodhoof I don’t have any more free slots and I don’t want to delete any of my toons.  This means that he would need to get to the level of one of them so we could play together.  Two – I am currently trying to level my warlock to 80 then get her geared up to raid.  I really don’t have the time to level a toon with him.  Three – I REALLY don’t want to level a whole new toon until I get the warlock finish.

He was going to make a toon on Drak’Tharon last night, even had me ask Arioch what their guild needed.  Then he changed his mind and said that since I really wasn’t situated there (meaning having cash to give him) he said he could wait for me to get to 80 then we could roll new toons together.  Assuming he doesn’t expect me to do nothing but play that toon with him, it could work.  Set aside specific times where we play, assuming I am not raiding of course.

I tried to level last night, but Tir was bored so that meant he decided he was taking me through Kara.  At first I was excited because that means I would be able to get the Mongoose enchant.  Foolishly I thought we were only going to do the first 2 bosses then I could go back to leveling and get my random done for the day (gotta start on those badges somewhere).  Yeah that isn’t what happened.  He had intended to do the whole place.  Since he is a fail DK tank (I kid . . .  not really ;-)) I kept dying.  He is a level 80 killing level 69-71 mobs.  I shouldn’t be pulling aggro off him.  I died so many times it stopped being funny.  Luckily we had Del on his holy pally so I didn’t have to corpse run like mad.  Tir of course blamed the fail lock, but we all know who the real culprit is. 😉

The best part was him crying for me to come help him kill shit.

Man I could sit and pick on Tir all day.  😀

When we got to the 2nd half of Kara we tricked Ari, Doz and Orange into coming in and finishing up the instance with us.  Where I promptly outrolled Ari on an enchant that dropped, thus earning the title of ninja.

Just for those out of the loop, when you beat out someone else’s roll on an item that they want, you are a ninja.  That is the rule.

Tir is a ninja too.  Just ask Soth.  😀

I am like 2 bars away from 73.  I need to get her over that hump, get her 2 badges and move into Dragonblight.  I still have all the D.E.T.H.A. quests to finish up and the few scourge ones left in the buffalo village.  I still haven’t made it up to the northern camp or finished up the mage stuff on the Amber ledge.  Good thing the quests are still yellow.  I do want to see the Horde version of the Wrathgate.  It will be awesome to see both sides of that fight.

I have another post churning around in my head but I need to work it out a bit more before I pop it out.  Hopefully it will be out in the next day or so.