Healing Meme – Sorak

Sorak was kind enough to complete the meme for us and I have his replies here:

1. What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?

Sorak, shaman, resto spec

2. What is your primary group healing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)

5 mans and 10 man raids

3. What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why?

Chain heal, it’s very efficient provided you cast it in an ideal situation (when people stack or are clustered).  I also like Healing Rain, same conditions as the prior (see a pattern developing here?)

4. What healing spell do you use least for your class and why?

Unleash Elements, it’s fairly new in my healing career.  I forget to use it because I’ve swapped mains to my DK and I don’t get to heal as much on Sorak anymore.  It’s a good spell, can be used as a bomb heal in conjunction w/ Greater Healing Wave or make my Chain heal hit for more.  Another reason is the CD is quite long on it, I believe 15 seconds. 

5. What do you feel is the biggest strength of your healing class and why?

Totems, we can fill in a lot of buffs needed to round out a well balanced raid group. 

6. What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your healing class and why?

Movement.  I can’t speak for other Resto Shams, but I never did very well with it.  We only have one instant heal (Riptide, hits for a small amount and then applies a semi long HoT).  More importantly after you cast Riptide, I get a buff that lowers the casting time on Greater Healing Wave and Lesser Healing wave to 1.5 seconds, for the next two casts of said spells.

We have a 2 min CD ability you learn at 85 called Spirit Walkers Grace which allows you to move and cast for 15 seconds.  Again, only being able to cast on the move every 2 minutes or so isn’t what I’d consider good!

8. What healing class do you enjoy healing with most and why?

I enjoy healing with classes that can mitigate damage, since I’m more of a brute force healer in 10’s.  We’re not as blunt of a healer as a Holy Paladin but we’re nowhere near on the level of a Resto Druid or old school Disc priest for mitigation. 

9. What healing class do you enjoy healing with least and why?

Another blunt healing class.  Not much variety in our heals doesn’t make up for a good raid composition. 

10. What is your worst habit as a healer?

I get tunnel vision in raids, too much staring at grid to pay attention to what everyone else is doing.  Perhaps my worst habit is too much casting Lightning Bolt to regain mana back from Telluric Currents.  C’mon, you know restoring 2k mana is more important than keeping party members alive, especially during Chimeraon!!

In 5 mans my worst habit is pulling mobs when the tank is too slow (ie mostly every pug), I’m a gogogogogo kind of person, and If I’m pulling as the healer, the tank is not moving fast enough. 

11. What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while healing?

STACK UP BITCHES!  Every successful raid plays to their raid comps strong points, when I’m healing, my most efficient heals require people to stack up!  We have a lot of bad ranged members (the most notorious one starts with an L, and ends in yssianna).  As soon as he/she (the verdict is still out there about a voice over program) get into range to pew pew, he/she stops and well………pew pews.

See the pic below for my Spirit Link Totem macro


Asking SR to stack is like asking me to CC, it doesn't happen.


12. Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other healers for PvE healing?

Now that Resto Sham’s finally have a raid CD we can use to mitigate damage I believe we should be on par with other healers.  We won’t be top heals, but at least we can contribute raid damage mitigation, hell even fury wars received something like that before Resto Sham’s did!

 13. What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a healer?

Did we down the boss?  Recount and World of Logs

14. What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your healing class?

No clue. 

15. What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn?

As a Resto Sham, always keep Riptide on CD.  It helps keep your casting time down to a minimum.  Punish those that don’t stack, negative reinforcement is the way to go!   Some ranged dps (the most notorious one starts with an L, and ends in yssianna) feel like they can survive on their own w/o any help from healers, he/she/they should be thankful I don’t heal much anymore!

Keep up Earthliving Weapon on at all times, keep Earthshield up on MT / OT or Zugzuug. 

Be aggressive w/ Mana Tide totem, it’s a short CD, take advantage of it!

16. If someone were to try to evaluate your performance as a healer via recount, what sort of patterns would they see (i.e. lots of overhealing, low healing output, etc)?

Too much Lightning bolt spam and not enough casting of Unleash Elements.  In Cata I don’t tend to over heal as much, I think my healing output is OK, but I’ll let others determine that. 

17. Haste or Crit and why?

Haste to lower your GCD down to 1 sec, and get an additional tick of Riptide on your target.  I know crit is our lowest stat weight, but crit does help.  When you crit a direct heal, you get mana back from water shield, you also proc Ancestral Healing and Awakening.

Ancestral Healing: reduces physical damage by 10% for 15 seconds

Ancestral Awakening: heals the lowest percentage health in the party / raid for 30% of the original heal. 

18. What healing class do you feel you understand least?

All of them except for a Resto Sham.  I’ve never played another healing class o I don’t know the mechanics to play one well.  I happen to be lucky and play w/ pro healers.  They do their job well and I leave it at that.

 19. What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in healing?

In Wrath I’ve used grid, I’ve been using the default raid UI for a while, just a few days ago I swapped to Vuhdo.  Totem timers, does exactly what you think it does.  Power Auras to keep track of my CD’s. 

I’ve always used mouse over macros since I’ve started healing, even though you can configure Vuhdo to do mouse clicks, I’d rather not rely on a mouse or addon like someone I know (starts with an L, and ends in yssianna)

Thank you Sorak for filling out the survey and although you are a total brat (seriously) we still love you. 😀

Healer’s meme revisited

Miss Medicinia called out for those of us who filled out the healer meme thing a while back to go back and revisit what we had posted before.  So without further adieu:

The New Questions:

1. Reread your original answers to the questions. With the benefit of hindsight, score your own work in terms of its cringeworthiness.

Wow I was a nub.  I got my stats wrong and was completely ignorant about tank healing as a tree.  At the time I wrote that I was still fairly new to tree healing, now I feel like I have the hang of it.  The majority of that post was cringeworthy.  So yeah, don’t go back and read it for info guys, I fail. >.>

2. Has your class’s healing improved in the area you identified as its weakest?

I mentioned that I sucked as a tank healer and that I was all about raid healing.  Yeah sooo very wrong.  We are still working out the kinks in our healing strat for ICC, but it looks like I will be healing the OT and back up raid healing.  I have figured out how to lifebloom correctly and now use Regrowth when tank healing.  I still have my “oh shit” NS + HT macro, but I use swiftmend more often with better results.  I am currently working on using that whenever it is off cooldown.

3. Have you changed your “least favoured class to heal with”?

At the time I answered this question I had only just started playing with Heleva and her Disc priest.  I was used to just working with Vel and his resto shammy.  Now that I have done several raids with her I feel like I can understand her a bit better.  I use my HoTs with her bubbles to the full effect that I can.  I think once we get the new tank healing situation under control and work with it enough we will be an unstoppable healing machine.

I no longer have an least favorite.  There is just my jealousy of Vel’s 14-18k crits on his heals.  I’m thrilled when I see an 11k crit.

4. Did you read the entries from others in the webring, especially your class?

I have to admit that I did not.  The only ones I remember that I read were from Ilikebubbles and Miss Medicinia.  I think I might have read a few others, but I honestly cannot remember.  I know that since then I have found other tree blogs and priest blogs.  My blog roll exploded after that meme.

5. If Yes to #4, did you learn anything that made you a better healer?

Actually yes.  I learned what I actually needed to gear for.  What the raiding rotation should be and how to fulfill roles I previously thought I couldn’t.

6. What tools/resources or information do you think you would need to improve as a healer and how could that help the community at large?

I need to push myself more and learn where I can truly excel.  Up until we started raiding ICC, I didn’t have that much to do.  Healing raids was actually kind of boring.  Now I am being challenged and actually have to pay attention to what I am doing.  I went oom!  Several times!  I am a tree!  We aren’t supposed to go oom!  I have since fixed the issue, but now I find I am actually thinking about which spell to use and how often to use it.

I think most healers just need to be able to practice in something that will provide a challenge.  Most of the time healing in raids turns into the boring whack-a-mole that we all know and love and we get lazy.  I am very happy to see that ICC is bringing the healing challenges we need.

Most new trees were like me and confused to what we need.  Something like Lissanna’s blog with her awesome guides, but more leaning towards raiding.  Her guide is fantastic for beginning trees, but something that leans towards making sure the trees have a challenge.  Let’s face it, trees are OP, we need something to keep us on our toes.

7. What did you identify as your worst habit as a healer? Have you improved in this area?

I said overhealing.  This is still an issue, but it is something that I am actively working on.  Trees should never go oom :(.  I don’t know how much I have actually improved since it is a work in progress, but I think there might actually be some improvement.  I am still horrible about clipping and overhealing over my HoTs.  I put them up just to get a bigger Nourish; which is pretty bad.  I am working on it though!

8. What did you list as your favorite healing spell and your least used healing spell for your class? Are these answers still true? If they have changed, what caused the change (i.e. patch fix, different healing environment, etc)?

My favorite spell is still Rejuv.  I think I have finally gotten used to the quicker ticks thanks to the glyph, but I still find myself wanting to spam Nourish.  It has gotten better in 5 mans though.  99% of the time I pop one Rejuv on the tank and then go make a sammich.  It heals for ridiculous amounts of healing.

The least used healing spell I listed was Regrowth.  Since I have started healing the tanks I have found I use it a lot more.  It is usually one of the first spells I put on them.  Yes Lifebloom goes on faster but Regrowth lasts longer.

I used to never use Tranquility either, now I actively try to find a time when I can use it.  I like to think that I helped save us all by using it.  It might not be the case, but I can dream right?

Well those are my replies.  If you participated and now read my blog go post your answers!  You can post them here, in your own blog or over at Miss Medicinia’s place. 😀  Happy healing!

The Syphilis Meme

Tam over at Righteousorbs.com started a Syphilis meme, aka a blog content exchange and I was given a topic:

Ooooh, I notice you’ve been PUGing a lot recently.  Bwahahaha.

In which case: What are your 7 Deadly Sins of PUGs, and how should those who transgress them be punished by the WoW gods?

Hmmmm, my deadly sins of pugging.  I had fairly decent PuGs on my mage this weekend, but the horrid ones on my druid are still fresh in my memory, so I will do my best to not be too too bitter.

1.  Running away from your healer.

Yes I know you are totally uber and leet and you don’t have to have a healer with you, because you know, you could totally solo heroic Halls of Reflection.  Who needs to make sure the healer is even in the same room?  You don’t!  You also don’t need to make sure the mobs are gnawing away on your healer’s face, because you are so leet the mobs will be dead before the healer does.  They can heal themselves, they will be fine.

First of all, if you DIDN’T need a healer then the group would be queued up without one.  There is a reason there is a shortage of healers.  It is you dipshits who ignore us, run away from us and allow the mobs to chew our faces off.  I will not heal you and most likely I will drop group.  If you keep running away from me then I know that you don’t need me and I will not waste my time playing with you.

Punishment – Being one shot by Hogger every time they log in

2.  Running so fast that you should have the final boss killed by the time everyone has zoned in.

OMG why is this taking so long?  We have been in here for a whole 2 minutes!  We should totally be done by now!  God you are so fucking slow!  I’m going to pull this entire instance in the first 5 seconds because my DPS is so awesome that I can just AOE the shit out of everything and then move onto the next instance and fly through it!

Not everything is better faster.  In fact most things are better savored.  No I am not saying that you have to take an hour to do once instance, but would it kill you to wait 30 seconds for everyone to be on the same page?  Faster pulls are sloppy.  It is one thing when everyone in the group is ICC 25 heroic geared, but shocking fact, NOT everyone is that geared.  Not everyone is doing 5-6k dps.  I know, I know, HUGE surprise, but there it is.  If the whole group is good for moving at lightning speed, then go for it.  If however your healer is 3 rooms behind you getting mana back because she had to rez the dipshit DPS that died on that last boss fight, then maybe you should WAIT THE FUCKING 20 SECONDS IT TAKES FOR HER TO GET MANA BACK!  Just saying.

Punishment – Every time they do a heroic they are stuck inside for an hour and they cannot zone out or log out.  The instance will always take a minimum of 1 hour no matter how quickly they try to go.

3.  Kicking low DPS.

Oh what a nub!  They are only doing 1k-2k dps.  They suck!  We should totally kick them!  They aren’t good enough to play with us.  Everyone vote kick to get rid of this fail dps! /votekick

Not everyone rolls into level 80 fully geared to the teeth in T10.  Some of us are still in quest/crafted greens/blues/purples.  We are running heroics to gear ourselves up.  We are not running them to mindlessly farm badges.  When everyone starts out in heroics they should be pulling 1k-2k dps.  If they are on the upper reaches of 2k, then they know their shit no matter what gear they are in.  Give the people a chance before you immediately kick them.  Remember you were here at one point too.  Or if you weren’t, then you were carried by your friends/guild and are a blight on the game, L2P.

Punishment – Every time they are zoned into a group they will be kicked out, no matter what dps they put out.

4.  Assuming everyone knows the fights, especially in the new dungeons.

The patch has been out a whole 2 hours, you should know this fight by heart.  There is no possible way you have never been here before so I am not even going to bother telling you anything about it.  You can learn by mutely following behind me, cause I am so UBER that I don’t really need you to know how to do anything in here.

Thanks to the new LFG system a lot of people who never did instances are dipping their toes into instances.  Many of these people have never been in even the most basic heroic dungeons.  What is routine and boring to you just might be brand spanking new and confusing to them.  This does not mean they are a bad player.  I did a regular HoL with a hunter this weekend who had never been there before.  When I let him know about the fire room and to put his pet on passive, he said he already did that and knew to do that before we went in.  He was a great hunter and knew what he should do even without having been somewhere.  He was not a “nub” he just hadn’t been in that particular dungeon before.  The guy knew his shit.  I’d rather run instances with guys like him and have to explain every fight than just be dragged behind some jerk who blithely assumes I know what the hell is going on.

Punishment – The tactics for every fight you do change each time you do them.  They are never the same and you never know what you will need to do.

5.  When running lower level instances you run them like you are an overgeared 80.

Why should I slow down and let the healer who has no mana regen get mana back?  The faster we do this instance the quicker we can level and the faster we get better gear!  No I don’t need to slow down, everyone agrees with me that faster is better.  No one but you is complaining!  Shut up and dps noob.

First of all, all healers have shitty mana regen until they are 80 and get gear with mana regen on it.  Most healers (not all I know) usually heal in dps gear when they are not 80.  They might have a piece or 2 of “healing” gear, but they really don’t have a full healing set.  This means that they will need to stop and drink after fights where they have to overheal because your dipshit ass pulled the whole room.  Not everyone is geared to the teeth at lower levels.  There is no reason for it because your gear gets upgraded too quickly for it to be logical and/or practical.  Just remember that you are NOT at max level or overgeared for the instance.  Stop and think, your groupmates will thank you.

Punishment – Anytime you do an instance you are stuck doing auto attacks or standing and not healing because you will always be out of mana/rage/energy/runic power and there is nothing you can do about it.

6.  Pulling more mobs when you are not the tank.

Man this tank sucks.  They keep marking the mobs when everyone knows we need to just dps them all down really fast.  I am going to go pull that group of mobs around the corner so we can kill them faster.  Stupid tank.

If you are not the tank then YOU DO NOT PULL!  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  I don’t care how slow the tank is doing things.  Maybe, just maybe, the tank is not geared enough to do those kinds of pulls with the overgeared DPS in the group.  Not all tanks are UBER upon hitting 80.  I have a guildie who is a fantastic tank.  However, she knows that she cannot pull the entire instance and hold aggro, so she marks and keeps a steady pace.  She gets yelled at for not chain pulling large groups.  This is not acceptable.  If you are in that much of a fucking hurry dps, then you can find another group.  Her favorite tactic when she gets jerks like that is to pull a huge group of mobs then leave group.

Punishment – Every time you go into an instance and start fighting, you will gain aggro on every mob and you will be unable to lose the aggro.  You will die every time.  Enjoy your repair bill.

7.  Not taking care of your healer.

I cannot stop chain pulling or we might not finish the instance in 30 seconds.  Well I cannot stop AoEing because my dps will go down.  So what if the healer has 6 mobs hitting them, they can heal themselves.  Interrupts?  What are those?  What do you mean the healer is dead?  Wait did the healer just leave?  Why would they do that?

KEEP THE MOBS OFF THE HEALER IF YOU WANT THE HEALER TO LIVE.  Healing generates a lot of aggro.  If a healer puts a HoT up on the tank right as the tank pulls, they can sometimes pull the aggro off the tank.  Sometimes when there are a lot of mobs and the tank doesn’t have great aggro on them all, the healer will be the next person they go to.  Some healers *cough* druids *cough* don’t have readily available offensive spells while in healing form.  When I am healing on my druid I cannot cast offensive spells unless I switch out of tree form, which I should NEVER have to do.  When the healer is being gnawed on by 20 million zombies they cannot get any non-instant heals off.  I don’t know about you, but my instant HoTs don’t heal a shitton right off the bat.  I need to use my 1.5 sec cast spell to pull off bigger heals when you are taking a lot of damage.  If I am being whacked around like a hacky sack then I cannot get that big heal off.  All it takes is for one DPS to get those buggers off me.  Trust me, the healers will love you for it and you won’t have to wonder if you are actually getting healed.  Because if you think you aren’t getting heals, then you most likely aren’t.  I know that I won’t heal stupid.

Punishment – No matter when or how many times you put yourself into LFG you will never get a healer.  You will never be able to run instances.

So those are the 7 deadly sins of pugging according to me.  As a return post for Tam – Since you are now on an RP server, how much, if any RP are you doing?  If you are RPing, what kind of characters have you created for your toons?

If anyone else wants to get in on this, you can either post a comment here or on Tam’s original post.