I R gud

Yesterday afternoon (I was lucky and got a paid day off) I decided to play my baby lock over on the horde side.  I have been doing a mix of the dungeons and questing.  I have yet to pvp with her, not from lack of interest, I just don’t think about it.  She is about halfway to 45 and leveling is cake.

I queued up for a dungeon and got into Mara, because apparently the queue can only put you in there every single time from level 40 to level 50.  Heaven forbid you do any of the other instances, or even purple crystals!  Nope, orange crystals over and over and over again.

We zoned in, buffed (I ❤ kings) and went to town.  Right away the tank says “Oh wow! A warlock who knows how to play their class correctly!”  I replied “I have a lock as my main.”  Turns out he has 3 warlocks, one for each spec, and was leveling a pally tank for fun.  He went on to tell me that most warlocks don’t have a clue how to play at this level.  It was pretty cool to be complemented so much.  I of course thanked him.  Throughout the run he kept up a steady stream of chatter with me.  At one point one of the other dps, a warrior I believe, asked “U have more than 1 lock?”  That is when he said he had 3 and I replied that I had like 5-7, I have since lost count of how many I have.  His little mind could not wrap itself around that concept.  Silly warrior.  All muscle, no brains 😀

She has gotten to the point where she is just a blast to play.  The fact that I am leveling horde has made the leveling grind that much more fun.  Areas where there are like 4 or 5 quests for alliance (if even that many) have at least a dozen for horde.  Things make a bit more sense.  I couldn’t understand why these areas were there, and so big, if there weren’t any quests available.

Since I am a newbie horde there are things I just don’t know off-hand.  For example, the best way to get to Stonard, short of taking a mage portal.  Now I know how to get there as alliance, it is quite simple.  Getting there as horde was another story.  It just seemed like a very out of the way place that is a pain to get to.  What do you mean I have to run all the way from STV?  Wow that is a crappy distance.  I don’t think Blizzard was thinking things through when they placed some of these locations.  Take the Hinterlands for example.  The horde outpost is ACROSS the entire area.  There is NOT an easy way (at least not that I am aware of) to get there.  At least with alliance there are boats we can take to get to these places or easy routes for the most part.

I went to twitter to ask the hordies there how to make my way there.  None of them realized that I didn’t know I could take a zep from UC to STV.  They realized this once I complained about the super long flight from UC to STV.  Of course this was Arrens, and he might have done this on purpose, at least I wouldn’t put it past him. 😉  The lovely MoodyDK at http://moodyloner.wrecklist.net/ didn’t realize until it was too late that she should have suggested I take the portal in the blasted lands to get to Stonard.  I can’t believe I forgot about that.  Now I just feel dumb.

By the time I made it to Stonard, turned in my quest there and picked up the other quests I was already over the area.  There just wasn’t enough there to warrant all the time it took for me to get there.  There were about the same number of quests for horde as there are for alliance in that zone, which is not many.  I was very disappointed to say the least.

So now I am in a quandrary.  I have several quests for the Badlands, all of which are green or red, a few for Stonard, which I don’t really want to do.  Several dungeon quests, which means I have to queue specifically for the dungeon and miss out on the bonus for the random.  I am not sure where else to go.  I am 44 1/2.  I know I could do STV, but having been there, done that, I don’t know if the horde quests are really all that different from the alliance quests.  Is there somewhere else I should be questing?  I don’t really want to do Tanaris.  Feralas maybe?  All you hordies out there chime in and give me some direction.


Back to the grind

Arioch has a fantastic guest post today.  You should go read it if you haven’t already.

I had been home from work until today so I had a bunch of extra time to play.  When this happens I usually make a new character.  I’ve mentioned in the past that if Andrew had not been alliance I would most likely be rocking max level horde toons.  Most of the new toons I make are hordies.  I currently have a blood elf warlock on Undermine that is my highest level at the moment, not counting a DK I made on a random server.  Yesterday I spent most of the day playing on her.

I had forgotten how much fun leveling an affliction warlock is.  It has been so long since I had to level or do any kind of grinding with Millea that I had just forgotten.  I have found that most classes don’t start getting fun until around level 40, with exception to my hunter.  She just got boring at that point.  From all the piles of hunters out there I am sure I will be told I am wrong, but there is only so much standing there and auto-shooting I can do before I get bored.

This was the first time since they nerfed the void walker that I actually saw first hand how much he was weakened.  I had noticed that I had to heal him after several mobs on my 80 lock, but man oh man does he get hurt fast at the lower level.  It might just be how I have been using him.  An example would be my leveling in Arathai.  I had to get the keys to unlock this prison for some elemental princess and the keys are surrounded by all these elementals.  I would send in my VW to one, DoT it up, then have him taunt another one, DoT that one up, then move on to another one.  I think at one point he had like 6 or 7 mobs on him.  Now mind you these are all yellow level mobs.  I tackled about 10 green level mobs doing the same thing.  Toward the end of their life the mobs would run towards me, but since I was at max range they usually died before they could even hit me.  The problem I was finding was he was getting close to dying before all of the mobs were killed.  I would have to stop DoTing and switching targets to heal him.  We still got the job done, but I sure had to work for it.  Made me start paying attention more.

I managed to get in a random dungeon, just to see what they were like and to see what loot I would get.  I was 37 when I got in and got Uldaman.  I had been here once on my hunter, and once as a max level toon running a guildie through.  I don’t remember what went on with my hunter, or when I ran someone through, so I told them I had never been there before.  I was the lowest level in the group and the only one without any heirlooms.  The greens that dropped were actual upgrades, to which the group laughed then congratulated me.  I seriously made bank on that run.  I got 3 green upgrades.  I got an off-hand to go with my dagger, a helmet and some gloves.  Then one of the bosses dropped a cloth chest that was a clear upgrade, except I had to be 40 before I could equip it. >.>  When we finished the dungeon I opened my bag o’ loot and there were some really, and I mean REALLY nice cloth shoulders.  Made me happy I didn’t have the heirloom ones because then I could actually use them.  The people I ran with were really awesome too.  It was one of the better PuGs I had been in.

When I finished there I ran over to Ratchet and got my warlock robes of prettiness, I mean bloodrobe, yeah, BLOODrobe, cause warlocks are ALL ABOUT KILLING YOU!  Umm yeah >.> moving on. . .

I had a quest to turn in at Org so I popped over there just to ding 38 where I got yet another warlocky quest.  Back to Ratchet I went.  Let me tell you, horde warlocks have it easy on these warlock quests.  There are so many major cities and flight paths in Kalimdor that alliance just doesn’t have over there.  Where these quests were a chore on Millea, I was done with them super quick on Lyssianna.

My original goal was to level in as many of the horde areas as I could before Cat comes out.  I want to see what the horde leveling is like before it gets changed.  So far I am really liking their leveling zones.  Take Arathai for example.  There are only a few Alliance quests there, and the ones they do have, frankly suck.  All these questions I had for the area with the odd stone rings and random giants walking around were answered when I did the horde quests.  The area isn’t so empty now.  The same goes for Desolace.  I tried leveling there on my mage way back when and there just weren’t enough quests.  I was surprised at how many quests the horde has there.  Changed my outlook on leveling in that area.

The hardest part I have had in doing this is actually finding the horde outposts.  I think I ran all over Desolace for about an hour before I found the horde camp at the very bottom of the frickin map.  They didn’t exactly make it easy to find these places.  Some of them I knew where to go because I had inadvertently found them while on an alliance toon.  Gromgrol (sp?) in STV is a prime example.  If you even get within sight of that place on an alliance toon you get chased by the guards.  I have died more times than I care to think about from those guards.  I always manage to get too close. *sigh*  But now I can walk freely through there!  Ha!  Take that guards!

Since I won that chest piece and Lyssianna is now 40 I have to give up my pretty bloodrobes.  It makes me sad.  I love how the robes look.  I went through all of these loops to get these robes made just for me to only wear them for 2 levels.  Makes me sad.  I gotta remember to take a picture before I put the robe away.  I think I can make room for it in her bank somewhere.  I just hope I don’t end up DEing it on accident like I did on Millea.  Those robes are special.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more adventures to tell.  I should at least have a picture for you. 😀  Until then!

Go Read

Seriously, go read Arioch’s post.  She says it so much better than my limited writing skills will allow.

Since I have already said my part on this topic I will let the discussion continue over there, unless I need to make another rebuttal, and I will go forward with my usual weekend recap on Monday.

Feigning death is the way of the future


Yoo-hoo bitches, yoo-hoo


Yes, that goddamn awesome.

When I actually logged into my main server I ended up running heroics with guildies.  Yesterday took the cake though.  Vel, Dily and I queued up as 2 dps and 1 tank and got heroic UP.  I was on fail mage, Vel was on his druid and Dily was tanking on his pally.  Our PuGs were a warrior and a priest.  Turns out they were both from the same server.  Now the warrior was about 200-219 geared and when he actually dpsed he was doing about 2.5-3, WHEN he dpsed mind you.

Oh dear lord this priest. >.>

Nice enough guy, at least in the first 2 minutes of the run.  He queued up as heals, and was dpsing.  At first I thought it was maybe because he was bored, I know some healers will dps when they really don’t need to heal.  He was about 219-226 geared, which could make sense.  The only problem was the tank was dying.  Dily wasn’t getting any heals other than a renew here and there and a bubble.  Vel had to pop out of boomkin form to heal him a bit because I sure as hell couldn’t heal him as a mage.  We kept asking the priest if he was healing or dpsing.  The guy wouldn’t answer.  At one point he was putting out 1100 dps.

I finally stopped and took a look at his spec.  Get this, he had 18 points in shadow, 30 in disc and 23 in holy.  What the hell kind of spec is that?  Now I don’t play a priest, but I think you kind of need to pick one talent tree over the other.  He didn’t have enough points in any tree to do any good in anything!  He was dpsing with shadow spells, but didn’t have enough points to get shadowform, so he was out of shadowform.  He would run up and pull mobs before anyone was in the room.  Vel kept saying that we needed to let him die.

We got to the first boss and he pulled an A-bomb before the boss had even finished her stupid interchange with the lich king.  I killed the damn thing out of spite.  He got close to dying too because Dily wouldn’t go and pull it off of him.  Then the fight started and he didn’t heal anyone.  If he would have been stuck in the sword ritual we would have let him die, but we didn’t get that lucky.  Since he would use so much mana to dps he had to stop and drink constantly.  I play a mage that sucks mana like no one’s business and I have learned how to conserve my mana and refill on the go.  Made me cringe when I saw him stop to drink yet again.

When we got to Skadi I said that the warrior would eat it in the whirlwind and the priest would too.  This was in fact the case.  The warrior got all pissy that he died.  I told him “whirlwinds hurt, you might want to move next time.”  He started bitching that he didn’t get any heals to which I told him “the priest was too busy dpsing to heal anyone.”  Someone then initiated a vote to kick and we booted the horrible priest.  Dily did check his gear and it was a mixture of healing and dps gear, just like his spec >.>

The best part was the blue proto drake dropped. 😀  We had kicked him before we looted too.  The warrior said he would whisper the priest and tell him what happened.  Dily, of course, won the drake because that is the luck he has.  When the rare mount dropped in VoA he won that too >.>

We queued up and got a shammy healer and filled her in on the horrid priest.  When we pulled the next couple groups of mobs Dily pipes up “OMG! Heals!”  We all laughed.

We asked the shammy if she would be willing to come with us on some more heroics and she agreed.  So we queued up again, and fuck we got heroic halls of reflection.

I know fail mage is NOT geared to do this instance and Dily knows his pally is not geared for the instance.  Vel was and the shammy was, but that did not help.  We got a DK who was about 219 geared.  He knew what he was doing though and was pulling 3k easy.  We couldn’t even make it to the first boss.  The only reason we stuck it out was the 15 min debuff.  After several wipes the DK dropped group and we were able to re-queue up again.  Guess what we got!



Since we keep getting this instance we try to go for acheivements.  The last time we were there we did all ruby drakes.  This time we wanted to do all emerald drakes.  This plan ended up being full of fail.  We wiped more here then we did in HoR.  The healer, who kept pushing to get the acheivement, ended up having a convienent D/C so we queued up for another person and had decided to do it the regular way and to hell with achievements, we just wanted to be done.  The guy knew what he was doing and we pulled it off in moments, and we all ajourned back to our respective servers.

So if you get a priest from Mannoroth with the name Roxy or Roxie something or other make sure he isn’t healing.  He has a bright pink tabbard with blue stars.  Just either vote to kick or drop group.  He is not there to heal.

A little treat

Andrew decided to make me another hilarious comic/picture for this blog.  So I thought I would share it with you.


I want to send out a special shout out to 4 awesome people on the Arthas server:  Airstream, Lyssarra, Lalune and Feralelf.  I got into a PuG with them on my druid and they were so awesome we did another instance together.  Thank you guys so much for the fantastic runs.  I hope we get paired up again!  Good luck in the game guys!

Fail Mage Powers Activate!

Yesterday was a fun filled adventure in fail mage dps.  I didn’t do too too bad according to Dily.  Of course with him he then went on to tell me all about the tier gear and which would be better for me here and there etc.  I had to stop him because I just wont remember it.  I am not the best when it comes to gear.  I can’t grind for hours/days/weeks/months for a shiny new piece of gear.  As long as the character I choose to raid with is geared for the encounter we are raiding, I am good.  Right now both of my raiders (Millea & Tatia) are geared for TotC.  Millea is geared for 10 man and Tatia is geared for 25 man.  We are running 10 man regular.  I am perfectly fine for what we are raiding.  When we decide we want to move further along, I will get the appropriate gear then.  I don’t need to be fully geared out in 245 ilvl gear on every toon to be happy.  Is that not putting the optimal amount of dps or hps out there?  Probably, but then that is why I am not in a hardcore raiding guild.  We take raiding seriously, but we aren’t going to tell you to spec a certain way or squeeze out every last drop of dps that you can by turning yourself into a machine.  I can hold my own when I dps.  I might not always be #1, but I am usually up in the top 3.  When I heal, we usually stay alive.  Although I don’t know if that is because of the other healers in the group or if we just all work so well together that we have less deaths.  Couldn’t tell you.

I got into it a bit yesterday with Dark/Soth over at Clearcasting and I agree with some of his points but I also think that his mentality is what a lot of people have now.  Since so much better gear is now available sooner, everyone should be maxing out on their dps and there should be no such thing as a learning curve.  I call bullshit right there.  The VAST majority of the people playing don’t hit 80 with an entire set of epics waiting for them complete with a rotation that they have down pat.  I know not everyone does the regular dungeons before they hit the heroics, even though they should.  Most people are content to have their guildies carry them through Naxx to get them geared out to do chain heroics.  I don’t want to be “that guy” so I went the PuG route.  I did the regular dungeons until I got better gear then I started on heroics.  I am following the natural chain of progression.  Since I am doing that, I WONT BE DOING 2K DPS RIGHT OUT THE DOOR.  I am sorry but it just doesn’t work that way.  As I do instances more and get a piece of gear here and there, my dps slowly climbs.  Hell I managed to pull off 2k dps overall in Heroic VH with my guild.  I did around 1700 on each boss.  I was ecstatic.  Then we went to the next instance and I was fail dps all over again.  It happens.

I only hit 80 on my mage on Sunday early evening.  While I have been doing a bunch of heroics, I haven’t been sitting there doing nothing but.  I don’t have a ton of badges.  On Monday I got my first piece of badge gear, an ilvl 200 off-hand that has hit on it.  I had 29 badges and I was able to get that with 25.  I went and got the rep weapon from Kirin Tor and I was finally able to lose my heirloom staff.  I was EXCITED when I did this.  I was so happy to get those two items you would have thought that I had gotten a legendary weapon.  I ran heroic VH on Monday night.  I walked away with three upgrades.  I swear I was floating I was so thrilled.  Yesterday I found I had 31 badges, so what did I do?  I went and got myself tier 9 shoulders.  Why did I do that?  Well having already leveled a clothie I know that shoulder upgrades are for shit until you raid.  The best shoulders I had on my warlock were the ones that drop in heroic CoS.  I had those shoulders for almost a whole year.  When we did raid Naxx and I got to go on my warlock, the T7 shoulders never dropped for me.  I had to wait until I could save up 30 triumph badges when I could only get 2 a day in order to upgrade my shoulders.  Even then it took forever because my guild needed me to heal, so Millea got benched.  My getting those shoulders was a big deal.  I am not quite ready to see if I want to get this tier set or that tier bonus, I just wanted to get the biggest gear hurdle knocked down.  I am not sure I explained that to Dily correctly.

One of the cool things from last night was I got randomly put into a PuG group with Trixy, Heleva’s tank.  She had been telling us in vent and gchat how she had made this macro for when she tanks PuGs.  The next thing I knew I was in a heroic AN and her macro was being posted in party chat.  We laughed in vent that we got put into the same group and she told me that I now had blog fodder.  Yeah I kind of do ^_^

That run was a piece of work >.>

The highest geared toon was the DK dpser.  Then Trixy, then me (fail right there if that tells you anything) the pally healer and then the rogue.  The rogue was still in mostly greens and some quest blues.  Considering that, he actually didn’t do too badly on his dps.  I don’t know if the pally was just new to healing, if his gear was the reason, or something else, but he had a hell of a time keeping us all healed.  He was really bad about keeping the poisons off us.  Especially that leeching poison the 2nd boss does that heals her.  I died on the first pulls in the room with the first boss, then he wasn’t making any move to rez me.  I died trying to save him and he couldn’t be arsed to rez me.  It took Trixy running over to try to rez me with the army knife before the pally figured out I was dead. >.> *sigh*  I actually won Essence of Gossamer which I thought was hilarious.  So many tanks ran that instance over and over again to get that trinket, and here I am on my mage and I win it.  I laughed a lot.

We ended up doing heroic Nexus next and when Trixy popped up her macro the healer started laughing.  Said they couldn’t kick her because they had to wait 5 mins.  They were a pretty cool group of people, who might not have been had she not posted that.  There was a moment of “oh shit” when the hunter targeted the rift and pulled the whole group.  He was all “When the hell did that change!?”  Trixy replied “2 patches ago.”  Yeah I laughed again.  I think I was the only death, as per usual.  Totally wasn’t my fault though.  We were on the 4th boss and just as I started to move away from the spikes, he rooted me into place and I died instantly.  *sigh* fail mage.  Trixy was all “why didn’t you blink or ice block?”  Well it happened too quickly for me to react, and I just didn’t think to use those abilities at that time.  When the spikes come, you move.  I think I need to move my “oh shit” buttons around.  I did manage to get the achievement off the final boss though.  That was awesome.  I’ve only ever gotten it on my druid because she can shapeshift to get out of the ice.  I love being a human :D.

I’d like to think that once I get used to doing instances on my mage that I will stop being such a fail dpser.  I noticed that over the course of the evening I got progressively better.  Dily and I were talking about that and he wanted to know if I thought it was the upgrades or if I just fixed my rotation.  I honestly think it was me getting better with my rotation.  Considering I normally play an affliction warlock, you would think I wouldn’t have a problem with keeping my mage DoTs up, but apparently I do.  I am REALLY bad about making sure living bomb is always up.  I am bad about clipping fireball when I get a hot streak and scorch falls off before I realize it.  I know there are add-ons I can get that will help me keep everything in line, but frankly I don’t want to rely on an add-on to tell me how to play.  It will take practice, and I need to do it.  I haven’t had an opportunity to hit up a training dummy as of yet, but I will soon.  I like to use the ones in Darn.  No one is ever there.  I am not sure where the ones in the Exodar are, but that place just confuses me so I avoid it when I can.  All the bright lights from the crystals make it difficult for me to see stuff.

Hopefully soon I won’t be as much as a fail mage as I am now.  Keep your fingers crossed. ^_^

It’s ok, I’m a rogue

This weekend had its ups and downs.  One of the ups was I finally hit 80 on my mage and went on to pew pew very poorly in some regular dungeons.  I got lucky in several of my groups.  As soon as I zoned in I told them that I had just dinged 80 a few hours ago and might not be geared for the runs (the new 5 mans on reg).  Each group told me I was fine and let me stay.  One of them was REALLY nice and kept giving me good support.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that this was my 3rd 80.  On Saturday I managed to snag the robes that drop off Loken in regular HoL.  I already had the ebonweave gloves in the bank, so imagine my surprise when I ended up with 2 more pairs of gloves on Sunday.  Of all of the gear that could drop, I got 2 sets of gloves.  One from ToC and one from Heroic Nexus.  I did manage to get a really nice ring from FoS.  The healer needed it as well but he let me have it because it was a better upgrade for me.  Even though it has MP5 on it, it was far and away a huge upgrade over the quest reward rings I had on.  So thank you again Tree healer I ran with on Sunday!

One of the downs was we called our TotC run after a little over an hour and several wipes on the beasts.  I don’t know why we have so much trouble on this fight.  We usually can breeze through Gormock but when the worms come out everything falls to shit.  We do somewhat ok until the worm enrages when we kill the first one.  Then people just drop like flies.  It doesn’t matter how much healing is being thrown out.  No one can stay alive.  When we finally get the damn worm killed there are usually 4 people left alive.  One tank, one dps and two healers.  Or some variation of that.

The highlight of the raid was when we got past the worms and had like 6 people alive.  Mis was tanking, Andrew was on his rogue, I was still alive healing along with Vel and Zakk was dpsing on his ele shammy.  Suddenly Mis went down.  Over vent you hear Andrew say “It’s ok guys.  I’m a rogue.”  He then proceeded to try to tank Icehowl.  Vel and I overloaded heals on him just to see him go splat.  I think I was laughing too hard to really keep the heals up.  I then ran to the door and shadowmelded.  I of course lived while everyone else died.  Shadowmeld saved me 3 corpse runs :D.  Zakk was rather pissy about it each time I did it :D.  I of course bragged about it.  What else would you expect me to do?

Our other tank, Ness, had to leave for work and the PuG dps we picked up dropped group so instead of replacing them, as I wanted to, everyone else said they wanted to call it.  So I was sad that my raiding for the week was ended.  Everyone said to just move it to the next day (Sunday) and we would go from there.  From past experience I knew that this would end up with us not doing ToC for the week.  Sunday raids with our guild never seem to work.  I, of course, was proven right when Dily and Zakk had to call off because of a RL thing that came up.  Several other people who were in the raid the night before didn’t come online until around an hour after when we said we wanted to start.  Needless to say, we didn’t go back into the raid.

Andrew and I ended having dinner together on Sunday and talking about the run brought up the “I’m a rogue” comment and I just about choked on my food.  I seriously wish I could take a picture of the faces he makes when he says these things.  I’m laughing now while I write this just thinking about it.

He brought up that we should start farming the trash in ICC to get our rep up.  Since we have already set up a weekly raid daily day, we might as well add ICC trash farming afterwards.  The people who I have mentioned this to have been on board for it and think it is a great idea.  So here’s hoping we actually can pull it off.

In the meantime I will be plugging away on my mage getting her geared so that she wont be a total embarrassment to mages everywhere.  Also, she needs to start bringing in the dough to pay for her epic flying.  She already has the Valiance Expedition rep to exalted but needs to get her gold up.  I am a little over half way there and she still hasn’t finished the chain to unlock the Sons of Hodir.  I am having way too much fun in IC atm to go back over there.

So if you are on the Ruin battle-group and get stuck with a mage named Calieah from Echo of Fate, be nice, my noob mage will thank you for it and give you strudel :D.

Screenshot Friday

Yesterday I was talking about my bags, so tonight I took a picture of what my mage’s bags look like.

Have I mentioned that my buff timers have to match too?

Status update, kind of

Somewhat busy day today at work.  My boss is getting ready to leave on vacation for a week so he goes through and has a ton of last minute things that “have” to be done right now.  This means I end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get it done yesterday for him.  I swear the man has no concept of how long something takes to get completed.

Things appear to be going smoothly on the game front.  Although there might be something simmering, I have a mental note to look into it to make sure there isn’t anything happening, or if there is, then to nip it in the bud.  Ahh guild drama, how you never fail to appear when things are going good.

I’ve been focusing a lot on my mage.  I just have lost the urge to chain run heroics for badges.  I just don’t care that much.  Both of my 80s are geared for the raiding level we are actually running.  I don’t NEED to be ICC geared to run Ulduar and regular ToC.  My guildies are all making this mad rush to get badges and more badges and even more badges.  It has turned me off from wanting to do heroics.  I’d like to do the new 5 mans, get a better grasp of healing and dpsing in there, but I don’t really care what drops.  Yes the upgrades are cool and are nice for my girls, but it isn’t the end all for me.  I want to have fun when I play, not pour over the gear lists and freak when someone else gets the drop I’ve been farming for days.  So I have been leveling my mage.  And herbing.

I officially hate level 80s and their fast drakes in the lowbie zones.  I know all is fair in farming your herbs and WoW, but I need these damn things to level my alchemy, *sigh*.  I really don’t even plan on selling the flasks or herbs for the most part.  If I need the cash I might, but for the most part I will be making stuff to use for myself.  Flasks can get expensive when you are buying for more than 1 80, especially when you start raiding more than normal.  On Bloodhoof it is cheaper to buy the pre-made flasks than getting the mats to have someone make the flasks for you.  The price on frost lotus is just insane.  Since I started herbing in Northrend I have gotten about 15 of them and I obsessively get every herb node I find.  It was quite funny last night because while questing in ZD I had picked so much of one kind of herb that I had ran out of designated room for it in my 32 slot herb bag.

Ok I guess I should explain that part.  I have to be very organized in my bags.  If things are in the wrong bag, or even in the wrong place in my bags they need to be moved.  Call it OCD I don’t care.  My bags are organized as much as humanly possible.  Specific bags are for specific things.  I have a bag that has my hearthstone, any tools needed for my profs, reagents, potions, bandages, food and the such.  A bag for quest items only.  A bag for useful items such as greens and cloth.  If the character has a gather profession, like my mage with herbs, or my warlock with her soul shards, then I have a 32 slot bag for that.  My LW keeps her bag in the bank.  My backpack is used for vendor trash only.  The moment I get quest items, a BoE green or cloth, it gets moved to the appropriate bag, unless I have already received one of the item and then it just stacks.  I pick up everything that drops.  I don’t care if it is grey or purple, it gets picked up and sorted.  I have to routinely sort the bags.  If I don’t then it drives me nuts until I do.  I’ve gotten good at doing it while autorunning, especially in instances.  If I am doing a lower level instance and just looting everything I can, I STILL have to have my bags organized.  My guildies were teasing me about it last night.  The fact of the matter is I can find everything in my bags whereas other people *cough* my sweetie *cough* can never find anything in their bags.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway back to the lack of “designated room” in my bag.  As many of you gatherers know when you gather stuff you get different items.  When I farm herbs I end up with 8 different kinds, on top of eternal/crystallized life.  That all needs a slot in the bag.  So to keep things in order I make designated slots so when a stack gets full, I wont have to reorganize the items.  This means putting a single item in the spot I want to use.  In my herb bag I have a row of goldclover, tiger lily, t-rose, adder’s tongue, dreadnettle, a spot for frost lotus, ice thorn, lichbloom, crystallized life and eternal life.  I compulsively keep only one stack of crystallized life around, but will only change it over to an eternal once I get 11.  When I was leveling in BT I actually had 2 rows of GC and TL.  I haven’t given IT and LB their own rows because I haven’t found a whole lot of them yet.  To be fair I just hit 77 before I went to bed, so I am sure that they will end up with their own row now.  Well last night I was in ZD and the herb of choice for the region is T-rose.  It is everywhere and no one is around farming it.  I had, at one point, over 120 of them.  That is MUCH more than the amount allotted in my bag for it.  I noticed it when I went to move a quest item and saw that I had several herbs in my backpack.  Then I was all uncomfortable that the t-roses weren’t all in the same row.  That is why they were picking on me last night.  Not that they ever need a reason, but that was the particular one they had last night.

Ah well, such is my life.

I didn’t become an accountant for no reason you know.

What!? No way!

Yes, I actually had a decent PuG.

My mage dinged 75 the other day and yesterday I finally picked her up and started playing her again.  She was sitting all during my time off this last weekend and has built up a nice chunk of rested XP.  Last night I decided to do some quests in ZD until she hit 76 then head on over to SB because of all of the delicious herbs there.  While running around Dalaran (I really am not sure why I was doing that) I saw that I was high enough for the Violet Hold quest.  Sweet!  So I got myself in queue and headed off to quest while I waited.

Right off the bat the tool told me I had around a 17 min wait.  Ok, not too bad.  I started killing trolls and putting out fires when someone in general chat was looking for more for the amphitheater.  Sweet!  I had picked up the quest while running around Dalaran earlier, but was going to bother my guildies to help me with it at some other time.  I replied to the guy that I was interested and boom, I was grouped.  Whoops, I was just booted out of the queue for VH, damn it.  Oh well, no biggie, I can always get back in when I am done.

We had no problem getting the guys down in the ring.  I was quite proud of myself with my dps, both overall and actual.  I was #2 on the meters, just behind the level 77 elemental shammy.  Now let’s face it, ele shammies are so OP it isn’t even funny.  I swear they hit 80 doing 3-4k dps in quest greens >.>, but I digress.  As soon as we were done I queued myself back up, got another 17 min wait time, then went back to killing trolls and putting out fires.

I had completed all of the quests I had wanted to do in that area when I noticed I had the quest to kill the monster in the lake.  I asked my guildies if someone was free to help me and Dily flew on over and helped me slaughter it.  Again, got dropped out of queue *sigh*.  Popped myself back in and about 15 mins later got a group.  Woot!

Zone in and the party leader, who is a hunter, starts chatting away.  There was a shammy who was in the group with us who didn’t zone in right away.  The hunter immediately starts off on the guy about getting in here quickly, etc, etc.  I chimed in that maybe he was stuck on a loading screen or stuck fighting and not able to teleport right away.  The hunter kept going off on the shammy, ignoring me.  Fed up, the shammy left the group.  We queue up another dps and get a level 73 rogue.  The guy was really nice and told us that he had never done this dungeon so he was worried he might goof up.  Me, the pally tank, and the resto druid all reassured him that he would be fine.  The instance was fairly self explanatory and we wouldn’t boot him.  The pally called the rogue “babe” and the hunter couldn’t swallow that.  Started going off about how that was just “gay” because they were both male characters.  Turns out they were both guys IRL too and found the hunter’s reaction hilarious.  I chimed in with something along the lines of the hunter not being comfortable with his sexuality, which the pally obviously was.  Everyone but the hunter laughed.

Throughout the first boss fight and up to the 2nd boss fight the hunter showed his age.  He HAD to be a kid.  His reactions to our comments just showed his severe lack of maturity.  Oh man, when he found out I was a female, the terribad flirting never stopped.  *sigh*

We got Lavanthor (sp?) as the first boss and he went down like melted butter.  He also dropped some delicious cloth gloves.  Since I was the only clothie, guess who won :D.  The next boss was Morag.  I don’t know what happened but I got targeted with his eye beam thingy and went splat.  Then the tree went splat.  Then the hunter.  The rogue and the pally were doing pretty good for a while, but they weren’t putting out enough dps to bring down the boss and it ended up being a wipe.  When we made our way back in we noticed that the hunter had dropped group.  None of us were bothered by it.  We all agreed to keep going and found another dps, a DK.  Suddenly I had dps competition, and it was awesome.  Between the pally and the DK I wasn’t pulling too much aggro off them.  I do ❤ my invisibility button though.  Nifty little fact:  In regular VH, when you wipe after you have killed a boss, when you kill him again, he drops more loot.

By the end of the run I was above and beyond every other dps in there.  I started out at level 75 and dinged 76 at the 3rd to last portal.  I am sure the healer was thrilled that my health went way back up lol.

Overall it was a great group.  Each person, sans the hunter, was really nice and content to move through the instance at a human pace.  I haven’t been in such a good PuG in a long time.  I kind of wish I had kept their names so I could have given them a shout out, but alas I didn’t.  I don’t think this run will completely change my mind on PuGs, but at least now I am not 100% against them.

So to you great people I ran regular Violet Hold with on the Ruin battlegroup, thank you!!

Super Saturday

Saturday’s Ulduar run was just fantastic.  We had a 100% EoF run.  We didn’t have a former guildie, or a random PuG, or even a friend in another guild.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, we have some fantastic players in our guild.

We had 2 pally tanks, 2 rogues, an enhance shammy, a frost DK (dps), ret pally (my sweetie), Dily on his holy/shadow priest, and of course Vel and myself healing.  For most of the night we 2 healed.  We had dily 3rd heal on Ignis, Kologarn and IC.  Our dps was just fantastic.  The two rogues (Andrew and Devil) are usually at the top and try to beat each other.  For some reason recount is bugged only on Tatia, so I don’t have exact numbers, and we try not to link dps stats in raid chat, but pretty much everyone else does.  I was getting whispers telling me that we just had amazing dps.  I am so proud of all of us.

Thursday night’s raid went really well too.  We tackled the construct wing and knocked out everyone up to Gluth.  That fight is tough for us with 10 people, 8 is just impossible.  We just have a hell of a time with the zombie chow.  WTB frost mage.  When we wiped a few times we decided to call that wing quits and went to spider.  Cleaned that place out.  This week we have military.  I am kind of bummed because I wont be able to join them, but I am not super sad because I will be with my sweetie!

I finally hit 74 with my mage and got the Dalaran portal spell.  I am useful now! 😉  Leveling with her is just cake.  I really don’t even feel like I am really doing a lot, or even many quests, then BOOM! new level.  I think I got through outlands in less than a week.  It took me MONTHS to get through there with my druid.  Of course my druid only had the XP shoulders and no flying, so that makes a huge difference.  I know that my DK will probably go just as quickly.  I do need to get her enchanting up to par though.  I got her to like 300 something enchanting so she can DE the outlands stuff, but I am going to have to get her higher.

My sweetie is leveling his rogue recently and still hasn’t gotten the cold weather flying for her.  Which I, of course, think is silly.  His argument is that he might not be leveling her for much longer so why get it if he is just going to stop leveling her soon.  My response is that he will have to get it eventually.  Might as well get it now and make life easier on himself.  But hey, that’s logic, which being a woman I am not supposed to have nor use /sarcasm.

The “Midnight Raiderzz” as Andrew calls us, just might turn into the ToC group.  Dily, Andrew and I were talking about it.  At first I was thinking of having an Ulduar run for our alts (we have a ton of 80s that are geared alts) but Dily suggested ToC instead.  In reality we are more than geared for regular ToC.  We just have to be able to go in with 3 healers and good dps.  We have the tanks, we have the healers, and we have the dps.  Luckily all of these people (excluding like 1 or 2) are free for the late night runs.  I think we might just be getting our 2nd real raid day.

Another option I was thinking of was having Thursday night be day 1 of Ulduar where we knock out the siege areas and the antechamber and Saturday be progression where we take out the keepers and move on to the general and yoggy.  I want to complete this raid soooo badly.  I want to see all of it.  Then when we are raiding in ICC, I want to do the hard modes.  Hey just being realistic.  This raid is so very well done.  Props to Blizzard for making it available to everyone.

Now if only they would get rid of 25 man raiding and the gear disparity.  Because seriously, if the gear was the same, no one would raid in 25 man.  No one.

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