A Moment

I am going to break with your regularly (or not so regularly) scheduled WoW posting to say goodbye to someone who has been in my life for the past 14 years.


Goodbye Mr. Bear.


I have a picture of you as a baby here on my desk.  I look at you every day and smile at how cute you were, how little you were.  How you would run like a bunny rabbit when you had your cast on after your accident.


I remember when mom first met you.  She came home and was so mad nothing had been done while she was gone to just stop mid-yell to say “Awwww” when she saw you sitting in the middle of the floor.


Our hearts melted at first sight and you were ours to keep.

















I knew when I moved away last year that I wouldn’t see you again.  I didn’t say it to myself, but I knew.


I miss you puppy, even more now that I know I will never see you again.


Goodbye Mr. Bear.  You will never be forgotten.


Screenshot Friday – ode to the sproutling

Look at him get down!

Best pet EVER!


Aww it is sleeping!


Not so little anymore . . .

What what!?

Just a short and sweet post today, displaying the cute things my ghoul does.


Now I know his name has changed, does change every time I summon him anew, but he will always be Boneslobber to me.



Grmbyrl Garr


He is rather adorable.  Especially when he moves into this pose:



What? Where? Huh?



Where? Over there?


Yes over there sweetie.  Go get em!



Yes! That's a good boy!




No don't bring that back with you. *Sigh*


Silly Boneslobber.

Blarg went the blog

My original plan was to build up extra posts so that this wouldn’t happen, but Brewfest happened, so oops!

Why did this have to happen this way?!

Why did this have to happen this way?!


So you get to see some pictures of my sweetie and his pets instead.

Isn't this just the sweetest picture?

Isn't this just the sweetest picture?

I got him that bear cub and this pet on Saturday.

I like to think that I am adorable

I like to think that I am adorable

Prompting him to remember to make 2 engineering pets, and thus get himself the 75 pets achievement. and Bambi:

75 pets and all I get is Bambi?

75 pets and all I get is Bambi?

I will leave you with this little gem I found in general chat in STV:

Look OUT!

Look OUT!