Screenshot Friday

Just look at that smile on her face

Screenshot Friday – Road Edition

A backdrop that is ideally suited for PPP

We should be driving through Missouri at this point in time.  We’ll be home tomorrow night! 😀

Screenshot Friday – Last from CA

I leave San Diego tomorrow for my hometown.  On Monday I leave CA for a week long trip to Ohio.  I’ll see you in Ohio!


The long road begins

Yes I know it is late – Screenshot Friday

Moving sucks – let me tell ya!

I got my computer set up late last night and with everything else I completely forgot.  Luckily Tel was there to step up to the rescue!

Man that thing is going to smell when it gets out of the water

Who's that hawt naked Troll?

I think we all know who it is. 😉

Screenshot Friday

Sexy lock strikes again!

Screenshot Friday – late edition

I’M SORRY!  I forgot last night and I’ve been super busy at work this morning.  I swear my boss has decided that since I am leaving he can pile me on with whatever crap he can come up with >.</


Since I forgot to get a picture I asked for people to help me out and Tel sent me several gems.


Tel just wanted to prove that locks are AWESOME


He was so proud of it he even wore the Thunder Bluff title

Screenshot Friday

Looks very cool and refreshing

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