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Yes you can


Another thank you to Andrew for this gem.

So last night I finally got a chance to check out the new 5 mans, on regular.  The first 2 were really easy to heal.  In fact I didn’t have any problems until the gauntlet in the round room.  I don’t remember what the hell it is called.  Those rogues suck ass.  I spent most of the time being dazed and stunned, which meant I couldn’t even get a rejuv off.  BTW the new glyph means I need to change my healing a tad bit.  The HoTs fall off so fast that I need to up my reaction time.

We finally found a strategy that kept us alive, well at least me so that I could keep everyone else alive.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was having a hell of a time seeing people in there.  There was something about the light in the dungeon that just wasn’t allowing my horrid vision to see my guildies.  Not fun.

After we finished up in there I did my daily random dungeon on my girls.  First up Millea.  I queued up, took several minutes before I was even put into a group, then I got teleported to VH.  Ok no biggie, cake.  3 of the people in the group were in the same guild, and all of them were TOC 25 geared.  Then there was me, who is probably TOC 10 geared.  The final guy was a boomkin and was sitting in ICC gear level.  I was the least geared person there.  We get to the first boss and it is the water boss.  I offer to get the switches, they tell me ok.  So I am standing next to a switch by the water tank, because that just happened to be where I was when we found out who the boss was.  I don’t know what happened, but the boss came straight for me and started beating on me and I died.  I didn’t get one fucking heal.  The tank is all “oh I am sorry, my taunt didn’t work.”  First of all he is a fucking Pally, where was consecrate?  How would Avenger’s shield NOT work?!!?!  He didn’t even bother to taunt the boss.  I WASN’T ATTACKING I DIDN’T DO A DAMN THING TO KEEP AGGRO.  Fuckers.  Then, something I found hilariously pathetic, the tank NEEDED on the items that the final boss dropped.  Everyone else, including his guildies, rolled disenchant.  Dipshit.

I ended up with UK on my druid.  We had a super geared DPS warrior, an average geared (uld-toc) kitty druid, a fresh 80 mage and a fresh 80 pally tank.  It was interesting to say the least.  He didn’t know what he was doing and blamed it on being in the the “milatary” (his spelling not mine) and not having played for a while.  The warrior kept pulling aggro and I kept dying because my healing aggro was too much.  *sigh*  This was heroic UK, I’ve 3 manned it before.  >.<

Oh well.

Anyway I must leave you now.  My sweetie’s plane has landed and I need to go get him 😀



Screenshot Friday

I am not sure how Tatia managed to get this black glow on her, but I think killing Chillmaw had something to do with it . . .



The light! Oh how the light burns!

Ranting wall o’ text

So this new holiday can go fuck itself.  Seriously.

The table stuff is cool, the cooking stuff was fun, but the other parts can kiss my big fat white ass.

Take the turkinator bullshit achievement.  You have to kill 40 turkeys within 30 seconds of killing the last one.  This doesn’t sound too particularly difficult.  “Everyone” says that there are a TON of turkeys out there.  This shouldn’t be hard at ALL.

Well FUCK you guys.  Seriously.  FUCK.  YOU.


We were in Ulduar wiping over and over again on Ignis, despite having one shot him last week, when the day changed on the server.  Suddenly guildies were getting the 5 year anniversary achievement and people were itching to start the holiday achievements (I’m looking at you sweetie).  Since we were being forced to call it (thanks Zakk for bailing to “sleep” only to change your mind and do the achievements, really, no, thank YOU!) we all trouped off to start off the “festivities”.

As I mentioned above, the cooking and the table stuff was fun.  I started off on Tatia because I was already logged into her.  I had pulled up WoW.com’s guide to the holiday and purchased enough cooking stuff for both Tatia and Millea.  I went through killing turkeys in Elwynn to get the roasted ones, not thinking about the timer stuff.  I got enough turkeys for both toons, with a few extra.  Did the table stuff in all 4 cities, along with the quests even though I had started to get annoyed with the constant running back and forth.  I was in SW, I get a quest that takes me Darn only to have to go right back to SW then on to IF just to be told I need to go back to Darn.

Ok time to “visit” the horde tables.  No biggie, I am a druid I will just stealth my way there.  Only problem with that is you have to not be in shapeshift form in order to sit down at the table.  Nor can you be in combat.  So when you exit stealth, get immediately flagged, then attacked until you die, you kind of get pissed.  It was 2 am my time, 5 am server time and UC was fucking packed.  Everyone was sitting there at the door watching for alliance people to come inside.  I had people waving at my ghost when I was waiting out the pvp flag before I rezzed.  After the 4th try I managed to sit at the table and get the fuck out of dodge.

I didn’t bother trying to go to the other cities at that time.  I was too pissed.


Since there weren’t many horde running around Brill I decided to try to get my turkinator acheivement there.  Elwynn was still packed at 5:30 am server.  I started running around and I was on a roll, I was up to 31 turkeys, then I couldn’t find anymore.  I started to panic more and more as the timer ran down to nothing and still no fucking birds.  Three times this happened to me.  It wasn’t even other players killing the birds, they just weren’t spawning.  Pissy level rising even more.

At this point it was 3 am my time and I knew I needed to go to bed.  I hearthed, then realized that I had a turn in at SW, so I took the portal back there.  While I was there I used my shooter on a NE rogue I happened to see.  Right after I did that I suddenly noticed a Dwarf rogue.  Yay!!  I went to use the shooter only to find out I only had one charge.




Not realizing that the shooter was a one time only thing, I only got one of them as my quest reward from the dailies.  I couldn’t understand why I would need more than one.  So now I have 4 pieces of holiday gear, and no more shooters.  And I just missed out on a fucking Dwarf rogue.  Something that is rare on my server!  I wasted my shooter on the most common rogue we have.

Now did I stop and go to bed at this time, noooooooooooooo, I decided to try for the 40 turkeys again, only this time in Elwynn.  Same problem.  I hit 33 of them, and no more turkeys around.







It is around 6 am server and there are still a ton of people in Elwynn.  GO TO BED PEOPLE!


I was alone in the guild except for Nite.  I told him that this holiday could go fuck itself and that I wasn’t going to do it.  The achievements killed it for me.  I wasn’t going to stress out and do this fucking holiday twice.  He just kind of laughed and told me good night.


Yeah he still thinks I am nice and cheery. (pss I think he might just be too nice for his own good) Luv ya Nite! 😉


So Saturday sucked ass.  Raiding was a bunch of fail.  The holiday bent me over and didn’t use any lube, and work is kicking my ass.  I just want to crawl into a hole and tell everyone to fuck off and die.

But then I would lose readers, so apparently I have to not do what I want.



Screenshot Friday

I HATE the plague quarter of Naxx.  Well let me rephrase, I HATE the safety dance.  I am a visual learner.  I have to see what I need to do in order to learn it.  You can explain something to me until you turn blue, I still won’t get it, and I am by no means dumb (I graduated 7th in my high school class, we had 21 people in white btw.  I had a 4.2 gpa, yes I was that kid).  I just have to figure it out on my own.  Today’s picture is what I saw for most of our first attempts at the safety dance.


Can you guess which person got off the platform too soon?


Yeah we were 8 manning it.  We actually plan on extending the raid until we complete it with 8 people.  The midnight raiders will be badass :D.


I do have a proud announcement to make though.


When we finally downed Heigan, all 8 of us were alive.  I did have to battle rez Nakago, but I managed to live through the safety dance.




go me!

Screenshot Friday . . . sort of

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before or not, but Andrew is an artist.  My fridge at home has a ton of his pictures on it, to his chagrin 😀 (I’m such an evil friend).  Yesterday he sent me an email with a picture he did of Millea and Tatia.  He sent the picture to me saying that he had something for me for Screenshot Friday.


So behold!




Late, LATE post >.>

Sooooooooooooooooo yeah, this post is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late.  Sorry about that.  I got home and my sweetie had me get online to do HH, where I didn’t get the helm *sadface*, then the heroic daily was AN which is what I needed for my lock’s proof of demise acheivement.  Then others came online and wanted to do it too, so I tried my hand at dpsing on my druid, since the priest we have is specced heals and pvp heals, so yeah no dps spec for her.  It didn’t go off too badly.  I did almost 3500 dps on the first boss, almost 1700 on the 2nd boss (did a bunch of poison clenses and general non dpsing stuff), and then 1650 on the final boss.  Same thing there as on the 2nd boss, I focused on adds and cleaning the poison instead of pew pewing the boss.  Considering this is in resto gear with a dps necklace (that I switched in to give myself a little bit of hit) I really didn’t do as badly as I thought.  I still have no rotation though, which is fail, but hey I’m a tree!  It happens.


Today there is a particularly fantastic article by Arioch over at http://clearcasting.wordpress.com/ She is so uber and I want to be like her one day 😉


Seriously though, if you aren’t already reading her blog you should be.










Dance chicken, dance!


oh and um tame a shitton of penguins



Crazy penguin lady


So the whole reason I started learning how to joust was to garner the extra cash from all of the dailies.  However, once I got into it my goal changed.  I wanted this:


Doesn't everyone ride their booms during the full moon?

Doesn't everyone ride their booms during the full moon?


Getting this:


All the cool kids are doing it, and love me for it too.

All the cool kids are doing it, and love me for it too.

was just an added perk.

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