666 Times 2

So I got tagged twice so I figured you bitches can have DOUBLE the fun!

•The rules are as follows:
•Go in to your image folder.
•Open the sixth sub-folder and select the sixth image.
Profit! Publish.
•Challenge six more saps and link to them.

So yeah, like almost everyone else I don’t have 6 folders so I am just going to give you two pictures from each year.

My method, the 6th row, 6th picture down from the front, then 6th row over from the back and 6th picture up

Taken in HoL

Ah Blackrock Stout

Lyssi finishing Heroic UP for the first time

PPP leveling through Outlands

Hey look it is the shot I took for Ava a long time ago!

This was the first time I was far enough in the quest chain to channel embers and I promptly forgot.

Our first DW kill in SR


Yeah I don’t feel like writing today so I wont be.  I will try to pop out some extra posts when the muse hits me.

Brain Fart

Filler post until I can come up with something later.  I was woken up by the fire alarm and I am not quite fully there. 😦

So in the meantime, go read the next installment at Arioch’s blog and enjoy this lovely picture Andrew sent me of his DK.

Death Corpz for life, and undeath

Sneaky Sunday Surprise

For those of you who check out my blog on the weekends, here is another lovely picture drawn by my friend Andrew.  His main is a rogue in case you weren’t aware.


It really really does!


Work is currently kicking my ass to next Tuesday so there wont be a “real” post until I get home today, and maybe not even then.  Just a very crazy week.  Starting off my Monday morning with only 2 1/2 hours of sleep isn’t really helping either.

Oh well, bring on the dew!

Turkey day

Sorry for the lack of a post today.  Last minute decision to go home for the day.  I hope everyone had a great holiday and your regularly scheduled posts will resume tomorrow.



Placement post

Work dropped a shitton of work on me today so today’s wall o’ text rant will be a bit late.  I am hoping it will ease up this afternoon so I will have time to finish writing it.


Thanks for your patience!

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