Wow, just wow

So I took part in that questionnaire/meme thing for healers a few days ago, and it has blown up.  The original person who posted it was linked on and her site blew up.  As a result many more people found my little ol’ blog.  So to any of those that decided to stick around, HI!!  *waves enthusiastically*



Does this mean I need to start posting real stuff on here?


Damn >.>


Aww who am I kidding?  I am faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too lazy to ever do that. ^_^


Well since that probably won’t be happening let’s get back to the normal drivel that pretends to be a blog post.


This weekend was quite slow.  Since it was a holiday I didn’t put any raids up.  Which worked out for the best because hardly anyone logged in this weekend.  I did manage to get the Hallows End title for Millea, and my sweetie finished up Tatia’s for me since I had to leave to karaoke with Andrew and Arrens.  I would have been able to finish it on time, but last minute HH mount runs took far longer than I expected.  I am VERY glad of a reprieve of a few weeks before the next holiday mount zerg.


Sweetie, you know I adore you, but your mount obsession is going to make me go grey even faster than I already am.


Not that he bothers to read my blog, but just on the off chance that he does . . .


I spent Sunday leveling my enchanting on my DK.  I still haven’t quite gotten to 300, outland level, but I am close.  Using all the stored enchanting mats I had in my bank and buying some, I managed to get her from 61 to 283.  I am just glad I didn’t have to hunt down the enchanting rods.  The AH was kind enough to have the ones I needed up and at a fairly reasonable price for once.  I went through the stacks of cloth I had and made armor to DE to attempt to get some more mats and that worked for a little bit.  It still surprises me that piles and piles of cloth only becomes a few stacks of cloth bolts.  1/3 of my bank tab was taken up by silk cloth stacks, only to give me like 80 bolts.  So very sad.


So yeah, eventually I will get that up on her so that she can start DEing stuff she gets/finds.  I am not quite sure how well the mining will profit me at this point, but hey it is nice to be able to mine stuff I see as I run around.


One of these days I will actually learn how to play her and not just mash buttons.  I don’t even look at what I am mashing 99% of the time.  Yeah, well, what can I really say to that other than, yes I am lazy.


The time change always messes with my head and makes me disoriented.  Not a fun thing when I am attempting to write a blog post.  Ah well, who said I was a great writer?  NO ONE!  Muahahahahaha. *hack cough hack*


I have an idea for a picture friendly post for tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that I will be able to get the pictures I need taken without getting distracted by everyone online.


Until then!


So I have been reading a lot of WoW blogs lately and I just had to get in on the yummy goodness.

To introduce myself, I like DoTs and I like HoTs.  I am all about over time goodness.  I play an affliction warlock named Millea and a resto druid named Tatia.  I am a member of Echo of Fate on the Bloodhoof US server.  My guild leader  is Misneach of fame.

I love everything about being an affliction warlock.  I love how I totally kick the mage’s ass on long boss fights.  I love how I never have to stop to drink while soloing.  I especially love being able to solo elites as a squishy clothie.

My new love is my resto druid.  I leveled her as a “pew pew” laser chicken because I just don’t do kitty.  While I still have a blast soloing my dailies as said laser chicken, I really enjoy healing.  At first I wasn’t sure if healing would be for me, I mean come on here, I am an affliction warlock, I suck your life away one DoT tick at a time; however, healing turned out to be a lot of fun, and apparently I am good at it.

Who knew?

As of today I am not quite sure what direction I will take on this blog, but it should be fun!  I have a recent creative urge to fulfill, and since I am not creative in any other form (really I’m not) I needed an outlet. 

Some things to expect:

  • Stories of Locking it up
  • Stories of healing EoFers
  • Real life info (because I know you are all as nosey as I am)
  • Guild silliness
  • Screenshot of the week (shooting for every Friday)
  • Possibly even some helpful game information

So I think that will do it for an introduction.  Tomorrow I will start to introduce my lovely ladies.

Thanks for coming!  Do come again!