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I am slightly distracted today.  Slice is coming to visit on Saturday so I kind of been focusing on that.  It is safe to say that I am not running on full cylinders.

Hell I haven’t even been on top of myself while raiding.

Tuesday’s 25 man is a prime example.

The 20% buff went into effect on Tuesday.  This means that I should be rocking the dps.

I did 7-9k all night.

Even on Lady D, where I get to stand there and not switch to adds, I only did 8091.9 dps.

Needless to say, I was not happy.

I know I kept flubbing up my rotation all night.  Since the only thing that was remotely bothering me is Slice’s impending visit, I am going to blame him. ^_^

Oh don’t worry about that.  He adores me, I’ll get away with it. 😉

Besides, if he gets pissy, I have ways to take care of that.

Nothing that arm punching cannot fix ^.^b


I haven’t raided since then and I am hoping that I will be able to pull off a much better showing on Tuesday.

Originally I should have been able to put up a nice long post today.  My boss is out of the office and all of his partners are too.  So I can do absolutely nothing at work and not get any flack.  Then I come in to write a post and I get distracted by Slice calling me. >.>

So yeah, no long rant about target switching and why you need to do it on the Saurfang fight.

I’ll save that for another day. ^_^

I still need to pick out a picture to post for tomorrow.  So as of right now I have no clue what it will be.  Looks like EVERYONE will be surprised 😀


It is the final countdown!

Now that you all have that song in your head (you’re welcome btw) I shall commence with my usual babble.

Yes, the time is counting down to when I fly out to Sacramento and get to meet Arioch, Soth, Tel, Zam and Zari (hopefully).  I will also get to meet Jen from  Excitement I tell you!

A lot of the things that were bothering me last week have been cleared up so I am hoping my performance in the raid tonight and tomorrow will not be lacking.

One thing that is bothering me is my lack of hit.  I took Soth’s advice and changed my gems around back to spell power/haste.  This has me at just over 14% hit with talents.  On Tuesday night runs, I am covered, we have a boomkin and/or shadow priests.  Wednesday night runs, not so much.  On top of being under hit on Wednesday, I am also the sole provider of the 13% debuff on the bosses with Curse of the Elements.  It does make my rotation a bit easier, but I actually see a decrease in my personal dps, which of course makes me sad.  I am already the lowest dps, so making it even lower does not make things look good.  Oh well.  The betterment of the raid and all that jazz.

I might or might not raid on Thursday night with Tattia.  I have to be at the airport around 5 am and with raids tonight and tomorrow night I don’t know when I will be able to get my packing done.  >.>  I am notorious for putting things off to the last minute.  This is why I routinely have to come into work on the weekends.  Yes I fail, bite me.

As such, this post shall be short.  I am ending up with a short lunch.  Depending on if I am kept awake very late again I will try to remember to write tomorrow’s post before I pass out.


Long weekend is long

I am lucky in my job.  Depending on when holidays fall during the week I get 10-11 paid holidays.  This means that I had Friday off.  Boom!  3 day weekend.  Last weekend was a 4 day weekend for me since I took a couple vacation days.  In two weeks I will be flying up to hang out with Arioch and gang for the weekend.  I am quite excited and can’t wait.

Game wise has been a bit slow.  I have sort of retired my Alliance characters for now and have been on Drak’Tharon exclusively.  Most of the weekend was spent leveling my troll shammy.  Right now she is a mix spec for ele and resto.  I have no idea what to do with shammies, but hey!  It works.  She has been queuing as a healer in the dungeons and I haven’t really been having too much of an issue.  It was a bit tough before I got lesser healing wave and my healing stream totem, but I made do.

Have I mentioned that I am horrible to level with?  Well I am.  I get going on a roll and I usually out level anyone who is leveling with me.  Especially if they have many other alts or just a life outside of the game.  For example Zam came over on his baby warrior and ran some dungeons and did quests with me on Saturday night.  At the time I was 2 levels below him.  Now I am 2 levels higher than him.  He was also gone on Sunday for Easter while I stayed home and played all day.

Stupid shammy water totem quest line. >.>

In the wee hours of Sunday morning Nobelgarden started.  As some of you might remember I have told the holidays to fuck themselves.  If there is a pet or XP I might do something with them, but beyond that, no thanks.  Zam asked me today if I wanted the 310 drake.  Well sure that would be nice.  I am however only 3 achievements away from the drake from Ulduar hard modes.  That one is going to be a hell of a lot easier to complete than the fucking holidays.


On Sunday I worked on getting the eggs needed for my bunny pet.  At first I was just going to get it for Lyssi, then I found how simple it was to find the eggs and decided to get it for Zuleka too.  Either I am very lucky or I figured out the timing on the eggs.  Lyssi hunted for eggs in Brill.  There were a couple that I never saw anyone else nab.  She did 2 randoms and still managed to get all 110 (there was a daily) eggs that she needed in a little over an hour.  Zuleka hunted for eggs in Bloodhoof Village.  Same thing.  In a little over an hour she had all the eggs she needed, and then some.  I actually ran around grabbing more eggs than I needed, just because it was fun.


Sunday night I transformed Arioch and Tir into bunnies.  Ari then transformed me and we sat around Dal laying eggs.


Awww bunny love!


Warning, if you see these three, run.

Woot Lootz!

Last night I FINALLY won this and I am so very very happy that I can’t stop squeeing.

Yeah I know that sounds gross, but it TOTALLY isn’t.

Tomorrow should be busy, but should is the imperative word. I have a vault/WG up on the calendar AND OS +1 drake. So far we don’t have a full roster for the vault run, but we have 9 sign ups for the OS run. Then on Saturday we have 10 sign ups for Ulduar, including our new Disc priest. 😀 It should be pretty cool to finally run a raid with a true tank healer.

Plus my sweetie signed up in time! 😀 Yay for raiding with him again!

I’m on my final faction with jousting on Tatia. So at some point I need to go grind rep with Exodar. I usually wait until I have become a champion before I turn in the rep from the writs then go forward with the lower level stuff. While I like the Draenei starting area, there is just too much running around. Good thing I like how they run. 😀

My post the other day where I mentioned that I MIGHT try my sweetie’s guide made him so happy he even did an arm pump. How can I say no to that now?

Anywhoo, tune in tomorrow for a DOUBLE Screenshot Friday. I have two pictures that I couldn’t decide between, so you get both!