For some reason I have been avoiding news about Cataclysm.  It isn’t that I am trying to remain spoiler free, I think it is just because I don’t really care at this point in time.  Yes I am excited about the new races, the new zones, flying in the old world, etc.   I also know that it is in the future and frankly I am enjoying what I am doing now.

Last night I was just kind of eh so I ended up not making a ToC 10 for Tattia’s weekly.  Instead I decided to just fish.  I had gotten lucky with gold coins and decided that I was going to fish for the duration of my glow worm.  I am now 4 coins away from getting my Titanium Seal of Dalaran.  I need 2 copper coins and 2 gold coins.  I managed to snag 4 of the missing 6 gold coins last night.  Now mind you I am doing this with a +20 fishing pole and a fishing skill of like 360 something.  I have this horrid feeling that I won’t be able to fish up the last 4 coins I need until my skill is higher.  I do want to get max level fishing though.  I have this goal of being able to fish up all the fish needed for fish feasts and making bank.  I needs a way of making money. 😀

I don’t have the intention of getting the fishing achievements, I just want that coin.  I want the worn troll dice too.  I need to figure out where they drop and how I go about getting them.  THEN rope friends into getting them for me :D. 

Tonight is ICC 25.  I am curious to see how Lyssi compares to my guildies who just destroy the meters.  Hopefully she will get enough badges tonight to get another piece of T10.  If I get lucky I can win the token.  Most likely not, considering my PR is crap.  When I last looked at it I was sitting at .99.  Oh well.

One day it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

Moving on!

I am missing one book for the higher learning achievement on Tattia.  I got it on Lyssi the other day.  I need to get it on Tattia so I can stop sitting in Dal all the time when I am bored.  It is kind of funny.  When I needed multiple books I just did laps.  Now that I need one frickin book, I just sit there camping it.  Currently I need the book in the Dalaran Visitor’s Center.  I will get it too.

Stupid achievement.

I’ve been farming leather on Tattia and creating lower level greens to DE.  It has been working out well.  I have almost 12 stacks of dust in my bank and like 4 stacks of essence.  On Bloodhoof I had a ton of essence and hardly any dust.  Now I can’t seem to get essence to save my life.  Very odd.

One of these days I will need to straighten out Tattia’s boomkin gear.  I have so much stuff in my bank that I don’t need to be holding on to.  Spring cleaning of my bank!  Woot!!

I need to make a personal guild too.  I have my bank toon, but I don’t have her in her own guild.  I think I need to get her that.  Having a guild bank makes things so much easier.  I find that when I put my gold in the guild bank I don’t impulse buy.  Hmmmm something to do definitely.

Rambling for rambling’s sake.

Wow! An actual post!

So what has been going on here?  All the cop out posts and lack of posts?

Umm I haven’t been feeling it?

Yeah that’s it!

Yesterday you can blame on Dark/Soth.  Him and I were having a great conversation during my lunch break and I didn’t want to end it to focus on making a post.  So yeah, all his fault.  ^.^b

So what have I been up to?  Raiding, leveling, raiding, dailies, leveling, raiding.  😀

Oh, I have also apparently been soiling towels over the warlock changes for cat.  I am only up to 2 towels so I think we will be ok.  I play affliction and most of what I am seeing will benefit demo and destro more.  So while I am excited, I don’t have to do 5 loads of laundry, yet.

Last week in our ICC 10 group we cleared all the way up to Sindragosa with only one wipe on BQL.  Last night we did the same thing.  I ❤ my guild.  The best part of that was the groups were almost all different people.  There were a few of us (myself, Soth, Sorak & Slice are the first that come to mind) that were there both times, but most of the group was different.  It was a major high last week pulling that off.  Last night, was a tad bit different.

As Arioch has mentioned, we have enough characters but not enough players for full on 25 man runs so intead we are going to do 2 10 mans on different days.  Last night was the “slightly more hardcore” group.  We are extending our lock out until we kill Arthas.  Since we cleared up to Sindragosa I think we might just see him next week.  I watched the video for the first time yesterday and all I can say is “HOLY SHITBALLS.”  That fight looks insane.  I thought Sindragosa was crazy looking, but the LK fight tops it.  Which it should in all honesty.  I can’t wait to see that fight.  I really can’t.

As for other things.  Some of you might be wondering why I have only been talking about Shadow Rising.  No I did not leave Echo of Fate.  I am currently on a break from them though.  I attempted to step down as an officer but Mis wouldn’t let me.  I don’t have any plans to remove my characters or anything, but they are way on the back burner.  I have found I enjoy raiding emmensely.  Not that raiding with EoF wasn’t fun, but it was a different kind of raiding.  EoF’s raiding was a lot more laid back.  We could spend an entire night in the lower spire.  Not because we were having a hard time killing stuff, but because we take our time.  The raid last night was clearing trash in the upper spire 28 mins after we started the raid.  That is about usual for SR raids.  It isn’t better than EoF’s methods, just different.  Right now I am enjoying the difference and thriving on it.

I am also loving the fact that I get to raid as DPS.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved raiding on my druid, but my love is with my warlocks.  The really funny thing is I don’t feel the same way about Millea as I do about Lyssianna.  For some reason I cannot see Millea doing the same thing Lyssianna does.  It doesn’t make much sense, but that is the case.  Lyssianna is just so much more badass than Millea ever was/is.  She is the goddess of death.  She walks into an area and kills everything in sight.  Millea flails about and is very much fail lock.  This does make me rather sad.  Especially since she was my first 80 and first love.  She deserves better.

I recently started leveling a troll shammy.  Zari she has the ponytail mohawk btw.  She is being leveled as ele/resto and healing in dungeons when I get bored of questing.  So far it has been interesting, but not too difficult.  The only death I have had was a hunter that I let die.  He wouldn’t stop pulling mobs.  I told him several times to stop pulling or I wouldn’t heal him.  He didn’t listen and got no heals.  I have stopped caring.  Healing randoms on my druid has left me with no sympathy for fail pugs.  If you cannot follow instructions then you get no heals.  If someone else wants to heal your ass, that is on them.  I have washed my hands of you.

Zuleka so far is fun, just not AS fun as a warlock.  I am hoping that she gets better as I get better levels.  She was originally the toon I was going to level with my brother but since I am not playing on BH anymore he decided to power level his hunter to get to 80 quicker.  There hasn’t been any talk of him and I leveling anything else together but who knows.  I did get to level a bit with Zambra’s warrior.  I am not sure if we will be leveling much together or not.  Hex mentioned that I should dungeon level with his pally tank (who wears short shorts btw) but I need to hit 32ish first.  I am not sure what I will be doing with her.  I mostly played her this last weekend because I had all 25 dailies done on Lyssi and nothing else to do since no one was online.  Holiday weekends suck for those of us that don’t celebrate anything.

I am not sure what else I will be doing the rest of the weekend.  I don’t have any raids lined up and unless Tir sets up something and needs me to go, I don’t think I will be raiding much.  I had been working on knocking out all of the quests in GH with Slice, but that all depends on if he wants to do that.  Zuleka might get more time or hell, I might even try to learn how to play in BGs.  I try my hand out with the random BG finder and get thrown into ones I had never been in before.  90% of my BG experience is in AB.  I got thrown into AV the other day and I was so confused.  My guildies told me to follow the crowd and I should be ok.  Um yeah that didn’t exactly work out as intended since I tend to stop and help defend flags.  The bad thing with that particular run was I stopped to help and then was promptly deserted at the flag, whereupon I was quickly killed by the next alliance player who happened to stroll by.  Can you guess what class that was?


Because Tir said he didn’t have a post to read

I wasn’t going to post today.  Not even a filler post saying that I wasn’t able to get a post up.  I just was out of it last night and crashed out.  This morning I was busy at work.  Things just conspired to where I decided to not write anything.  Then Tir got bummed when I told him, so to prevent me getting flack I am posting on my lunch break.

Last night was interesting.

Tuesday nights are 25 man runs.  We do the weekly and then if we have Tir (and he is willing) we do 25 man ICC.  Normally we don’t make it past Saurfang.  Last night we downed Festergut and had several attempts on Rotface.  Festergut on 25 man is a bit more complicated in the positioning than 10 man.  Instead of just 3 people in ranged, you need 8.  The strat we use in 10 man is to have the 3 people in the back fall on the “anchor” person when the spore hits.  In 25 man we have to stand in a rectangle shape and all run to a specific place.

I’m a visual learner.  Tir’s explanation didn’t make much sense to me.  I will admit that I was bad and didn’t research the 25 man strats.  I honestly didn’t think to do it.  Will I before next week?  Yep.  My main explanation for not is that we are not yet into 25 mans and focus on 10 mans.  I do my 10 man homework.  Guess I need to start doing the 25 man homework.  *sigh*

I have problems with videos.  Everything is all clean and the voices happen AFTER the recording.  I think I would just be happier with a diagram and then doing the fight once to see how it happens.

Take Rotface for example.  EoF had cleared up to him and so being the raid leader I had to know what was going on so that I could explain it to the kittens that almost assuredly had not read the strats.  I had never done that fight.  Trying to explain it based on a video and long winded technical strats is damn difficult.  I think Tir and Ari were listening in on the vent channel when I was trying to explain.  I got lectured by Tir for making the strats too difficult.  We of course went in and wiped horribly.  No one, least of all me, knew what the hell was going on.  Yeah, not a fun time.

Now look at it with SR.  Simple explanation by people who know what the fight is about.  Don’t stand in the slime.  Stand behind him.  When he pukes, run through him to get out of the puke.  If you get a slime run to the OT from the front.  Cut across the area in front of the big slime to merge your baby slime.  Wait for it to merge, then go back and dps.  It is in fact THAT easy.  The first time I fought him with SR we killed him.  Of course they said that they wiped 44 times before they got their first kill.  Every time since then that we have gone up against him in 10 man, we have taken him down the first time.

We can kite slimes 😀

PuGs apparently cannot kite slimes.  >.>

If the PuGs hadn’t been complete fails we would have downed Rotface on 25 man.  Everyone that was a guildie was doing their job.  The bads were standing in the puke, not moving in the slime explosion and not taking their fucking slimes out of the raid.  When the raid leader yells at you to MOVE AND GTFO OF THE RAID then you better move the fuck out of the raid.  Don’t stand there continuing to DPS, trust me, your DPS was NOT that great.

Have I mentioned that I hate PuGs yet?


Tonight is a non raiding night.  I am hoping to get all of my dailies done.  The last couple of days I haven’t gotten more than my tourney stuff done.  Zam picks on me because I have to do them in a specific order.  This order makes no rhyme or reason to anyone but me.  I just HAVE to do them that way.  Just like I have to pick up the Hodir dailies in a specific order, complete them in a specific order and turn them in in a specific order.

No I don’t have CDO, whatever gave you that idea?

Oh well.  Guilt post is finished.  Comment away! :-p

Filler post is filler

I am very tired.  Tir decided to take us all into ToGC 10 last night AFTER we had already done ICC 25 cit and vault 25.  He wanted the wand that drops.  See I thought that we were going to do just regular ToC 10, but noooooooooooo.  Suddenly it was Grand Crusader!  >.<  I had only ever seen the first fight on heroic.  Fail lock activate!

I was actually quite proud of myself.  I managed to not die (other than the wipe on Lord J) until the FC fight where I promptly pulled aggro on EVERYTHING and was killed down into nothing.  I fail so much at PvP.

The best part?  I won the wand that Tir wanted. 😀

Then I went and was nice and gave it to him.  He now needs to take me through there again because I need that wand too.  Delicious haste with no hit, mmmmmm nom nom nom.

Anyway I am tired, busy and drained.  So sorry but filler post is filler.  Please feel free to fill up the comments section with the lovely stuff we have all come to expect from my comments section.

If you are confused about that then you are obviously not reading the comments.  Go look at yesterday’s for a taste.

What is your raiding game?

A recent conversation in vent and a post on has me thinking about this.

Echo of Fate is a 10 man guild.  We raid, but we are not a raiding guild.  I am immensely proud of our raiding achievements.  We have said that we want to be able to kill The Lich King, but until recently I never thought that we would actually do it.  We have always just been behind the curve.  When everyone was raiding in Ulduar we were still in heroics and pugging Naxx.  When people were ROFLstomping ToC we were just starting to test the waters in Ulduar.  When people were banging their heads in ICC, we were running heroics and Ulduar.  Yes, Ulduar.  We only fairly recently ventured into ToC and Ony.  Now we can go in and clear those out fairly quickly.

Our runs in ICC have been getting better each time we go in.  The last two times we have gone in we have one shot the first three bosses and two shot Saurfang.  Last week we managed to take down Festergut.  At least 10 other guilds on our server, who have been raiding ICC a lot longer than we have, still have yet to take him down.  We came up from no where and are slowly making progress.  I am hoping that we can keep our steady group of raiders and go on to take down the Lich King.  It is my goal.

The other guild I belong to is Shadow Rising.  They are a raiding guild.  They currently do 10 man progression and are trying out 25 man ICC.  In fact they were in there last night.  They aren’t fully fleshed out for 25 man ICC and still have to use PuGs but they will be raiding ICC fairly soon.  Their progression team (team peanut butter as I like to call them) is on the Blood Princes.  The other 10 man team (team chocolate :D) has cleared up to Saurfang (I think).  When I finally hit 80 and get my gear going I will get to join team chocolate (assuming I am made a raider) and raid with them.  To this effort I have been spending most of my time leveling my baby lock.

No she does not need to wand faster either! >.>

While in SR’s vent the other day, several people (mostly Tir) were talking about the 25 man progression of the guild.  Tir comes from a high end raiding guild.  It is what he does.  I come from a lower end 10 man raiding guild (see above).  We have two very different views on the end game.  I want to raid with friends and have fun all while beating the ever living shit out of a boss.  I’ve been lucky because my friends I raid with know how to raid well.  I know there are a lot of people who don’t have that luxury.  Being in a guild similar to what Tir is used to is almost anathema to me.  I play to have fun, to escape, not to give myself more stress.

When I think of 25 man progression raiding I get a headache.  Ari called it herding kittens, but I think of it more like dealing with a ton of whiny, bratty 8-10 year olds.  If you have ever had to deal with kids at that age then you can see where I am going with this.  Fun just doesn’t seem to come into play with this set-up.

Now before someone chimes in about how I haven’t done 25 mans and therefore have no real bearing on how they work or how they don’t; know that I am keeping an open mind in regards to 25 mans with SR.  I knew going in that it was their goal.  I just need to wait and see what it really turns out to be like.

On to my other thoughts running around in my head.

The article spotlighted a 10 man strict progression guild and it got me thinking about the disparity in raiding rewards.  All the special stuff drops in 25 man.  Legendary weapons, trophies and primordial saronite just to list a few.  You HAVE to be in a 25 man raid to see these things.  Sure you could pug them, but if you aren’t the guild that started the pug you can forget keeping the items or even getting a fair shot at them.  Very imbalanced to me.

Blizzard opened up 10 man raiding because of the high praise they got for Kara and ZA.  It also opened up a lot of the content to people who had problems creating 25 man raids.  Despite all of that, they still treat 10 mans as extra raid IDs for 25 man raiding guilds.  This leads people to think that 25 mans are where it is at and that 10 mans are just easy mode raiding.  I don’t know about you, but in the 25 mans I have pugged, I could have fallen asleep (even being a healer) and no one would notice.  In 10 mans, you can’t have someone sleeping.  As a result you become (hopefully) a much more reactive player and can pull kills instead of wipes.  One of the comments on said that all 25 man raids have a core of 10-15 people who know what they are doing with the rest being essentially dead weight.  I tend to agree with that comment in theory.  This is further backed up by another comment Tir made about getting a few more people raid ready so that the others could be carried though.

Wait a moment here.  Why should you just carry people through?  Why should a raid be made around the idea that you will HAVE to carry people through?  That puts unfair stress on the people who know what they are doing.  It also ties in nicely with my ideas of 25 mans.  They aren’t “better” than 10 mans, they just allow more people to be carried.  Most of the people who are the most vocal about 25 mans being better are usually the ones being carried.  You put those same people in a 10 man and their obvious short comings are still there.  They still stand in the fire.  They don’t switch targets.  Their dps is sub par.  Yet you are the scrub because you are in a 10 man raid.  Yeah, uh huh, like I believe that load of crap.

Tir did make a comment that I agree with: 25 man ICC is not the place to learn to raid.  If you haven’t mastered the ability to not stand in the bad or how to switch targets correctly so that the RL and/or healers don’t yell at you to get off the boss or move.  Here is a tip: WHEN THERE ARE ADDS OR NASTY THINGS THAT ATTACK YOUR PARTY MEMBERS: KILL THEM/IT!  DO NOT ASSUME SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT.  SWITCH TARGETS!


Unless you have been specifically told to stand in something that is different than the regular floor, your best bet is to move and move fast.  Don’t wait for your channeled spell to finish.  GET THE FUCK AWAY.

It is really that simple.

Now I’ve gone and made myself pissy.  Note to self – Talking about stuff that gets you ranting is not a good idea when you have stopped drinking soda and haven’t taken your pills for 3 weeks.


Last night saw things going back to normal somewhat.  I logged in and there were about 9 people online.  As Vel put it, the regulars and a few extras.  I checked my mail and auctions then popped over to my mage to continue leveling her until around 7 pm when we start the tourney dailies.  You might ask why that particular time, well because that is usually when Andrew comes online, and when Heleva is finished with dinner.  Shocking I know, but it happens.

The last few days we have had a full group and then some of people wanting to knock out all the dailies.  Most of us have our Crusader title now and have all of the dailies available.  I think we can pretty much knock them all out in about 30 mins or so.  We start at Chillmaw, fly down to the Citadel, make a pit stop to release souls with the butt plug if it is the daily for the day, if not then we kill cultists and release people from cages.  At that point we either time our flying to whack and hopefully kill the kraken, or fly down and do the myriad of dailies out on boats and a misty island.  Sometimes we have to go to Storm Peaks to bang on a drum or throw a net, but those ones are usually done solo while the few left jousting get to it.  We have a pretty good group and work quite well together.

Once we finish the dailies we typically group up for the heroic daily and sometimes the regular one, depending on what it is and what the group mindset is.  We have been lucky lately that the heroic and regular daily have been the same dungeon.


Heleva has several other characters on other servers and last night she transferred over her gnome prot warrior.  So not only can she heal on her priest, but now she can tank on her warrior.  The original plan was to do the tourney dailies, then heroic ToC for Vel, then do 2 rounds of the daily heroic wrapping it all up with several runs of regular ToC for my sweetie and for her warrior.  By the time we finished one round of the heroic daily we decided to forgo the 2nd round and just went over to ToC to do some regular runs.  We ended up only doing one run, but loot was received.  I apparently wanted the crystal because I rolled a 99.  We called it because we were losing several people.


Since we were done I decided to switch back to leveling my mage.  No I haven’t turned over to the dark side, I have no intention of ever raiding with her.  She is being leveled to farm herbs and flasks, and possibly to earn gold from farming dailies too.  I haven’t decided yet.  She is quite fun to play though.  I am leveling fire and those hot streaks just make me giggle.  I have this bad habit of HAVING to use the hot streak each time it happens, even if there aren’t any mobs around.  This usually means that some poor critter, lately a frog or toad, has taken a giant fireball to the face.

When I leveled Millea to 70 I went HP, then ZM, then TF, and wound up dinging in Nagrand.  When I got to Tatia, I didn’t want to do “exactly” the same thing.  So I leveled in HP until around 62-63, popped over to TF, leveled there until I hit 66 1/2, tried to get quests in SMV, failed because I wasn’t 67, went back to TF, did some more quests until I hit 67, then stuck around in SMV until I hit 68 then I was right on my way to Northrend.  I hated leveling in outland with my druid.

It is a lot different with my mage.  First of all I have a flying mount.  I LOVE Blizzard for making flying available at 60 now.  I was telling my guildies that it almost feels like cheating being able to fly around HP.  Vel piped up and said it wasn’t cheating, just the way it should have been before.  I just know that had I been able to fly on my druid, she wouldn’t have lingered in outland being ignored for months.

Since this is my 4th time around in HP (my DK is there too) I decided to just pick and choose until I felt I was high enough to go into ZM without having a ton of orange quests.  The net result was a lot of quests left undone in HP.  I have this thing where I HAVE to finish all the quests in an area.  Getting an achievement for it now is just icing on the cake.  So the fact that I left HP KNOWING that there were at least 10, most likely 15 quests left undone bothered me a bit.  But I was level 63 and just didn’t want to bother with the place anymore.

I had skipped ZM on Tatia so I figured I would go back there on my next toon.  It is an herbalist’s heaven.  Everywhere I go I find an herb.  On top of that I get to salvage the bog lord guys.  Most of the mobs, at least the ones I have encountered lately, seem to be weak to fire.  I don’t think I would be having as much fun if I was a frost mage.  I’ve been having so much fun that when I dinged 65 I completely forgot that I could go to Shat and get the portal spell.  It took Nite asking if I could port him there to remind me.  I also forgot that I could finally train Grand Master Alchemy.

I decided to take advantage of the holiday and increase my cooking skill on my mage.  I was able to get her from like 167 or so to 349.  That pissed me off.  The next cooking training is Northrend stuff at 350.  One frickin point.  So I ran around to the AH to see if there were any recipes out there for 325 cooking since 300 level was grey.  No go.  The highest on the AH was 240, and all of them were white quality, so I sure as hell wasn’t paying what they were asking.  So I popped open my ackis recipe list and found that in TF there is a vendor that sells warp burgers and it is still yellow.  Sweet!  Port back to Shat and fly on over to the vendor.  Look on the AH, no warp meat.  Damn it.  Switch back to my mage and go off hunting warp stalkers.  It took me 3 mobs before a piece of meat dropped.  I made a campfire then and there, cooked the damn burger and ported back to SW to hop on the boat to Northrend.  Once I got there I found I didn’t have enough money.  I swear if it isn’t one thing it is another.  Finally got my training done and was able to log out.


Now I am here at work, stressing over the piles of work sitting here, sleepy as hell because I didn’t go to bed on time, and I just spent time writing this.  You guys should realize how special you are! :-p brats 😉

I most likely wont be going home for turkey day.  I are teh broke and while I love my family, they drive me up the wall.  In my current state of mind and stress level, I really cannot handle them.  This means I will most likely be puttering around in WoW for the next few days.  Most likely alone because everyone else has family they are with.  That’s fine with me.  I’ll just crank up the Banana Phone song and level my mage.


Later guys!