An update . . . finally

So I have been in Ohio for about a month now.  A little over a week after getting here I got a job through a temp agency and I’m still there.  The job itself isn’t bad, it is just soul sucking.  I went from being in charge to being on the very bottom.  It is quite a tough pill to swallow.


The people I work with aren’t bad.  I’ve already found 3 WoW players and get to chat with them about the game.  That is the beauty of not hiding what you enjoy doing.  You can find friends where you least expect it.


The biggest pain that this job gives me is the drive.  It wouldn’t be so bad if people actually knew how to drive here.  I work 27 miles away from where I live.  This is all freeway driving mind you.  Even if people drove the speed limit (65, ugh) it should take me less than 30 mins to get to work.


Yeah right.


On a good day it takes me 45 mins and on a bad day over an hour.  This is just the driving.  This doesn’t include the 3 blocks I have to hike (uphill mind you) from the parking lot to the building I work in (I work downtown).  The walk itself isn’t that bad tbh but it has a lot of crosswalks where you have no light to stop traffic, and traffic just doesn’t stop.  On my first day of work some woman was killed at the crosswalk I have to cross twice a day.  Good times I tell ya.  According to one of my coworkers, that crosswalk is the deadliest one in Ohio.  Nice to know >.<


I think my biggest issue was I was brought in to do something at a higher level but because of other things that occurred out of my control, I was put into the shit job.  I have too much experience and ability to spend 8 hours a day printing & sorting emails and scanning documents.  My boss is trying to get me involved in more projects (yay!) but they won’t start until after Thanksgiving and will be all overtime work.  This means long days and working on the weekend.  The money will be nice though.  It has been tough reconciling what I get paid in a month is what I used to get in one paycheck.  Oh well.


So far I have been adjusting well to living with Slice.  We haven’t fought yet so either the honeymoon phase isn’t over or we just get along too well.  I’m honestly not sure.  The only times we seem to get heated are during bad raid nights.  Then we both yell at each other and get pissy.  However, after the raid is over we settle down like nothing happened.  Of course Sorak is laughing and saying “I told you so bitches!”  Which is fine and dandy.


I don’t know if it is the pre-expansion blues or what but I just haven’t felt like logging in.  I log in to raid and that is pretty much it.  I think a big part of it is I used to log in to spend time with Slice, but now that we see each other every day it isn’t necessary and I find myself without a real reason to log in.  I have alts I want to level and that’t about it.  My dorf lock is in Outlands so there isn’t a major reason to pick her back up again since I’ve done those quests a million times.  My human mage is very close to 85 but I just haven’t bothered to finish leveling her.  She is in Twilight Highlands to see the Alliance side of the story.  Even that isn’t enough to make me want to stay playing her.  She ends up being used to just make money on the Alliance server.  I did run the holiday bosses on her each day and snagged that XP.  So who knows, she might not move again until there is another holiday boss to queue for.


Horde side I just log in to do my cooldowns and raid.  While I am excited to being so close to finishing my orange staff it almost doesn’t feel worth it, at least at this stage.  I don’t know if I’m just burned out on Firelands and need a new raid or if it is something else.  As of writing this I am 63/250 towards finishing my staff.  With the double raid lock outs coming I am hoping to get it finished faster.  It has kind of turned into a joke to remind me to channel the bosses.  What makes me mad is I can’t seem to get anything when we kill Rag.  Which I find to be bullshit.


Slice got into the Star Wars Beta and let me play a bit this weekend.  It reminds me of Dragon Age but set in the Star Wars galaxy.  It is kind of odd hearing your character talk and having choices to make while playing, but it was fun.  I don’t think I will be rushing out to buy it for the midnight release or even leaving WoW for it, but it will definitely be a diversion for when I need it.  Kind of like AoC, which I have been neglecting!


Part of the reason I have been doing that is because I bought stuff with real money for my demonologist but I am at a loss as to where I can level with her.  The game isn’t exactly straightforward and doesn’t tell you a damn thing.  I know there are 2 other cultures that I can go level in their zones but then my alts who are of those cultures won’t have anything “new” to see.  That is the part I am not happy with.  I have no clue where to take one character without losing something for another one.  Since I spent money on one toon I kind of want to see her maxed out before I move on to the others which means I haven’t really done much in the way of playing.  I think I made a new alt, but that is about it.


A large part of the issue is I no longer have internet access at work.  This means that all of the blogs that I used to read all day are being neglected and not getting read right away.  This builds up my reader until I can get home and get a moment to read it.  I have several that I haven’t touched in over a month, which is bad because my reader only stores posts for 30 days.  When I get home from work I find I don’t have much time to read.  I usually have to start dinner or get other stuff done before I can sit down at the computer.  It is even worse on raid nights.

That is another thing I am not used to.  Raiding used to be 5:30 to 9 pm.  Now it is 8:30 to midnight.  Yet I still have to get up at 6:30 am (that much hasn’t changed) so I am exhausted by the end of the raiding night and just want to call it.  This of course isn’t an option.  Plus I don’t know if it would even be possible to change the raid times.  We have too many odd schedules to change things now.


So yeah that is my update.  Not a whole heck of a lot of stuff to say, mostly bitching, but hey that’s me!  So if you used to have me comment on your blogs and notice that I’m not doing so until later (if at all) then this is why.  Anyway I miss all of you and hopefully I will be able to afford a smart phone soon!

Legendary woes

Last night I finished the first part of the quest chain to get my awesome staff of awesomeness (see yesterday’s post if you have questions) and during the end of the raid I went to go complete the next step.  I was unaware of what I was going to be facing (I did want to be surprised) so I was surprised at how long it was taking me.  I actually had to tell the raid to go forward without me because it was going to take a LOT longer than I originally thought.
















Is this far enough down?  Ok!

So I zone into the “Nexus” (it has the Oculus loading screen so it threw me off) and start off.  After the 5th death I had to find a video to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong.

I found this one – of a mage completing the chain.  I found where I was doing things wrong and changed up my strats.  I was able to make it through the first hurdles then after some more dying (seriously I died like 10 or 12 times by this point) I figured out how to finish clearing to the final boss.

Now this is where I was having serious problems.  I saw how the cheating mage was handling the boss (spell stealing is cheating ok :-p) and I had to figure out how to compensate for it.  Everything that I was reading for warlocks was telling me to make sure I keep my dots up (well duh) and to drain life as much as possible to stay alive.  I also saw the tip to kite the flame down the ramp so that I could get a head start on the adds.  The adds seem to spawn a hell of a lot faster than the “every 60 seconds” BS that I keep hearing but whatever.  The nice thing with the adds is they won’t attack you until they reach the top of the platform.  If you are at the bottom of the ramp then you can dot up the add while it runs past you then drain life it dead as it is coming back to you.  This was working for me for about every other add.  I don’t know if my instance was just bugged or what but the adds kept coming pretty quickly.

Another issue I kept having was my puppy kept bugging out.  Since I need my pet to interrupt and dispell it was kind of important for him to NOT bug out.  On one attempt I didn’t have a pet bar!  I’ve been getting that error quite a lot lately.  Since I don’t use any UI modifying addons I don’t know why I’m having that issue.  The easiest way to fix it is to re-summon my pet.  Unfortunately sometimes doing that will bug out the pet to where he doesn’t move and doesn’t do any of his abilities.  From what others are reading (and telling me) this is a known issue and just something I have to deal with.


Zarm was awesome and found a forum topic for me that is giving me some ideas –  I had already thought about changing my spec a bit so now I have even more of a reason to adjust it.  I think I will also get my T12 gloves.  They aren’t part of my full 4 piece that I want but they are the only piece I can get without losing my 2 piece T11 bonus (which is rather nice).  From everything I am reading it is a long fight of attrition and every little thing I can do to ensure my survival needs to be done.

Slice sent me this video –  It is from an affliction warlock point of view (it is only the 2nd half of the place).  Found out what I was doing wrong on the ramp.  I was running down the middle because it didn’t occur to me to just kite along one edge then run up the other side until I could use my portal (yes I had my portal down).  So I will try that tonight.  I am hoping that will cut down on the time spent NOT draining life from the boss.

Once this part is complete then I get to move on to the NEXT part of the chain.  This part will require me doing stuff during the first four (Shannox, Beth, Rhyolith & Alysrazor) fights to charge some items.  Once I have four charged items I get to open a way to ANOTHER boss that luckily the entire raid gets to help me kill.  Once that guy is dead I will get the first staff.  I can’t wait for this staff as it is a nice upgrade from my current staff.  The one I have drops off Beth and has crit and mastery on it.  The branch has hit and haste.  Om nom nom nom!

Anyway, if anyone else has any tips or suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments section!  Thanks in advance!

Mah Orb!

I have the worst luck when it comes to getting orbs on my druid.  She is (as far as I know) the only maxed out leatherworker in the guild.  We have several mail/leather wearers who want stuff made.  I’ve offered to make stuff for them, but I need orbs.  Their answer was to run some heroics with me on my druid and give me the orb.

Well that is the idea.  How it actually happens is far from that.  Last night is a prime example.

At some point yesterday afternoon I decided I was going to powerlevel jewelcrafting on my DK.  He was just going to sit there in Org so why did I need a gathering profession on him?  While doing arch on my rogue on Sunday I came across a ton of ore nodes, so I mined them.  How many times had I seen them while doing arch on my druid?  Lots!  So I wasn’t going to waste them when I had a character that could actually mine them.  The result was I had a ton of mithril and iron sitting in my mining bag.  This got me to thinking that power leveling wouldn’t be that difficult.

Onward to the guide!

I had Slice find me a powerleveling guide (cause he wasn’t working so why not) and when I got online last night I started farming the copper and tin.  Apparently I needed some stones that came with the mithril so I farmed some more up in Felwood.  It helped that I had two dig sites in the area.  Multi-tasking amirite? 😉

The tricky part was knowing exactly how many bars I needed and how much ore I should keep to prospect.  I tried to follow the guide, but I just didn’t have enough gems.  So I took what I had and went with the guidelines.  I got lucky and only needed to buy a few gems.  I think I got him to 222 and found I had no thorium.  Off to Winterspring!

As I am trying to find nodes (seriously someone must’ve just been there and strip mined the place) Yui pipes up in gchat about not being able to get any gear for his druid (he obviously doesn’t raid with us because the only raid gear we get is druid gear).  I told him that my leatherworker could make him something I just need the mats and most importantly I needed the orbs.  So he was all “let’s run a quick heroic.”  Sorak was online and jumped all over that.  At this point Slice, Sorak, Yui and I were all in vent.  It was said in vent AND gchat that the run was so I could get orbs to make something for Yui.

We got Rep to come in as the 5th guildie and we queued up.  We had Yui tanking on his bear, Sorak on his rogue, Rep on her DK, me on my druid as a boomkin (I so fail in this spec) and Slice healing on his priest.  Slice no longer had a dps spec so I had no choice but to dps.  If I am lucky I can pull 6k on her in a non-moving boss fight.  Yeah I am pretty bad.  Yui’s bear isn’t really all that geared either.  But hey we have Slice, he who healed the 4 DKs in heroic Grim Batol, how bad could it be?

Well . . .

We got Lost City for our random and it was apparent that Yui was VERY squishy.  More often than not I had to switch out of boomkin and throw out some heals to help Slice.  Disc can have problems when 3 people just start dropping health rapidly.  Add on top of that only 1 CC option (and we all know how much Sorak LOVES CC) trash packs were painful.  The first boss took forever.  We just didn’t have the DPS numbers that all of us were used to.  I’ve honestly never seen these boss fights take this long, ever and I ran heroics in the first 2 weeks of Cata.

We FINALLY make it to the last boss, down him and I roll need on the orb.


What is this?

Slice ALSO rolled need on the orb!



Guess who won it?

You guessed right!

The fucker!

Of course everyone starts laughing and Slice is all “What?”

Me, being me, laid into him.  I reminded him that the entire run was to get me the orb so I could make Yui gear.  NOT so he could have an orb for his cloth cooldown.  He claims he wasn’t paying attention and was watching The Guild. /sigh

Now this is not the first time this has happened to me.  I tend to not run heroics on purpose.  I don’t like the feeling of “having” to run them every day.  Especially on my druid.  So when I am in a heroic on her it is because I need to get an orb for someone.  9/10 times that I have run heroics with my guildies for the purpose of getting an orb, someone else will also roll need on the orb and I get nothing.

It isn’t like I am taking the orbs and making gear to sell on the AH.  I am gearing a guildie who needs the gear to raid.  It took me at least 5 runs to get 2 orbs to make Zerl’s belt.  The 2nd orb I got was actually in a heroic that Arv asked me to come and heal on the last boss because they lost their healer.  It wasn’t even a guild run!


At this point it is past midnight EST.  Rep & Slice are both east coast.  It was decided we do a 2nd run.  This time we got the dreaded heroic Grim Batol.  I reminded everyone (aka Slice) to not roll on my orb.  I also asked them to please loot so I could skin the drakes (hell if I am making gear might as well get the leather right?)  The pulls were painful and people weren’t looting!

We get to the first boss and things are going well.  I am the only ranged so I am trying to take out the purple trogg.  The problem is my dps is so bad I can’t kill him fast enough.  I start dying to his hits AND all the hits of the other troggs.  Sorak tries to help me on his rogue, but he quickly dies too.

After 2 attempts Sorak switches to Fayle and said he would take care of the troggs.  This time we didn’t have an issue with the troggs.  Woot!

As an aside, they really need to change up the boss skinning.  If I have to have 530 skinning to skin him then he needs to drop something better than1 measly piece of leather.  I have to carry around skinning gloves for 1 piece of leather!  Soooooo not cool.

The 2nd boss wasn’t as bad as he could be.  At one point I got way out of range due to several falling rock spots and fire pits on the ground.  As I am trying to heal myself before I go back on the boss Slice life grips me to the rest of the party.  The fucker.  I hate it when he life grips me.  He does it on my lock during raids because “it looked like you needed to be moved” when I had things under control.  He also doesn’t have any kind of warning when he does it.  It just happens and you are jerked across the fucking screen.

Not cool.

He thinks it is the funniest thing.


We skip the 3rd boss and die to trash.  At this point Sorak has switched to tanking and is the worst DK tank ever.  I still am not sure why he keeps trying to tank.  He even admits he has no rune management.  /sigh.

We make it to the boss where Yui goes back to tanking.  Rep and I have one of the adds and Sorak has the other.  We were so good on the adds we got the achievement.  I even got a shiny new staff.

I also got the orb.


It’s update time!**

So let’s see, lots of stuff to update on.

No not really ^_^

I’ve mostly been plugging away at my alts.  I got PPP to 81 (as of last night).  I had to go *gasp* shadow once I hit 80.  I tried killing stuff as Disc, and it was just too painful.  Even when I was in Northrend I didn’t have too much of a problem killing stuff as Disc.  Man oh man though.  The mobs in the new 80-85 zones have a metric buttload of health.  After killing 2 mobs I was hearthing back to Org to pick up a 2nd spec.

I felt so sad.

Now usually people pick up a healing or tanking off spec so they can bring utility when they can’t deeps.  Here I am upset that I have to get a DPS spec.


Since I leveled Disc through dungeons I never looked into playing Shadow.  I knew that it was similar to an affliction warlock, but me being me didn’t bother doing any research before I threw together a spec and ran off to pew pew.  To give myself credit I did try to use the dummies to get an idea for button placement.  I couldn’t find the level 80 dummies in Org so I got stuck with the level 85s and a bunch of my spells missed.  Oh well.

Off to Mt Hyjal!

The first few quests around the starting hub are going well.  Getting the rotation down . . . HERB!  Feeling pretty good.  I moved on to the next part and I am minding my own business, killing twilight peeps when suddenly I’m being hit with moonfire and insect swarm.  My first reaction is to bubble and run, which I do, only to die a few steps away.

Ok, no big deal.  PvP server.  It is expected.  Run back to my corpse, rez, re-buff and start to drink . . . MOONFIRE!  And I am dead again.


Drak is pretty lopsided for the Horde.  The few Alliance players tend to avoid the Hordies mostly due to sheer numbers, unless they are roaming together in a pack, then they will actively chase you.  Most people won’t see much world PvP on Drak outside of TB.  Not me. If there is world PvP to be found, I will be killed by it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind world PvP, but when you camp someone for no reason it is BS.

This time I came back to my corpse, looked around and rezzed in a safe place.  Flew away to buff and drink.  I was more aware now.  I kept looking around.  I saw no one.  Went back to doing my quests.  I had to pick up the staff slivers.  As I am looting one BOOM!  MOONFIRE!

At this point I am PISSED!  I haven’t even bothered trying to fight back with this guy.  It is around 11 pm at night PST, 1 am server time.  It is late and I just wanted to get some quests done before I passed out for the night.  This jerk of a druid is holding me up.  I asked for help from guildies.  My brother parties up with me to come help only to ditch me when TB comes up.  Gotta love family right?  No one else seemed to be willing to come help at that point in time so I said fuck it and switched to Lyssi.

That’s right bitches, I got my MAIN!

This means war!

I fly out there and have no problem finding the druid.  Two dots and the fucker was dead.  I waited a bit, flew up (why do people NEVER look up?!?!) killed him again after he rezzed then flew away.  To make him think I was done with him.  Gave him a few to feel like he was safe, found him again and dotted him up.  He tried to get away, he even flew up to escape my range.

HA! I will still get you!

I flew up, dotted him up AGAIN! and took a fall.  I took an 85k fall damage hit, but he died.

I popped a healthstone and logged out from a spot watching where my priest was questing.

Logged back into my priest, looked around, no druid.  Rezzed, buffed, drank . . . HERB!  Went back to questing.  Was fine for all of 5 mins then BOOM!  MOONFIRE!

Did this moron not have enough?!!?!

I released and logged back into Lyssi.  Killed him again.  Logged back into PPP when I couldn’t find the druid.  As I was running back to my corpse I found him.  He was actually standing next to my ghost form.

Did I switch back to Lyssi?

You bet I did!

Killed him again!

Then killed him one more time for effect.

At that point I couldn’t find him anymore.  I quickly switched back to PPP to rez.  At this point it was almost midnight and I had work in the morning.  I hadn’t gotten anything completed.  Which of course pissed me off some more.

Stupid Alliance druid.

The next day at work I was telling Cynwise and Psynister how I needed to learn to PvP on my priest.  Psynister told me that he was going to finish his “How to level a shadow priest” guide and this worked out perfectly.  When I had been busy at work I had gotten behind on my blog reading so I went over to his site and got updated.

Just a plug here.  If you aren’t reading these blogs — You are seriously missing out.  These two guys are awesome.  Totally nice guys who just kick serious ass.  Go read them! 😀

So now I have more of an idea of what do to when I get jumped on PPP.

Not that I will remember or anything.

Most likely I will run, die, then go get my main.

It is how I roll.

**Also – You need to say the title like they do on the Jersey shore when it is T-shirt time. No I don’t watch the show. Give me SOME credit!

Last night

Was a ton of fun.  At least that is what I keep hearing from everyone.  Slice was telling me that over and over again while on the phone after the raid.  My brother kept whispering me telling me how much fun he was having.  Sorak pings me on gchat and tells me how last night was a lot of fun.  When I was talking with Repgrind she also told me she had a lot of fun.

Who knew raiding would be fun like this in the 11th hour?

I personally was just stressed to the max healing.  So while everyone was having fun and getting phat lewts, I was freaking out over healing and developing a stiff neck.

Normally I wouldn’t be freaking out but trying to 2 heal ICC with the “new” mana regen was not fun.  Arv and I double druid healed.  He didn’t have much experience with resto druid healing, but he is pro so I wasn’t worried about it.  The problem I was having was the fact that I was going OOM in every fight.  There wasn’t an opportunity to sit back and let my passive regen happen.  I know that if I was having a problem that Arv was probably having even more of one.  I was using a flask of pure mojo AND spirit food.  I was popping innervate every time it was up and mana pots when I was dead in the water.  The druid healing style of Wrath doesn’t fit with the current system.

In ICC there is a TON of damage coming in from all angles.  The tanks are getting whacked with huge hits and the raid is being slammed with constant damage as well.  All during Wrath druids would blanket the raid with rejuv and pop in a few regrowths as needed or even spam nourish.

You can’t do that anymore.

Nourish now takes too damn long to cast.  You don’t really want to use it because it just doesn’t work with the fast paced environment of damage in ICC.  There is the option of using it with nature’s swiftness, but it doesn’t heal for as much as healing touch so you don’t want to gimp that big heal.  Let’s face it, if you are using your NS macro, then you are hitting your “oh shit!” button and you need as big of a heal as you can get.  So Nourish is out of the running.

Regrowth got its timer lessened.  Now you get a nice big heal upfront and a very short duration of a hot.  I really do like this spell, don’t get me wrong, but I am not used to the new version of it.  My mind still thinks of it lasting longer so I still treat it like it is the old version.  This results in me forgetting to keep it up on the tanks.  Otherwise this is your go-to spell.

Rejuvenation isn’t all that changed.  With everyone’s health pools being so large this heal doesn’t feel like it does all that much anymore.  I hit this spell more out of reflex than anything.  I am then left feeling very unsatisfied afterwards.

Kind of like how I felt with some of my exs . . .

Yeah you knew that was coming 😉

This all added up to me freaking out.  Yes I have healed since the patch changes, but it was with Sorak and he is so damn OP it is ridiculous.  Although it was freaking hilarious last night when he logged into Sorak to heal Sindy with me.  He hadn’t logged into him since before the patch so his talents had to be set up and he had to put his buttons back on his action bar.  Then he was all “What! I have to dps to heal!?!”  Yeah it was funny.

I think that was my favorite part of the night.

It certainly wasn’t the part where I had to swim on VDW.  Sad tree is sad.  I always feel ineffective when I have to swim.  For the most part I can hit the bubbles and get stacks (I ended up with 30 when she hit full health), but I always end up at her ass end and have to run to the front where all the fucking portals are.  So yeah, not exactly fun, but what are you going to do?

I do agree with Slice though.  It was really nice to see people get upgrades for once.  My brother has been attempting to level his hunter for months.  He took like a 6 month break when his computer died.  He now has a new one (I am so jealous of it and how gorgeous everything is on it) and finally dinged 80 on Friday.  We ran him through a bunch of dungeons and got him some crafted gear.  When he set foot into ICC last night he had a 3200 gearscore.  He was in a few purples, several blues and even some greens.  I think he is in half leather too.  Poor guy.  He did snag some pretty nice upgrades, including the bow that drops off LDW.  I think he creamed his pants when he saw it.  Now he just needs to get all gemmed and enchanted up before tomorrow’s LK continuation.

It was cute.  I got a whisper from him last night when we were closing down shop “Can I go with you guys again on Thursday?”  Yes you can silly.  We aren’t going to bring you through ICC just to tell you that you can’t come to the LK fight.  I really hope that we don’t have anymore DC issues so that we can get him a title.  I am excited for him.  He might not have ever raided in WoW before, but he definitely learned fast and everyone was very pleased with him.  I hope he will be able to raid with us at 85.

I really enjoyed getting to play with Rep.  She is already a ton of fun, but to see her in action is pretty awesome.  Her toon wasn’t even Ulduar ready and she was holding her own in ICC.  As she said it helped to get a buff when everyone else got a nerf, but even then you have to be a good player to pull off what she did in the gear she had.  I was very happy to see that she got several upgrades too.

I don’t know if there really was something that made last night more fun than our raids usually are, or if it was just knowing that this was the last time we will ever have to raid ICC.  I like to think that our guildies & raiders are just awesome people.  We had people come in and raid who really didn’t want to.  Thank you guys again!  It warms me to know that you guys are willing to help out when needed.  If they hadn’t then the raid might not have happened.  Sorak and Slice both thought that we wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  I was going to pug people if I had to.  I wasn’t going to get people’s hopes up with being able to raid then tell them “oh we didn’t have enough people, sorry no raid for you.”

Yeah I didn’t want that.

In other news PPP is now 65 and cruising through Outland.  I have a feeling she will be replacing my druid in Cata as my primary healer.  I don’t know if it is just that I haven’t come up against what Northrend can throw at healers or if Disc is just so easy that I have a false sense of healing security.  I do know that healing as Disc is easy and yet a lot of fun.  While I bitch and moan when the tanks pull the whole room and I end up OOM keeping everyone alive, I still feel all pumped that I was able to pull it off and keep everyone alive.  I usually emote flexing on PPP.  Then flex in guild chat.  If I didn’t have to keep my hands on the keyboard and mouse I would totally flex IRL too.


Like that.



Arioch and Tirael have been lapping up my creative juices (giggity) lately and I just feel like I need to do nothing but write.  The first story came out easily enough.  I wrote it in like an hour, but the second story took several hours and I still am not happy with it.

I am not really sure what I want to write about.

I mean, I could write about the guild drama that happened on Wednesday, but Nite touched on it.  Plus I just don’t want to deal with the fallout that will become the comments section.

I could write about the GotUR runs we did on Friday and Saturday.  How I am now 10/13 towards my drake.

Ehh that just will piss me off about how people cannot stay out of the bad or keep spread out.  I pride myself on making sure that I am the appropriate distance away (/range FTW) and yet staying in range of the healer.  I keep vuhdo up on my dps characters just for this specific purpose.  I go bat-shit insane when other dps starts crowding in on me.  Do not follow me around!  I might have dots, but I still need to stand and cast shit.  I cannot do that if you keep moving into my bubble!

I know!  I will give you all a little lesson on how affliction warlock dps works.  Courtesy of Andrew:

Every class takes a certain amount of time to ramp up to their full damage potentials. Hunters are almost instantaneous, Rogues, like 3 seconds, not counting the time it takes to run in, etc. etc. Warlocks are the slowest of the bunch, I think their ramp time is on the order of 30+ Seconds. Well shit, let’s have a look:

• S.Bolt (3s)
• S.Bolt (3s)

• Haunt (1.5s)
• CoA (GCD)
• Corr (GCD)
• UA (1.5s)
• Haunt (Because it’s wearing already)
• SB spam

That’s what you have to do to START doing damage.

Now, Afflocks are supposed to be cool because they can do damage and move at the same time. Except if they have to move their DoT stack falls partway or all the way off, and their dps goes down the shitter. Sure they’re doing damage when other people aren’t, but then they have to ramp again. Same thing if they get silenced, interrupted, etc. Did you get stunned in the middle of your UA cast? Fuck. Cast it again, and watch your CoA or Haunt fall off, You’re already losing DPS because you aren’t casting SB. Did you get your Haunt reflected? FUCK. 15% total damage MINUS for 10 seconds. And you may have to burn a GCD to cast Corr again. And a lot of their single-target damage is dependent on SB, so they have to stand and cast just like a Mage anyway. Except mages don’t have a DoT rotation to maintain. (Not that I’m super knowledgeable about mages, I could be wrong.) Oh and do you need a little extra damage real quick? Well then just hit your DPS cooldowns- …wait. …uh…

So far as I can tell, Warlock is the only class that works backwards. There’s a theoretical maximum damage output, (Determined by your gear) and your performance really only sets the % of that maximum output you can reach.


So yeah.  This is why I fail at putting out damage on bone spikes.  The last time we were in ICC I popped a Corruption on each one and got lucky with a few Nightfall procs so I managed to show up on the damage meters for them.  I think I did like 13k, Zug did 140k.  Yeah go me! >.>

Fights where I can stand still and stay in the groove (the anchor position on Festergut) is where I will shine.  Depending on my haste levels I can get 3-4 shadow bolts off between DoT refreshing.  I am currently sitting at 704 haste, with my spellstone. 


Seriously, what is up with all the fucking crit on everything?!  I’m swimming in hit too.  I have actually thought about changing around my talent points to get rid of the points in suppression, but then I need to figure out where I would put them.  I know that Nibuca recently posted about how she has been fiddling with her spec to deal with all the excess hit.  I play horde, I don’t have an extra 1% hit.  It makes me sad that I no longer have the guarantee that there will be a draenei in the party.

I need to just look into things.

So yeah anyway it is now 12:30 am and I need to crash out.  Laters!

To PuG or not to PuG, that is the question

Since the patch went live I have attempted the random dungeons to get my emblems of frost.  I only did it a few times before yesterday because my sweetie was here for a while.  Yesterday I thought I would run several and see how I liked them.

I found out that I am a very bitchy testy healer.  If you are the tank and run away from me, you obviously don’t need me.  Plain and simple.

The night started off bad.  I queued up on my healer and got Old Kingdom.  No biggie I can do it.  I wasn’t even fully loaded on the screen when the tank was pulling the mobs in the front area.  We didn’t even have all of the dps.  Nor was anyone buffed.  I waited for the hunter to show up, he had left to repair, then I moved forward and started looting and skinning.  I kept going slow.  I figured the tank would wait for me eventually or at the least say something.  I was wrong.  I was 2 rooms away when he pulled the first boss.  Then when I finally made it to where the boss was, no one bothered to keep the adds off of me.  How I managed to heal that, I’ll never know.  I was being interrupted left and right.

The rest of the instance was like that.  He just charged through the whole damn thing like we were on a fucking timer or something.  Each pull got me pisser and pisser.  By the time we got to the trash before the final boss I was livid.  I had stopped healing him by this point and he was down to like 25% health.  He finally stopped though and asked “uh healz?”  I replied “Maybe if you slowed down a bit and made sure I was there you might get some.  I just figured that since you were so far ahead of me that you obviously didn’t need me so I didn’t need to heal you.”  His reply was that he was used to running instances in 15 mins or less.  We were at the 17 min mark.  Then the hunter pipped up, “fast instances are the way of the future lolz.”  I said “not with me” and promptly dropped group.  oopsie, my bad!

I then did some other stuff on her that I wanted done then queued up again because I still did not have my badges of frost on her.  Just my luck I got Halls of Reflection.  Now I have only done this instance on regular and had a hell of a time healing it on that.  I had never done it on heroic and had hoped to do it first with my guildies.  I was in a group with a warrior tank, a dps DK, an arcane mage and a destro lock.  I was the least geared out of all of them and I am geared for ToC 25.  I had such a hard time keeping everyone healed.  The tank started the instance each time before everyone was in the corner, including me, nor was everyone buffed.  Then while I am in the corner he kept running out of it and staying out, which not only put him out of range but out of line of sight.  When I complained the asshole DK said “then move!”  My reply to that was “I thought we were supposed to stay in this room, NOT run all over the place, was I wrong?”  No one replied, but the tank came back into the room.  What he did do however, was stop picking up the mobs that came for me.  I was stunned and cursed and attacked more than I should ever be.  I am the fucking healer, if I die, we all die.  No ifs ands buts about it.  We wiped like 4 or 5 times before we finally cleared that room.  Then as I was looting my mobs suddenly I see the DK tell the tank to pull.  I wasn’t even in the room.  I said, “guess I am not needed then.”  His reply was “Yeah instead of running forward just stand there and type that.  Solid!”  I told him “Yeah I am not needed.” and promptly dropped group.  Fuck him.

At this point I was fed up with healing.  So I switched over to my warlock to get her her 2 frost emblems.  She got queued up for Forge of Souls, which I had only healed on twice, once on regular and once on heroic.  I had no idea how to dps on it.  The group didn’t care.  I died in the first 2 seconds of a pull.  I didn’t even have time to get a cast off.  The healer either hated healing warlocks or just was a bad healer.  I was afraid to life tap because she wasn’t giving me heals.  No one asked questions they just plowed through the instance.   I think I died a total of 5 times.  I still don’t know how to dps that instance.  I spent more time dead then actually doing anything.  What I couldn’t understand was how I could have possibly pissed off the healer.  I stoned her when I got in, I didn’t life tap unless we were out of combat, and then only once because I don’t like being a burden on the healers.  I didn’t say a damn word in chat, but I still didn’t get any heals.  It wasn’t like the rest of the group was taking a ton of damage either. *sigh*

Since I had about an hour before dailies reset I knew I had to get  my druid back in there.  So I queued up yet again and got into the Nexus.  The people in my group were average geared and so far were pretty nice.  The bear tank was around ilvl 200.  He said that he hadn’t played since Naxx 25 was the end raid and was out of practice.  He was a nice guy, kept things at a normal pace.  There was, however, a ret pally that wanted him to just “go go go” and I said “If he does then I wont heal.  I can switch to boomkin and you can heal.”  The pally was all “Yeah!  Let’s do that!  I solo healed regular HoS as ret!”  Yeah I wasn’t doing that to the rest of the group, who was actually pretty nice.  So I just didn’t heal the pally.  When he died on the 2nd boss he was all “Did you seriously just do that on purpose?”  My reply, “Who me?  Never!”  Apparently sarcasm is not something they were used to because the pally didn’t get it and the tank started taking the blame.  I jumped in and said that I didn’t heal him.  The tank said oh, and the pally didn’t talk for the rest of the run.  We finished the run (finally got my badges) and the pally needed on the orb after everyone else had greeded.  I turned to him and said “You seriously just needed on a frost orb?!”  His reply “Well yeah, isn’t that what you are supposed to do?”  *headdesk*  I was just like whatever and waited for him to leave.  When he was gone I told the tank that I liked running with him and was interested in doing another instance.  He was all for it so we queued up for another one.  We got HoL and got a group of DPS that was all ICC geared.  They killed the first boss in 19 seconds.  The overall dps was 14k.  On the first fight the pally did almost 8600 dps.  They were all for barrelling through the instance too.  I said “If you do that you will die, I don’t heal stupid.”  So they calmed down a bit.  They were killing things so quickly that the poor tank couldn’t even get any rage.  I think we finished in there in like 10-15 mins.  The tank kept talking about how crazy their dps was.  One of them made a comment “At this point EVERYONE in the game should have this high of dps.”  My reply to him was “You must live in a bubble then.”  No, EVERYONE does not do 5k dps.  I am excited that my warlock does 3k dps in 5 mans.  Am I just missing something that says EVERYONE is averaging 5k dps?  Sheesh.

Luckily that run netted me 2 more emblems of Frost so I technically don’t have to do it again today on my druid.  Outside of last night’s run with my warlock, I haven’t had too much trouble with dpsing in groups.  I just apparently had all the luck last night.

What I want to know is, why do people treat the healers like crap?  You NEED the healer.  Why would you go out of your way to be an asshole to them?   It makes absolutely no fucking sense to me.  Before this patch I avoided PuGs, I just wouldn’t do them.  If I couldn’t have a full guild run, I wouldn’t go.  Now I am essentially being forced to PuG at least once a day.  I wasn’t a true angry healer before, but damn if I am not one now.  So be warned, if you piss me off, I will not hesitate to either let you die, or drop group right before the final boss.  If you are going to be a dickwad to me, then I will fuck over your group.

Fuck you

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