I am so full of it that even a mountain looks small

Lying to my boss is seriously almost 2nd nature at this point.  Yes this is bad, but frankly the man is gone 75% of the time and what he doesn’t know doesn’t hurt me.  😀

Sorry for the late post but he was in the office today after being gone for 4 days.  He is leaving tomorrow morning for the rest of the week too.  This means he has stayed at work all damn day and kept me busy.  Thus late post is late.

I’ve been feeling guilty lately in regards to my little brother.  He finally started playing WoW and I am never around to play with him.  He made a character on Bloodhoof since that is where I have money and resources.  The problem comes about that I am over on Drak’Tharon leveling my warlock.  I have apologized to him about it and he said it is ok, then turns around and asks me to level a character with him.  He said that the old world is virtually empty and there isn’t really anyone to play with.  There are a few problems with this.  One – on Bloodhoof I don’t have any more free slots and I don’t want to delete any of my toons.  This means that he would need to get to the level of one of them so we could play together.  Two – I am currently trying to level my warlock to 80 then get her geared up to raid.  I really don’t have the time to level a toon with him.  Three – I REALLY don’t want to level a whole new toon until I get the warlock finish.

He was going to make a toon on Drak’Tharon last night, even had me ask Arioch what their guild needed.  Then he changed his mind and said that since I really wasn’t situated there (meaning having cash to give him) he said he could wait for me to get to 80 then we could roll new toons together.  Assuming he doesn’t expect me to do nothing but play that toon with him, it could work.  Set aside specific times where we play, assuming I am not raiding of course.

I tried to level last night, but Tir was bored so that meant he decided he was taking me through Kara.  At first I was excited because that means I would be able to get the Mongoose enchant.  Foolishly I thought we were only going to do the first 2 bosses then I could go back to leveling and get my random done for the day (gotta start on those badges somewhere).  Yeah that isn’t what happened.  He had intended to do the whole place.  Since he is a fail DK tank (I kid . . .  not really ;-)) I kept dying.  He is a level 80 killing level 69-71 mobs.  I shouldn’t be pulling aggro off him.  I died so many times it stopped being funny.  Luckily we had Del on his holy pally so I didn’t have to corpse run like mad.  Tir of course blamed the fail lock, but we all know who the real culprit is. 😉

The best part was him crying for me to come help him kill shit.

Man I could sit and pick on Tir all day.  😀

When we got to the 2nd half of Kara we tricked Ari, Doz and Orange into coming in and finishing up the instance with us.  Where I promptly outrolled Ari on an enchant that dropped, thus earning the title of ninja.

Just for those out of the loop, when you beat out someone else’s roll on an item that they want, you are a ninja.  That is the rule.

Tir is a ninja too.  Just ask Soth.  😀

I am like 2 bars away from 73.  I need to get her over that hump, get her 2 badges and move into Dragonblight.  I still have all the D.E.T.H.A. quests to finish up and the few scourge ones left in the buffalo village.  I still haven’t made it up to the northern camp or finished up the mage stuff on the Amber ledge.  Good thing the quests are still yellow.  I do want to see the Horde version of the Wrathgate.  It will be awesome to see both sides of that fight.

I have another post churning around in my head but I need to work it out a bit more before I pop it out.  Hopefully it will be out in the next day or so.