Fail DKs roll out!

Slice and I made DKs a little bit ago.  This weekend we leveled them.

And leveled them.

And leveled them some more.

In fact we leveled them from just starting in Zangermarsh (freshly dinged level 62) all the way through to Northrend and halfway to 69.

That is all we did this past weekend.

So tired of the DKs >.>

The positive note in all of this is I have my inscription up to Northrend stuff.  She is also up to Northrend herbs.  Since Failmage is also on this server I *really* don’t need her as a max level herber, but I do plan to separate the two eventually so she kind of needs to get her skill up.  The ultimate goal is to bring the new pally & the DK to DT when I go back there for Cataclysm.  This will give me a max level scribe/herber and a max level jewelcrafter/miner.  I already have a tailor/enchanter and skinner/leatherworker in Lyssi and Tattia so it will be nice to have the other stuff available.

It isn’t so much that I actively dislike playing the DKs, I just am not really feeling them.  Considering the last few alts I have been actively leveling are all melee, I don’t think it is that.  My aff lock has a more complicated rotation so it isn’t that either.  I really don’t know why I am not a big fan of DKs.

Don’t get me wrong, leveling with Slice is fun, until he completes 3 other quests that I had no clue he was working on and then has to stand around waiting for me to finish them.  >.<

Being super OP is also fun.

Until I die from overpulling.

Slice asked me once “Are you using all of your cooldowns?”

My reply – “I mash buttons to play a DK, what do you think?”

Seriously, that is what I do.  I know what rotation I am supposed to do, and I do make sure the diseases are on the mobs I am attacking, but beyond that I mash buttons.

I suppose I could start banging my head on the keyboard.

I don’t think the results would be all that different to be honest.