I guess we are ninjas

Yesterday EoF got together to go take down Maly in EoE.  We knew that we needed another guildie to get the key.  We all talked and decided that Vel would get the key on his Shaman.  I grouped us up and we headed to Naxx to kill Sapp.  Since we only had 6 people we nabbed a couple pugs.

There was a ret pally sitting in queue for Ulduar 10.  I whispered him and asked if he would be willing to come help us kill Sapp for the key for our guild.  He said sure and I nabbed him up.  After no responses from several other people in queue, I found a dps DK (have I mentioned how I HATE bringing in DKs from LFG?) and told him the same thing.  We were doing a guild run to kill Sapp to get the key, would he be willing to come help us do that.  Sure!  Ok let’s go.

We zone in, quick recap for those that hadn’t been there in a while and we go to town.  Boom! Boom! DEAD! Woot!  I loot the dragon and give Vel the key.  Immediately the DK pipes up “What we aren’t going to roll for it?!”  To which several of us replied back to him and said “No, this was a guild run specifically for the key.  We told you that.  Do you really think we were going to bring in a pug for a guild run and then give the pug the item?”  Apparently he did.  He started bitching at us.  Left the raid and went back to Dalaran where he immediately started talking shit about us in trade chat.

Since we are all obviously not quite right in the head, we jump into trade as well.  I say “It is not our fault you don’t have any reading comprehension.  Especially since we told you it was a guild run for the key.  It isn’t a ninja when we tell you what we are doing UP FRONT!”  Vel was a bit more vocal to him.  What I thought was HILARIOUS was the way trade chat was treating him.  They were calling him names and telling him to go bitch elsewhere.  Trade obviously did not see the importance of the key to Maly.  I mean it gives you a trinket!! O_o

The pally who came with us to kill Sapp was invited to the Maly kill.  As Dily pointed out, we would have invited the DK too, had he not been a tool.  After we finished the first Maly kill I switched back over to Millea (she was in the Naxx run) and I immediately got a whisper from the DK telling me that he had reported me and had sent screenshots to a GM.

All of this because the DK didn’t read what was said to him.


Because I like calling out retards for being retards, this is the moron DK and this is his buddy who joined in in the smearing of our guild.

The best part of the night was joking to all the new pugs, and our friends, how we are all ninjas.  Vel would pipe up each time we would get a new person and say “Don’t forget to tell them that we are ninjas!”  We even came up with variations on our guild name.

Oh yeah, we also killed Maly twice.  Tatia got her new title, among other people in guild and we are ninjas.


Hmmm Interesting

Just for the record, FailMage has not respecced to Arcane.  It was just a joke Andrew made and my caption was just going along with the picture.  FailMage is keeping her fail fire spec.  She is my heroics bitch and my PS supplier.  She gets frost emblems, I get cash for the PS.  It works well.

Speaking of emblems I have 133 emblems of triumph on Tatia that I have no idea what to do with.  I guess I COULD upgrade my boomkin gear, but I really don’t enjoy dpsing as a boomkin in heroics.  Vel says it is because I am a “starfire” druid and thus fail.  That might be all well and good, but I think it is more I never really played Tatia as dps in heroics.  Yes for a while I would come as dps on her because Heleva doesn’t have a dps spec on her priest (she has PvE heals and PvP heals) so if I wanted to go I had to dps.  I don’t have a rotation down at all.  Vel has tried to help me on it, but the way my keys are positioned does not lend to using the rotation I need to for non-questing.  I have the buttons in position to help me when I do dailies on Tatia.  I don’t really want to change the spell positions for the rare times I have to dps on my druid in dungeons.  You all can roll your eyes at me all you want.  I specifically created this character to heal with, not to dps.  That is why I have my warlock.  She is the raiding bitch.  She brings the deeps.  Or at least she used to. >.>

Speaking of which I think I *might* finally have managed to get used to the button placement for her.  There are still several spells that I don’t use enough in normal rotation that I haven’t made new muscle memory for.  Shadow Ward is one of them.  I used to have it bound to the 4 key up on top of the keyboard.  Now I have switched it to the 10 keypad 4, which used to be my corruption button.  The 4 key up top is now life tap.  So instead of hitting Shadow Ward to protect me from losing health, I am now life tapping when I shouldn’t.  My soul shatter button is also facing the same situation.  It used to be number 8, only now 8 is rain of fire (to match up where my blizzard is for FailMage) and soul shatter is 0.  By the time I find the damn spell it is usually too late.  The other day in Gundrak I found my banish spell to banish the elemental before I found the soul shatter spell.  I like to think that banish saved my life. ^_^  To think that I didn’t even have it on my action bar until we fought Freya’s trash.  Good times, good times.

Wow I need to learn new transition phrases.  I use the same damn ones over and over again.  But then that is how I talk so I guess I am not moving too far off from where things normally flow. *shrugs*

Last night was . . . interesting . . . to say the least.  We did our weekly raid runs.  We got lucky and our boss was Noth the Plaguebringer in Naxx.  Mis was online (wewt!) so we strong armed him to tank the first group.  Mis was MT, Dily was OT on his DK, Heleva was solo healing as Disc, Andrew was on his rogue, our new warlock came on, wait for it, his warlock, Vel whipped out his boomkin (someone had to clean that poison), Ness brought his warrior and I came on my lock.  Two warlocks?!  Yes.  Destro and Aff baby.  I feel for Heleva.  She refuses to get a healing addon, says it is easy mode.  Everyone who heals just kind of rolls their eyes at her and teases her, but hey it is her playstyle, go for it.  Although I REALLY DO THINK YOU WILL BE HAPPY USING ONE!  oops caps lol ;-).  She had kind of a struggle and even got close to being OOM, which as a Disc priest she never has an issue with.  I did tell her to not worry about healing me since I could essentially heal myself, but I don’t know if that helped or not.  I think we might have had a death, but I honestly don’t remember.

After we finished we regrouped.  Andrew was going as a tank on his pally, Heleva got her warrior to tank and our new warlock whipped out his druid we didn’t know existed.  Lo and behold . . . another tank.  Vel came to solo heal on his shammy.  I was on FailMage, Dily was on his shadow priest and his son Zakk (who had left the guild) came on his ele shammy.  So we had 3 tanks, 3 dps and 1 healer.  It was Naxx right?  No big deal right? >.>  Fucking gargoyles.  They suck REALLY bad.  Especially when each dps is dpsing down a separate one.  Even moreso when all 3 are dpsing one down and can’t kill it fast enough.  I blame myself for that.  FailMage is not set up to bring the high deeps in raids.  She is only sub par in heroics for that matter.  Dily and Zakk both were doing fantastic dps, but it wasn’t enough to make up for my lack of.  We did finally manage to bring all 3 of them down, but several of us died in the process.  I had already died earlier to the slimes.  I had pulled aggro so after dropping my clones I ran to the tank only to die.  Apparently that is the worst thing I could have done.  *sigh*  I fail at more than just maging.  We did manage to take down the boss, after a VERY long fight.  We decided to hold off on doing the 3rd run until the Air Force crew and other really late night people showed up.

So what do you do when you have people online?  RANDOM HEROICS!  Heleva was ready to crash out for dinner at that point and Andrew wanted to get his daily run time in so they logged.  Another guildie (Maticus) came online so I nabbed him and our warlock’s bear tank (Gelmir) and we queued up with me healing.  We got UP.  Gelmir hadn’t tanked (or played) his druid since July so he was Naxx geared and rusty.  I made a little speech at the beginning of the instance about our “noobie” tank and to hold off on going full out on dps until he got threat.  I was quite proud of the speech because I managed to get it out like a flight attendant.  Complete with the whole “enjoy your flight” type comment at the end.

We started out ok then the ret pally started running ahead of the tank and telling us to “gogogo” and to “chain pull” despite the entire spiel I had given.  I told him no, several times.  His reply was that his guildie (who was also in the group and at ilvl 261) would just pull aggro anyway.  I replied that he could go ahead and do that, I wouldn’t heal him if he did.  Gelmir took it as a challenge, which I wish he wouldn’t have, but he did.  Now mind you we hadn’t even gotten to the first boss when this was going down.  When we got there I hadn’t been healing the pair for a little while and the pally comes out with how it didn’t matter what we wanted they were going to pull anyway.  I again said I wouldn’t heal them and “no heals = death” which apparently they couldn’t comprehend.  During the boss fight the pally had taken damage (he stayed too close to the platform) and since I wouldn’t heal him he starts bitching in chat “Heal me you tool” because you know, that will make the healer WANT to heal you.  I said “oh look ignore!” and put the moron on ignore.  I hadn’t ignored the other guy yet because other than getting aggro (with his gear it really was expected) he wasn’t being a douche like his guildie, I wasn’t healing him, but I wasn’t ignoring him.

The boss was downed and we kind of waited a few before pulling the abomb in the hallway.  Went down the stairwell where you have that group of mobs at the base of the stairs, another to the left that you can avoid and of course a pat that comes down the stairs.  I am not fully sure what happened other than there were WAAAAAAAAAY too many mobs for that pull.  Mat went down, I was next and then Gelmir.  Since I had the pally on ignore I didn’t see the “ha ha ha that is what you get” message he put in chat as he and his guildie went running off picking up more mobs and bringing them to the entrance, where of course we would end up after running in as ghosts.  I came in first and saw the two of them standing there with a huge line of mobs running towards the door.  I immediately turned around and ran back out.  This zoned me back into Dalaran.  I kept trying to zone back into the instance but since they stayed in combat I couldn’t get back in.

This entire time we had been trying to kick the pally.  It is complete and utter bullshit that you have to wait for the timer debuff to wear off before you can kick someone.  Apparently he tried to vote to kick me.  How he can fail at basic math is beyond me.  You need 3 people to vote to kick someone.  There were 3 of us and 2 of them.  How the hell did he think he would pull off that kick?  Since you can only kick one person per run we couldn’t get rid of his guildie.  We re-queued and picked up a shammy.  I immediately sent him a whisper asking him to initiate a kick on the warrior.  He told me he wouldn’t do that unless the guy did something that warranted it.  I then went on to explain to him what the pally and warrior had done to us and what the current situation was.  He pretty much acted like he didnt believe me.  By this time I had already sent in a GM ticket regarding harassment for what the guys did in the instance, which I let the shammy know.  Originally we weren’t going to proceed in the instance until the warrior left, but Gelmir decided to pull anyway.

We all kept an eagle eye out on the guy, but he seemed to be behaving.  I even went back to healing him.  Gelmir was convinced that he was going to pull something on a boss fight.  Oh no, that would have been too obvious.

In the room after you kill Skadi are the stupid mobs that fear you.  You go down the stairs and most tanks LoS the group of mobs from the other room into the base of the stairwell.  Gelmir did this, I even typed in chat he was doing this, and the warrior pulled in the other group along with the one that Gelmir brought.  One group of those guys is bad enough with a rusty tank, two is just bullshit.  I was getting chewed to bits and feared up the yin yang.  Everyone but the warrior died.  The shammy says in party chat “I guess you weren’t lying” and proceeded to say we should just call the run since some “person” who was obviously 8 couldn’t seem to play.  We told him we were sorry to see him go and that it was a shame because he was a great player.  He said the same about us then dropped group.

Instead of re-queuing Vel said he wanted to come in and “have some fun” with the warrior, who was STILL in the group.  Gelmir tried to get the warrior killed, but sadly the jerk survived.  We finally resorted to just sitting there doing nothing.  After about 5 mins he finally dropped group.  We of course cheered and brought in Andrew’s pally.  I then joked about having 4 tanks in the group since every single person (besides me) had a tank spec.  So what do the guys do?  Why each one decided they were going to tank.  That’s right, we 4 tanked the rest of heroic UP.  We triggered bane and I died, only to be b-rezzed to keep their asses alive.

It was a blast!

We decided to have a tank battle and do another instance.  We queued up (they all picked tank/dps) and we got heroic UK.  PERFECT!  The place is easy and I have 3 manned it on my druid with a tank and one dps.  We got lucky with the dps we picked up.  It was a newbie shadow priest who just laughed with us.  We kept making cracks in chat and pulling entire rooms.  I don’t even have to heal that much in raids.  It didn’t end up being a “true” tank battle because the two druids ended up going kitty for most of it, but it still was a blast.

The best part was I got a reply from a GM telling me they would look into the situation with the pally and the warrior.  That they appreciate “quality” players like me notifying them of situations such as that.  Go me!

These are the people in question: Hardtoguard and Terminates of Legacy of Kahn on Mannoroth.  If you see these people drop group, they are NOT worth dealing with.  Unless of course you don’t mind assholes in your groups.  Your call.

Yeah I am boring

Last night I wasn’t really into doing much. For some reason I was having major fps issues. Normally I can run around at 70-75 fps, even in Dalaran. Last night I was getting 12-18 fps in Dalaran topside, 66-68 fps in the sewers. Since I figured the issue was in Dalaran I left the city and started flying elsewhere to see if the issue would be fixed. I ended up in GH, all alone, and was still getting 22-40 fps. This made no sense. I could understand Dalaran with all the people, despite there hardly being anyone around, but Grizzly Hills?! It was a ghost town. Ok so maybe it was my computer. I shut everything down, made sure I had updates downloaded and installed and restarted my computer.

Log back in, I am still getting around 40 fps in Grizzly Hills and about 17 fps in Dalaran. I got frustrated and just moved my toon down to the sewers because at least there I was getting 66-68 fps. I normally run at around 240 latency. Last night it ranged from 80 to 308. When I had really low frame rates I would have about 80 latency, the higher rates would get me around 300. Very, very odd.

Since I was bored I decided to do some instances. I hadn’t done much on my druid lately in regards to PuGs so I figured why the hell not. I queue up and got CoS. There was an overgeared Unholy DK, the warrior tank was about ilvl 207, the rogue was 187 and the mage was about 196. The first thing I noticed was no one was doing the crates. Everyone just ran to the front entrance. Since I was the last one running I ended up doing the crates, which is probably what they had in mind. I think most people forget that you have to do the stupid crates to start the instance. I finally get up to the front and check everyone out. I like to know what I will be up against for healing. If I can sleep through the instance, or if I will actually have to pay attention and heal. I said in party chat that the tank should vig the DK, he said he had already done it. Good tank :D. The mage didn’t make a table, didn’t offer food and that made me sad. I asked her for a stack (I like to have some for other instances) and she made me two. I gave her a hug and she started kissing me. It was very odd.

The first thing I noticed was the rogue knew his shit. He was #2 on my meter behind the DK, who also knew his shit. Which would mean that the warrior knew his shit because he held onto aggro with these 2 guys. The mage, eh I am still kind of up in the air on her. She never refilled her mana, ever, in the entire instance. Even when we had time for her to drink she didn’t. She didn’t use a mana gem, she didn’t evocate, no potions, nothing. She was an arcane mage so I don’t know if you guys have something else, but at one point she went completely oom. I wasn’t sure if she was just expecting me to innervate her, since I obviously didn’t need it or what. I have this thing with innervate. If it is obvious that you are having mana issues, and you are working towards keeping your mana up (hunter’s using viper, mages drinking every chance they get, etc) I will innervate you when you need it. If you just run around and ignore the fact that you use mana, I will most likely ignore you as well. It is my innervate, I can be a bitch about it if I want :D. Despite her never drinking, she didn’t do half bad. Her numbers didn’t pick up until the 3rd boss fight though. I don’t know if she just hadn’t gotten her groove or what. Overall the group was a quick easy run. We made it to the optional boss with 8 mins left on the timer. The extra badge was delicious.

That run over I decided to get into another group. Oh guess what, heroic Halls of Lightning. I swear I cannot go one day without getting this instance. Turns out it was a guild run and they were lacking a healer. My biggest peeve as a PuG healer is the tank running away from me. As soon as I zoned in, I was buffed and the tank was pulling. The tank was alone on the mobs because everyone else was still buffing themselves and refilling mana/health. The tank just kept pulling, despite her guildies being on the lower end of the gear/dps scale. No sooner were the first mobs killed then the tank was pulling the boss. I hadn’t even finished bending over to loot when I heard “I am the greatest of my father’s sons!” and saw bars start dropping. As soon as the boss fell down the tank was off and running again. She had the arc weld on her and just kept running. At that point I stopped healing her. She obviously did not need me there to heal her. She kept running away from me and the party. The rest of the group wasn’t much better. The warlock would life tap until there were nubbins left then run in and melee. Yes the warlock was whacking things with his dagger. The lowest geared person was the shammy, who at least was smart enough to stay with the healer. I healed her. The other player was a shadow priest. She stuck with me and the shammy, but wasn’t getting any damage so I didn’t have to heal her. At one point I asked the tank if she really had to keep running constantly, even when she had a debuff on her. Silence was all I got. I finally had enough when we killed the 2nd boss and the tank immediately ran into the next room with the spawning Vrykuls. I wasn’t even in the room with her. I just said to hell with it, they obviously don’t need me so I dropped group.

Maybe I was an asshole for that, but frankly I hate runs like that. If you cannot even bother to make sure everyone is there, then you don’t need anyone. That is the one thing guaranteed to piss me off in a PuG run.

Andrew came online and wanted to tank with his pally. We queued up together and got UP. Turns out we had 3 freshly geared 80s. Two were alts and one was someone who hadn’t played in over 6 months. The shammy (the one who hadn’t played in a while) asked if the tank (Andrew) was going to bail immediately. I told them he better not because I would kick his ass. Andrew then pipped up with “Yeah she knows where I live >.>” to which everyone laughed. I told them we didn’t mind that they weren’t uber geared as long as they didn’t do something stupid. I said if they do something stupid I wouldn’t heal them.

We had an arcane mage, a hunter and the enhancement shammy. This was the first hunter I had come across who wasn’t spamming volley every pull. When we got to Svala I had to tell them to kill the adds. Only the shammy and the tank were doing that and each time the ritual came up it was one of them who was caught in it. The mage and the hunter finally stopped dpsing the boss long enough to kill the mobs. I was close to changing out of tree form and spamming hurricane. I had to heal so little that I was joking in vent that I should just go boomkin and heal that way. I would have probably beat their dps too.

Skadi was a pain in the ass because they didn’t seem to know what to do with the harpoons. I swear they were just shooting them each time they got one. Andrew said “how much do you want to bet that the shammy will die in the whirlwind?” To which I said in chat “MOVE AWAY FROM HIS WHIRLWIND WHEN HE COMES DOWN.” He whirled and the shammy ate it. *sigh* He ate it again on the final boss too.

At this point I just felt bad for the kid. He truly was a fail shammy. Having a fail mage, I can relate. Even then I still was never as bad as this dude. He did get a few upgrades and I wished him luck then we bailed.

The best part – I was getting 88-90 fps in the instanced runs.

Fucking game.

Go Read

Seriously, go read Arioch’s post.  She says it so much better than my limited writing skills will allow.

Since I have already said my part on this topic I will let the discussion continue over there, unless I need to make another rebuttal, and I will go forward with my usual weekend recap on Monday.

Feigning death is the way of the future


Yoo-hoo bitches, yoo-hoo


Yes, that goddamn awesome.

When I actually logged into my main server I ended up running heroics with guildies.  Yesterday took the cake though.  Vel, Dily and I queued up as 2 dps and 1 tank and got heroic UP.  I was on fail mage, Vel was on his druid and Dily was tanking on his pally.  Our PuGs were a warrior and a priest.  Turns out they were both from the same server.  Now the warrior was about 200-219 geared and when he actually dpsed he was doing about 2.5-3, WHEN he dpsed mind you.

Oh dear lord this priest. >.>

Nice enough guy, at least in the first 2 minutes of the run.  He queued up as heals, and was dpsing.  At first I thought it was maybe because he was bored, I know some healers will dps when they really don’t need to heal.  He was about 219-226 geared, which could make sense.  The only problem was the tank was dying.  Dily wasn’t getting any heals other than a renew here and there and a bubble.  Vel had to pop out of boomkin form to heal him a bit because I sure as hell couldn’t heal him as a mage.  We kept asking the priest if he was healing or dpsing.  The guy wouldn’t answer.  At one point he was putting out 1100 dps.

I finally stopped and took a look at his spec.  Get this, he had 18 points in shadow, 30 in disc and 23 in holy.  What the hell kind of spec is that?  Now I don’t play a priest, but I think you kind of need to pick one talent tree over the other.  He didn’t have enough points in any tree to do any good in anything!  He was dpsing with shadow spells, but didn’t have enough points to get shadowform, so he was out of shadowform.  He would run up and pull mobs before anyone was in the room.  Vel kept saying that we needed to let him die.

We got to the first boss and he pulled an A-bomb before the boss had even finished her stupid interchange with the lich king.  I killed the damn thing out of spite.  He got close to dying too because Dily wouldn’t go and pull it off of him.  Then the fight started and he didn’t heal anyone.  If he would have been stuck in the sword ritual we would have let him die, but we didn’t get that lucky.  Since he would use so much mana to dps he had to stop and drink constantly.  I play a mage that sucks mana like no one’s business and I have learned how to conserve my mana and refill on the go.  Made me cringe when I saw him stop to drink yet again.

When we got to Skadi I said that the warrior would eat it in the whirlwind and the priest would too.  This was in fact the case.  The warrior got all pissy that he died.  I told him “whirlwinds hurt, you might want to move next time.”  He started bitching that he didn’t get any heals to which I told him “the priest was too busy dpsing to heal anyone.”  Someone then initiated a vote to kick and we booted the horrible priest.  Dily did check his gear and it was a mixture of healing and dps gear, just like his spec >.>

The best part was the blue proto drake dropped. 😀  We had kicked him before we looted too.  The warrior said he would whisper the priest and tell him what happened.  Dily, of course, won the drake because that is the luck he has.  When the rare mount dropped in VoA he won that too >.>

We queued up and got a shammy healer and filled her in on the horrid priest.  When we pulled the next couple groups of mobs Dily pipes up “OMG! Heals!”  We all laughed.

We asked the shammy if she would be willing to come with us on some more heroics and she agreed.  So we queued up again, and fuck we got heroic halls of reflection.

I know fail mage is NOT geared to do this instance and Dily knows his pally is not geared for the instance.  Vel was and the shammy was, but that did not help.  We got a DK who was about 219 geared.  He knew what he was doing though and was pulling 3k easy.  We couldn’t even make it to the first boss.  The only reason we stuck it out was the 15 min debuff.  After several wipes the DK dropped group and we were able to re-queue up again.  Guess what we got!



Since we keep getting this instance we try to go for acheivements.  The last time we were there we did all ruby drakes.  This time we wanted to do all emerald drakes.  This plan ended up being full of fail.  We wiped more here then we did in HoR.  The healer, who kept pushing to get the acheivement, ended up having a convienent D/C so we queued up for another person and had decided to do it the regular way and to hell with achievements, we just wanted to be done.  The guy knew what he was doing and we pulled it off in moments, and we all ajourned back to our respective servers.

So if you get a priest from Mannoroth with the name Roxy or Roxie something or other make sure he isn’t healing.  He has a bright pink tabbard with blue stars.  Just either vote to kick or drop group.  He is not there to heal.

The jerk tank and why you don’t piss off a blogger

This weekend I had the misfortune to be in a group with this guy for heroic Oculus.  Now from what I have heard, most people drop group the moment they see it is Oculus.  Since I had never done it on my mage I hoped that the group would stay.  Well I got lucky in that everyone stayed.  I was unlucky with the tank.  *sigh*

Before I start any instance I like to scan over the people I am with to gauge what kind of run I am going to get.  The tank and the rogue were very well geared.  The resto druid, the hunter and myself were fresh 80s gear.  No prob, we could do it.  Before we started the hunter apologized and had to AFK really quick, no biggie, we told him we could wait.  Everyone but the tank stayed and waited for the hunter to come back.  The tank decided he was going to get the party started and ran into the first pile of mobs.  The rest of us had no choice but to follow him.  As we started AoEing the crap out of the whelplings the hunter came back and joined us in the AoE storm.

The first part of the instance is fairly straightforward, you run down the row and dps the mobs.  Afterwards it can get slightly confusing if you have never been there before.  The hunter and the druid had never been there before.

We killed the first boss, who btw is a huge PITA for casters >.>, and the tank, the rogue and myself mounted up on drakes.  The druid had no idea what to do and ended up picking a ruby drake.  The poor hunter was totally lost.  The tank starts in on them and calls them retards and said that we were in for a ride because the retards don’t know shit.  I piped up and told him to cut it out.  I told the druid to get on a green drake and explained to the hunter how to get an amber drake.  Before the hunter could even mount up the tank was off to where he was going to have us start.  I tried to help the hunter find us, but he somehow got killed.  The tank kept berating him the entire time.  The hunter zoned back in, apologized and dropped group.

The tank of course was the party leader and so he queued us up for another dps.  We got another hunter.  I let him know where we were and we continued to dps the mobs down.

In the absence of the newbie hunter the tank starts in on the tree.  He starts calling her a retard and saying “I have such a fail healer.  What the fuck are you doing spamming healing touch?”  I stood up for the healer and said she was probably a fresh 80 and hadn’t gotten her healing rotation down.  I then told the tree, “My main is a resto druid.  Your best healing rotation is to put 1 or 2 HoTs up on the target then spam Nourish if you need bigger heals.”  She thanked me then dropped group.

Then the tank started in on me and my dps.  I was doing 1800-2000 btw.  Started going off about how bad my dps was and how he was doing double mine, he was doing 2600.  I said “First of all we were NOT over geared and were doing quite well for our gear levels.  Secondly you are an asshole.”  I then put him on ignore and dropped group.  I still can’t believe I put up with that for as long as I did.

So to all of you on the Ruin battlegroup, if you get this guy drop group and take the 15 min wait time.  Or better yet, put him on ignore, THEN drop group.  I want this jerk to never get a good group again.  There is NO REASON to treat people like that ever.

Also, if you are a jerk I will totally call you out on it and tell the small corner of the Internet that reads my blog.