Oh yeah!

So I guess I should be posting a blog post here huh?  Yeah I am a total slacker.  Forgive me?

Last night was ICC 25.  I was ready to go on my lock.  One of the first people inside (as per usual) and had a portal down to summon the lazy.  We had just summoned in the last person when I find out that Tir is short healers.


Arioch had already switched to her priest and so I asked Tir if he needed my druid.



Ok, ok it isn’t the end of the world.  I know I am helping out everyone.  This is why I transferred my druid over right? *cries*

Healing commence!

The healers were all SR peeps.  Sorak, Ari, Tel, Slice and myself.  This of course meant that we were talking shit about everyone else.  Healer channel FTMFW.

Also, what the hell is up with DPS not having any fucking situational awareness?  When the shock vortexes occur in BP do me a favor and follow this step by step list:

1.  Look to see if there are people around you

2.  If there are people, move away 10 yards from them

3.  Once you are 10 yards away, STAND THE FUCK STILL

4.  Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT keep running.

5.  If there are no people around you, STAND THE FUCK STILL AND DPS

6.  Do not run into the healer’s bubble and force her to move away from the tank who is dying and needs heals.  This will cause her to be hit and pushed back.  This means that she is even FURTHER away from her healing target, who by the way, IS STILL FUCKING DYING!

Seriously, don’t make me hate you any more than I already do.