6/7 Heroic! Yay for SR!!

6/7 Heroic baby!!

Heroic Rhyolith Down!


Now we never have to do that stupid fight on heroic again!

It is about fucking time! >.<

Oh look, we’re all alive too!


Oh yeah, 4/7 heroic bitches!

Screenshot Friday

I thought I would share my picture of the kill

Rag down

SR - 09/27/11 - Ragnaros

First Rag kill - Go SR!

Huntard down!

SR got Shannox down tonight!

A 2nd ember dropped for my staff too! 😀

Grats guys!

SR - Shannox 07/13/11

12/12 – SR is kicking ass!

Tonight SR downed Al’Akir and put ourselves at 12/12 for current content!

Booooooooooooooooooooooom! 12/12 FTW!

We then attempted to take a kill shot:

Attempt #1

I tried yet again:

Attempt #elventybillion

Besides all we really want to see is this:

Oh yeah bitches!

Screenshot THURSDAY – Nef is Down BITCHES!

BOOM BABY! - SR 06/15/11

SR in their mangowns for the kill shot