Late, LATE post >.>

Sooooooooooooooooo yeah, this post is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late.  Sorry about that.  I got home and my sweetie had me get online to do HH, where I didn’t get the helm *sadface*, then the heroic daily was AN which is what I needed for my lock’s proof of demise acheivement.  Then others came online and wanted to do it too, so I tried my hand at dpsing on my druid, since the priest we have is specced heals and pvp heals, so yeah no dps spec for her.  It didn’t go off too badly.  I did almost 3500 dps on the first boss, almost 1700 on the 2nd boss (did a bunch of poison clenses and general non dpsing stuff), and then 1650 on the final boss.  Same thing there as on the 2nd boss, I focused on adds and cleaning the poison instead of pew pewing the boss.  Considering this is in resto gear with a dps necklace (that I switched in to give myself a little bit of hit) I really didn’t do as badly as I thought.  I still have no rotation though, which is fail, but hey I’m a tree!  It happens.


Today there is a particularly fantastic article by Arioch over at She is so uber and I want to be like her one day 😉


Seriously though, if you aren’t already reading her blog you should be.










Dance chicken, dance!


oh and um tame a shitton of penguins



Crazy penguin lady

Late post is late, kinda

Yeah I fell asleep without making a new entry, oh well, it is up now! 😀


Yesterday I bitched and moaned about our lack of participation in our raids and got a ton of feedback.  Thanks guys for all of your input! 😀  I really do appreciate it!  I decided to schedule the Ulduar raid for Sunday around 5:15 pm EST.  We might end up having to pug a healer, but I wont know until Saturday night.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


My friend Andrew, who got me playing WoW, changed servers from Bloodhoof over to a RP server since that is his thing.  I made a few characters over there (warlocks of course) to play with him and to attempt to RP.  Until I played with him on that server, I had never RP’d.  I still have no clue what I am doing.  I was in theater in high school, was even on the improv team, but had never RP’d.  I still cannot wrap my mind around what exactly you do.  Don’t get me wrong, I know the mechanics, but the implementation of the mechanics just doesn’t make sense to me on how it works.  Guess I am just too right brained for it.  Remember I’m an accountant with no artistic talent. >.>


What I would do when I would play with him and we would have to RP was played a slightly more irritating version of myself.  Yeah I know, lame, but I didn’t know what else to do!  Although we were leveling in Westfall and we started RPing with a random player in front of the fire pit and she complemented me on my RP skills.  I told her that it was my first time RPing and she said she had no idea.  I guess I wasn’t too far off from my personality apparently.


How my friends put up with me I will never know.


Anyway, this was not the point of this post (I ramble if you haven’t already noticed).  The point was that Andrew mentioned to me yesterday that he MIGHT (being the imperative word) bring over 1 or 2 of his level 80 toons from the RP server back over to Bloodhoof so he can raid with us.  His friend might also bring over her Disc priest.




Now I know this hasn’t been decided yet, but I am so excited by the possibility of it happening that I had to share. 😀


So Andrew, you better come back to Bloodhoof!  We need you!