Get that nose to the grindstone!

Leveling is upon us yet again!

So far I am enjoying myself.  I wasn’t at first though.  I’ll tell you why.

Slice and I were going to level together, you know doing the whole cutesy couple thing, etc.  We have two very different styles when it comes to leveling.  I read the quest text, and then usually have to re-read it because I have been distracted by vent or gchat and didn’t comprehend anything I just read.  Slice grabs the quest and runs.  He also HATES questing where I enjoy it.

Now someone please explain why we were going to attempt to level together?

It started out ok.  I had wanted to go to Vashj’ir first but as Slice pointed out Hyjal has the caster head enchant.  So to Hyjal we went!  My brother had been up since midnight and had attempted to level with Zug (who has since been proven to be a robot) but quickly was left in the dust in the wee hours of the morning.  As it was, he was about a level ahead of us having completed Vashj’ir.  Regardless, he wanted to level with us so joined us in Hyjal.  The first few quests went fairly quickly.  We were pretty much on the same page for like the first 20 mins, then somehow I got behind.  When I was just getting to the quest giver they were done with the quest and wanted to know if I had gotten credit.  Um no guys, I don’t even have the fricken quest!


I finally got pissed and just said to hell with it and dropped group.  My brother did part with “Don’t get all butthurt.”  It wasn’t so much that I was butthurt, I just wasn’t having fun.  I enjoy questing.  I like reading the quests, especially new quests that I haven’t done 20 million times.  I am not all about flying through the levels.  Yes we have a time limit on getting to 85 and geared, but frankly I have time.  I don’t do anything else with my time but play WoW.  It isn’t like I have other things I have to do instead.  I have no doubt that I will be 85 by the end of this weekend.  Then I will begin to level up Tattia and gear out Lyssi.  Hopefully Tattia will go a bit faster than Lyssi did (now that I know what to expect) and I will be able to get back to PPP.

Once I left them and got to level on my own terms I started having fun again.  I ended up almost finishing Hyjal before crashing out for the night.  I think I had like 10 quests left.  I find it odd that you get the zone completed with 115 quests and yet you have a bunch more to do afterwards.  Considering everything is linear, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t get all of the quests in the zone.  It isn’t like Nagrand where you have to go to Shat to get a quest that takes you to Shadowmoon Valley that then takes you back to Nagrand in order to get Nagrand Slam.

Yes I am still pissed over that.

On Tuesday I got to 98% to level 82 before I crashed out.  When I logged in yesterday I completed the quests in Hyjal, dinging 82 in the process (all on rested xp too!) then got the quests that took me into Deepholm.  Again I had wanted to go back and do Vashj’ir but apparently the game had different ideas.

Slice made a comment about how Deepholm reminds him of Nagrand.  I didn’t understand it until I saw it.  Personally I think it looks more like Netherstorm.  All the rocks & crystals everywhere.  I particularly like the floating pieces of rock around you.  Little touches. 🙂

Oh!  Has anyone noticed that Thrall’s woman sounds like Sindragosa!?!?  I could just hear her telling me that my pathetic magic had betrayed me.  I am convinced that they are the same voice actor.  Now I am aware that I could be wrong and she could share the voice actor with Lady Deathwhisper, but I am pretty positive that her voice was used in ICC.  When I first heard it I was all “Oh no my pathetic magic HAS betrayed me!”

Or as my brother says “BUBBLES NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Yeah I know, inside joke, but I laughed and that is all that matters!

Now how do I feel about leveling as my lock.?  I posted yesterday on Ful’s post at Killing em Slowly about how my warlocking went.  If you aren’t reading them, you totally should.  I seriously ❤ that blog.

I started out as affliction when I was running around with Slice and my brother.  I had the blueberry out and I didn’t see any major problems with him surviving.  It wasn’t until I went solo that I noticed that he was dying pretty damn fast.  Also when the hell did they nerf health funnel?!!?  It now lasts like 2 seconds and hardly heals the damn minion.  I have to hit it like 5 or 6 times to keep my blueberry alive.  Insane I tell you.  Towards the end of the night I changed over to my demo spec just to see if that would help with minion survivability.  It did to an extent.  I think I know what the problem was though.

When I level as affliction I send the blueberry in, completely dot up the mob (previously I just hit corruption and CoA, can’t do that anymore) then send him off to another mob, rinse and repeat.  What I found myself doing was sending in the blueberry, loading up the mob with everything I had (haunt, UA, Cor, BoA & whichever curse is best) then moving on to the next target.  This usually has the mob come back and hit me when it is around 30-40% health.  Since affliction has so much passive healing, I wasn’t really taking all that much damage.  My poor blueberry was though.  In my hurry to level I completely forgot to adjust my spec from my raiding spec to a leveling spec.  Specifically the 2 points in Fel Synergy.  Last night I made it a point to respec and popped those two points in there.  It made a HUGE difference.  I still can’t quite chain pull like I used to, the mobs just have too much health.  But I can consistently pull 3-4 mobs at a time.

I think I just fail at Demo.  I have too many buttons that I don’t understand and just nowhere to put them.  Yes I am aware that I could get an addon to give me more bars, but frankly I try to avoid getting UI changing addons.  I don’t enjoy having a borked UI when patches hit.  I just need to seriously go through and delete from my bars everything and put them back up one at a time.  The problem is I have played so long as affliction that I don’t know if I could ever get used to Demo.  Even in the short time that I was demo for raiding I still floundered around.  There is a big difference in raiding and leveling.  I have never leveled as demo.  Add into that all the new spells that demo has (and warlocks have in general) and that just dovetails into my bars being full and me being confused.

Yeah I know, QQ moar noob.

Over my leveling I had pretty much picked up an entirely new set of gear.  I decided last night to switch out my purples for the greens and blues I had picked up.  Mostly to make a better decision on upgrades, but also because repairs are cheaper. 😀  I need to clean out my banks to find room for my gear.  I know I should probably shard it, but I am not sure if I should still use some of it.  I changed over without really looking at anything.  Was almost kind of liberating.

BTW I have over 50k health.

Lock tank!

Leveling and LFD after 4.01

As you all know I love me some leveling.  I have so many alts I have had worries that I might have to delete some because I might be getting close to the 50 character cap.

Yeah I am pretty bad.

As some of you know I have been trying my damnedest to level a priest almost since I started playing WoW.  Once I get into the swing of it, something happens that stops me from continuing.  My first priest was made when Andrew got me Burning Crusade for my birthday in 2008.  Lyssiana (I happen to REALLY like the name) was a pretty little draenei priest.  At this point in time I still didn’t know much about the game.  I figured that since most my spells were holy based, I would level her holy and just smite and holy fire my way to 70.  I had every intention of making her my first healer.

Around the same time I was starting the make the push to get Millea leveled.  I was distracted with Lyssiana long enough to get her to 24 then I had to stop playing her and focus on Millea again.  She just kind of sat there and gathered dust.

Fast forward to Wrath and the LFD.  I now had 3 80s, Millea, Tatia and Fail Mage.  I had decided that I was going to level my priest.  I got her decked out in heirlooms.  I even did MC on Millea so that I could get the +30 spellpower enchant to put on the mace.  I scoured the AH and found her all manner of yummy blues and greens.  She is a JC so I made sure her rings and neck piece were the best I could make for her.

I fixed her spec and started queuing up for random dungeons as a healer.  She was going to be a holy priest.  In between dungeons (yeah she sometimes had to wait, even as a healer) she was running around hitting things with holy fire and lolsmiting.  I also was wanding a whole lot.  When I didn’t wand I had to drink.  A LOT.

That part wasn’t fun.

The dungeons weren’t all that much better.  I ran the same SM instances so many times I even got the same players.  I actually had to make a macro to stop people from being dicks.  It really didn’t work, just made a few people laugh.

One day I decided I wanted to level my horde warlock Lyssianna, the one that is now my main.  My little priest just kind of got abandoned.

Fast forward to when I server transferred Tatia.  I stripped Lyssiana of all her heirlooms and shipped them off to DT.  To this day she is still sitting in less than full gear.  Poor priesty.

When Slice transferred his priest to Alliance we decided we were going to roll lowbie Alliance toons and level as a group with our friends.  I spoke of this group in past posts.  I rolled a priest and named her Lyssianna (I told you I like this name).  Our group got to 20 (well Zari got to 22 because only leveling together is a foreign concept to him :-p) and then fell apart.  Mostly because Del has stopped playing, but also because we just never got around to finding a time that worked for everyone.  This is kind of a bummer because the group leveling was a blast.

So yet again I have another priest that got abandoned.  I now had a level 34 priest and a level 20 priest sitting gathering dust.

Shortly before 4.01 launched I decided I was going to make yet another priest.  This time I would make her on Drak.  I wasn’t going to level her with heirlooms but I WAS going to level her mostly through dungeons and PvP.  She would be a disc priest because I heard a rumor that they would get penance at level 10.  I didn’t want to level with heirlooms because I wanted to experience the excitement of getting new gear in dungeons.  When you have heirlooms, you really don’t get new gear all that often.  I decided I wasn’t going to twink her out with enchants or even make gear for her with Lyssi.  I was just going to take what I could get while I went through.

I leveled her to 10 and then waited for the patch to drop.  I think I waited like 2 days, not too long.  It took me longer to decide what her professions were going to be than it did to get to level 10.

When the patch hit I of course took care of Lyssi, Tattia, Fail Mage & the DK first.  I even took care of the baby pally.  After they were taken care of I high tailed it back to my new priest.  I have decided that she is a pretty pretty princess.  I personally think she is even prettier than Lyssi.  As a result, she will have a purple hawkstrider, a pink epic hawkstrider and only fly on her sparkle pony.  As soon as I can, I am making her a complete princess outfit.

Yes I am serious.

I had previously decided that she would be leveling as Disc.  I figured that I could pew pew things with Penance and probably do quite well.  I killed a level 21 elite as level 17, solo I might add. 😀  Bubbles are OP, just sayin’.

At level 10 I queued up for a BG.  It was like the day of the patch or the day after, I can’t remember.  It was insane.  There was this level 19 frost mage, twinked out to the teeth (why he was in regular BGs instead of with twinks is beyond me; I am convinced he was just an asshole) 1 and 2 shotting everyone on the field.  You seriously couldn’t do a damn thing against him.  At one point everyone rushed him, and he killed us all.  It was pretty fucked up.  Being level 10 in the 19 bracket, I expected to die a lot, which I did.  At one point I found my way to the bushes in the middle and hid in them healing people.  The stupid water elemental from the frost mage found me and killed me though.  Fucker.

I queued up again afterwards, in the hope that it wouldn’t be THAT bad again.

It was.

I kind of gave up for the night after that.  I worked on some quests on PPP and got her into the Ghostlands.

One of the things I noticed after the patch hit was I was leveling like crazy.  I don’t know if it was just the extra XP I got from picking flowers (awesome addition btw) or if they just seriously reduced the amount of XP needed to level.  I have a feeling it is a bit of both.  I can’t imagine how quickly the leveling would go if I had heirlooms.  Hell everything would be grey before I would have a chance to even pick it up.  As it was, most quests went green pretty quickly.  Since I wanted the rep for Tranquillin I wanted to make sure I did all the quests.  I made it a habit to go do all the green quests first.  Usually by the time I finished the first batch of green quests, the yellow ones had turned green.

When I hit 15 I started queuing up for dungeons.  BTW neat thing!  You CANNOT queue for WC until you discover it.  Guess which instance I will NEVER go discover?  That’s right bitches. 😀

In the beginning you (of course) get RFC over and over again.  The first group I had was a pretty decent one.  The tank had no problem holding aggro and the dps weren’t jerks.  It was a good start.  I won the bracers from the boss and got a nifty cloak from my bag.  A very good start!

I dropped group and did a couple quests.  I have noticed that I typically have anywhere from a 10 min to 20 min wait for a dungeon, as a healer.  The only thing I can think of is the lack of tanks.  I think more people will level healers vs actually leveling a tank.  It makes sense when you think about it.

The second group I got was not so great.  First of all the tank had the lowest health out of everyone, including me.  I had recently hit 17.  The tank was 15, everyone else was 16-17.  The tank chimes up with “Oh goody my first dungeon as a pally tank.”  The person with the most health was an aff lock.  This guy was an asshole.  It took me a min to realize that the warlock was in fact tanking and the pally tank was running somewhere behind me.  The warlock started picking on the pally tank and at that point I just stopped healing him.

Eventually he died and I left him there.  He said “I think the healer was afk.”  I replied “Nope I just didn’t heal you.”  At that point he said “Ok looks like I am running back.”  There was a shaman and a pally in the group, both could have rezzed him, the fact that no one did didn’t seem to phase him.  Even had I wanted to rez him I couldn’t have because they stayed in combat.  The pally tank was horrible.  Apparently they don’t get righteous fury until 16 so the dude couldn’t hold threat, even off me.  On top of that he was auto attacking one mob at a time.  It was a horrible run.  The warlock finally made it back to the group just as the tank engaged the boss, completely ignoring the fact that the other warlock (there were 2 in the group) and the shaman were still fighting adds.  The cuffs dropped again, I passed and dropped group.  I wasn’t staying with those guys any longer.

In an attempt to not get RFC again I queued up for WSG.  Guess who was in that with me? >.>  Yep Mr. Warlock himself.


He either didn’t recognize me or chose to ignore me.  Hell he could have put me on ignore for all I know.  It was funny to say the least.  This time I didn’t bother moving away from our base.  I stayed near the graveyard and rebuffed the newly rezzed people and attacked the alliance toons that were running out of our base.  There was an actual plan in this run and we managed to pull it off.  I was “guarding” the bear that had the flag along with a shaman.  It was actually a pretty fun time.  We kept joking in chat.  There were two Sub rogues in the group and they kept competing with each other.  At first they were fighting, but by the end they were buddies and joking about how OP ambush is.

We ended up winning that BG.  It was a refreshing change after how the last couple I was in.

I queued up for another one and did the same thing as the previous one, kind of.  I did go on the offensive a bit more on this one.  I killed around 4-5 people.  I managed to get the killing blow on 2 of them.  Penance as a dps spell is just pure win.  I ended up guarding the flag room with a kitty and we were able to defend against the alliance that kept trying to take our flag.  They all died. 😀

I went back to questing for a bit.  I capped out the evening by hitting 20 and getting my mount.  I am very unhappy to say that the only thing you get at 20 is riding.  No talent point, no new spell.  Simply riding.

Slice pointed out that riding is kind of a big deal, but yeah, I was hoping for a new spell 😦

Sunday I went back and queued up for dungeons.  I got Deadmines for a dungeon that was already in progress.  Apparently they had wiped on the boss right before VC and the healer left.  I zoned in to find a mage next to me and the tank and 2 other dps corpse running.  They asked if I could rez them, I said sure but couldn’t find their bodies.  The mage apparently wasn’t going to wait for the tank to come back and started pulling mobs one at a time.  One of the other dps dropped group instead of running back.  Eventually they all got back.  The mage conveniently D/Cd so I conveniently voted to kick him.  For the first time I was given the pop up window where I was able to put in a reason.  We ended up getting a kitty druid who was a really nice and helpful guy.  In fact the whole group was pretty awesome.  I managed to win the staff and the chest piece that VC drops.  Mix that in with some boots I got and PPP looked like a pirate wench.  Was rather funny.

Ahem "Argg" and somesuch

I queued up again and got a SFK run.  I had been in the middle of questing so my mana was almost out.  I tried to drink after buffing everyone but the tank was already off and running.  Each time I tried to sit and drink the tank would be off pulling another group of mobs.  I finally said “I need to get mana” and the kitty druid told the tank to keep pulling he would heal him.  The tank was horrible to start with.  I had so many mobs hitting me from putting one bubble on him.  I got pissed and said “Well looks like you don’t need me” and dropped group.  Fuck that noise.

I quested some more while waiting out my debuff then queued up again.  I got a fresh Deadmines run.  Other than people congratulating each other on level dinging, it was silent.  The shaman & the warrior seemed to be vying for who was tanking.  Once the druid hit 20 he switched from caster form to bear form.  He then started tanking as well.  The warlock (demo) had her felguard (how weird is it to see a felguard in the low level dungeons?) and he was tanking as well.  She was occasionally putting up a BoA or a corruption.  Then she would melee if a mob would get too close.  I was VERY disappointed in this warlock.

Everyone leveled at least once.  The druid leveled twice.  I snagged the gloves and the wand.  Getting gear is fun!

I did some more quests, then queued up hoping I would get SFK (I wanted the robes) and got BFD.  As soon as I zoned in I knew it was going to be one of those groups.  The warrior tank was off and running as soon as he zoned in.  There was another priest (dpsing as Disc too) a kitty druid and an arcane mage.  The mage was having issues zoning in.  The druid (her and the mage were married) let the party know, but the tank wasn’t listening.  He seriously just kept running until he had a half dozen mobs on him then would dps them down and run off to grab more mobs.  I felt like I was in an 80 heroic with an ICC heroic geared tank.  While jumping in the beginning of the dungeon I fell in the water (I fail at jumping btw) so I was a bit behind everyone else.  That is when I realized that the dpsing Disc priest was healing.  I thanked him for healing and asked him why he was dpsing as disc.  He said he forgot to switch back to his shadow spec.  I said, well you can do it now.  Did he?  Nope.

I will tell you why.

The asshole tank and the disc dpsing priest were from the same server, my server in fact.  They never stopped being in combat.  If the tank was dead (I stopped healing him at this point) the priest would stay in combat.  As you know, you cannot kick someone if you are in combat or recently leave combat.  At one point it was down until 30 seconds before I could kick him and they went back into combat.  I was pissed.  The kitty went bear at one point because the warrior really wasn’t tanking anything.  The three of us kind of stuck together.  The bear tanking, me healing and the mage dpsing while the other two were off doing whatever they were doing.  I was whispering with the bear and mage and we decided to stay in group once we were done (since there wasn’t going to be a way to kick the warrior) and just queue up together.  When the boss was killed cloth pants dropped.  The warrior needed on them in an attempt to ninja them from us.  Luckily the mage won them.  In fact the mage won every drop (it was all cloth/caster gear), it was kind of funny.

The three of us queued up again and got stockades.  The bear had never been there.  Funny considering they both had been playing for 5 years.  We got a nice hunter and shaman.  The five of us just kicked ass in the dungeon.  When the tank accidentally overpulled I kept everyone alive.  I got lots of complements on my healing.  Everyone was chatting and just having fun talking.  It was groups like these that make me wish I had a cross server friend’s list so I could queue up with them.

I managed to finish up the weekend at level 24.  I know you get your first glyphs at 25 so I was a bit bummed that I didn’t make it there.  I was so tired that I just couldn’t stay up long enough to make the push.

All in all it was a very productive weekend.  I think that the dungeons are going to be packed a bit more with the jerks than before.  So many people are taking advantage of the new spells and talents you have at lower levels and are flooding the dungeons.  While I saw more jerks than nice people, it wasn’t bad enough to fully drive me away.  I intend to take full advantage of the dungeon finder with the PPP.  I just hope the jerks will be less as I get higher up in the levels.

So far I am pretty happy with the new leveling experience.  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store 😀

The leveling game

As I have mentioned several times, I am an altoholic.  I have a ton of characters and I enjoy leveling them.  To me, the leveling “grind” isn’t really a grind.  Sure there are ranges of levels that I cannot stand.  Level 50-58 I am looking at you.  Despite all of that I still have a blast leveling.

I get into this “mode.”

I don’t use a leveling guide.  I think a large part of why I don’t use a leveling guide is because it tells me how I need to play.  If I want to go and do these quests over here, and they aren’t in the guide, then forget it I am not allowed to do them lest I mess up the guide.

Yes I know it isn’t quite that cut and dry but I do know of a few people who treat guides that way.

After all, what is the point of a guide if you don’t follow it?


Not my thing.

As I am sure you are all aware, I have a big issue with being told what to do without explanation.  “Because I said so” is not a good enough motive for me.  I have this need to know why.  I am not a very good sheep.

Not at all.

It isn’t so much my need to blaze a trail, because it really isn’t.  I am very comfortable with routine and the known.  Anyone who knows me knows that I eat almost the same thing every day and follow the same pattern.  When I deviate from the norm, I am not really all that comfortable.  Call it CDO (or OCD for those of you not afflicted) or what have you, but I need my patterns.  I need the comfort in the knowledge I have on a particular person/place/thing.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t try something new, because I will, but it takes a hell of a lot more for me to adopt the new method.  Usually people don’t have the patience for me to fully embrace something.

Anyway, enough musing, back to my original purpose of this post!

On top of the trio (now quad) and duo characters that I made to level with Slice and Del, I made a pally to solo level when I couldn’t level with them.  Since the leveling groups can’t seem to get off the ground I have been leveling the pally a lot.

I am leveling her without any heirlooms or help from an 80.  This is kind of how I was planning on leveling my roguelette.  Technically I do have an 80 on the server, but Failmage was cleaned out on badges and honor when I transferred my druid to DT so she really doesn’t have anything left to help the pally out with.  The only thing she has is cash and I am trying to not use that.  I am leveling jewel crafting and mining on my pally and trying to make my money there.  So far the only thing I have used Failmage for is the few bags and JC mats she brought over from Bloodhoof.  My poor JC over there now has no gems or stock of bars.

Oh well.

Thanks to a pretty awesome economy on the new server, I have been able to make decent gold for a leveling toon.  I recently moved her from 90 to 130 on her jewel crafting and I was able to sell 96% of the goods making her almost 50 gold.  This is actually pretty decent when you think about what level all these things were.  There was also a ton of the same things on the market.  I am not sure if people actually purchased the items to use them (either as gear or for enchanting mats) or if I was bought out by someone trying to control the market.  I am leaning towards someone leveling their enchanting.  The money was pretty awesome because I was able to purchase a mining bag.

Just as an aside – WTF is it with this server?!!?  A 20 slot mining bag should not be listed for 150g.  I do want to express my heartfelt joy at finding a bag at 25g though – was totally awesome.  Even on Bloodhoof the mining bags NEVER sold for 150g, even the 32 slotter!  Crazy server economy, seriously.

What is up with copper nodes EVERYWHERE in the first 4 zones?  Copper turns grey pretty damn quick so there really is no justification for it to be so abundant through the level 30 zones.

I was telling Slice yesterday that out of all the professions I think mining is my favorite.  Considering I have never maxed it out, I still really enjoy it.  I have leveled it up with smelting (on my DK, very expensive I don’t recommend it) and I have leveled it up to fel iron on my roguelette.  The biggest problem I have found was moving from tin to iron.  The biggest issue for this?  NO FUCKING TIN ANYWHERE.  There is nothing but copper EVERYWHERE.  Seriously Blizz, I hope this gets fixed in Cataclysm.  No one needs that much copper.

No one.

Anyway.  There is just something about finding a mining node and snagging it.  I get so excited when I find a node that is in my level range.  Currently on the pally I am mining iron.  Whenever I find one I just start giggling and get all giddy.

I can’t explain it.  I just get happy.

Herbing only does that for me when I find a frost lotus node.  Which BTW I keep finding in WG.  Makes me really happy. 😀

I have this habit of talking to the game while I am playing.  I name call, talk smack, etc.  The best part (at least to me) is I hit my PTT button and share my voice with the people in vent with me.

Entertainment people.  It is free entertainment.  My gift to you! 😀

I am so giving 😀

Leveling the pally has been pretty fun.  On Saturday I got a Paladin quest that had me go into SFK, DM and BFD.  I was level 25 when I started it.  I thought to myself, “hey you could totally solo SFK & DM!”  So I ran out to SFK (seriously long run for Alliance, I got spoiled as Horde) and started the dungeon.

I was able to solo it without dying (dinging 26 shortly after starting it) but it took forever.  To make things worse, the vast majority of the mobs were grey.  I did end up with some pretty sweet blue gear and a ton of greens.  What makes me mad was I couldn’t solo the final boss.  He would transform me into a worgen and end up being at full health.  So even if I got him lower than 50% it wouldn’t matter.  Pissed me off.  I worked so hard to get up to him, clearing all the irritating trash just to fail at completing the dungeon fully.

Waste of 2 hours.

Afterwards I ran out to BFD.  I got lucky in that I didn’t have to go into the instance to get the item.  I just had to kill the mobs on the outside.  Once that was done I made my way back to DM and only went as far as the room where the mobs I needed were at.  I got lucky and the item dropped off the first one I killed.  I hearthed out of there.  Everything was grey and not worth my time it took to kill the elites.

I get all the items together for the quest, turn them in, just to find out that the weapon that was crafted for me was more suited to a holy pally.


Oh well, I put the mace in my bank.  It was a cool quest nonetheless.

I kept plugging away for the rest of the weekend and when I logged out last night I had just dinged 33.  I will most likely be playing her again tonight.  I had to resort to leveling in STV again.  All the quests in AH and DWM were orange and red.  I like to quest on yellow quests.  Orange can just take too much time.  When I pick her back up again I will keep questing in STV until the quests in the other areas turn yellow.  Then I will move back over there.  It will break up being in STV for 15 levels.

The trio is supposed to be questing on Tuesday night.  Keep your fingers crossed that it happens.  I want to level my priest damn it!

Koalabear’s “So you want to level a warlock?” Guide



This is how I level warlocks.  This is not the end all be all leveling guide.  This is how I play and is just another suggestion to throw into the pot.  I love playing a warlock.  I have, at last count, seven warlocks spread across several servers.  Many of them are under level 10 but three are at decent levels (at this time Maddielyn is 30, Lyssianna is 51 and Millea is 80).  This means that I have indeed leveled through and can give a fair recount of what you could do.  Again, please take this with a grain of salt.  The interwebs are full of awesome leveling guides; this is just one person’s preferred method.

Welcome!  Several of my guildies/friends have decided to roll a warlock and have asked me what they should do.  I love warlocks.  I love playing them, leveling them and telling people how much I love them. ^_^  With that being said, away we go!

First off pick your race.  Alliance gets to choose between Humans and Gnomes.  In Cataclysm they will obtain W0rgen.  Since this “guide” was written during Wrath, you don’t get them.  Too bad, so sad.  Horde gets to choose between Orc, Undead and Blood Elf.  In Cataclysm they will also be able to be Goblins.  I personally will be leveling a Worgen warlock and a Goblin one.  I have found that I can play any of the races without a problem, except for Orcs.  I just have an issue with there not being a single pretty female Orc hairstyle.  My characters have one rule, they have to be pretty.  Yes, there is 1 pretty Undead female face, so I am able to stand them.  The Orc females just aren’t pretty.  They all look like they are pissed off.  While that is AWESOME for a warlock, not so much for my personal play style.  There are perks to each race, but I am not going to go into that here.  That is all up to you and whether you are a min/maxer or not.

The first 10 levels before you get your void walker are pretty much the same as leveling another class.  You are a caster in a cloth robe.  You will have to drink constantly.  At least you did until Blizzard changed everything.  Now up to level 10 your mana and health regen are insane.  Enjoy this while it lasts.  As soon as it goes away, you might end up wishing you were a mage and could create water for yourself.

You used to have to complete a quest in order to get your imp.  Now you can train your imp for 95c at level 1.  Which, having leveled a human and belf warlock, is utter bullshit.  Those two quests were a pain in the ass.  Now all the mobs are yellow and you get your imp at level 1.  Crap, but true.  Get your imp as soon as you can because the added dps is quite a bit of help.  My favorite thing to do is to send out the imp, then dot up the mob, using shadow bolt only when necessary.  Ultimately, these 10 levels will go by so quickly, it really wont matter.

Once you complete the quest chain where you receive your void walker (level 10) you will continue along as you pretty much had already been doing, only now you have your own personal tank, who can’t hold aggro for shit.  He does get better, but in the beginning, he sucks.  The first two points you should spend your talent points on are Fel Synergy Rank 1 and Fel Synergy Rank 2.  This talent will help to keep your minion alive, assuming you are still dealing damage.  Even though it isn’t in the raiding spec for warlocks, I still keep 2 points in Millea’s tree for this talent.  Your minions do a large part of your overall damage, so it is just silly to let them die right away.

I am going to assume you are now around level 20.  You get a “free” mount from your trainer.  It is free in that you don’t have to pay for the riding training, but it will still cost you around 33s.  You will also begin a quest chain to get your succubus.  I have been told that hordeside there are 2 quest chains for this.  The “easy” one you get from the trainer in Org or the “hard” one from the trainer in UC.  I was a belf, I went to UC.  I didn’t know about the “easy” quest.  The quest chain I did was a pain in the ass, and had I known there was an easier one, I would have soooo been there.  So if you are horde, do yourself a favor and go to Org for this chain.  Alliance has only one quest (that I am aware of) and it isn’t too bad.  Mostly it is a lot of running.  At least with Alliance, you aren’t running through higher level zones like you are on the UC one.  Thottbot is great on this quest chain if you get stuck.

Now I am assuming you are going to keep with my method of leveling.  Since this is the case, you can put away your Succubus once you get her because you won’t be using her any time soon.

Your talent tree at level 20 should look something like this.  I picked drain soul because you should be finishing off all of the mobs with it.  With the talent, you get mana back; which at this level is most helpful.

The next minion quest you get is for your felhunter.  This happens around level 30.  The felhunter is the affliction warlock dungeon minion of choice.  His int and spirit buff is very helpful to lower level casters.  While the imp has the stam buff and does more damage, the felhunter is who you will most likely go with.  If you find yourself in a group where you and the healer are the only casters (and there isn’t a warrior) then you could use the imp, but I typically use the felpuppy, even in those cases. 

While leveling, you should only bring out the fel puppy when there is a tank.  This means that ol’ big blue will still be your minion of choice.  At level 30 the tree should look something like this.

At level 32 you can finally spec into Siphon Life.  This is where it starts to get fun.  Siphon life heals you from your corruption spells.  At the lower levels this is just Corruption, but later on this ability also works off of Seed of Corruption.  Since you don’t get SoC until level 70, you just have that one spell.  Once you get this talent you will become an unstoppable machine.

This is how you do it:

Step 1 – Send out your void walker, make sure he hits the mob.  Treat him like a warrior tank.

Step 2 – Hit the mob with Corruption then Curse of Agony.

Step 3 – Life tap.

Step 4 – Either tab target a new target, or click one, and send the void walker out and let him get aggro on the new mob.

Step 5 – Hit the mob with Cor & CoA.

Step 6 – Life Tap.

Rinse and Repeat.  Once all the mobs are dead, spend 10 mins looting. ^_^

Depending on the level of the mobs you are killing, you can take on anywhere from 5-7 yellow mobs up to 10-12 green mobs at once.  Make sure you are keeping track of your void walker’s health.  Use Health Funnel as much as you need to.  You will be getting so much health from Siphon Life, that the health you lose from using HF is quickly replaced.

This also helps in dungeons where the healer, out of misunderstanding of warlocks (and horrible ones), refuses to heal you after life tapping.  Assuming you haven’t life tapped yourself close to death (if you have, then I want nothing to do with you) hitting a few mobs with Corruption should replenish you enough so that you can life tap to get back the mana you used spamming rain of fire.  If you do get a healer who pops you with a HoT, send them a whisper and thank them.  The more healers who understand warlocks, the better we all are.

Since you are a warlock you will find that you can solo elite mobs without dying.  This is a wonderful perk.  I have even manged to pull off killing an elite that was 3 levels higher than me.  The quests in Dragonblight, that require 2-3 people; I soloed them on my affliction warlock.  You do not need to be demonology to be able to solo stuff.  Affliction has wonderful talents that make up for being stuck with the blueberry for 70 levels.  I personally love my big blue friend and use him whenever I am not doing heroics or raids.  If you have your void walker out in dungeons I will smack you.  The only time you should have him out there is when there isn’t a tank, they need a 2nd tank and no one else can do it, or you have a crazy group that wants to die.  Use your felpuppy, your imp or even your succubus.  Do not use the void walker.

You will get a nifty temporary minion at 50; after you complete a quest chain.  The Infernal is great to use once your minion dies.  I usually only use it in raids or dungeons since it has such a high cool down.  This minion requires a reagent.  The lame part is you can only carry 5 of these reagents at one time.  So if you use them a lot, make sure you have a way to get more reagents easily.

Here are my suggested talents for level 40, level 50, level 60 and level 62.  62 is the earliest you can get Haunt.  You want to get that spell as soon as you can.  Feel free to put the other talent points you get after that spell anywhere you need them.  If you are going to PvP, get PvP talents like an instant Howl of Terror, or the improved Fear.  If you want to keep your minion alive, spec down into Demonology.  If you want to raid, then you will need to spec into Destruction and use a variation of this spec.  Millea right now is using a variation of the raiding spec.

I know that this did not cover all of the warlock leveling experience, but it should give you a good idea.  There are so many ways you can change the talents around and make leveling more fun for you.  Some people enjoy drain tanking, and thus will have their Succubus out or their imp and spec into Dark Pact.  That however isn’t fun for me, so that is why I didn’t tell you how to do it. 

If you have any other questions that I did not address please feel free to put them in the comments.  This was my first attempt at writing a how to guide, so I am open for feedback.  Thanks and happy warlock leveling!

How to aff lock – according to me

So I am by no means an expert.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how they come up with the math used on EJ, or how it even makes sense.  Which is funny because I love math and I am damn good at it.  Alas it is not to be.


Since Mis posted a fresh 80s guide to tanking (here) I thought I might do something similar, only with locks. I would do something on druids, but frankly I still have no fricken clue what I am doing with her. I spam buttons. Seriously, thats all I do. Of course I do the same damn thing with my DK, so maybe it is a trend. Who knows.

So you are leveling as Affliction (go you! :D) and you get into Northrend and want to start knowing what quest rewards are worth keeping. Well you need to look into the stat hierarchy and go from there.

Affliction locks should gear with these stats in mind:

-* Hit until capped (368 with 3 points in suppression, or 446 without the points) which is 17%
-* Spellpower
-* Haste
-* Crit (I’ve gotten 11k crits with my corruption/UA)
-* Stam/Int
-* Spirit

Mp5 is useless to us. We life tap. If you are given an option for an Mp5 item and a healer or another caster needs it too, let them have it. Then when your awesome sp, haste, hit and crit item drops you can point out how you “let” them have that other item. Hey we are warlocks, we are supposed to be evil like that.

Now I know you really don’t need hit while you are leveling, but just have it in the back of your mind. Until you start getting into the T8 range, you are going to have a hard time making sure you are hit capped. Then when you are in T8 gear you will have so much hit it is sickening. Right now I am so over hit cap I am disgusted. Just a little tip (which I was unaware of), when looking at your hit percentage remember that the 3% you get from suppression will not show in your in game stats. This was confusing for me for the longest time. I was stressed out trying to get 446 hit even with suppression, only to find out I only needed 368. Not cool. I think I am sitting on 418 as of last night. I got new boots out of Heroic ToC and they had hit on them. >.> They replaced my haste boots I had. Stupid extra hit now that I don’t need it.


Ok so the way to get the yummy dps numbers in affliction is to get your rotation down pat and to not clip your DoTs. I am still working on getting the stupid rotation down. Since 3.1 the rotation is a hell of a lot easier, but I still feel like I should be doing more while fighting.

The first thing you need to come to terms with is your overall dps is going to suck. It just is. Your overall damage might be high up there, but your overall dps will suck. Since it is trash it really does not matter in the slightest. Let the mage and boomkin get all excited over their overall dps. We know that where affliction shines in on boss fights. The longer the better. We are not built for clearing trash. They are, so let them. I found when you have groups of trash the best thing to do is to DoT up each mob with the instant cast DoTs (CoA & Corr) then Rain of Fire them down. If you have the glyph of life tap make sure you life tap before you start casting anything. The boost to your spellpower it gives is a nice bonus. When it comes to bosses, things are a little different.

The correct rotation is:

-* Life Tap
-* Shadowbolt
-* Haunt
-* Curse of Agony
-* Corruption
-* Unstable Affliction
-* Shadowbolt spam
-* At 25% health and under use drain soul, make sure you have your DoTs up too!

Then you just refresh the DoTs as needed. Haunt is the most important DoT to have it. When glyphed you get (I believe) 20% bonus to your DoTs. Seriously how awesome is that? When you reapply Haunt it automatically refreshing Corruption. Corruption is your most important DoT. Not only does it have the ability to crit (assuming you specced into that, and frankly why wouldn’t you?) but it does the most damage per overall time frame. Yeah you can get really nice Shadowbolts, but with the cast time on that spell the overall value of the spell makes it one of the lower ones on the scale. Corruption is where it is at.

Depending on your raid make up you might be asked to use Curse of Elements. Hopefully you aren’t one of those selfish people who value’s their own dps over the raid (hell you might be, you are a warlock after all) and will use that curse instead. It doesn’t do as much damage as Curse of Agony, but the overall help it gives to other party members should help warm the spot where your heart used to be. Occasionally you will be told you should be using Curse of Doom. Please don’t. Save that for your Demo locks in the party, or for the hybrids. You are the master of Curse of Agony, and sometimes Curse of Elements, let them play with the super long wait on Curse of Doom. By the time that sucker goes off your CoA will have gone through several cycles and out performed it.


I use the felhunter. Apparently the Succubus is the higher dps at this point, although that will change with 3.3. I don’t care if she is. I love the spirit and int buff my felpuppy gives me, and frankly he lives longer. She requires too much time and attention. I have a lot of other things to watch so having to keep my DoTs up correctly AND watch exactly what my pet is casting, or me casting for her, is not exactly how I want to kill things. I will use the Succi occasionally in PvP, although I have been told I need my felpuppy in there too, especially against casters. You can use the imp, but he is mostly for Destro locks. They use him as a mana battery (wannabe mages), which you wont need, since you specced into improved life tap, or even dark pact, which most people don’t spec into for raids.

That is about all I can think of to impart to you. Depending on what you are lacking in your stats, use that kind of buff food. I am currently rocking +40 haste food, but I don’t turn down a fish feast when it is provided. I use flask of the frost wyrm.

I hope this was helpful to someone!

Alting it up

I am a confirmed alt-o-holic.  I have so many characters that I recently went through all of the servers I wasn’t playing on and deleted a ton of them.  I had one server filled with level one characters that were just name placeholders.  As much as I want a character with my name (spelled correctly mind you) I most likely will never play her.


I’ve recently been playing my blood elf warlock, and just enjoying myself with the new quests (for me at least).  It has been a nice change of pace.  I am on another server, away from always feeling like I have to help out.  99% of the time I don’t even get in vent.  This means that other than my sweetie (or a few others who have my phone number) no one can contact me or bother me while I am playing.

Currently she has been sitting because I am trying to build up some rested XP.  Since she is horde and on on another server, I don’t have any heirlooms for her, yet leveling is going pretty well.  The only difficulty I’ve been having is finding where I need to be leveling at.  My sweetie LOVES using the leveling guides and sent me a link to one.  I checked it out and frankly it wasn’t what I needed.  Yes it gives you general areas, but they only have you do so many quests in specific areas before you are off to another one.  I am the type of person who HAS to finish all the quests in an area before I can move on.  I think that is why getting the deathchill cloak on my tailor wasn’t that difficult.


When my lock is having downtime I’ve been leveling my mage.  She is the one in the Screenshot Friday picture with the moon.  Now she is decked out in heirlooms.  She has the shoulders, chest, staff and trinket.  I went from level 39 to 45 in no time flat.  Even questing on purple.  Since she is blowing through the quests (once I learned how to mage >.> Thanks Dily! :D) I am having the problem with where to quest with her.  I have already leveled 2 80s.  There are some zones that I just don’t want to do again.  Tanaris being on the top of the list, and Un Goro being on there as well.  So I currently have her in Feralas.  So far it hasn’t been too too bad, but the whole waiting for that stupid ship or swimming out to the island is a bitch.  Blizzard really didn’t think that one through all that well.

Now I need to decide where to go once I am done with Feralas.  I was thinking Felwood since I only did that zone on Millea and not Tatia.  I just remember hating the stupid running back and forth constantly.  At least now I have epic riding on my mage so maybe it wont be as bad.  We’ll see.  Maybe I will get over my hatred of the bugs and go to Silithus. 


Nahh who am I kidding with that one.


(Please forgive the misspelling of zones, I didn’t have time to look them up, and I was too lazy)