Screenshot Friday

badass warlock is badass

Legendary woes

Last night I finished the first part of the quest chain to get my awesome staff of awesomeness (see yesterday’s post if you have questions) and during the end of the raid I went to go complete the next step.  I was unaware of what I was going to be facing (I did want to be surprised) so I was surprised at how long it was taking me.  I actually had to tell the raid to go forward without me because it was going to take a LOT longer than I originally thought.
















Is this far enough down?  Ok!

So I zone into the “Nexus” (it has the Oculus loading screen so it threw me off) and start off.  After the 5th death I had to find a video to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong.

I found this one – of a mage completing the chain.  I found where I was doing things wrong and changed up my strats.  I was able to make it through the first hurdles then after some more dying (seriously I died like 10 or 12 times by this point) I figured out how to finish clearing to the final boss.

Now this is where I was having serious problems.  I saw how the cheating mage was handling the boss (spell stealing is cheating ok :-p) and I had to figure out how to compensate for it.  Everything that I was reading for warlocks was telling me to make sure I keep my dots up (well duh) and to drain life as much as possible to stay alive.  I also saw the tip to kite the flame down the ramp so that I could get a head start on the adds.  The adds seem to spawn a hell of a lot faster than the “every 60 seconds” BS that I keep hearing but whatever.  The nice thing with the adds is they won’t attack you until they reach the top of the platform.  If you are at the bottom of the ramp then you can dot up the add while it runs past you then drain life it dead as it is coming back to you.  This was working for me for about every other add.  I don’t know if my instance was just bugged or what but the adds kept coming pretty quickly.

Another issue I kept having was my puppy kept bugging out.  Since I need my pet to interrupt and dispell it was kind of important for him to NOT bug out.  On one attempt I didn’t have a pet bar!  I’ve been getting that error quite a lot lately.  Since I don’t use any UI modifying addons I don’t know why I’m having that issue.  The easiest way to fix it is to re-summon my pet.  Unfortunately sometimes doing that will bug out the pet to where he doesn’t move and doesn’t do any of his abilities.  From what others are reading (and telling me) this is a known issue and just something I have to deal with.


Zarm was awesome and found a forum topic for me that is giving me some ideas –  I had already thought about changing my spec a bit so now I have even more of a reason to adjust it.  I think I will also get my T12 gloves.  They aren’t part of my full 4 piece that I want but they are the only piece I can get without losing my 2 piece T11 bonus (which is rather nice).  From everything I am reading it is a long fight of attrition and every little thing I can do to ensure my survival needs to be done.

Slice sent me this video –  It is from an affliction warlock point of view (it is only the 2nd half of the place).  Found out what I was doing wrong on the ramp.  I was running down the middle because it didn’t occur to me to just kite along one edge then run up the other side until I could use my portal (yes I had my portal down).  So I will try that tonight.  I am hoping that will cut down on the time spent NOT draining life from the boss.

Once this part is complete then I get to move on to the NEXT part of the chain.  This part will require me doing stuff during the first four (Shannox, Beth, Rhyolith & Alysrazor) fights to charge some items.  Once I have four charged items I get to open a way to ANOTHER boss that luckily the entire raid gets to help me kill.  Once that guy is dead I will get the first staff.  I can’t wait for this staff as it is a nice upgrade from my current staff.  The one I have drops off Beth and has crit and mastery on it.  The branch has hit and haste.  Om nom nom nom!

Anyway, if anyone else has any tips or suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments section!  Thanks in advance!

What I did

I spent the vast majority of my weekend leveling the roguelette.  I finally broke down on Saturday and got her the heirloom shoulders, chest and the badge weapon.  I didn’t have enough to get her a 2nd one.  I got her some bags too.  It was just getting to be ridiculous trying to fit all my engineering stuff AND mining stuff into the small bags that she had.

So yeah, I couldn’t hack it.  I’ve been spoiled. >.>

I guess it is one thing to do it when you don’t have any other option, it is quite another when the ability is right there.

She made it to 31 1/2 when I logged out last night.  I am currently leveling in STV.  The last character I leveled through there was Millea.

Millea was my first max level character.

So it had been a while.

As I told my guildies last night, I want to see what the horde side quests are like.  So far Lyssi is the only horde toon I have leveled up.  I know that I missed out on a lot of quests with her so I want to see them.  I am going to level in STV with the roguelette then take her to dustwallow to see those quests.

Since I most likely will not be raiding I will have the time to quest it up.  Having double heirlooms makes up for no rested XP.

On Friday I decided I was going to get the damn coins all fished up.  So I sat there for a little over an hour and got this:

Yay for me!

At this point I was 1 gold coin away from the achievement.  I was sticking it out until I got the stupid thing.  All I was missing was the Sylvanas gold coin.

Suddenly  . . .

I can has gold coins!

Earlier that night I was trying to kill time before Slice was ready to go level our casting duo.  Since I found all the books on both my lock and my druid, I really don’t have much I have left to do while being bored in Dalaran.  I decided that I was overdue for getting my Explorer’s tabard for exploring Northrend.  I decided that since it was so far away I would start with Howling Fjord.  Now mind you, I decided this before I even looked at which places I still had left to explore.

I started flying out there and pulled up my achievement pane.  Lo and behold I only had 3 spots left in Howling Fjord and I would have the achievement.


After questioning a few guildies where the damn island I was missing was at I saw this pop up:

Go me!


The tabard looked like it had viper teeth around my character’s breasts, so I put it in the bank and will forget about it.  Eventually I will want to get the world explorer on Lyssi & Tattia, but I am in no real rush.

Maybe one day I will make a to-do list for Cata.  We’ll see 😀