I am a slacker

I REALLY don’t want to make a post today.  All weekend long I have just felt blah.  I don’t want to play WoW, hell I haven’t wanted to wash my hair.  Which is gross, yes I am quite aware of that fact, thank you very much.  Maybe I am depressed or just blah.  I haven’t figured it out yet.

Thursday night saw a lot of fun in my guild.  We managed to pull off the first 5 bosses of Ulduar and do an OS run on top of everything.  We got the 8 man Sarth achievement on 2 separate groups last week.  So that was awesome.

Things have been pretty quiet on the guild front.  Not many people have been online lately.  Except for late at night when our lovely Air Force crew logs in.  So suddenly we go from 2 people online to 7.

I finally got my pet pug on my mage.  I think I am like 14 people or so from getting it on my druid.  I still have a ton left on my warlock.  I need to figure out what would be the best gear upgrade for her.  She has like 89 BoT and I don’t know what to buy with them.  She is currently sitting around ilvl 219 with a few 226 items thrown in for good measure.  Hell, I think my mage is better geared than her now.  Which is really sad because I have no intention of raiding with my mage.  I really need to bring Millea out more often and keep the cobwebs from re-forming.  How sad is it when your main has been put on the back burner for so long to where she is no longer considered by people to be your main?  I even played into that a bit by having Tatia be the character that was promoted to officer instead of Millea.  I am just never on Millea.  It really makes me sad.  I will probably play her even less when I level up a worgen warlock too.  😦

Ah oh well.

I will leave you with some link love though:  Go read Arioch’s post.  I can tell she is winding up for a good one.

Thanks to her I was turned on to this guy, who also happens to be awesome.  He recently ran with this, I hesitate to even call him a warlock.  Look at the summary on the side of the armory.  He just won a dodge rating trinket, AND EQUIPPED IT!

Why!  Why do people do this!?!!?!

Random Picture Day

I was going through my screenshot folder and found a ton of pictures that I’ve taken that will most likely never see the light of day, even with screenshot Friday.  So today is your lucky day, you get to see them!


I KEEL you!

I KEEL you with this too!


Andrew (Corvine) enjoys transforming himself into a pygmy gnome while on his rogue.  The other night we were doing Heroic UP when he transformed himself, then Heleva threw the mohawk grenade on us all, and to make things even better, she threw a baby spice on him.  I must have like 20 pictures of him like this.  We were all dying in vent when this happened.  He fought through the instance like this.  It was awesome.


"So whatcha in for?"


One of the Silver Covenant quests has you “rescue” Kul who manages to get himself and his friends captured every, single, day.  They must be friends with Corky over in Nagrand.  In this picture Andrew decided to chill out with Kul.  Sadly for Kul, Corvine’s lockpicking doesn’t work on these cages.


Look Ma!


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *hack* Woah, head rush


I still don’t know how he does it, but Andrew flies around upside down on his mount.  Every day while we wait for Chillmaw he flies around us in circles upside down.  I finally took pictures, but you have to see him do it live.  BTW I don’t believe he has kicked his Rockstar habit 😉


You want some of this?


While waiting for a stupid book to spawn (it never did) someone hit me with the mohawk.  So naturally I started posing.


I pity the fool . . . I mean, don't you as well? Oh, I guess I am alone then.


Well don’t you?


When I dance they call me Macarena and the boys they say que soy buena


This was the picture I wanted to get at first.  I thought it was nifty that I was floating in air.


This is what I got at first:


Say "Chee . . . Damn it!"


Stupid death knight.


"Can you feel the love tonight."


Man Millea needs to lay off that booze.  Squirrels are cute, but that’s just wrong.






"Do you like my boots? I think the green really brings out the blue in my eyes."


Yeah Dily is a giant among men.  And those green boots. >.<  Let me just say that despite the fact that he has green pants, those boots don’t match!  Who let him leave the house like that?!!

What was I doing again?

So my plans for doing heroics to get back into the swing of healing didn’t happen.  Instead I leveled my mage.  She hit 60 last night 😀


Millea didn’t hit 70 unti lafter Wrath came out, so she didn’t get to do all of the BC heroics, actually she didn’t do anything outside of ramps, BF and BM, and that is because a bored 70 ran me through BF and I ran someone through ramps after I hit 80.  BM was for all of the delicious netherweave spider silk.  I also wanted the enchant, but I never manged to get my rep high enough.  We used to do lots of runs in BM, but then they needed a healer so Tatia went and Millea got pushed out of going.  Millea never did get that enchant.

As one of the few high level enchanters (who is online) the vast majority of guildies ask me for enchants.  One of the enchants that I kept being asked for was the +35 agility for a 2 hand weapon.  You can only get the enchant in the arcatraz, which I had never done.  So last night Nite gets on and asks me for the enchant.  Since I don’t have it we all decide to go to the instance.  Off we ran, with 2 high 70s alts of other guildies.  We got lucky and the enchant dropped in regular so we didn’t have to keep running it in order to get everyone heroic keys.  When it drops I asked Vel if we needed to re-run it so he could get it.  He tells us that he has it.  >.<  He didn’t realize that we had ran the instance so that I could get the enchant to do it for Nite. *sigh*  But hey I have the enchant now 😀


A few months back we recruited a hunter from a PuG we had done.  The hunter was cool with the little bit of raiding we did.  He just wanted to find a guild that raided on the weekends because that was his work schedule.  Since he joined us about 3-5 of his friends have also joined us.  They are all in the air force and work together.  They are all pretty cool guys that fit in well with us.  They haven’t been able to raid with us lately and I was chatting with them last night trying to work out something so that they could be more included with us.  We ended up talking about late night Naxx runs (since most of their toons aren’t geared enough for Ulduar yet).  From what we were able to figure out we would have almost a full raid from just those guys and the few of us on the west coast.  He is going to talk with them today and let me know what sounds like a plan.


This has me excited.  I don’t care if I am just doing Naxx, OS, Vault or even Ulduar.  I just like raiding.  It is a lot of fun to me and I want to do it more.  I don’t need to be doing progression raids, although I wont say no to them.  I just like to raid.  I am hoping that this will bring about more raiding for EoF.  😀

DPS Survey

So I did the healing non-meme thingy, now there is a DPS one out from (http://dkdeathgoddess.blogspot.com/) so here I go with it!

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary dps?Millea, Affliction Warlock


What is your primary dpsing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)

Mostly 5 mans, although we have had enough healers lately that I have been able to go on the 10 mans.

What is your favorite dps spell/ability for your class and why?

I love Haunt.  I love how it sucks your life away, then gives me a nice big heal at the end.  The added buffs to my other dots is really nice too 😀

What dps spell do you use least for your class and why?

I’m going to keep in the affliction tree because there are a bunch of spells that I don’t use that the other trees do.  I am going to say Seed of Corruption.  I mostly don’t use it because I forget I have it.  I am so used to just spamming Rain of Fire that popping out a few Seed of Corruptions doesn’t come to me.  Although I am getting better at it.  We did a heroic Oculus run the other night (right after Ulduar mind you) and I used it on all those irritating whelps in the first part of the dungeon.  Seeing all those numbers flying up was awesome.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of your dps class and why?

Our ability to be self sufficient, especially affliction locks.  I can life tap to regain mana, and then Haunt and the Siphon Life effect heal me, on top of my Fel Armor.  I routinely tell the healers that they usually do not need to heal me unless I have major aggro and am taking more damage than normal.  I don’t want the healers to feel like I am using their mana bar to refill mine.

What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your dps class and why?

 Affliction warlocks really lack the burst damage.  I will get put on things that have to die quickly, and I just cannot get them down fast enough.  I am built for taking you down one DoT tick at a time.  The longer I have, the more damage you have done to you.  Having me kill the bomb bots on XT just doesn’t work as well as one would think.  I am also not so great with the webs in Naxx.

In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best dps assignment for you?

The boss.  As I mentioned above, I don’t have burst damage ability.  If I can sit there and drain away on the boss, I will rock your socks off.  Don’t put me on adds, and I don’t have much raid utility (outside of imp sb).  I am made to kill bosses, and I do it quite well I might add.

What dps class do you enjoy dpsing with most and why?

I love me some elemental shammies.  Their delicious totems help with my dps big time.  I don’t like how they always pass me on the meters, but there are a few times I can beat them 😀

What tanking class do you enjoy dpsing with least and why?

Other warlocks and mages.  It is purely a competitive thing on my part.  I only like other warlocks if I can beat them.  I dislike how my damage sucks on the overall meter when compared to mages, but I LOVE how I usually beat them on the boss fights.  It does make them cocky though.

What is your worst habit as a dps?

Pulling aggro.  The rule is the lock has to die.  I somehow manage to pull aggro off the best tank.  I always wait before I let loose.  Hell most of my spells take a moment to even build up aggro, but I still manage to pull it off.  WTB better soul shatter.

What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while dpsing?

People asking me for a table, or telling me that my overall dps sucks.  People expecting me to have better burst damage.  I AM NOT A MAGE!!! FFS.

Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other dps?

I do.  We might not bring a lot of utility to the raid, but what we do bring is lots and lots of damage.  I usually am close to the top with overall damage on boss fights, where it counts. 

What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a damage dealer?

I check recount.  I look to see how badly I am clipping DoTs, and my DoT uptime.  I look to see if I beat the mage and rogue.  (Nerf rogues please! :p)

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your class?

That I am a mage.  I AM NOT A MAGE!!!  Destro locks come close, the wannabe mages, but I am not destro.

What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new dpsers of your class to learn?

How to keep your DoTs in order.  How not to clip them, and how to keep them up.  Affliction is a lot easier than it used to be, but it still takes practice.

What dps class do you feel you understand least?

Rogues.  I dislike playing them.  Despite Andrew telling me how you just “Press 1, then press 1, then press 1, then press 1, then press 3, then press 1, then press 1, then press 4, then press 1 etc” I can’t get into their playstyle. 

What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in dps?

Umm other than recount, nothing.  I know I am supposed to be using Omen, but I could never understand it, so I haven’t downloaded it.  The built in threat meter in the game works well for me.  I am sure Mis will be unhappy about this, but since he pulls shit on me while I am healing him, it is only fair game ^_^

Strength over other stats or balanced stat allocation, and why?

I love me some spellpower and haste.  They are oh so yummy.  The more spellpower the better.  Spellpower gives me the oomph I need and haste speeds up my casts.  The more haste I have, the more Shadowbolts I can get off before I have to refresh Haunt.

So I need to tag someone, ummm how about http://arrens.net/ and http://clearcasting.wordpress.com/

Go go!!

Screenshot Friday . . . sort of

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before or not, but Andrew is an artist.  My fridge at home has a ton of his pictures on it, to his chagrin 😀 (I’m such an evil friend).  Yesterday he sent me an email with a picture he did of Millea and Tatia.  He sent the picture to me saying that he had something for me for Screenshot Friday.


So behold!




She did what now?

So last night, fun times.  I was in an odd mood so I was bitching at my guildies more than usual.  I swear, the crap that they put up from me is amazing at times. 😉


So my sweetie is obsessive about collecting mounts and pets.  Since there is a chance of a mount drop with the brewfest boss, he, of course, “MUST” get that mount.  He got the ram on his hunter, who is the “true” collector, but he “NEEDS” the kodo.  Can you see my eyes rolling throughout that entire paragraph?

Since he wants the mounts we have been trying to do the brewfest boss every day.  We get a bunch of guildies and then keep switching out all of our toons that are 75-80.  Some times we can get over 10 summons.  Fun times, fun times.  He has yet to see the kodo drop for him.  We still have until this weekend, so wish my sanity luck ;-).


So last night after doing a couple runs on Tatia with my guildies, they let me run with Millea to get some badges. 😀  We grabbed a friend to heal (since our other late night healer was also on his DPS toon) and went into VH.  My overall dps was barely over the tank.  I think she did like 1500 or so.  I was very sad.  But I remembered that overall doesn’t count and checked out the boss fights.  We had the void boss for the first fight, Millea did 2560, and was #2 behind the ubergeared blood DK.  We got the water boss for the 2nd fight, so 226 dps!  Woot! Go me! >.>  On the final boss she managed to pull off 2870 dps.  This was with a warrior tank, boomkin, blood dk and holy pally.  Go me! ^_^


We ran vault on Saturday and since the dps we had just wasn’t cutting it, we brought in another healer and I switched to Millea from Tatia and got to pew pew.  I am so glad I did because the T8 gloves dropped for locks :D.  There was so much hit on those gloves that I was able to remove 3 hit gems.  Huzzah!!  I was able to boost up my spellpower, haste and spirit with my new gems.  So this VH run was the first run where I had the new gloves and the increased stats.


Back when I first started learning about gearing and stat ranking I went to EJ.  The way I was reading and understanding things was affliction warlocks were supposed to gear with this hierarchy in mind:

  • Hit (until capped)
  • Spellpower
  • Crit
  • Haste
  • Int/Stam/Spirit

Well I apparently didn’t comprehend that those stats were backwards with crit and haste.  I derided haste for the longest time.


Yeah I have changed my tune. >.>


I upped my haste from below 200 to 256, unbuffed.  My spellstone adds haste, and I’ve been doing heroics with haste food.  My old rotation could get 2, maybe 3 shadowbolts off before I had to reapply haunt.  Now I’m getting the minimum of 4 in with occasionally a 5th when I am really on a roll, on top of any nightfall procs.  That is a significant boost to my dps.


Yeah I have become Haste’s bitch. ^_^


HoTs for you!

HoTs for you!


Ah Tatia, my lovely druid.  While Millea might have been my first “true” main, Tatia was my first puppy love with the game.  When I first started playing she was the first caster class I played for more than 5 levels.  I loved the Night Elf area, the way they looked, all of it.  What I didn’t love was how damn long it took to kill anything.  Because of that I shelved Tatia and had no intention of playing her again.

I am crying on the inside

I am crying on the inside

Off and on I would pick her up for something slightly different while my lock was regaining delicious blue xp, but I just couldn’t play for long.  Compared to my lock, things just wouldn’t die.  I would also spend so much time drinking I had taken to carrying around 4 stacks of water at all times and I would still run out.

Once I hit 80 on Millea and started the lovely heroics grind I decided I needed to level a healer.  I had finally done some research at this point and learned what kind of gear I should have on each class.  When I looked at what I was wearing before (Agility & Strength on a balance druid >.<) I just about smacked myself silly.  At this point I had painstakenly leveled her to 33ish.  I went to the AH and bought several caster leather and cloth pieces and told myself I was going to make it to 41 before I went back to Millea. 

You like that don't you!

You like that don't you!

Thus my laser chicken was born.

I see you baby, shaking that ass, shaking that ass!

I see you baby, shaking that ass, shaking that ass!

Leveling became a breeze now.  Coupled with my lovely heirloom shoulders, Tatia was blowing through her leveling.  I was able to focus on her almost every day for most of my play time.  In no time she was in the outlands, and then my love for her died a small death.

Oh NOES!!!

Oh NOES!!!

The hell that was TF, ugh.  I just couldn’t make myself finish it up.  Stupid Outlands, I am not looking forward to the other alts having to go through there >.<

Eventually Call of Fate (now EoF) started making attempts at Naxx and we ended up having to PUG, beg and borrow healers from our friends list.  We didn’t have a single level 80 healer that was geared and online at any point in time.  One guildie had leveled up his druid to heal, but ended up hating druid healing (blasphmy!) so he remained a boomchicken and we were still without a healer.  So I put my nose back to the grindstone and went back to leveling Tatia.

I got through the outlands and went to Northrend the moment I dinged 68.  Apparently you cannot pick up quests at 67 *grumble grumble* so I had to grind out some more quests in SMV, which you cannot get quests until 67 >.>

I swear WoW was out to make my druid leveling pure hell.



Once I got going in Northrend I made sure I got going on my rep earning right off the bat.  Having completed all of Northrend on my lock I knew where to go and what to get done.  After a few weeks I was 80 and ready to roll!



My guildies were oh so awesome and suffered through my first attempts to heal some regular instances from level 70 on.  Even in my first several heroics they found that the back up healer (hummp) they brought (just in case!) was unnecessary and I was doing a great job at keeping them all alive.

My career as a full time healer had begun.

Oh yeah baby!

Oh yeah baby!


As I promised, today will be introducing the first of my girls.

First up is Millea, my first love, my affliction warlock.

I will melt your face with a smile on mine!

I will melt your face with a smile on mine!

She was my first “main.”  Let me explain something.  When I first started playing, I couldn’t settle on any one character.  By the time I had played for about 6 months or so, I had like 20 characters, across several servers all around levels 15-25.  I had also deleted several characters and had probably 20 or so more characters sitting around level 5-10.  Yeah I have altitis pretty bad.  Anyway when Millea was around level 25 or so when my friend who got me into playing decided he was going to level his pally and asked if I was interested in joining him.  When we were around level 32ish one of our guildies decided he was going to start hosting lower level instance runs, and running them with toons at the appropriate levels.  So I started grinding up Millea’s level so that I could run Mara with them.   I left my friend’s pally in the dust as I leveled as quickly as I could to 40.  Suddenly a character that I wasn’t that fond of became my favorite character.  The more I played her, the more fun she became.

Thus started my love for locks.  I started researching anything and everything I could about warlocks.  When I made new characters on different servers, I would make a warlock.  To date I think I have like 10 warlocks across all of the servers.  When the new races are released, I will be making a wargen warlock, despite having a human warlock at 80.  I love them that much.

My pretty blueberry

My pretty blueberry

This is Charkresh, my pretty blueberry.  He has taken quite the beating from mobs.  Before he was nerfed, he was quite the tank.  I know everyone says that voidwalkers suck, but frankly I have never had a problem with them.  He helps out considerably with dailies and farming.  No Charkresh, I will not send you back.  Now hush and go grab that group of eternals like a good blueberry.

Such a good felpuppy!

Such a good felpuppy!

This is Traaphom my loving felpuppy.  He accompanies Millea on her instance runs and raids (when she gets to go, damn lack of healers).  You will read in a lot of places that the succubus is the best dps pet to use outside of the felguard, but in reality the felpuppy is not that much less that she is, and he lives longer.  Plus his buff is very nice to have, especially if there isn’t a mage in the group.  Since warlocks get 1/3 of their spirit turned into spellpower with Fel Armor up, having his buff boosts spellpower nicely.  I love my felpuppy.

Watch your back, I might just curse you when you least expect it.

Watch your back, I might just curse you when you least expect it.

Currently I haven’t had much excuse to play Millea since EoF needs the few healers we have to play them, but soon I will be switching back to her to do the badge farming she needs so badly.  She has seriously been stuck in those ugly shoulders for months!  She will have her time in the black, black sun soon.


So I have been reading a lot of WoW blogs lately and I just had to get in on the yummy goodness.

To introduce myself, I like DoTs and I like HoTs.  I am all about over time goodness.  I play an affliction warlock named Millea and a resto druid named Tatia.  I am a member of Echo of Fate on the Bloodhoof US server.  My guild leader  is Misneach of http://aggrojunkie.blogspot.com fame.

I love everything about being an affliction warlock.  I love how I totally kick the mage’s ass on long boss fights.  I love how I never have to stop to drink while soloing.  I especially love being able to solo elites as a squishy clothie.

My new love is my resto druid.  I leveled her as a “pew pew” laser chicken because I just don’t do kitty.  While I still have a blast soloing my dailies as said laser chicken, I really enjoy healing.  At first I wasn’t sure if healing would be for me, I mean come on here, I am an affliction warlock, I suck your life away one DoT tick at a time; however, healing turned out to be a lot of fun, and apparently I am good at it.

Who knew?

As of today I am not quite sure what direction I will take on this blog, but it should be fun!  I have a recent creative urge to fulfill, and since I am not creative in any other form (really I’m not) I needed an outlet. 

Some things to expect:

  • Stories of Locking it up
  • Stories of healing EoFers
  • Real life info (because I know you are all as nosey as I am)
  • Guild silliness
  • Screenshot of the week (shooting for every Friday)
  • Possibly even some helpful game information

So I think that will do it for an introduction.  Tomorrow I will start to introduce my lovely ladies.

Thanks for coming!  Do come again!