No post = No

Again, I wasn’t going to post, but as Arioch told me yesterday the fans get rabid.

So you get a picture!

Deal with it.

You know what they say about full moons . . .

Random picture day!

Yes I took several days off from work, but it was a busy four days.  Not only did lots of raiding occur, but drama galore and a new project.  Needless to say I am drained and my creative juices used up on the new project.  So today you get to check out some pretties from my screenshot folder.

As always, come for the posts, stay for the epic comments thread.

What kind of fertilizer are they using in Sholazar?!

That is at the end of a heroic HoR run

To think, all of this for such a tiny guy

Goddess of Death Mode indeed

He has teh mathz down

Don’t forget to turn to page 6 for a good time.

Random picture day!

First off I want to say that you are all brats. 

That’s all.


Onward to pictures!!

Guess where I am

Brainss . . . .

He is so wittle and sad

I made him wait quite a while too 😀

Wow, looks like we found the end of the game.

Please tell me I am not the only one who sees it

Isn't this just the cutest thing ever?

Look Ma! I'm on top of the world!

That’s all folks!

Random picture day

I was going to post about something that happened last night, but since I got so upset over it and I write this at work, I don’t want to risk getting upset again while at work.  This means you get pictures from my screenshot file!


I mentioned the other day that Vel ran my DK through Shadow Labs to get XP and some delicious INT pants ^_^;

While in there I noticed that there was something odd about the demon boss:

Is that a mouth?


It is a mouth! A stomach mouth! With nipple eyes! 0_o


Weird ass demon.

What happens when your raid doesn’t start on time?  Am I alone with this happening:

Your typical summoning stone


What is that?


Are they playing chicken?


What? You missed? Oh you weren't playing chicken, just running in circles.


Hey come back, I need you to help summon! *sigh*


Why they can’t just summon people is beyond me.

You want the report to say you fell down some stairs? You really expect me to believe that?


Because I have some pretty convincing evidence that says otherwise.


My boss is out of the office for the rest of the week so I SHOULD (fingers crossed) be able to get a decent post up tomorrow morning.  Later all!


Because I have soooo much to do tonight, and tomorrow and the next day, this will be somewhat short and sweet.  This weekend I managed to get a few funny pictures.  So you get to share them with me.

Hey look it's the Bobsey twins!

I spent a lot of time questing on my mage this weekend.  I managed to get her to 70.  While in HF I was running out of the inn when I noticed these two.  I giggled at their names and at the fact that they were identical in armor.  While standing there I told them that I liked their names and that I was putting them on my blog.  When I walked back in they were standing on the chairs instead of sitting on them.  I have a feeling they were being duel-boxed.

Ha ha! Easy pickings!

Funny little glitch I caught.  Sad thing is when you hit alt+Z the mob speech bubbles go away.  This particular mob was telling the caribou that Hemit was going to like them, or something along those lines.  Poor critters.

"Let's go surfing now. Everyone is learning how. Come on and safari with me."

Had to take the requisite spear surfing picture.  Also, I wanted to make sure you all had the Beach Boys stuck in your head.  You’re welcome.

Except for when I post it on my blog

No I will not tell you what happened.

That's right! When I dance, they cheer.

Damn straight bitches!

The cutest picture ever.

Say what you will about gnomes, but damn it if they aren’t absolutely adorable when baby spiced.

Drugs are bad m'kay.

Yes, yes they are.

Random Picture Day

I was going through my screenshot folder and found a ton of pictures that I’ve taken that will most likely never see the light of day, even with screenshot Friday.  So today is your lucky day, you get to see them!


I KEEL you!

I KEEL you with this too!


Andrew (Corvine) enjoys transforming himself into a pygmy gnome while on his rogue.  The other night we were doing Heroic UP when he transformed himself, then Heleva threw the mohawk grenade on us all, and to make things even better, she threw a baby spice on him.  I must have like 20 pictures of him like this.  We were all dying in vent when this happened.  He fought through the instance like this.  It was awesome.


"So whatcha in for?"


One of the Silver Covenant quests has you “rescue” Kul who manages to get himself and his friends captured every, single, day.  They must be friends with Corky over in Nagrand.  In this picture Andrew decided to chill out with Kul.  Sadly for Kul, Corvine’s lockpicking doesn’t work on these cages.


Look Ma!


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *hack* Woah, head rush


I still don’t know how he does it, but Andrew flies around upside down on his mount.  Every day while we wait for Chillmaw he flies around us in circles upside down.  I finally took pictures, but you have to see him do it live.  BTW I don’t believe he has kicked his Rockstar habit 😉


You want some of this?


While waiting for a stupid book to spawn (it never did) someone hit me with the mohawk.  So naturally I started posing.


I pity the fool . . . I mean, don't you as well? Oh, I guess I am alone then.


Well don’t you?


When I dance they call me Macarena and the boys they say que soy buena


This was the picture I wanted to get at first.  I thought it was nifty that I was floating in air.


This is what I got at first:


Say "Chee . . . Damn it!"


Stupid death knight.


"Can you feel the love tonight."


Man Millea needs to lay off that booze.  Squirrels are cute, but that’s just wrong.






"Do you like my boots? I think the green really brings out the blue in my eyes."


Yeah Dily is a giant among men.  And those green boots. >.<  Let me just say that despite the fact that he has green pants, those boots don’t match!  Who let him leave the house like that?!!

Random picture day

Since I have been passing out early in the evening, and been quite busy at work in the mornings, I just haven’t had a chance to really get a meaty post worked out.  So today you get (albeit a bit late) a random post with a few pictures I took this weekend.


It was a skull when I first saw it, I swear

It was a skull when I first saw it, I swear

While I was waiting for everyone to get off their butts and decide what quickie raid we were going to do (OS, Vault or even Naxx) I was exploring on my druid in Eastern Kingdoms.  I was bored so I figured I would start getting my Explorer’s title started.  While I was swimming to the stupid cove you have to “explore” in Arathai Highlands I came across this cloud formation.  When I first saw it it looked like a skull.  By the time I got the damn picture taken it had morphed into this.  Now it kinda looks like a winged horse.




I love the way the trees look.  Again, I was bored at night waiting for something to get started (see a pattern here?) and saw the tree.  The light bulb went off and I started taking pictures.  At one point they were both looking directly at me.  I was laughing big time, but couldn’t quite get the picture snapped quickly enough.


I saw that!

I saw that!

That is one pissed off tree.