Monday, Monday, la la la la la la

So yeah, busy busy busy busy busy weekend. >.>


A guildie came out to California for the weekend so Andrew and I hung out with her and had a blast.  I slacked off a bit and didn’t spend as much time with them as I should have, but I got a new book and kind of stayed up all night reading.  Ehh it happens.


So Ulduar went over ok.  Nice to have Mis tanking again.  I think it is time we started extending the raid ID.  We can down the siege guys and Kologarn each time, but we always run out of time before we can take down Iron Council.  I know that if we had time to keep trying we would knock them out easy.  We got really close and it sucked to have to call the raid because we lost 4 people.


Which brings me to my current peeve.  Why can’t people help when they are more than capable of it?!  We needed 2 dps to come help out, we had 2 guildies who were geared and fully able to jump into Ulduar and help us, and who refused to.  They wanted to do candy dishes instead.  O_o


Now I know we aren’t a hardcore raiding guild, and that we have people who don’t raid, however, these two are among our best geared players and used to be part of our best raiders.  Suddenly neither of them want to raid, or to do anything outside of play with each other, and maybe 2 others that are in the guild.  Again, nothing wrong with that, but would it have killed them to take 30 mins out of their candy collecting to come help us down a boss?  My sweetie, who couldn’t raid with us when we started, stopped what he was doing and came to help us.  He hadn’t even gemmed or enchanted his new gear (he was in the middle of getting the mats for that when we called him in) but he knew we needed the help so he came to help.


Mis said it is frustrating but there really isn’t anything we can do about it.  I know this, but it still pisses me off. 



Time to change the subject because I am just getting pissy again.


I spent Sunday leveling my mage and playing with my sweetie.  I went around and got every candy dish in the old world.  She isn’t high enough to go into Outland, so the overall achievement is out of her reach, at least until next year.  She was getting 4200 xp a bucket, then when she hit 52 she got 4180.  At 52 she got a mage quest, which has led me to ST.  So now I need a run in there.  My sweetie said he would do it, but I will probably try to get Vel or someone else to do it.  He didn’t exactly sound thrilled that I asked him, so I don’t want to make him run it.  After doing a few more quests that popped up in Azshara, I went back to Felwood since the quests were now yellow! 😀  I spent the rest of my time killing satyrs and collecting herbs.  Mostly because they are shiney on the ground and I HAVE to get the yellow dots off my map.  YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND! ahem yeah I’m weird like that.


Don’t look at me like that!


In order to save me bitching big time, I won’t be doing a big post today.  When I get home from work I will upload a pretty picture I took and write something then.


Apologies to the few people who actually follow me.


Me bitch ranting isn’t anything you want to hear.