Rambly post is Rambly

I keep meaning to write a new post but I just have been slammed at work.  It is funny because I am really not all that busy at home, but I just cannot write there.  Maybe it is the desk situation.  Not sure.

Now that I have internet access at work again I have gotten caught up on almost all the blogs I read.  I know that I missed a bunch (google reader only holds the last 30 days worth of posts) left over from when I first moved but I am not really all that worried.

I’ve toyed with doing the whole 20 days of posting or the then and now posts, but ultimately I think I am just a bit too lazy.  I wanted to chime in about the bitchiness of people causing problems in the blog-o-sphere, but since I don’t particularly like that person it would be very one sided and probably get me blackballed (like I’m not already at this point) so I guess I can keep my mouth shut.

Yes it is possible!  Bite me!

I’ve been lucky with my first midwest winter.  I think we had a total of a week of snow for the entire winter.  I think the longest stretch the snow lasted was 2 days.  I keep joking that this is just Ohio messing with me.  Luring me into a false sense of security with this “mild” winter weather and making me think this is how winter is.  Just so it can laugh at me when the next winter is nothing but blizzards and ice storms.  I know how things operate!

My new job is going splendidly for those of you who are curious.  I am awesome, as per usual (I tell my boss this every day btw) and rocking the place.  Other than the older lady (who is a bigger bitch than I could EVER be) everyone here is pretty awesome.  I do feel short though.  My boss and the Jr. partner are both well over 6 feet tall.  The other office guy (who is my age) is like 3 or 4 inches taller than me too.  Even bitchy old bitch is almost 6 feet tall.  I’m 5’5″ 1/2 and I feel like a midget!  Totally not cool.

I had intended to start working on my dorf warlock over in Crits N Giggles, but Slice decided to quit his Mass Effect 3 addiction and start playing TOR instead.  We have our Sith Inquisitors that we are leveling together that we hadn’t been playing because he never wanted to log in to level.  He would log in to run flashpoints with the boys or to level another alt, but he didn’t want to level our toons.  Me, on the other hand, only wanted to level my inquisitor, not any of my alts.  So it was kind of a catch-22 for us.

Luckily Adoe had told me about the Hunger Games trilogy and I started reading it.  ZOMG I loved those books.  I can’t want for the movie (opens 03/23).  Slice even said the movie looked cool.  As with all book to movie translations, I know it won’t be as good, but frankly I don’t care.  The world was so rich and enthralling so even having a little bit of it available to view is pretty awesome.  If you haven’t read the books, seriously give them a look.  Just make sure you have all three with you because the author likes to end the first two books as cliffhangers.  Thank goodness for my kindle!

When I first starting playing TOR I created an evil pureblood warrior.  Sorak kept picking on me and saying that I wouldn’t ever get her to 50 because she is melee and I “hate” melee.  This is completely discounting my DK and rogue that I have leveled.  Yeah I “hate” melee Sorak.  /sigh  In any case I got her to 23 before Slice and I started on our inquisitors.  Since then she kind of sat there because I fell in love with my force lightning weilding sweetheart (did I mention that she is lightside?).  Slice still says that I am kind of a bitch in game.  Hey man, the way I roll is all snark and mean comments then light side option!  All the while grumbling that I couldn’t pick the dark side choice.  I will admit to picking some dark side options.  Usually to kill an NPC that I couldn’t stand.  At that point I didn’t care if I got dark side points, that bitch was dying!  I got laughed at for that too.

Anyway, Slice was needed to run flashpoints with the guys so I dusted off my warrior again.  I was determined to get her a speeder because the quality of life increase is AMAZING.  This meant I had to level her to 25 AND make sure I had the credits.  It costs 48k to get the training and the mount.  Now I had the credits originally before I picked up the inquisitor.  I was saving them for the warrior’s mount.  Then when the inquisitor hit 25 I sent the money to her.  This left me kind of broke on the warrior.  I’ve been making my money in that game by selling greens/blues I find while questing and doing slicing jobs on my warrior.  Unfortunately when I stopped playing my warrior, I stopped doing crew jobs more than once a day (if that) add to that the slow funneling of credits to my inquisitor, and I was broke.  I think I went from like 60k credits (which isn’t really a lot, but a decent amount for a lower level toon) to about 20k.  Training right now costs me around 2.3k an ability.

So off I went to level and get money.  The funny thing is I started having fun.  I had switched out my dps companion for the healer and my downtime dropped off.  Now I was able to go from mob to mob without worrying that I was going to die.  Even if I get low I pop a healing stim and keep going.  He eventually will get me healed up.  Plus he is pretty good looking so I am enjoying getting affection points with him.  Although it is really funny to see him get all awkward when I flirt with him.  Fun times!

I did manage to get the warrior to 25.  I had just enough credits to get her the mount and the training.  I ended the night with about 500 credits.  Luckily I had sold something  when I logged back last night to be able to afford sending the crew out.  Right now I am hoping one of the mission quests I have on the AH will sell so I can finish buying my training skills.  I am still waiting for the quests to start giving me more credits.  I don’t think my inquisitor is getting all that much from them either.  She is 37 and has to save up for the next training skill and mount that comes at 40.  I think the mount is 25k but I am not sure on the training price.  I do know she is sitting at just under 50k, but her training skills are about 13-14k each.  At one point I had to borrow some credits from Slice in order to get the new ability when I leveled.  Yeah it was kind of sad.

All in all I think things are going well.  I’m back to having fun online.  For a while I was seriously burned out.  I didn’t even want to be on my computer.  It was a struggle just to log in to raid on Tues & Wednesday.  It makes me glad that I am enjoying playing again, at least in one of my games.  I haven’t found it back in WoW yet.  Maybe when beta for MoP starts I will find the fun again.  It isn’t even the lack of friends playing because I would go off and play alone lots of times.  It is just the feeling of doing something I have done hundreds of times before and just being tired of it.  TOR is a nice change.  Something new for now.  I am sure that once I go through all the planets for the third time I will be feeling the same thing.  For now though, I am going to just sit back and enjoy the new ride.

*crickets* Don’t mind me I am just rambling here

I started playing WoW more this week.  I had been playing off and on for the past several weeks.  Other than my raid I did a bit ago or a random weekly run, I am not raiding anymore.  I was raiding with Slopoke on Bloodhoof for a bit.  While that was fun, rushing home on a Friday night just felt off to me.  Plus playing on Millea just felt weird.  I have gotten used to playing on Lyssi.  I have the keys set up the way I like them, I have my add-ons set up just so and I can’t quite set up Millea the same.  I also never really raided with Millea.  Tatia was the one I raided on.  It almost feels wrong raiding on Millea.

I’ve also been thinking about my abilities as a warlock lately.  I have come to the conclusion that I am just not that great of a warlock.  I like to think that I am a good raider.  I stay out of the bad, do my job and don’t cause wipes.  Most of the time I am one of the last ones standing.  To me, that is a good raider.  What I continuously fail to bring is top notch dps.

I don’t think it is necessarily the spec.  There are other affliction warlocks that just cream the charts.  It isn’t my computer because I have a pretty nice gaming computer.  I have great internet connection with low latency even though I am west coast and the server is central.  This all points back to me as a player.

I have said in the past that I am not a hardcore player.  When I first joined SR I got a taste of “casual hardcore” and while I was gearing up I was thriving on it.  Once I got to where I really cannot get more gear (outside of heroic modes) my damage should have improved, only it didn’t.  Where is it that I am going wrong?

Andrew has repeatedly said that playing an affliction warlock well is really difficult.  I truly believe this.

It isn’t so much the tracking of your dots, or the high ramp up time, as it is your ability to do EVERYTHING correctly.

“Oh I think I can squeeze off one more Shadow Bolt before I have to reapply Haunt”

“Damn Haunt fell off and I haven’t gotten the cast completed yet”

“Damn it now I need to reapply Corruption”

“Shit I didn’t Life Tap in time”


And that is just a boss fight where I don’t have to move constantly.

Well you might say that I just need to do some more practice at the training dummy until I get it down pat.  You might be right.  I personally CANNOT stand sitting at the training dummy for hours.  I get bored and end up doing worse than if I was actually raiding.

What makes this worse is I am kind of a raiding snob now.  If you are new to the fight, I will give you a ton of slack.  If you know the fight then I expect you to do your job and do it well.  I get so frustrated with people when they fail on the simple things in raid when I know that they know better.

Now add this attitude in with me failing.

This does NOT go over well.

Definitely NOT in my mind.

Since I stopped raiding what game time I have had has been spent leveling my alts.  Either the mage in the caster duo or my roguelette.  This has not helped with keeping the correct muscle memory on my lock.

Slice and I have been running heroic Magister’s Terrace in the hopes of getting me the pet and the mount.  I have been going in my offspec of aff/demo quasi pvp and have been having issues remembering which button is CoA and which is Corr.  Yes fail warlock is fail.

The funny thing is I still have a blast playing a warlock.  I still cackle when I kill something that is somewhat difficult.  Or when I completely clear out a room or area of the mobs without any “real” loss of health.  I never had this kind of fun when I played Millea.  I think that is why I was able to easily switch “mains” to Tatia for raiding.  Now that I have Lyssi, I rarely want to play Tatia.  Tatia is there for the times I need an instant queue for a friend, or if a healer is needed when there are too many dps.  I actually took her out the other day and did some dailies (I wanted to farm the worm scale for drums) and I just couldn’t get back into the swing of being a boomkin.  I guess Tatia is just a tree and will remain a tree.

I haven’t avoided spoilers for Cataclysm but neither have I gone out looking for them.  This means that I really don’t have a clue as to how my classes are faring so far.  I read enough blogs that cover the pertenent information that once something major happens I would be able to read about it.  I guess that is kind of shit for you if you come here for warlock and druid info.  But then again, if you are coming here for warlock and druid information then I guess I should feel sorry for you and make a comment to direct you to the list of blogs on the right hand side.  There are many other people who only blog about important game things.

I am definitely not one of those.

I still don’t have any answers to my musings from above.  The thoughts are still rolling around in my head as to what I could do to improve or simply just change the situation.  I know eventually I will figure it out.

I know that come Cataclysm I have plans.  I plan on leading my own raiding guild.  I finally admitted to myself that I am too much of a control freak to have it any other way.  Several other people across the blogosphere have also come to that conclusion.  This was my “secret project” I spoke of a while back.  Many of you guessed, or just noticed from seeing me in game so it seemed kind of silly to keep it a secret on my blog.

For those of you that are completely oblivious, or just don’t particularly care, I am no longer a member of Shadow Rising.  I have since founded a new guild.  At this time it is little more than alts, but as I mentioned above, once Cataclysm comes out I will be making it a raiding guild.  I want having fun to be paramount.  Downing shit will happen as a byproduct.  You do not need assholes to have a sucessful raiding guild.  I plan on proving that.

I will give you guys more information as the time gets closer to “opening the gates” as it were.  I am working on getting a website up and going.  I have a wonderful friend who graciously offered to create the site.  Thanks again hun!  I am also working with getting my own vent server.  I haven’t quite gotten the loot system fully situated yet.  I kind of want to see how the guild leveling thing will work out.  It will most likely be EPGP though.  I do like it and how it works.  I think I might tweek the way EP is earned though.

All in all I have high hopes for this project.

I want to say thanks again to the 30-40 people that still check this site daily.  I do love you guys for it!  I hope to be able to start putting more posts up.  My muse has kind of left me and I don’t want to just post “I’m sorry I didn’t post” posts up all the time.  Maybe now that the drama is over and things in my life are going well I will be able to post.

We shall see.


Well ok then

I had a completely different topic that I was going to write about today, but drama reared its ugly head last night.  Since this is still on the top of my head it is for the best that I just get it out.

That’s why I have a blog right?

Wednesday nights we try to get into ICC and knock out a few bosses so that we can start at the hard stuff on Saturday night while we are fresh.  I was excited because we had 8 sign ups going in.  When I logged over around 7 pm (10 pm server) I thought that I had like 15 mins until we started.  Nope, raid was scheduled for 7:15, oops!  Ok invites out!  I ended up with 6 people.  Shit.  Zakk backed out because he had school and was tired.  Ok that is one more ranged I need to find.  I looked through my friend’s list, my favorite DK was online.  I asked him if he wanted to come, yay ok just need 2 ranged.  Our warlock wasn’t online yet.  At this point it is like 7:10 ish so we decided we were going to wait for him.  I get us a hunter and an ele shammy and had a shadow priest as back up in case Ara didn’t make it.  I switched over to my mage that just sits outside of ICC to make tables for us and popped in to make a table for everyone else.  When I switched back I saw that the ele shammy was gone.  Ok no prob, I whispered the shadow priest and brought him in.  It is now about 7:25 ish and we are 10 mins behind starting time.  Still no Ara.  We decide to give him a few more mins since not everyone was in the instance yet.  7:30 rolls around and I ask everyone what they want to do.  Do they want to wait for him or have me go back to dal and get another ranged dps.  Everyone tells me to get another dps.  So off to Dal I go and nabbed a boomkin, who I think we have ran with before.  Head back over, we buff and start clearing trash.

We are on the first pack of trash pulls, it is around 7:44 (30 mins after start time) and Ara logs into vent.  Being the snarky person I am I say “Oh look it is the warlock who lost his raid spot.”  Bad choice of words apparently.  He is all pissy that we didn’t wait for him.  Said that he was only 4 mins late and it was a dick move to not wait for him.  He signed up to go.  He then logged out of vent and logged into the game.  That is when he started whispering me and telling me how shitty it was of us to do this.  I reminded him that the raid started at 10:15 not 10:30.  I even told him that I got the times confused a bit.  I told him that we had waited for him and that we had just replaced him shortly before he logged in.  He stopped replying to me.  The priest I had picked up said that his primary spec was healing so I asked him in whisper what healing spec he was; Disc.  Ok that could work, him and Kate could heal the tanks and Vel can raid heal.  I whispered Ara and asked him if he wanted to come in.  We were still on trash, he could easily come in.  I would step out have the priest take my healing spot.  I wasn’t going to kick a pug or ask someone else to step out.  He wouldn’t reply.

I tried several other times to get him to reply and answer me on if he wanted to come in.  At this point we had downed Marrowgar.  I won the healing trinket, (go me!) and was pretty set for the night so I was even more amiable to stepping down.  I asked in Officer chat if Andrew and/or Vel would be up for raid leading.  Vel has been dealing with a lot of health issues so he has been kind of out of it so he said no.  Andrew said that he could probably do it.  They asked why and I filled them in a bit.  Before we got to Lady D I asked Andrew to talk to Ara since he wouldn’t reply to me.  Ara however was in Ony so Andrew said to forget him.  The hunter that was with us said he needed the fights explained so I gave a quick recap and we took her down.

We wiped once on the gunship because only 2 dps went over to the other ship to kill the mage.  This meant that Ness got creamed by Saurfang and we of course wiped because the mobs were out of control over on the other ship so Dily couldn’t get back over.  He also didn’t have his rocket pack equipped.  >.>

Run back and then the best part of the night happened.

Andrew comes back up and says that he has the “no ship” bug.  I told him I could see him and would pay his repair bill if he tried to jump on the ship.  He is on his polar bear and heads towards the ship.  He then runs up to the ship and jumps.  I stood there and watched him just sink through and die.  It was the most hilarious thing I had seen in a long time.  I literally couldn’t stop laughing.  I even got short of breath I was laughing so hard.  I was still laughing when he came back up and I opened a trade window to give him some money.  He wouldn’t take it and said he got no durability loss.  I told him it was worth the gold just to see that.

We buffed back up and this time knocked out the fight.  Get ready for Saurfang, I tell everyone what to do, tell them where to stand and we go.  The beasts come out and the shadowpriest gets chewed on.  Does he run?  Nope, just stood there and got nommed.  I’m yelling at him in vent to move and telling everyone to kill the beasts, don’t let them touch you.  CC them, kite them, whatever they have to do to get them where they aren’t hitting people.  Several times the beasts didn’t leave the platform and instead were chewing on the melee and tanks.  Again I am yelling in vent to kill the beasts.  Normally we get our one mark when he is around 50% and have him killed before he gets a 2nd mark.  He was at 74% when we got our first mark.  It was of course Kate.  I swear he just loves her.  He marks her every week.  So now I have one dead dps and my other healer is marked.  The beasts are still nomming on people or staying up on the platform.  Shit, Kate died.  I cannot solo heal this fight.  I am NOT that uber.  I would have asked Vel to toss out some heals, but at this point there were only 2 ranged dps left alive so I needed him to dps those beasts down.  When the tanks went down I ran out to the ship hoping to hide, which I succeeded in.  Everyone else was dead.

As we are coming back the hunter says that he has to go.  I notice a friend is online and I ask him if he is willing to come help us down Saurfang.  He says yeah he can bring his hunter for just that fight.  We buff up and I let him know what I want done.  I remind everyone to NOT GET HIT by the beasts.  We go back in and while we did better than the first attempt we still had issues with the beasts nomming the melee and tanks >.> but at least the ranged did better on CC and getting the beasts down faster.  The 3rd time proved to be the charm and we got him down.  I still am not sure how it happened.  Our friend the hunter got the first mark.  I tried to keep him alive, but after so long the damage being done by the mark is just more than can be healed when there are only 2 healers.  He went down.  With his dps gone we just weren’t getting Saurfang down fast enough and a 2nd mark pops up.  I get it this time.  Shit.  Again, I tried to keep myself alive.  I managed to stay alive until right when the first tank went down.  Then as I am dead on the ground I see the other tank go down.  I don’t even know who was left alive other than Andrew, but Saurfang went down.  Apparently Andrew had tanked him the last little bit and we somehow got him down. Woot!

Westan had to leave but luckily Matt came online at that point so we made him get on his hunter and come kill the trash and the mini boss with us.  Ara still has not replied to me.  At this point he is on his druid tank and doing heroics.  I send him a whisper asking him if he is still not talking to me, after I don’t get a reply I send him another one saying “guess not.”  I then get an angry whisper about how he had a shitty day at work, got stuck being there late, rushed to get home for the raid for all of this to happen.  I am talking in O chat about this to Andrew and Vel.  I double checked the raiding rules (which I had written weeks ago) and the #1 rule is “Be on time.  If you are not on time we will replace you with someone else even if that happens to be a PuG.”  We didn’t have to wait for him.  We did wait for him though.  We waited longer than we should have before replacing him.  Vel then takes this opportunity to change the guild message of the day to something about by signing up for the raids you have accepted the raiding rules.  Ara then gquit.  Immediately after that he starts spewing at me in whispers about how dickish that GMOTD was and how it was just the last straw.  While all this is happening, we are fighting the first mobs in the upper spire.  The chick is not going down and we are just getting swarmed with the copies.  My mind is only half there as I am dealing with the angry whispers.  We wiped.  I take partial blame for that one, but not full blame.  The adds were left to beat the crap out of everyone and not everybody was focusing on her so the copies healed her back up.

Meanwhile in gchat several other people who had not been online earlier are all confused as to why Ara had left.  As we are explaining somewhat Vel is asking if he can be a total dick.  I replied “go ahead, why not” and he gkicked Ara’s warlock.  I thought he was just going to make a snarky comment, guess I was wrong.  I don’t know what happened when Ara signed back on to his lock because I had logged off Bloodhoof and our vent.

I logged over to Drak’Tharon all upset over the entire night.  I popped into SR’s vent to see if anyone was there.  Several people were down in one of the group channels so I just stayed up on top not wanting to nose in on their group stuff.  Tir was also in vent and he popped up to chat and I just fell apart.

I might pick on Tir, but I do like him.  He is a great guy, just takes some getting used to. 😉

He was really awesome.  He listened to me go off and just kept whispering me to stop and breathe.  If I hadn’t been so upset I would have laughed.  He reassured me that as the RL and an officer I had done the right thing.  We had rules and I stuck to them.

I have the VERY bad habit of taking everything personally and getting my emotions involved.  For example as I am writing this I am upset all over again and crying.  Go figure.  It is something I am very aware of and just cannot seem to get better at.  Maybe this means I just shouldn’t be in any form of leadership position, who knows.

We ended up talking about my post yesterday.  Apparently he got a lot of teasing from everyone about it.  Good thing he can handle it.  As I told him, it isn’t so much that we disagree on the topic, we just have completely different viewpoints.  This isn’t a bad thing, but it can cause problems if the parties involved aren’t aware.  In all honesty I am *really* not all that worried about being in a group with him leading.  The dude knows his shit.  I just have to give him hell.  I do it cause I care, truly. 🙂

I just now got a really nice email from Andrew checking to make sure I was ok.  Thanks hun!  He too reassured me that we did the correct thing last night and that things just got blown way out of wack.

I am not really looking forward to logging in tonight, but I will be there.  We have a really easy weekly raid quest and should be able to get 2 if not 3 groups through it and still tackle ToC.  We’ll see how things go.

Wish me luck.

Status update, kind of

Somewhat busy day today at work.  My boss is getting ready to leave on vacation for a week so he goes through and has a ton of last minute things that “have” to be done right now.  This means I end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get it done yesterday for him.  I swear the man has no concept of how long something takes to get completed.

Things appear to be going smoothly on the game front.  Although there might be something simmering, I have a mental note to look into it to make sure there isn’t anything happening, or if there is, then to nip it in the bud.  Ahh guild drama, how you never fail to appear when things are going good.

I’ve been focusing a lot on my mage.  I just have lost the urge to chain run heroics for badges.  I just don’t care that much.  Both of my 80s are geared for the raiding level we are actually running.  I don’t NEED to be ICC geared to run Ulduar and regular ToC.  My guildies are all making this mad rush to get badges and more badges and even more badges.  It has turned me off from wanting to do heroics.  I’d like to do the new 5 mans, get a better grasp of healing and dpsing in there, but I don’t really care what drops.  Yes the upgrades are cool and are nice for my girls, but it isn’t the end all for me.  I want to have fun when I play, not pour over the gear lists and freak when someone else gets the drop I’ve been farming for days.  So I have been leveling my mage.  And herbing.

I officially hate level 80s and their fast drakes in the lowbie zones.  I know all is fair in farming your herbs and WoW, but I need these damn things to level my alchemy, *sigh*.  I really don’t even plan on selling the flasks or herbs for the most part.  If I need the cash I might, but for the most part I will be making stuff to use for myself.  Flasks can get expensive when you are buying for more than 1 80, especially when you start raiding more than normal.  On Bloodhoof it is cheaper to buy the pre-made flasks than getting the mats to have someone make the flasks for you.  The price on frost lotus is just insane.  Since I started herbing in Northrend I have gotten about 15 of them and I obsessively get every herb node I find.  It was quite funny last night because while questing in ZD I had picked so much of one kind of herb that I had ran out of designated room for it in my 32 slot herb bag.

Ok I guess I should explain that part.  I have to be very organized in my bags.  If things are in the wrong bag, or even in the wrong place in my bags they need to be moved.  Call it OCD I don’t care.  My bags are organized as much as humanly possible.  Specific bags are for specific things.  I have a bag that has my hearthstone, any tools needed for my profs, reagents, potions, bandages, food and the such.  A bag for quest items only.  A bag for useful items such as greens and cloth.  If the character has a gather profession, like my mage with herbs, or my warlock with her soul shards, then I have a 32 slot bag for that.  My LW keeps her bag in the bank.  My backpack is used for vendor trash only.  The moment I get quest items, a BoE green or cloth, it gets moved to the appropriate bag, unless I have already received one of the item and then it just stacks.  I pick up everything that drops.  I don’t care if it is grey or purple, it gets picked up and sorted.  I have to routinely sort the bags.  If I don’t then it drives me nuts until I do.  I’ve gotten good at doing it while autorunning, especially in instances.  If I am doing a lower level instance and just looting everything I can, I STILL have to have my bags organized.  My guildies were teasing me about it last night.  The fact of the matter is I can find everything in my bags whereas other people *cough* my sweetie *cough* can never find anything in their bags.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway back to the lack of “designated room” in my bag.  As many of you gatherers know when you gather stuff you get different items.  When I farm herbs I end up with 8 different kinds, on top of eternal/crystallized life.  That all needs a slot in the bag.  So to keep things in order I make designated slots so when a stack gets full, I wont have to reorganize the items.  This means putting a single item in the spot I want to use.  In my herb bag I have a row of goldclover, tiger lily, t-rose, adder’s tongue, dreadnettle, a spot for frost lotus, ice thorn, lichbloom, crystallized life and eternal life.  I compulsively keep only one stack of crystallized life around, but will only change it over to an eternal once I get 11.  When I was leveling in BT I actually had 2 rows of GC and TL.  I haven’t given IT and LB their own rows because I haven’t found a whole lot of them yet.  To be fair I just hit 77 before I went to bed, so I am sure that they will end up with their own row now.  Well last night I was in ZD and the herb of choice for the region is T-rose.  It is everywhere and no one is around farming it.  I had, at one point, over 120 of them.  That is MUCH more than the amount allotted in my bag for it.  I noticed it when I went to move a quest item and saw that I had several herbs in my backpack.  Then I was all uncomfortable that the t-roses weren’t all in the same row.  That is why they were picking on me last night.  Not that they ever need a reason, but that was the particular one they had last night.

Ah well, such is my life.

I didn’t become an accountant for no reason you know.

Groups part 2

Since I started playing WoW my views on playing in groups has changed.  When I first started making the push to get my warlock to level cap I was leveling with Andrew.  He was running his pally and we were making our way through STV.  Then, as usually happens, he stopped having time to level his pally and my poor warlock just sat there unloved.  Just as she was getting really fun to play.  So I made the decision to stop waiting for him and just move off on my own.  A similar thing happened when my warlock hit 60 and moved on to the Outlands.  I didn’t have BC until I was almost 60 so I wasn’t able to go there at 58.  My now ex boyfriend had re-joined the game to play with me.  He had a level 60 warrior left over from Vanilla WoW and we decided to level together.  He had already been through HF several times on other toons so he was all for rushing through it and just leveling through instances.  This was my first toon there and I wanted to experience it.  I wanted to read the quests, take in the sights, and figure it out on my own.  Our playing together lasted all of 2 days.  After that I decided I wouldn’t level with someone again.

For most of my playing, I have gone solo.  This reflects on how I am in RL as well.  I prefer to do things myself because if I don’t then I have no guarantee it will get done.  I am just too much of a control freak to allow someone else to take charge.  I’d like to think that I have gotten better, to an extent, but I know that I really haven’t.  At least I am honest about it.

A while back I mentioned how I was trying to lead the raid groups when I wasn’t truly the raid leader.  That has since changed and I am the raid leader 98% of the time.  But back then I wasn’t.  Since I started playing with Call of Fate (now Echo of Fate) I wanted to be an officer and raid with them.  I used to sit in vent while they were raiding Kara and wish that I could see what they were seeing and join in on the fun they all seemed to be having.  When CoF had officer voting right before Wrath came out I wanted to be on the list soooo badly.  Unfortunately the requirements were that you had to be 70 and raiding.  So I never told anyone (until now) that I wanted to be on the list of prospective officers.  When Wrath came and went and the guild dwindled down to 4-5 people logging in at any given time I was kind of pushed into an unofficial officer position.  Which I just loved.  Eventually our GL made it official and I had finally achieved what I had wanted for so long.  I felt like I was part of a special group of people and that all my time and hard work had finally paid off.

Then we all left CoF and Mis created EoF.  I felt sure I would be an officer since I had been one in CoF and had proven I was an asset.  Instead Mis said that he didn’t want to make officers because there were too many people who deserved that title and it would seem odd to new recruits if there were like 10 officers and only 5 members.  Because of all that I had done for the guild I was put in charge of scheduling and organizing raids.  Mostly since I was already doing that job.  I referred to myself as the “scheduling bitch” and thus became the calendar nazi.

As with most casual guilds, ours went through a “nice” downturn in people signing in.  You have already heard me complain about it in the past so I wont repeat myself (for once) and go over all the details.  In the last month or so, probably closer to two now, we have regularly had 9-14 people online each evening.  It has been wonderful.  We have had enough people for raids and heroics and general fun stuff.  Since Mis has been dealing with a lot of RL stuff and hadn’t been online people started turning to those of us who were online all the time.  Namely me and occasionally Dily.  We joked that I had become the De facto guild leader in Mis’ absence.  This put me in a slight problem because I wasn’t even an officer anymore.  The only person who was an officer and was online at least somewhat regularly was my sweetie.  I am of the firm impression that no one realizes that he is an officer, and he sure as hell isn’t going to tell you he is unless you ask him.  So people weren’t going to him with issues, they were bringing them to me mostly.

I loved it.  I have always been the bossy one.  When I was a kid, despite being the middle child, I was the one who lead everything.  In school I was the group leader, if I wasn’t then things went sour.  Mostly because I am essentially a brat at heart and would throw a fit.  I still do that, I just hope it has lessened in frequency.

One of our fairly new recruits, Viva, had asked me to come heal a heroic for him and his friends.  He has brought in several of his friends and coworkers over to our guild.  Some of them have even server and faction changed to join us.  These guys are awesome and fit in so well with us.  I like all of them, well maybe not Devil ;-), oh ok fine, I like Devil, he is so easy to tease.  One of the guys in the group with us was a shaman friend of Viva’s who was currently without a guild.  Viva introduced me as the guild leader.  Whoa.  I had to stop him and say that no, I wasn’t the guild leader, I wasn’t even an officer.  I just happen to be online every day and had kind of taken up the reins while Mis was gone.  No harm, no foul.

Since then I had been thinking.  Did I want to be a guild leader?  Did I want that kind of responsibility?  The answer boiled down to yes.  However, I also acknowledged that I would be perfectly happy just being an officer.  Something that legitimately gave me authority to do what I was already doing.  It only made sense.  The ship has to have someone at the wheel and EoF was lacking in this department.

Last night, patch night of course, Mis logged in and made promotions.  He is not stepping down, despite what his blog post the other day might have implied, but he made some new officers and promoted some members to Vet status.  As he said last night, it was long overdue.  So now Dily, Andrew, Vel and myself are now officers.  Heleva was promoted to Vet, and when I get online tonight one of the “new” recruits, Shavok, will also get promoted to Vet.  He was brought in with Viva and is such an awesome guy and is so helpful, that he really deserves getting a promotion.  Congrats to everyone.

Yesterday my post talking about my college time brought back all the memories.  How I had grown to hate groups and being in charge of them.  Now when it comes to this game, I am thriving on it.  I know eventually I will want to be a GL of my own guild.  Not any time soon, but eventually.  Like Mis when he formed EoF, I have ideas and plans that I would like to do.  However, I enjoy what I have in my current situation and am satisfied enough to where I don’t need to make changes.  The brat inside is content.

Yeah I couldn’t think of a title

So I got some lovely link love from Syrana over at sideshowandsyrana.com so I am sending you back over there.  I really enjoy their blog and I think everyone should be reading it.  So go read :D.

Most mornings I get breakfast from the deli downstairs.  There is a guy who works in the building next door who also plays WoW.  When we see each other we start talking about the game, naturally.  This is quite some amusement to the owner of the deli, who just doesn’t get it.  He usually teases us about being “nerds” and “geeks”, *sigh*.  Anyway Curtis told me this morning that he was thinking of transferring over to my server and joining my guild.  😀  He has an 80 of every class, seriously.  He uses the guides to level them so he should get along with my sweetie.  The downside is all of his toons are horde, and my guild is alliance.  He said that wouldn’t be a big deal.  He just wants to be in a guild that does stuff.

I am quite excited that he is thinking of moving to come play with me.  In fact if there is anyone else who wants to come play with us, you are more than welcome!  The more the merrier.  In fact, the more people we get, the more I can push us to be able to get more raiding nights. 😀

Tonight is the continuation of our 8 man Naxx run.  I am kind of looking forward to it.  It was a lot of fun when we went in a few weeks ago, and I think everyone involved had a blast.  Saturday is another Ulduar run.  We didn’t extend the last raid ID, and since it was just a fail run for the most part, I am glad we didn’t extend it.  Hopefully this week will be much better.

My sweetie is coming to visit me next week, in fact a week from today, so I most likely will be a tad bit distracted.  There have been several great blog posts that I have read over the last few weeks and I am going to try to link them over the next few posts and “discuss” them, or at least attempt to talk about them wherein I will end up getting off topic and rambling onto another topic.  But you all know this and still keep coming back, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is in fact endearing and not just irritating.

I really do ❤ my readers.

Except when you don’t comment.  I mean seriously what is up with that?  Comment people!  I get 40-50 hits a day, and maybe 4-5 of you comment regularly.  I know you are out there and are reading this!  So return the favor!

Brats :-p

Wow, just wow

So I took part in that questionnaire/meme thing for healers a few days ago, and it has blown up.  The original person who posted it http://missmedicina.blogspot.com/ was linked on WoW.com and her site blew up.  As a result many more people found my little ol’ blog.  So to any of those that decided to stick around, HI!!  *waves enthusiastically*



Does this mean I need to start posting real stuff on here?


Damn >.>


Aww who am I kidding?  I am faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too lazy to ever do that. ^_^


Well since that probably won’t be happening let’s get back to the normal drivel that pretends to be a blog post.


This weekend was quite slow.  Since it was a holiday I didn’t put any raids up.  Which worked out for the best because hardly anyone logged in this weekend.  I did manage to get the Hallows End title for Millea, and my sweetie finished up Tatia’s for me since I had to leave to karaoke with Andrew and Arrens.  I would have been able to finish it on time, but last minute HH mount runs took far longer than I expected.  I am VERY glad of a reprieve of a few weeks before the next holiday mount zerg.


Sweetie, you know I adore you, but your mount obsession is going to make me go grey even faster than I already am.


Not that he bothers to read my blog, but just on the off chance that he does . . .


I spent Sunday leveling my enchanting on my DK.  I still haven’t quite gotten to 300, outland level, but I am close.  Using all the stored enchanting mats I had in my bank and buying some, I managed to get her from 61 to 283.  I am just glad I didn’t have to hunt down the enchanting rods.  The AH was kind enough to have the ones I needed up and at a fairly reasonable price for once.  I went through the stacks of cloth I had and made armor to DE to attempt to get some more mats and that worked for a little bit.  It still surprises me that piles and piles of cloth only becomes a few stacks of cloth bolts.  1/3 of my bank tab was taken up by silk cloth stacks, only to give me like 80 bolts.  So very sad.


So yeah, eventually I will get that up on her so that she can start DEing stuff she gets/finds.  I am not quite sure how well the mining will profit me at this point, but hey it is nice to be able to mine stuff I see as I run around.


One of these days I will actually learn how to play her and not just mash buttons.  I don’t even look at what I am mashing 99% of the time.  Yeah, well, what can I really say to that other than, yes I am lazy.


The time change always messes with my head and makes me disoriented.  Not a fun thing when I am attempting to write a blog post.  Ah well, who said I was a great writer?  NO ONE!  Muahahahahaha. *hack cough hack*


I have an idea for a picture friendly post for tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that I will be able to get the pictures I need taken without getting distracted by everyone online.


Until then!