One day I will post regularly again

You know, when I actually get off my duff and have something to say.

Not much has been going on in game for me.  I hurt my back about 2 weeks ago and haven’t been playing much as a consequence.

We seem to be doing pretty good raid roster wise.  Adoe from Crits brought over one of his hunters and Angerfork brought over his warrior.  Now that Zarm is out of school (he done gadgiated) we have been able to raid each night.  We even managed to go in and knock out Heroic ICC.  I believe that the achievement run is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday.

Tonight is Nef.  The punk ass is going down.  He will of course drop the Pally/Priest/Lock token that will go to one of our 2 pally tanks or our priest healer.  I will not see my 4 piece set until 3 other people have theirs.  That means we have to kill him the minimum of 3 times and my token piece will need to drop each time!  So yeah, I’m never going to see my 4 piece.

WoW Insider just posted the announcement that Arena Season 9 is ending by the 21st with Season 10 starting a week later.  So it looks like patch 4.2 should be here on the 28th.  Slice has said that he wants to go back to the tier bosses even after 4.2 hits just to get people their tokens; especially if T12 is as tough as it is looking to be.

Personally I don’t care.  I just want my staff! 😀

This is the week where we should finish T11 content.  All we have is Nef and Al’Akir.  The current plan is to kill Nef tonight and Al’Akir tomorrow.  I haven’t looked at the sign ups for tomorrow, but I do know that tonight we have 11 people ready to go.  So that much is positive!

I was checking out the Al’Akir fight and it honestly doesn’t look that bad.  Yeah bad RNG is bad, but shit happens and you deal with it.  The explanation I read likened the tornadoes to Sarth’s fire walls.  I was pretty good on the firewalls.  The knock back and quick run in sounds like an ideal situation to use teleport.

Yeah I am getting excited over the thought of a new fight! ^_^b

I am hoping that we knock out Nef fairly quickly (who am I kidding, it will be the last pull of the night) so that we can get some attempts on Al’Akir.  That way we can work on some heroic modes in BoT.

Since my normal market has been flooded (seriously! people who were _never_ in it before are suddenly in it) I have had to branch out and make money some other way.  What I find funny about my bag market is it is absolutely flooded with people when the prices are lower than the price of cloth.  When we kept the prices high there were only 3-5 of us and we really didn’t undercut each other all that much.  It was all just a matter of who had more stock and back stock of cloth.  Now I make more profit buying cheap cloth and re-listing it.  Like I said, cloth is going for more than bags.  I’m still selling bags, just not the volume I was before.  Makes me mad.  Especially since I spent about 10k gold on gear for my other toons.  Luckily I found another little market that no one seemed to be filling.  At least for a few days.  /sigh.  People are already trying to butt their way into it.  I’m not making a ton of gold, but a decent chunk.  Add that to my weekly sale of illusionary bags (seriously over 5k for each one, delicious) I’m not looking too badly.

I can only imagine how much the Primordial Saronite-type items are going to cost.  Slice said he is going to give me 20k for my staff.  I have 20k saved up for that purpose.  Zarm has also offered to help out when I need it too.  Just going to be expensive as hell.  ugh.  I am still so excited though!

In other news:  Since I haven’t been able to stay seated for very long at my computer desk I have been playing some FF12.  I hooked up a chair with a bunch of pillows for support and have been having a blast.  I never played 12 before.  I got it a few months ago at the suggestion of Andrew.  When I first tried playing it I had a hell of a time with the controls.  I had gotten so used to having a mouse and keyboard it was very odd going back to a controller.  I finally got it all sorted out and been enjoying something new.  I doubt I will be getting back too much into the console world, but it sure is nice to come back for a visit every now and then.

I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with my rogue.  Mostly I have been trying to figure out if I want to learn to actually play her and not just mash the same 3 buttons over and over again.  I really don’t like melee dps and the energy resource isn’t really all that great (compared to mana IMO).  I had briefly toyed with the idea of PvPing with her.  I mean it is still an option.  Half of her gear is the crafted PvP stuff so she has some resil.  Considering how much I fail at PvP this might not be a good enough thing.  Oh well, we’ll see what I can come up with.  Right now she farms and does TB dailies.  Escaping from people trying to gank me makes me happy. ^_^

Well the work day is just about gone and I need to head home to kill Nef.  Wish me luck guys! 😀

To write or to babble, that is the question

We all know that I am known for just babbling on and on

and on.

This isn’t anything new.

So sit back and enjoy some more babbling! 😀

As you might have noticed, we finally (seriously, FINALLY) took down some bosses.  While yes we have been technically raiding since December, we have really only put in like 6 raid nights and a few of those weren’t even full nights.  On top of that we kind of had a rotating roster.  We had people in one night that weren’t in on a different night or people were playing roles they weren’t comfortable in.  We even had people in on under geared alts (me!).  It just led to a new learning curve every night.

Frustrations were high and so were tempers.  It did not make for fun raid nights.

I don’t think it was the repeated wiping, because we were still joking and having fun.  I think it was the lack of visual progression.  We would get Magmaw down to like 36% then our next best attempt for the night would be like 60% and then not even close to that.  When we switched to focusing on Omnotron we actually started making a marked progress.  The best attempt on the first night was 76%, on the second night it was just under 40%, the third night it was 21% and then on the fourth night we 2 shot them.  Again all 4 of those nights had different rosters and different players in different roles.  The night we actually killed something we had people in the roles that were their main specs.

That meant Zug got to dps, Sorak healed and I got to dps instead of Zug tanking, Sorak on interrupt duty and me healing.

Being able to play the role that you are the most comfortable in helps tremendously.

Another issue we have been dealing with is sticking with specific raid days.  Originally we were hoping to have 2 raid IDs.  A Tuesday/Thursday raid group and a Monday/Wednesday raid group.  When we couldn’t even field a full raid team for ANY two nights a week we kind of gave up on the multiple raid IDs.  We then attempted to switch to a MWF schedule.  That lasted less than a whole week.  Then last week we finally said that we were doing Tues/Wed with a possible follow up on Friday night.  We verified with our raiders & officers (7-8 of the raiders in a given raid are officers) that they would be able to make at least Tues/Wed and they all said yes. 

Now all that remains is for people to, you know, actually sign up.

I think this week we have like 7 sign ups and 2 tentatives. /sigh

And the guys wonder why we aren’t more progressed.

The only positive thing is that is 4 more sign ups than we got when we were making people use the guild site.

You know, the site we have that no one but me & Tel ever log into. >.<

In response to this utter lack of motivation of our guildies to raid I have decided to level alts.  The grind required to have the absolutely “best” of everything just makes playing feel like a job.  We are not a hardcore guild pushing progression.  I shouldn’t have to feel like I have to min/max everything.  It is NOT required by my current playstyle.  I hold my own in raids.  I do my best to stay out of the bad and to pew pew my little heart out.  I am by no means the weakest link in the chain.  So I should be allowed to continue on my merry way without any comments from the peanut gallery that plays differently.

I’ve gotten the roguelette to 71 from 63.  She is currently stabbity stabbing her way through the mobs in Howling Fjord.  One of my guildies (Dozzer) whispered me and asked me if I was bored out of my skull leveling through the same place all over again.  On one hand it is the same quests, but on the other it is slightly different.  I have only leveled through Northrend as Horde once.  So while some of the quests are the same, it still has a slightly different flavor.  This is my 5th time through Northrend, 3 times as Alliance (one where she has loremaster) and once as Horde.  It is just questing to me.

I will admit there are some zones/quests that I can do without.  TF in Outland is one such zone.  Stupidly enough I did it on the roguelette because I had never done it as Horde.  Yeah it still sucks ass.  There also doesn’t seem to be as many quests as there were for Alliance.  The moment I hit 67 I was out of there and on my way to Shadowmoon Valley.  Yes I could have gone to Nagrand, but frankly I am tired of Nagrand.

Yes shocking considering how many Nagrand photos are on my blog, but there you have it.

Kill 30 of this beast is just a long slow pain in the ass.  I probably should go back and do those quests though.  The roguelette leveled in STV and did the quests there for Hemet Jr and will most likely do the ones in SB.  Damn it >.<

In other news I picked up PPP again and have run a few dungeons here and there with her.  Finally got the Nexus once.  Was a nice change from UK constantly.  Every dungeon since that Nexus run has been UK though. /sigh.


Almost forgot!!!

Last night I was in a UK run (of course) and there was a pally in the group with us as dps.  Now when you see a dps pally you expect said person to be in Ret spec (although when I was still in the Outlands dungeons most “dps” pallys were actually prot) and you know, dpsing with a 2 handed weapon.

Not this pally!

This pally was a dpsing HOLY pally.  At level 71 was pulling a whopping 500 dps.  I pull more than that when I dps as Disc!

The only reason I even noticed was because the tank stopped and was waiting on the pally to get mana.  I said in chat, “He is ret, they don’t need to worry about drinking.”  To which the pally replied “No, I’m holy.”


I was good, I didn’t completely call the dipshit a fucking retard or anything like that, even though I totally wanted to.  It would be one thing if he was making it work, but he wasn’t.  His top spell was Exorcism.  He had a sword (cause I guess pallys can’t use daggers) and an off hand stick thingy.  He wasn’t even using Holy Shock all that often.  On top of that he kept asking what kind of gear a holy pally should be looking for (cause you know there are SOOOOOOOOOO many choices, “let’s see, spell power plate OR spell power plate”) and which class was the best pvp class at 85.

I wanted to kick them so bad but I just knew it wouldn’t get passed.  So I put the moron on ignore and stopped healing him.  I just, yeah I have no words for it.

Now look, if you want to go off and play a dps holy pally, go for it.  But stick with the solo play ok?  When you join a group you need to at least show SOME sort of indication that you know which side is the pointy end.  Those crazy specs that you think make you a special snowflake just don’t cut it.

Yeah I know you are thinking “It is just a stupid Wrath dungeon” and you would be right.  But think about this:  This moron will continue on in his WoW gaming life thinking that playing a dps holy pally is perfectly fine because everyone else will just laugh then continue to carry him.  Soon he will hit max level and want to do heroics.  Do you want this dps holy pally in your Heroic Grim Batol run?

Yeah I didn’t think so.

Your Mt. Rushmore

There is a radio station that I listen to most mornings here in SD. Every Tuesday they do this bit known as the Mt. Rushmore list. Today they had the list be about movie villains. They each do their own list then they poll callers. The 4 movie villains that made Mt. Rushmore were: Hannibal Lecter, Dark Knight’s Joker, Darth Vader and Freddie Kruger.

I thought I would do this a little different.  I was curious who people would list for their Mt. Rushmore of WoW villains.  Now I am not talking about raid bosses, but the 5 man bosses or just quest mobs.  Post your replies in the comments and put a little blurb as to why.

Here are mine in no particular order:

Prince Valanar in the Last Rites quest in Borean Tundra.

I think this stands out for me because I just re-did this quest on my DK.  This quest shows up as a 3 person quest.  Slice and I couldn’t pull it off 2 manning it.  I remember with all my other toons having to either group up (Millea was in a group of 5) or have a guildie pop over on their 80 and help me kill it.  Hell, I remember having someone’s 80 die as we tried to 2 man it.  Frankly I think Valanar was easier in ICC.

Priestess Delrissa in Heroic Magister’s Terrace

Now I have never done this boss at the appropriate level, but she is a BITCH even at 80.  Slice and I have been farming HMGT for the pet and mount (and rep for him) and at first we went in as a Ret Pally and an Aff Lock.  Wipes are not fun as level 80.  Now that he has gone back to a prot offspec we have an easier time 2 manning this place.  Even then this fight causes problems.  I can only imagine what it was like at 70.

Arazzius the Cruel in the Cruel’s Intentions Quest in Hellfire Peninsula

While this isn’t exactly a really hard quest, it is still a pain in the ass.  This guy hits like a truck and is tough enough to where (unless you are a tank) you will really want to group up to kill him.  On all of my toons I only needed 1 or 2 others to help (depending on their level) in order to get him down.  Still a PITA.

Shade of Arugal in Hour of the Worg quest in Grizzly Hills.

HATE, HATE, HATE this quest.  Even at 80 I have a hard time soloing this on my casters.  Since I have only ever leveled up casters (yes druid was leveled boomkin) I don’t know how cake this fight is as a tank or an armored class.  I just know I had a hell of a time attempting to solo this fight.  Even with the NPC’s help (or lack thereof) I think I wipe at least once or twice each time I try to do this quest.  I was in GH the other day on fail mage and there was a level 80 shadow priest trying to find someone to help her complete that quest.  At least now I know I am not alone in hating that quest.

Honorable mention:  The storm giant quest in ZD.  I only completed that quest once.  I will NEVER do that quest again.

So what are your top 4 WoW villains?

An update of sorts

Yes I still live.  I just haven’t really had a whole lot of stuff to write about, thus the lack of blog posts.  I have mostly been leveling alts or professions.  I recently “powerleveled” herbing on the DK and then attempted to powerlevel inscription.  It wasn’t exactly full on powerleveling, but I sure as heck wasn’t going back to leveling her and not being Outlands ready.  I think I actually over prepared her.

Oh well, I am really not complaining 😀

Now that the money sink with the leveling is gone I can focus her earnings towards my money total.  So far I am just under halfway to my goal.  If I look at the full on goal that I will actually have to do, then I am only 1/4 of the way there.  The immediate goal though, that is just under halfway.  If the glyph market wasn’t so cut throat I might actually make more and thus speed up my completion to the 2nd half of what I want to save up for.

Speaking of the glyph market on this server.  Holy hell are they confused here.  Glyphs that are “required” for certain specs are listed for a couple silver and glyphs that are “worthless” are listed for several gold and rarely sell.


There are a few that get listed for decent amounts (thank you for small favors!) and I have been able to make some money selling those.  I haven’t started with the making of specific glyphs yet.  I am still trying to sell the glyphs I made while leveling.  Now I didn’t make just any old glyph, I made ones that looked like they would be worth something.  Considering I have made several hundred gold from the sales of these glyphs, I would like to think I guessed correctly.  The problems I have now mostly revolve around actually selling what I have left.

The weekends tend to sell more glyphs.  When you think about it, it does make sense.  People are leveling and working on alts on the weekend.  They are more likely to purchase glyphs then.  Raiders don’t usually buy glyphs right before a raid.  It happens, but not enough to rely on to make money.

I am still not quite sure how serious I want to get about this.  Yeah it is kind of fun playing the AH, but ultimately I don’t have the focus or the time to spend so much effort on this.  I still haven’t downloaded auctioneer yet.  I just don’t care THAT much, you know?

Oh well, I have plenty of time to get to my goal.  So I am not quite stressing yet. 😀

As for the alts, well the baby pally dinged 43 last night.  I popped her in the random dungeon in the hopes of getting her a new cloak (she still has the one from SFK) and I ended up with the same blue shoulders I had equipped.  What did happen was she topped the overall damage AND dps for the group (and we had a mage too!).  This was on top of cleansing the crap out of everything that popped up.  We had a priest healing and she obviously couldn’t do a damn thing about the poison, and the bear tank sure as hell wasn’t doing a damn thing about it.  That left me.  Most of the time I got the cleanse off before the priest did.  That made me feel smart and special.  😀  The tank and healer were guildies and were pretty good.  I do know that the tank had no problems holding and keeping threat.  It was refreshing.

I am at that stage with her where I don’t know where to quest.  I actually went to Tanaris and did the quests that I could there, but I ran out.  I have one red quest there.  I know I could go back to STV, but frankly I am kind of tired of the place.  I was just there on the roguelette and I did a bunch of quests there already.  Right now I flew over to Feralas and picked up the one quest there.  Have I mentioned how much this area sucks for Alliance?  Worst boat ever.  I guess I could head over to the Hinterlands and pick up the one or two quests there.  I can’t remember what level I need to be for Searing Gorge, I think high 40s.  I’ll have to go look it up.  I might just keep queuing up since melee dps as a pally isn’t as bad as it is with my rogue.

Slice and I leveled the DKs for a bit on Sunday and last night.  They both dinged 63 and are currently in Zangermarsh.  I enjoy Zangermarsh for some reason.  I know I will take the roguelette through there because I want to check it out as Horde.  I am not sure why I skipped it over on Lyssi when she was leveling.  I think I just went almost straight to Nagrand on her from HP.  I honestly cannot remember where she leveled.  I’ll have to go back and check that out too.  I just know she was like 64 when she finished HP vs the DKs which were 61.

I am having a bit more fun this time around with the DK.  When I leveled my DK on Bloodhoof I didn’t have this much fun outside of HP.  When I think about it, at that time Unholy was the bastard red-headed step-child of the dps choices.  Everyone was dpsing as Blood and laughed at me for playing Unholy.  I picked it because you got a pet.  It is that simple.  I didn’t really figure out what I was supposed to do until I was almost in Northrend and at that point I was bored with it.  This time around I kind of have a better idea of what I am supposed to do.  I still need to set up NTK with the diseases and such, but at the moment I am not really all that worried.  Stuff dies too quickly.

Like last night:  Killed Boglash.  Level 63 elite.  Almost soloed it.  Slice came in when the mob was at about 40% health.  I still had my potion and lifebloom available.  I was rocking it.  I think I did over 600 dps on it.  I was level 62. 😀

My method to DK dpsing is to count the debuff buttons under the mob’s frame.  If there are less than 5 then I am missing something.  Then I spam some more buttons and go from there.

Hey it works!

Slice is still trying to find a spec that works for him.  He doesn’t like Unholy because having a pet class isn’t his thing.  Too many buttons to push for him.  He liked blood, but that dps style is going the way of the dodo so he didn’t want to get hooked on it.  Last night he respecced to Frost and seems to enjoy that.  He has been having fun with leveling them (I think the biggest draw is they are in Outland) and wants to level them more.  It works for me.

The leveling group is going.  As Del mentioned on Monday, we got to level 20 this weekend.  Some of us *cough*Zari*cough* continued leveling and now the rest of us need to catch up.  Kate said she would help me with the leveling so that I didn’t have to run around yelling “LOLSMITE!” over and over again.  I will most likely take her up on that offer this weekend.  I have a feeling we will not be leveling the group until maybe next week.

Now others have said “why don’t you just have everyone level to a certain level and then make it to where you guys all are a certain level by a specific date” or something along those lines.  That would work if we were leveling these toons to have another 80.  That isn’t the goal for these guys.  The original plan was to make leveling a challenge.  We were going to 3 man dungeons.  Then it got upped to 4 manning dungeons.  Now it is a full group of 5 and we are leveling through the LFD tool.  The goal is still just leveling as a group.  There isn’t a set “OMG we need to level NAO!” mentality.  This is why I made a solo leveling toon.  It is also why that said solo leveling toon is now 43 and my priest is barely 20.

Oh well, it will eventually sort itself out.

I still haven’t installed Dragon Age, much to Slice’s disappointment.  It isn’t that I don’t want to play, I just haven’t been in the mood for it.  I am either playing WoW or Plants vs Zombies.  I also bought myself Spore as my birthday present to myself.  So far I like it, but I am not quite sure if it will ever suck me in completely.  I heard so much about the character creation and yet it has some serious things that are lacking.  I particularly dislike how I can’t increase the size of certain areas of the creature’s body.  Like the head.  I was able to do it ONCE and ever since then I haven’t been able to do it again.  Kind of pisses me off.  I don’t like having the type of head on my creature that I keep getting stuck with.  Oh well.

PvZ is going well.  I beat the adventure game.  I have also completed all the puzzle games.  Right now I am working on the mini-games.  Once I get those beat I will start working on the survival modes.  I have already beat day and night for the front yard.  I am trying to get more money from the mini-games and my zen garden to buy up all the special plants from Crazy Dave.  So far I think this is my favorite birthday present.  Thanks again sweetie!

Just as an aside, glyph is a PITA word to type out.  I keep wanting to type gphly, or ghylp or gylph.  *sigh*

Blah Thursday

Last night I had a dream where I witnessed a plane crashing into a building (accident, non-terrorist) while I was driving along the freeway next to the building.  I remember being very calm about the whole situation while my passenger was freaking out next to me.  I just calmly drove on like nothing was happening.

When I got home I got on the phone with my mom.  I remember her freaking out and I was answering her only I wasn’t talking.  What I was saying to her was being thought in my head and she heard me even though I wasn’t really talking.

When I woke up this morning I was paranoid that I had called my mom in the middle of the night and just sat there while she freaked out over me calling her and not talking.

I checked my phone log, no calls since I spoke to Slice before going to bed.  So that at least was a relief.

What I found odd was the dream played out like an action movie.  A genre I don’t normally watch.  A genre I haven’t watched in several months.

Just very odd.

Things have been very quiet on the WoW front, which is why I haven’t been blogging.  I just haven’t had anything to blog about.  I log in, do my dailies (I needs the gold!) then log out.  When you aren’t raiding in a raiding guild it is kind of quiet.

I have been logging in later in the evening too.  Last night when I got home I hopped in the bathtub for a while just relaxing and reading.  Then I got on the computer.  It was nice.

I need to log into Millea tonight and accept the invite for the raid on Friday with Slo.  I haven’t had it in me to do much more than I have been.  The project I am working on is going well.  I have a few things I have to just start working on.  Most of it is still in the planning stages in my head.  It is still kind of tough to put my thoughts into words.  Mostly I need to just sit and focus on it.

I guess I should do the three things thing that Del kind of started the other day.

Three things you might not know about me:

1. I am a boy band fan.  This fandom kind of ended with the bands of the 90s (Backstreet Boys, N’Sync) but I still like their music a lot.  In fact I have Millennium in my car and regularly listen to it while singing “I want it that way” at the top of my lungs with the windows rolled down.  I even made Slice do it while he was visiting. 😀

2. I mellow out when I listen to techno music.  There is something about the constant steady beat that just kind of relaxes me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still dance to the music, but it is more of a slow swaying verses a jumping kind of dance.

3.  I love to swim.  LOVE IT!  The problem is I rarely get to do it.  Really sad thing is I live in San Diego.  The beach is right there.  At my old apartment complex I had a pool.  In the summer I would swim in it to stay cooled off because it was so damn hot where I lived.  The next place I live at must have a pool.  Just a special aside, I learned to swim before I learned to walk.

So now you know some things about me that you probably didn’t know. 😀  You can blame Del if you are permanently scarred.