So I bitched yesterday on Rep’s blog that I hadn’t gotten an invite to the Beta yet.  I had been checking my account status every morning since they announced invites had gone out.  When I got home I checked my account for something completely unrelated and lo and behold!  I had a Beta invite!


I had started the download right away but it was making Slice lag out in TOR so I stopped it and planned to have it download while we slept.


Before bed I logged in to start the download again and BOOM!  Diablo 3 Beta invite!


Woot Woot!! 😀

I have to do all the things!

Much love to Hyperbole and a Half for the awesomesause phrase stealing I did.  Is it really stealing when you give them credit afterwards?

Eh who knows!


I have sooooooooooooo much personal stuff going on (that I can’t talk about just yet, and if you know please don’t bring it up in the comments) and add to that my normal game time stuff equals one stressed warlock.  My biggest thing right now is just getting everything organized so that I can get it done in the correct amount of time.

Plus I am very lazy, like seriously lazy.

Trust me, it’s bad.

Take Monday night (yesterday).  Every other Monday (or so it is supposed to be) is the alt T11 run.  We try to get people in who don’t normally raid with us and the main raiders bring their alts who need gear.  As I mentioned before, it is supposed to happen every OTHER Monday but it has happened the last 3 Mondays.  We can blame Arv for that one.  He set one up last week for his buddy who just joined us.  This means that if I join in on the alt run then I have 3 days in a row where I can’t get anything done at home.  With all the new stuff piled on my plate I just cannot raid on Monday anymore.  Normally this isn’t an issue because we will usually have enough people.  Unfortunately Slice likes to bring me instead of asking other guildies who didn’t sign up.  One day he will understand that I am not like him and don’t like to raid 24/7.

Some days I almost feel like I want to sit out on our normal Tuesday/Wednesday runs but then I remember about my awesome staff of awesomeness and how I wants it precious!  So I suck it up and come raid.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE raiding with my guildies.  We always have such fun and it is worth it to come raid.

Unless I don’t eat before/during the raid, then I am a HORRIBLE MEAN BITCH who HATES EVERYONE and all that jazz.

It apparently got bad enough that Sorak even now reminds me to eat something before the raid. 😀

Yes he really is a sweetheart, when he isn’t being a brat.

Things are really looking good for SR right now.  We are 6/7 in Firelands and should be able to get Rag down soon.  As of this afternoon I am 22/25 embers for the first quest chain.  We have been EXTREMELY lucky with our ember drops.  I think we have only had 1 or 2 bosses who didn’t drop an ember for me.  I haven’t really done a whole lot of research into the quest chain because I kind of want to be surprised about what happens.  I know that Slice has read up on it and he tells me that I have at least 2 more long collection quests.  I know that we will be doing this for a while so I am not super worried.  At the worst I will finish up the staff in an alt run when we are on the next tier, but finish it I will!

Slice was asking me the other day if I have found a fight in Firelands that I don’t like.  Honestly I like all of them.  Rhyolith might be a big pain in the ass (at least until they nerfed him to hell and back) but I still liked the fight.  As of right now (since we haven’t seen all of Rag) Alysrazor is my favorite fight.  I love all aspects of it.  I’ve flown and I’ve been on ground duty.  Yes it seems like a crazy fight, but it really isn’t tough at all if you just look at it piece by piece.  I think my favorite part about it is being able to cast and run at the same time.  I love not losing my shadow bolt casts when I have to move for a brushfire.  Being useful with interrupts with my puppy is pretty awesome too.  On those few times when I get to fly (Zuggie usually is flying because he is a fire mage)  I get SUPER excited when I get the crit buff from the 25 ring hit.  It lets me know that I am being good with hitting rings.  This fight has so many little things that make me happy so I just can’t pick one.

What I can’t seem to understand is why all the stuff I need drops off Domo and Rag.  It almost feels like half my BiS stuff only drops off those two guys.  Since we are such a pally/priest heavy raid I will be the last person to see my 4 piece T12.  Which isn’t that bad when you realize I am getting the awesome staff of awesomeness but by the time I get the staff, T12 will be almost done.  Oh well.  It does drive me nuts when other people are always bitching that they get that particular token to drop every time and no one can use it anymore.  It is like rubbing salt in the wound!

Funny thing happened in gchat last night.  They were running the T11 alt run (which I skipped) and apparently Atramedes dropped the shoulders.  Now in case you aren’t aware, Lyssi’s last blue item was her shoulders.  I was raiding and downing bosses in Firelands with 346 shoulders because no cloth ones dropped and anytime the token dropped off Cho’gall it was given to someone else.  The worst time was when it was given to someone who ALREADY HAD purple shoulders.  I was so mad that night.  Anyway I digress.  It was last week I think that Rhyolith dropped the mage clone shoulders.  Zuggie wasn’t there so I was able to snag them!  Apparently Sorak wasn’t paying attention that night because he had Grom link the shoulders that Atramedes dropped to taunt me.  The joke’s on you Sorak!  I laughed and congratulated Grom then linked my 378 shoulders in gchat for Sorak to see when he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t upset.  Good times!

I take back what I said above about him being a sweetheart.

Last weekend I rocked out on my mage, this weekend I was hooked on my baby lock.  Not much has really changed from where I left her off last, at least playstyle/spec-wise, but I was really hooked on leveling her.  The purpose of her leveling has been to experience the new leveling experience in the old world.  I went through the new plaguelands, the revamped Badlands (I got to punch Deathwing in the FACE!) and then this weekend the Swamp of Sorrows and half of the Blasted Lands.  I had done the other half of the Blasted Lands quests on PPP so I don’t think they are that much different for Alliance.  I will probably finish them out on the baby lock anyway.  The baby murlocs are just too cute not to.

I have already started thinking about the next toon that I want to level.  I have several ones that are just sitting there with rested XP and yet I have this urge to make a Draenei Paladin.  I had one that I loved over on Skywall and she doesn’t look like she will be dusted off ever again.  I also want to make a Worgen.  I’m not sure what kind of Worgen, but I need one.  So yeah, too many alts and not enough time!

I need a vacation so I can just play WoW for a week.

Yeah like that’ll happen >.<

ZOMG she was playing WoW!?!?

I’ve had a crazy last few months.  I have been busy, stressed and just feeling like I was about to burn out.  As I mentioned previously, I hadn’t really been playing much.  I had essentially quit running dungeons.  I wasn’t farming.  I really didn’t do much at all.

That kind of changed up on Sunday.

Saturday one of my friends had a baby shower so I went home to visit and join in on the fun.  The original plan was for me to spend the weekend at my mom’s house.  Well the shower ended at 4 and I just decided that I was going to drive home and relax for the rest of the weekend.  This meant that Sunday would be free to do whatever.

I woke up pretty early on Sunday (7:50 am >.< but I didn’t roll out of bed until 8 am) and just popped down on the computer.  The previous night I had run a few troll dungeons with guildies (I was really close to getting my tier chest) to which they all gave me flack for actually being in a dungeon.  I think both Slice and Sorak whispered me (while in a raid mind you) because they were in shock to see me in ZA.  /sigh  It does happen from time to time boys!

So anyway, I woke up and logged in.  I got my normal stuff out of the way then went to do the JC daily.  Just my luck it was the stupid Elemental Goo.  Normally this isn’t a problem for people, but my DK was only 76 (he dinged 77 that day) and can easily die to the mobs.  Luckily Rep was online and I asked her sweetly to come help me kill stuff.  The daily complete I moved on to the MF dailies.  Lyssi was just missing one Lieutenant and one guy from the bombing run.  So I went through and knocked out the dailies so that I could see if what I needed was there.  The last Lieutenant was up so I knocked out that achievement.  Unfortunately the guy I needed for the bombing run wasn’t up.  So I am one person away from having a snazzy new title!

Afterwards a few other people had come online and I asked if anyone wanted to do a heroic.  I pulled up Lyssi’s dungeon finder just to see that I was 30 points shy of capping.  Wait, what?  Yep.  Apparently killing 5 raid bosses, 1 reg heroic and 2 troll runs had me almost capped out.  That kind of put a dent into my plans.  Oh well no biggie!  I will heal!

I popped over to PPP snagged the 359 healy staff out of the gbank (yay for me!) and snagged Rep on her DK for some regular heroics.  While I know I can heal the troll stuff, I’d rather not so I just did a bunch of regular heroics.  For the rest of the afternoon Rep (sometimes Zari and Doz joined us) and I ran heroics.  We had some good runs and really didn’t have too much of a problem with people.  We got lucky early on and ended up with a tank from one of the top guilds on our server.  Most of the people in his guild are pretty nice and he was a good guy.  We did several dungeons with him and had fun chit chatting.

A few times I just queued up alone, even though there wasn’t a satchel.  One of those runs put me into heroic Vortex.  I was grouped up with 4 people from Cenarion Circle, two were from one guild and the other two were from another guild.  It was kind of funny.  They were a great group.  The tank wasn’t hard to heal and the dps didn’t stand in bad or cause problems.  All in all it was one of the best 5 man PuG runs I had ever had the pleasure to heal.  Thanks guys for making it fun! 🙂

Speaking of 5 mans.  The other night (I think Thursday night) there was a Call to Arms for healers so I switched over and queued up.  I got Deadmines.  I hate this place.  Not because it is hard but because it is so damn long.  We zone in and there is a male cow pally tank, an undead warlock, a belf hunter and a cow DK.  The tank runs in, gets hit by the cannon in the first doorway and promptly runs around the corner so even if the dps had gotten in the cannon it wouldn’t have done us any good.  No biggie, I kept him alive and barely kept the DK alive.  As we started moving forward the hunter ran off in the other direction and started dying.  Now I wasn’t going to chase him while the tank was in front of me dying to his overpull (he was NOT geared enough to pull the way he was) so he ended up dying.  Before anyone could react he dropped group.  Ok no biggie, we’ll get another dps in quick enough (this should have been a warning).  We get to the first boss and picked up another hunter, this time a troll.  First boss is pulled and no one moves out of the bad.  I have adds all over me and I am apparently the only one who knows you have to keep moving and dodging the bar of fireballs.  Of course the tank couldn’t be bothered to move or pull the adds off me.  I manged to keep everyone alive until the end when I lost the DK, but at that point I was on fumes.  I sat down to drink after the pull and typed in chat “Man you guys take a ton of damage.”  Apparently that was the wrong thing to say because after the loot roll the tank dropped.


We all sat around waiting to move into the next room once we got another tank.  A few minutes went by and we get a male belf pally.  He starts clearing trash but no one frees the monkeys and people are taking a TON of damage.  So I quickly do what I can and start freeing the closest monkeys.  Now as anyone who has ever run this dungeon knows, you turn right and proceed that way through the tunnel.  This tank went left, into the dead end portion of the tunnel.  Did you know that at the very end of the tunnel there is an entire room full of those monkeys?  Yep an ENTIRE room.  The moment I saw those monkeys I immediately started freeing them because we would have DIED if I hadn’t.  After the last mob was killed I moved over to the CORRECT tunnel and luckily (for me) the tank followed me and started pulling.  Now you know those guys that throw the axe to the head, well he pulled all 3 at once.  So you can imagine how much FUN that was.  He then ran in and pulled the boss along with the trash (oh joy!).  Again we down the boss and I managed to keep everyone alive except the poor DK (who had died to trash already) and was on fumes AGAIN.  I whispered the poor DK and told him I wasn’t letting him die on purpose.  Found out that the DK was an alt and their main was a healy priest.  Heh.  We then moved into the next room and the tank pulled 2 groups of trash.  Despite my best efforts there was just too much damage.  I lost the tank and the DK.  The warlock and the hunter were able to finish up the trash that was pulled and I rezzed the dead.  We finish clearing the trash and get to the foundry room.  While I am asking if anyone knows how to drive the reaper the tank leaves.


So we are again sitting there waiting for another tank.  The DK says that he can try to do it but had never done it.  I explain what he needs to do and eventually we get another tank.  Another male cow pally.  Seriously here?  For a moment I thought it might be the same one we had at first (the names were similar) but it wasn’t.  We re-buff and he starts clearing the trash.  No one gets into the reapers that we defeat. /sigh.  Eventually we start the boss encounter.  The fight is going well until close to the end and I lose the warlock.  He hadn’t moved from the edge of the ledge and had no where to run when the boss did his harvest thingy.  As I was trying to find his body, the tank dropped.


So again we are waiting for yet ANOTHER tank.  Luckily it wasn’t a very long wait.  The dps and I were joking that we were getting a new tank for every boss.  We finally get another tank and it is a female belf pally.  Oh look guys pally tank #4!!  I piped up in chat “lucky pally #4!”  She goes into the tunnel and starts pulling trash.  She got out of LoS for me and as I was running to find her I got those stupid swirling blades so I was trying to not hit everyone else AND still heal her.  It didn’t go so well and she dies.  Then one by one everyone else dies.  It was our first wipe of the run.  Considering some of the problems we’d been having this was pretty awesome we hadn’t wiped yet.  I run back (the tank and warlock don’t bother to release which I hate) and start rezzing people (mass rez FTW).  Once the tank is rezzed she drops.


Here we are sooooooooooooo close to finishing this horrid dungeon.  At this point I was NOT dropping.  I was going to get my damn satchel.  The dps weren’t bad, just kind of noobish.  We weren’t doing anything that would have stressed out a tank enough to drop.  So I have NO idea what the problem was.  After what seemed like our longest wait yet, we get our 5th tank, a druid.  Yay! No more pallies!  This guy was fricken awesome!  We started telling him about our pally tank woes and he was laughing up a storm.  I never checked his gear so I’m not sure how well geared he was, but he was by far the easiest of the 5 tanks to heal.  As we are running in to the ship I get a whisper from the hunter that he is going to drop and that it isn’t my fault.  I replied back to him that we were almost done and to just hang in there.  He stuck around and we made our way up to Ripsnarl.  Surprisingly enough that fight went VERY smoothly.  Cookie went over well despite no one but me eating anything.  The gauntlet was started and immediately someone died.  I stayed there and rezzed them.  I think it was the poor DK (I swear that guy’s armor HAD to be close to broken by the end of the run).  We get through the first 2 guys then face the Mario room.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I die to this room almost every single time.  Knowing this I stayed in the back and waited for everyone else to get through.  Sure enough 3 people died right away.  I rezzed them and then started making my way through.  The DK died again as I was running through.  Shockingly enough I made it through alive!  I never even got hit!  I was so proud of myself.  We moved on and started on the rest of the encounter.  Things went VERY smoothly.  Then at the end during Vanessa’s final explosion the poor DK stood next to her still trying to DPS her down and was killed.  We all laughed and looted the bitch.  I whispered the hunter and said “aren’t you glad you stayed?”  He whispered back with a yes and a smiley face.  We all said goodbye and wished each other well.

I opened my satchel on Lyssi (in case there was a pet or mount) just to find out it was a stupid int flask. /sigh

ANYWAY! Back to my original story!

I took a few breaks here and there.  I didn’t cap out PPP but she did all of the regular heroic dungeons that she could for the week.  All she has left are some trolls (which I will only do with guildies) or raiding.  We have a T11 run planned for tonight.  I will bring her in to heal then switch her for Lyssi on Cho’gall.  Lyssi is still rocking blue shoulders!  So I just might end up with 2 VP capped toons in one week.  Crazy talk I say!

When I came back from a small break Slice and Doz were PvPing on their DKs.  I whispered Slice asking if I could join them.  He said sure as soon as the BG was done.  I switched to Lyssi and popped over to her PvP spec and gear.  I made some crafted stuff for her and purchased what I could with the honor and JP I had.  She also had some pants that she won from the TB boss.  So she is rocking the crafted set bonus and the season 9 set bonus.  I think I am at around 1800 resil.  I know that isn’t all that much but it is enough for starting out in BGs.  Most people don’t even bother getting the crafted stuff.

Now Slice has been doing arena with Adoe and Zug and is ALL decked out in gear.  Doz has been grinding BGs on his DK so he is decked out too.  The three of us were in vent and just started chain running BGs.

It was so much fun!

Normally I die in BGs a LOT.  Like seriously a LOT.  It is like people see a warlock and HAVE to go after them.  It almost feels like we are the most hated class in there.  The few times I did arena I was the first killed, every time.  Now I am NOT a good PvPer.  In fact I am pretty bad at it.  So it just astounds me when I am the first to die.  I almost want to tell them that I couldn’t kill them even if I tried.  But oh well.

This time around I actually lived for most of the night.  Even when I was separated from Slice I survived.  The resil I did have was awesome.  I was getting stunned by rogues/warriors/DKs and I lived!  I got out of their stuns, fear bombed them then dotted the fuckers up.  All while running away.  I seriously love soulburn!  I can instantly get my VW out and bubble.  Best thing ever.  I was even doing fairly good on the boards.  I wasn’t capping or anything like that but I was protecting the flag carriers (in those BGs that have them) and defending flags and just generally creating havoc everywhere I went.

It was a blast!

During one WSG we were faced against a team that had 1 healer.  Our flag carrier had no opposition.  It was kind of sad.  Doz and Slice were actually fighting in the middle because that was the only place the other team was actually at.  Most of them were in blue PvE gear.  I think Slice had like 2 guys on him and they couldn’t kill him.  It was kind of funny.  When I got bored of following the flag carrier and doing nothing I joined them in the middle and just started killing people.  A few people tried to kill me but Slice kept me alive.  They didn’t even bother going to him.  Silly people.

Afterwards I jumped on my roguelette and opened up the MF dailies.  There are patterns and gear for her to earn.  I think Rep was shocked I was doing the dailies on another toon.  She said something about how she couldn’t even do them on her Alliance toon.  I dunno, I actually like the MF dailies.  They are quick and easy.  The funny part to me about getting gear for my rogue is I still have no clue how to play her.  If I can’t kill the mob in the first few hits it just becomes a matter of who can survive longer.  Maybe one day I will learn how to play her.

So yeah that was my Sunday.  A few times I was asked what I did with myself and who I was.  It’s cool though.  Gotta keep these boys on their toes.  Can’t have it where I am too predictable. 😉

Things my guildies say

It has been a while since I posted fun little snippets from chat.  Rep was sweet enough to send me several shots that she took and I found a few in my own files.

So sit back and enjoy being a visitor to SR!

Sorak being mean to Arv

Breaking in the new guildie

Sorak can't take the heat

In case you hadn't noticed we like to make fun of Sorak

To show that I am not biased against Sorak

To be fair, she is a stinky DK so . . .

Sorak admits to being bad dps

Yes he did end up buying them

Where is our promised mangown picture Zarm!?!?

Zuggie isn't as innocent as he would have you believe

I love my boyfriend but sometimes he makes me wonder . . .

Plugging along

Last night we finally got to raid again (we haven’t raided since the Cho’Gall kill) and it was decided to go to BWD.

All in all we had a good night.  Got the Parasite Eve achievement.  The adds died so fast it was insane.  Having 2 survival hunters and a frost DK just makes for crazy damage.  It was a little odd not having any form of lust the entire night but it wasn’t too bad.  Just made a couple fights last a bit longer.

Recruitment is still going strong!  We managed to get Adoe from Crits to bring over a toon.  Angerfork is also planning on joining us.  We have had a few people send us requests through our in game ad, but so far none of them have panned out.  The biggest problem I am finding is these people will send us an application then never log back into their characters.  We have a shaman app who hasn’t been back online since they applied a week ago.  How can we interview if you never come online?!  Yeah that doesn’t bode well.  The newest app is a rogue that didn’t list a damn thing about themselves.  Sorak was telling me that at least the guy didn’t claim he could pull 1 million dps or something similar.  (We actually had a hunter app that was in blues & greens claim they could do 22k-25k dps, suuuuuuuuuuuuuure buddy.)  I am all for giving people the benefit of the doubt though.  I will interview you even if you look like a total scrub on the armory.  If you can give me valid reasons, not excuses, for why you are the way you are (gear, spec, etc) then I have something to work with.  If you can’t even be arsed to reply to my in game message (which is VERY nice I might add) then I probably don’t want you on my raiding team.

It isn’t like we are demanding you be a hardcore raider.  We are willing to take a new raider and work with you.  How many other raiding guilds will do that?  So yeah, them be fun times! >.<

In other news I have 4 level 85s and really don’t want to play any of my other alts except for my dwarf lock.  She has been moving along quite nicely.  I have been taking my time and reading the quest text, running off and picking every single flower I find.  I swear there are sooooooooooooooooo many herb nodes in the plaguelands.  I am convinced I’ve gotten at least 2 levels from herb picking alone.  The little she dabbles on the AH has her to almost 1k.  I got lucky one day and found some deepsea sagefish SUPER cheap and sold them for close to 500g.  People are dumb sometimes.

SR seems to be full of AH PvPers.  At first it was just Zug.  Then Sorak joined in.  Now we have the following:  Zug, Sorak, Zarm, Arv and Slice.  I know Zerl and Lion are pretty good with the AH as well, but I don’t think they spend nearly as much time as the other 5.  I know I personally have stepped back a bit.  That is mostly because my market has been FLOODED with competitors.  Frankly I just don’t have the time or energy to clear out my competition.  So far the price of cloth has stayed up fairly high with bags dropping in price.  Eventually these people are going to get tired of farming the cloth themselves or they are going to realize they are losing money.  Unless they really cannot do the math.  Paying 25g for a stack of cloth then selling the bag for 15g is a LOSS of 10g people.  In the meantime I am selling a few here and there when the price is around 18g-23g and just stockpiling cloth.  I think I might have to either buy another tab or just start sending the extra crap to my other guild bank.  We’ll see.

Tonight we are supposed to go to The Throne of Four Winds.  FINALLY.  I have only been trying to get them to go there since Cata dropped.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  /sigh.  Assuming we raid tonight we should end up at least 10/12.  If we get lucky and get Al’akar down tonight then we will only have Nef.  After last night I know we have him in the bag.  This makes me really happy because then I will be one step closer to my new staff.  I’ve been saving up gold, and even Slice has been saving up gold so that I can get the delicious legendary staff.

There are definitely some perks to being the only main spec raiding caster dps. ^_^b

In case you have missed it!

Shadow Rising – Horde – Drak’Tharon-US PvP

Raid nights – Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30 pm CST to 11 pm CST – Message Lyssianna on the site or just leave a comment here.

Money, Money, Money

Now that you have that song in your head . . . 😉

Last night’s raid went really well.  We had one person who had only been there once before (when we weren’t killing things) and another who had only seen the fights the previous week.  Even then we downed Omnomnom, Magmaw and Chim without any major issues.  We then got our guild first kill of Maloriak (as last night’s post showed).  We then ran off to take down the boss in Baradin Hold since Horde got control again.  After that quick fight we ran back to BWD and put in some attempts on Atramedes.

All things considered we really didn’t do that bad.  Having never seen the fight, and only 2 people having done their homework (me and Slice) we got the poor guy to 69%.  We are going back in tonight.  I think we will do MUCH better and probably get him down. 🙂

Now on to the title.  We got a BoE epic caster sword to drop from the trash.  It was decided that we would sell it and replenish the guild bank instead of giving it to a guildie.  Most of the casters have the dagger from Magmaw so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  One of our Pally tanks has a PvP holy off spec and he was making noises about wanting it, but we stayed firm with the main spec “rule” and Sorak got the sword to sell.  I told him to put it on the AH for a minimum of 20k.  He went to trade and someone offered him 10k for it.  We told him to see if he could get 20k.  Yep, he got 20k for it.  Woot!  Our poor guild bank got replenished (we were getting sooooo low) and everyone was laughing over the guy who paid 20k for the sword.

The main reason we laughed was because the guy was in one of the top guilds on the server.  Maybe he wasn’t able to get loot in raids, or maybe he just wasn’t raiding with them.  Hell it could have been for an alt.  I know that there are a bunch of people that don’t necessarily have access to raids or the drive to raid.  It just seemed odd.  But hey!  SR got some money!!!

We had been having issues with donations.  When we set things up before the xpac we decided there wasn’t going to be a raiding rank.  There would be Officers, Vets and Members.  Everyone was a member.  You only got Vet status if you donated every week.  Vet status gets you repairs 24/7 on your main, gbank enchants, gems, food and flasks.  We just asked that you donate at least 250g worth of mats.  At first this went really well.  I was getting greens constantly, lots of gems, cloth, gear, etc.  The last month or so I stopped getting stuff from half the people who were vets.  I would get like 1k gold from them and that would be it.  Yeah that does equal 1 month’s worth of donations, but the guild was struggling with no herbs for flasks and 1k doesn’t go very far when you are wiping on progression bosses.

What made me kind of unhappy was the obvious farmers in the guild weren’t donating the mats that we needed.  Calls were put out that we needed specific herbs.  What donations did I get?  The usual greens, cloth and 1k gold donations.  We have at least 4 people who farm herbs and sell them on the AH.  They weren’t even giving us Volatile Life!  Sorak and I were talking one night and he basically said that we need to turn off the gbank for everyone since people cannot be assed to help out.  I wasn’t happy with this choice, but I am not the GM.  I just argue with him and pick on him. ^_^

After last night’s sale, Sorak decided to change the donation policy.  Instead of mats, the donation is now 500g a week and we will buy everything that we need.  He has recently caught the AH bug (people bitch about him in trade, makes him laugh & get all cocky) and is having a blast playing it.  So I told him to start buying specific things when he sees them on “sale” and stock up the bank from there.  I know other guilds have been doing this for a long time, but we never had to.

I got lucky the other day and got one of the new Meta gem recipes to drop.  There have only been 1-3 (counting mine) on the AH at any point in time.  I am hoping to get at least 20k from it.  So keep your fingers crossed for me! 😀

Our guild fishing tournament is underway.  It started on Monday and we pulled in over 300 fish in the first day.  Yesterday didn’t see much activity because most of the people online were in the raid.  The same will probably go for today too.  I know I personally didn’t get to fish at all yesterday, and probably not even at all today.  I didn’t even get a chance to do any dailies (other than the cooking & fishing ones).  Raid nights are busy nights.  I fully intend to catch back up on Thursday though.  I had the most fish on Monday *flex* but I know I will be behind by Thursday.  We have some pretty awesome prizes set up for the winners:

1st place
1 Landro’s Lil’ xt
1 little ivory raptor whistle
1 path of cenarius
1 sandbox Tiger
hyacinth Macaw
personal world destroyer
2k gold
1 illusionary bag
2 embersilk bag

2nd place
1 landro’s Lil XT
1 little ivory raptor whistle
1 sandbox tiger
1 path of cenarius
1 mechanical yeti
1k gold
2 embersilk bags
1 Hyjal expedition  bag

3rd place
1 paintbomb
1 party G.E.R.N.A.D.E
2 frostweave bags
1 otherworldly bag
choice of Lil’ smokey or pet bombling

4th place
1 paint bomb
1 paint G.E.R.N.A.D.E
1 mysterious bag
coice of Lil’ smokey or Pet bombling which every is not chosen by 3rd place


So yeah, lots of fun stuff!

I am looking forward to tonight, but I think that ultimately I want to try the Nefarion fight!  It looks like so much fun!

Sunday is for Archaeology

Or at least that is how it seems to go.

At first I wasn’t a huge fan of Arch.  It was kind of irritating going from one point of the map to another with no rhyme or reason.

Then one Sunday when I was online alone, it clicked.

I looked at all the dig sites on my map (I want the NE trinket so I have been sticking to Kalimdor) and worked out the best route to hit them all up.  I sort of made a large circle around the continent.

While doing this I realized something.

I could read the stuff in my feed reader while flying!

Now I play in windowed mode.  This easily allows to me to see who has logged into vent, who is pinging me on gchat and what that new email is.  In the past I have read my reader while playing, usually while on a flight path and it worked.  Now I was able to get my reader caught up while progressing my Arch.

The first day I did this I managed to go from 210 Arch (which is as high as I got from saving all my fragments from the initial survey to 100 arch) to 350 Arch in just a few hours.  On top of that I was relaxed.

I haven’t been very relaxed in game for a while.

Part of it is the stress over raiding (not the actual raiding mind you, but the admin behind it) and feeling like I have to be grinding so many things.  Some days I almost want to say to hell with raiding and just go and level 20 million alts somewhere else.  I don’t, obviously, but sometimes I would like to.  This is usually why I volunteer to sit out when we have too many dps.  I’m not allowed to, but I keep trying!

I have several alts that have professions that I want to utilize for my max level characters.  The downside is I have to level all of these alts and they are all in Northrend.  Frankly I am a little tired of Northrend.  At the end of Wrath I had 4 level 80s and 3 alts in Northrend.  Now I have yet another alt there.  At least she hit 75 this weekend.  Soon she will be able to hit the new Cata zones and I can get my volatiles!

Yes the whole reason behind leveling was to get volatiles.

They are expensive!  Especially for someone that doesn’t have toons who can easily get them.  My two 85s have tailoring/enchanting and skinning/leatherworking as their professions.  Yes skinning can get you a bloated stomach, but those are few and far between.  Right now the only things I can farm are the waters and fires and that just requires me to fish.

Speaking of fishing, we will be having a fishing tournament in Shadow Rising.  Right now Tel is working on all the details but there will be awesome prizes!  The idea was shamelessly stolen from Crits & Giggles but hey it worked for them!  I think we have under 3k fish fished up from pools.  Hopefully everyone will work towards winning this thing.

Part of me wants to level another alt to 75, but another part of me wants to continue with arch.  I only got 2 hours in last night.  Last week I got 5 hours in.  Yes those of you who have limited play time are all “what! 5 hours! crazy talk!”  But remember this is what I do with my free time.  I come home from work and log into WoW.  I spend most of my weekend playing WoW.  It is just how it works.  If you add up how much time I play during the week, it would probably make you sick.

Let’s do it just for shits and giggles.

I get home from work around 5 pm.  I am usually online by 5:30-5:45 pm.  I typically play until 10 pm or so.  When I log off depends on if Slice calls me or crashes out.  If he calls me I am off around 10, if he doesn’t I am online until around 11 pm.  So that is anywhere from 4 hours & 15 mins to 5 hours and 30 mins per work night.  This translates to 21.75 hours to 27.50 hours Monday – Friday.  This isn’t even counting the weekend.

I don’t want to think about the weekend. >.>

It is safe to say that I play at least double on the weekend what I play during the week.

I should have 20 level 85s at this point.

Anyway, I think I shall do more Arch tonight.  I got the mirror last night and I just know that I am close to the trinket. 😀

Oh and I can easily see doing Arch again on Lyssi just because I like it.  This makes Sorak cringe and call me a masochist.  Well maybe I am, but I think his issue stems from him not “enjoying” every aspect of the game.

But that is a topic for another day.

It was not a fluke!

Yeah we were able to go back in and kill bosses again. Woot! go us!

I had to heal

The caster cloth helm dropped

We had one cloth wearing class in our raid

He already had an epic helm

A 2nd helm dropped off Magmaw

The healer caster helm

Oh look I am on my leather wearing druid


In all honesty I am not really all that upset. It just sounds better for the “dramaz” and entertainment ^_^

In other news, I cannot raid heal anymore. I don’t want to come out and be all “druids suck and we can’t raid heal” because it might just be me and my suckage. Our other druid didn’t seem to be having an issue. But then Zarm is pretty awesome so what do I know. I just know that my druid has no problem tank healing and helping out here and there, but put me on raid heals and people die.

Maybe I just suck.

Who knows.

This week was kind of off. We had two people who couldn’t make both days, we had two more who signed up but then couldn’t make it (or bother telling us they couldn’t make it). Yeah I was grumpy about that. Not that they had to cancel, but that they didn’t tell anyone. Just is very rude.

Sorak is telling me that I am too hard on myself with my healing. That if “Zarm can do it, you can too!” and to ask him what it is that he does, because he never goes oom and his spirit is crap.

So I went and looked up his spec and compared it to what I have. He had taken the talents to reduce the mana cost and I had taken the talents to increase my output. Strangely he didn’t take Nature’s Swiftness. Sorak commented that “maybe he doesn’t like his ‘oh shit!’ heal.” It is a possibility.

What it did point out to me is that I need to fix my spec.

I also need to upgrade my green chest piece >.>

The cool news is I am the only person in the guild to have the boss kills on my main raiding toon AND my alt.

Last night I made a new friend!

I was trying to farm leather in Tol Barad (BTW if you purposely don’t loot the crocs you are an asshole) so that I can get my leatherworking up to 525 (520, so close!). While I am in there I will buff people who are nice and leave the crocs for me to skin. I usually whisper them and thank them for looting too. One such person was a pally who was farming herbs. She started talking to me and we had a great convo. Apparently she had been having issues with killing stuff. It was just taking her too long to do it on either spec (holy/ret) and wanted my help as a BOOMkin. In return she said she would log over to her DK and help me farm crocs.

I of course said yes!

For the next 90 mins we did the dailies and farmed crocs. I ended up with 2 stacks of heavy leather and a handful of volatiles from the stomachs. We had a nice time chatting and even exchanged real ID names.

Who says you can’t still make friends with people in WoW?

Oooooh look there’s a yellow dot!

Slice and I made matching DKs on Sunday.  Originally I was going to level her with mining/blacksmithing, but Slice thought the same thing. This meant that we would be competing for the same nodes.  Yeah that wont go over well.  I had already designated my new warlock as the scribe, but Del hasn’t said when he wants to play the two of them together so she is kind of just sitting there doing nothing.

Welcome my new scribe!

Last night I started her herb leveling.  Yes I do have a max level herber in my mage on the server, but if I was going to go around and pick all the herbs needed to level inscription I might as well get the gathering skill up too.  It wont hurt to have two herbers.

It also means I will be able to sell the lovely Outland herbs that no one is farming.


While running around Elwyn Forest picking every yellow dot I could find I see a random DK yelling in general chat “ZOMG IS THERE ANYONE LEVEL 60-65 HERE!?!?”  Some random lowbie leveling says politely back “use /who.”  This means that I will be shown up *sigh*.  The next thing I know I am getting a whisper from this random deathtard “dul meh!”

Oh look! Welcome to my ignore list.


Can’t an undead Night Elf just pick some flowers in peace?


I found out today what my wonderful boyfriend got me for my birthday!

All I can say is SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and he is the bestest boyfriend ever!

Thursday Three Things

Because I felt like copying Del.

And I am lazy.

Thursday Three Things:

1.  I get very competitive when I farm something.  I HAVE to be awesome at it.  I also have to tell EVERYONE about it.

Just so you know, In under 2 hours of herbing Wintergrasp I got 15 frost lotus.  8 of them were from actual frost lotus nodes.


2.  Spreadsheets and budgets make me happy.

You seriously have no idea how happy.

3.  I have to keep my finger nails short.

I have flat somewhat square finger nails and they are rather thin.  They tend to peel and break.  Since they don’t look nice when long it doesn’t really bother me to have to cut them.  The downside is I LIKE having long nails to scratch.

I also REALLY like the sound of nails tapping.

Have I mentioned I am odd yet?

15 frost lotus!!!!!


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