I have a SPARKLE PONY and I am NOT afraid to USE it!

That’s right, my roguelette hit 20 this weekend and she started using her sparkle pony.

The title of the post is what she yells each time she mounts up. 😀

When I hit 18 I got ambush.  I fricken LOVE this ability.  The first time I used it I crit for 333.  At level 18 that is nothing to sneeze about!  The downside is I have to have a dagger in my main hand and I was using a sword.  I had a dagger in my off-hand, so I switched them, but the sword has a higher dps.  Oh well.  Ambush is worth it.  I have another dagger in my bank for when I hit like 21 or something so I can change that out at that time.

Now I get to use poisons.  At 20 I only have instant and crippling available.  I was chatting with Soth last night and he said I should use both kinds.  I honestly don’t know what I should do, but hey why not right?  I bought a stack of each one.  Might as well 😀

When I hit 20 on my NE rogue I remember getting a quest that sent me into Westfall.  Of course this was when we had to level up poisons too.  I have a feeling the horde equivalent quest doesn’t exist anymore.  I haven’t checked out Org yet to see if there are any quests, but UC doesn’t have any.  If anyone knows about stuff I should be doing at this level please let me know.

The last time I spoke about my roguelette Pie mentioned in the comments that I should check out the rogue leveling guides from Slice & Dice.  I did and now I am leveling subtlety.  So far I like it.  His guides are pretty damn useful for the talents.  I need to look into them a bit more to see if the glyphs are listed on there or not.  Right now I am kind of flailing about on the glyph front.  I *think* I have a decent glyph on her, but I honestly could not tell you.

I am leveling her as mining/engineering.  I have only ever tried to level engineering on one other toon, my gnome warrior Koalabear.  Since she is only 21 or so, I never really got very far into it.  So far I am really liking it.  The training dummies have saved my life more often than not.  In fact I need more wool so I can make some more :D.  I can understand now why so many people level it.  It is a lot of fun.  The bombs are very useful when I end up pulling more mobs than I can handle.  I made my first pair of goggles last night.  Yes I know they are cloth and have spirit on them, but I didn’t have a helmet!  Plus they have stam on them.  More health is win!

What I think is funny is I refused to spoil this toon.  She was going to make it on her own.  Using only the seed money and bags I sent her.  This hasn’t stopped Slice from sending her greens he gets.  To be fair, I am having my mage, who is leveling alchemy, send her potions and stuff, but still.  She gets no help from my mains.  I am so used to seeing a bunch of self buffs up on the screen so it is odd when I am on her and there is nothing.  I finally got some sharpening stones to use on the weapons.  So those and the potions have been filling the void.  Now the poisons will take the place of the sharpening stones.  Woot!!

I have been trying to be smart on the stuff I can sell on the AH.  I know that certain engineering items are needed for quests so I have been putting those up when they are needed.  I don’t know if lower level ammo is worth it to make and attempt to sell.  Hopefully someone in the comments section will be able to tell me.

I have been thinking of selling the greens I come across, but I haven’t yet.  Drak has such an odd market because the server is so low pop.  I have just been sending everything to Lyssi to DE.  I think I will send the mats back to the roguelette to sell.  After all, she is finding the stuff, she should profit.

I am hoping I can get her some rested XP.  Slice has been sick so we haven’t played the caster duo lately.  Currently they are sitting at 16.  We keep getting distracted by the shinies.  I might end up playing the roguelette again tonight though.  I kind of want to see how the dual poisons work.

How to rogue

Since I admittedly cannot rogue, Andrew has taken it upon himself to make a flowchart to show me.

Just so you are aware, this is the proper rotation – 111116111131111311116



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