Watch out, she is back!

Yes I am back home from my lovely extended weekend in Sacramento.  I would have had this up earlier but apparently missing two days of work where you are the only employee kind of puts you a tad bit behind.  It has been a busy busy day at work both yesterday and today.  I was going to attempt to get this posted on Tuesday but the fates conspired against me.  So now I am writing this on my lunch break.  Maybe Soth will stop complaining that I haven’t put up a recap post.

So where do I begin?

Friday morning I wake up at 3:45 am and freak out thinking I have overslept.  Nope, I’m good.  I had just stepped out of the shower when I get a text from Tir telling me to call him once I get to the airport.  Now mind you, this is the guy who said goodbye to me over vent the night before like I wasn’t going to be talking to him the next damn day.  >.<  Tir I love you sweetie, but you are a silly silly man.  Andrew was kind enough to take me to the airport so I wouldn’t have to pay to keep my car there.  He dropped me off and I went through the whole security thing.

Let me just say that I was shocked at the sheer amount of people in the airport at 5:30 am on a Friday.

I managed to get through security and find my gate with about 15 mins until boarding.  Being the good friend that I am I give Tir a buzz and we chatted for a bit until I had to board.  He asked me to call him when I landed in SF for my layover (yes I had to switch planes to fly from SD to Sac, shut up it was the cheapest flight).  Queue uneventful flight, 45 min layover in the SF airport, then another uneventful flight and I was in the Sacramento airport.  I had called Jen from SF and let her know what the schedule was.  She was running a little late and told me to call her when I landed in Sacramento.  I had just answered my phone to talk to Tir (who was calling me this time lol) when Jen pulled up.

The best part?

She was wearing her WoW priest shirt. 😀  Go Jen!!

We left the airport and pulled over so she could put Arioch’s address in her GPS, as we backed up the car we hear a *crunch* and Jen goes “What was that?”  Turns out she backed into a stop sign.  It was left leaning at a very sharp angle as we quickly left the scene of the crime.  We laughed about it for the rest of the day.

We find Ari’s house, and yes she does in fact have pink flamingos in her front yard.  Her and I ended up running across the lawn to hug each other.  It was pretty cute if I do say so myself.  I dropped off my bag, gave Zambra a quick hug and then the three of us were off to lunch.  Ari wanted us to go to The Counter which is a hamburger place.  I will say that they have very very good hamburgers there.  Ari had a 1 lb burger with a fried egg on top.  I still don’t know how she managed to eat the whole thing without it getting all over all of her clothes.  The hot waiter (whom I flirted with and embarrassed) called her a soldier for eating the whole burger.

We were going to go to a sex shop to find Soth’s birthday present but Jen ran out of time so she took me back to Ari’s house.  Said goodbye to Jen and I got the tour of Ari’s office.  She showed off her UI and people in gchat made fun of me.  About par for the course.  After a while we asked Zam to take us to the sex shop to get Soth’s present.

The place that Jen suggested to us was awesome.  This was the first sex shop that I can remember seeing that did not have the windows covered.  They had a huge selection and despite not finding the exact thing I wanted, I still had a tough choice on which item to get.  We ended up wandering around the store and checking out the toys.  There were a ton of really neat looking ones.  The next time I am up there I might have to make a stop back at that store.  Thanks again Jen :D.

We talked and decided that bowling was on the menu so we made a stop back at the house to pick up Ari & Zam’s shoes and bowling balls (and my bag) and headed out to the lanes.

Now I love to bowl, but I suck sooooo badly at it.  Ari wants us to get a SR bowling team going and to join a league.  This would require me to move up there.  Sorry hun it will take a bit more than a bowling team to get me to move out of San Diego. 😉

I was feeling grimey and smelly so Zam dropped Ari and I off at my hotel so I could check in and shower.  He said he would pick us up in about an hour and we would go have dinner.  Ari and I got to relax and chat some more.  Dinner was Dennys (it sounded good) where Ari had an ice cream sundae for dinner.  Ari has a wicked sense of humor and combine that with my perverted humor, well poor Zam was quite red.  All I am going to say about it is there is a reason we have a smut blog that we write in. ^_^

After dinner I was dropped off at my hotel where I reaquanted myself with cable television.  I think I was awake for 23 hours by the time I fell asleep.  I think it was 3 am my time when Tir called me (I don’t know why he picked that time) and I was still awake, watching TV.  I eventually fell asleep though.  The funny part was I wasn’t super tired and I was even perky the next morning.

Go me?

Anyway, my lunch break is now over and I still have 3 more days to go.  I will do my best to get Saturday’s events up tomorrow. 

Oh and Soth, you’re a meanie :-p 😉

Because Tir said he didn’t have a post to read

I wasn’t going to post today.  Not even a filler post saying that I wasn’t able to get a post up.  I just was out of it last night and crashed out.  This morning I was busy at work.  Things just conspired to where I decided to not write anything.  Then Tir got bummed when I told him, so to prevent me getting flack I am posting on my lunch break.

Last night was interesting.

Tuesday nights are 25 man runs.  We do the weekly and then if we have Tir (and he is willing) we do 25 man ICC.  Normally we don’t make it past Saurfang.  Last night we downed Festergut and had several attempts on Rotface.  Festergut on 25 man is a bit more complicated in the positioning than 10 man.  Instead of just 3 people in ranged, you need 8.  The strat we use in 10 man is to have the 3 people in the back fall on the “anchor” person when the spore hits.  In 25 man we have to stand in a rectangle shape and all run to a specific place.

I’m a visual learner.  Tir’s explanation didn’t make much sense to me.  I will admit that I was bad and didn’t research the 25 man strats.  I honestly didn’t think to do it.  Will I before next week?  Yep.  My main explanation for not is that we are not yet into 25 mans and focus on 10 mans.  I do my 10 man homework.  Guess I need to start doing the 25 man homework.  *sigh*

I have problems with videos.  Everything is all clean and the voices happen AFTER the recording.  I think I would just be happier with a diagram and then doing the fight once to see how it happens.

Take Rotface for example.  EoF had cleared up to him and so being the raid leader I had to know what was going on so that I could explain it to the kittens that almost assuredly had not read the strats.  I had never done that fight.  Trying to explain it based on a video and long winded technical strats is damn difficult.  I think Tir and Ari were listening in on the vent channel when I was trying to explain.  I got lectured by Tir for making the strats too difficult.  We of course went in and wiped horribly.  No one, least of all me, knew what the hell was going on.  Yeah, not a fun time.

Now look at it with SR.  Simple explanation by people who know what the fight is about.  Don’t stand in the slime.  Stand behind him.  When he pukes, run through him to get out of the puke.  If you get a slime run to the OT from the front.  Cut across the area in front of the big slime to merge your baby slime.  Wait for it to merge, then go back and dps.  It is in fact THAT easy.  The first time I fought him with SR we killed him.  Of course they said that they wiped 44 times before they got their first kill.  Every time since then that we have gone up against him in 10 man, we have taken him down the first time.

We can kite slimes 😀

PuGs apparently cannot kite slimes.  >.>

If the PuGs hadn’t been complete fails we would have downed Rotface on 25 man.  Everyone that was a guildie was doing their job.  The bads were standing in the puke, not moving in the slime explosion and not taking their fucking slimes out of the raid.  When the raid leader yells at you to MOVE AND GTFO OF THE RAID then you better move the fuck out of the raid.  Don’t stand there continuing to DPS, trust me, your DPS was NOT that great.

Have I mentioned that I hate PuGs yet?


Tonight is a non raiding night.  I am hoping to get all of my dailies done.  The last couple of days I haven’t gotten more than my tourney stuff done.  Zam picks on me because I have to do them in a specific order.  This order makes no rhyme or reason to anyone but me.  I just HAVE to do them that way.  Just like I have to pick up the Hodir dailies in a specific order, complete them in a specific order and turn them in in a specific order.

No I don’t have CDO, whatever gave you that idea?

Oh well.  Guilt post is finished.  Comment away! :-p

Screenshot Friday

We have another picture that Arioch put together with the model viewer.  These are two of Tir’s characters.  I am sure he will have a story to go with this picture as well.


And just where do you think you are going?

What? Another one?

Since I have today off from work I am making this easy on myself and just sharing with you a story that Tir sent me.

It was brought about in his head from the picture posted on Friday.

So without further ado:

Residing over the Argent Tournament Grounds one day, Tirion saw the last of the tournament’s games coming to an end.  He decided then and there that the time was right to advance forward into Icecrown Citadel.  He left the stands to find Darion.  As he was leaving the arena, he saw Darion near his champions on the northern side of the grounds.  As he approached Darion, he saw a smile come across the death knight’s face.

“It is time, isn’t it,” Darion said, a hint of joy in his voice.

Tirion also noticed an ever so subtle hint of a plea.  He brushed this off and continued the conversation.

“Yes, old friend.  We must gather the armies of Azeroth and storm those gates.  I am weary of Varian’s and Garrosh’s attitudes toward each other.  This may affect our goals.  I am counting on you to see that it doesn’t,” Tirion said with disgust in his voice.

He was often disgusted at the way the Alliance and Horde leaders carried on with each other, especially at a time like this.  He prayed to the light each day that Varian and Garrosh would see things the way Jaina and Thrall did, but even he knew this would probably never come to pass.

“Tirion, you need not worry about my death knights.  Regardless of faction, they are loyal first and foremost to me.  I will ensure things go as smoothly as possible.  Let us scout a way to Icecrown Citadel, whilst these games finish,” Darion said hardly able to hold back the excitement in his voice.

Tirion called for his gryphon as he watched Darion mount his bone gryphon.

“I never understood why you would ride such a creature,” Tirion pondered openly.

“The creatures of the living do not respond well to the hands of the damned, old friend,” Darion said with disgust.

With a rush of bitter cold wind, they pair took off into the gloomy Icecrown night.  As they rounded the mountains past Shadow Vault, they noticed a very odd site, even for the dreary passages of Icecrown.  A pillar light, brighter than anything either had ever seen, could be seen far off in the distance.

“What must that be?” Tirion asked with amazement.

“I cannot tell.  It is the first time I have seen such light in this dark continent,” Darion said with equal surprise.

“Make haste, Darion.  We must see what the source of that light is,” Tirion said, almost in desperation.

Tirion secretly hoped that there was some light still present in this place of death.   He knew that both sides needed hope.  This could be it.

As the pair flew on, beckoning their gryphons to fly faster than ever before, the light seemed to stay far away, as though untouchable, unreachable…unreal.

After hours of this, Tirion’s gryphon finally gave the sign it was tired.  After several minutes of silence, Darion spoke.

“There are some advantages to my mount,” he said, looking at his bone gryphon who felt neither sleep nor hunger.

“Now is not the time, Darion,” Tirion said with a small amount of disgust, maybe even a hunt of jealousy. “This light seems to be out of reach, as though it is nearly within our grasp but not.  I have never seen the light react in this way.”

“Maybe it is a forshadowing of things to come, paladin,” Darion said, knowing what his friend needed, but unable to provide it. “We must ride on.  Icecrown Citadel is in the distance and we have already been gone for hours.  People will start to wonder.”

“You are right,” Tirion said. “We must scout the way.  I hope the light will come to us when we need it most, like it always does.  Even a place like this makes me wonder.”

“Do not lose you faith, Tirion.  That is exactly how he turned us all to his service,” Darion said, somewhat worried.

“You are right.  I am a fool to think such things.  These times make even someone like me weary.  Come, we must ride on,” Tirion said, sounding as tired as his gryphon.

The two turned toward Icecrown Citadel in the distance.  No light shown here…yet.  Tirion was determined to change that once and for all.  –End