Screenshot Friday – Best Screenshot EVA!

I was given a special request by Sorak the other night.  With some special help from Kagan (another guildie that doesn’t play much anymore) this special request was fulfilled.

Without further ado:

The mangown in all of its glory!


For those of you who might be slightly confused:

Zarm claims he wears a “mangown” while raiding.  Sorak just wanted to prove to everyone that he in fact does raid in one and this is how it looks.

We have also been promised that once we down Nef Zarm will post a picture of the actual mangown.

Personally I think that is better incentive than the 5k promised to everyone by Sorak.

Pictures for Rep :D

Because she got pissy with me for not posting them :-p

Zerl showing off his raiding outfit

Naked Arv with a pervy Zarm watching him

2 things here - Galanna got Zerl's staff and Zarm wants Arv's staff

Seriously, who designs these outfits?!?!

Plugging along

Last night we finally got to raid again (we haven’t raided since the Cho’Gall kill) and it was decided to go to BWD.

All in all we had a good night.  Got the Parasite Eve achievement.  The adds died so fast it was insane.  Having 2 survival hunters and a frost DK just makes for crazy damage.  It was a little odd not having any form of lust the entire night but it wasn’t too bad.  Just made a couple fights last a bit longer.

Recruitment is still going strong!  We managed to get Adoe from Crits to bring over a toon.  Angerfork is also planning on joining us.  We have had a few people send us requests through our in game ad, but so far none of them have panned out.  The biggest problem I am finding is these people will send us an application then never log back into their characters.  We have a shaman app who hasn’t been back online since they applied a week ago.  How can we interview if you never come online?!  Yeah that doesn’t bode well.  The newest app is a rogue that didn’t list a damn thing about themselves.  Sorak was telling me that at least the guy didn’t claim he could pull 1 million dps or something similar.  (We actually had a hunter app that was in blues & greens claim they could do 22k-25k dps, suuuuuuuuuuuuuure buddy.)  I am all for giving people the benefit of the doubt though.  I will interview you even if you look like a total scrub on the armory.  If you can give me valid reasons, not excuses, for why you are the way you are (gear, spec, etc) then I have something to work with.  If you can’t even be arsed to reply to my in game message (which is VERY nice I might add) then I probably don’t want you on my raiding team.

It isn’t like we are demanding you be a hardcore raider.  We are willing to take a new raider and work with you.  How many other raiding guilds will do that?  So yeah, them be fun times! >.<

In other news I have 4 level 85s and really don’t want to play any of my other alts except for my dwarf lock.  She has been moving along quite nicely.  I have been taking my time and reading the quest text, running off and picking every single flower I find.  I swear there are sooooooooooooooooo many herb nodes in the plaguelands.  I am convinced I’ve gotten at least 2 levels from herb picking alone.  The little she dabbles on the AH has her to almost 1k.  I got lucky one day and found some deepsea sagefish SUPER cheap and sold them for close to 500g.  People are dumb sometimes.

SR seems to be full of AH PvPers.  At first it was just Zug.  Then Sorak joined in.  Now we have the following:  Zug, Sorak, Zarm, Arv and Slice.  I know Zerl and Lion are pretty good with the AH as well, but I don’t think they spend nearly as much time as the other 5.  I know I personally have stepped back a bit.  That is mostly because my market has been FLOODED with competitors.  Frankly I just don’t have the time or energy to clear out my competition.  So far the price of cloth has stayed up fairly high with bags dropping in price.  Eventually these people are going to get tired of farming the cloth themselves or they are going to realize they are losing money.  Unless they really cannot do the math.  Paying 25g for a stack of cloth then selling the bag for 15g is a LOSS of 10g people.  In the meantime I am selling a few here and there when the price is around 18g-23g and just stockpiling cloth.  I think I might have to either buy another tab or just start sending the extra crap to my other guild bank.  We’ll see.

Tonight we are supposed to go to The Throne of Four Winds.  FINALLY.  I have only been trying to get them to go there since Cata dropped.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  /sigh.  Assuming we raid tonight we should end up at least 10/12.  If we get lucky and get Al’akar down tonight then we will only have Nef.  After last night I know we have him in the bag.  This makes me really happy because then I will be one step closer to my new staff.  I’ve been saving up gold, and even Slice has been saving up gold so that I can get the delicious legendary staff.

There are definitely some perks to being the only main spec raiding caster dps. ^_^b

In case you have missed it!

Shadow Rising – Horde – Drak’Tharon-US PvP

Raid nights – Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30 pm CST to 11 pm CST – Message Lyssianna on the site or just leave a comment here.

Screenshot Friday


Screenshot Friday

Who knew there would be side effects?

Cho’Gall down!! :D


Cho'Gall Shadow Rising 05/11/11

Recruitment and other Sundries

You obviously come back here for a reason (It can’t be my random screenshot pictures) and I figure it is because you all love to hear about my guild!  Now is your chance to join us!!

Shadow Rising – Drak’Tharon Horde PvP is recruiting raiders!

We are currently 8/12 (haven’t touched conclave so it is more like 8/10) and we need active raiders!  Our raid nights are Tuesday & Wednesday night 7:30 pm to 11 pm CST.  We provide your flasks and feasts (aren’t we nice?) along with a heaping helping of SASS!  😀

We need raiders of all shapes and sizes.  If you are a fresh 85 and really want to raid but can’t get accepted because of lack of experience, this might be a home for you!  As long as you are willing to work for the team you could end up becoming the next Zug!

We aren’t a hardcore guild by any means, but when we raid we bring with us a “get shit done” mentality.  When we raid, we kill shit.

Our attempts on Cho’Gall and Nef have been stalled due to attendance and roster issues.  Wouldn’t you love to be in the group that gets the guild first kill of these bosses?

I know I would be!

But Lyssi, you say, I play a pure dps class, will you guys still be interested in me?

Hell yes!

We have several raiders who have tanks/healers/dps geared out to raid.  While we attempt to allow you to play your preferred spec, all of our raiders are aware that they might need to heal/tank/dps depending on what our roster for the night calls for.  Players with hybrid spec are preferred, it is true, but if you are say, a mage, we won’t tell you no.  We’ll just make Sorak play his shaman.

Now where can you sign up for this fantastic opportunity?  EASY!

Either leave a comment here on this post, go to the guild site and send a message to Sorak, Liyhe or Lyssianna and we will contact you about having an interview.

Shadow Rising is an adult guild.  This means that we cuss regularly in vent and guild chat.  Adult topics are usually joked about.  We tease each other in good fun.  At any point funny guild chat will be screen shotted and posted on one of our guildies’ blog sites.  The only thing that is not allowed is any kind of bashing (racial, gay) or your usual run of the mill asshole moves.  That will not be tolerated.

We understand that people have lives outside of the game (people really do have them, odd I know) so we don’t expect you to be online 24/7 if you don’t want to be.  It does help to play with us outside of raids, but it isn’t required.  However I do think that once you start playing with us you will want to spend more time with us.  That’s what happened to Rep.  She came over to joke with us here and there and now she is raiding with us and leveling another raider.

We’re a friendly bunch. ^_^b

So what are you waiting for!?

Come join Shadow Rising!

Biting is optional.

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