I hate level 50

The original plan for the weekend was for Slice’s druid and my roguelette to get to Outland.  Tall order I know.  His druid was level 46 and my rogue was 48.

Very tall order.

It could have worked.

It didn’t.

But it could have.

See Friday night, nothing got done.  Slice was supposed to be online, instead he was offline playing Magic with his buddies.  Ok no biggie, I got caught up on my feed reader.

Very unproductive night.

Saturday rolls around.  Slice woke me up at 1:30 pm >.>

Yeah, I kind of missed out on a lot of play time.

We got the weekly done, did our randoms then knocked out heroic Magister’s Terrace.  Still no pet or mount 😦

Then Slice decided to take a break where he proceeded to continue to play Magic with his friends.

I decided to push on and level a bit.  Got to 49 and finished the quests in Searing Gorge.

Ok so now where do I go?

Since I didn’t want to do Un’Goro or  anywhere in the south of Kalimdor I decided to check out Felwood.  While I was flying and/or running I queued myself up for some BGs.  I was hoping to liven things up a bit.

First up was WSG.  For some unknown reason I was made the BG leader. *sigh*  Since I am a pretty fail rogue I decided to stay stealthed in the flag room and try to stun/stop the Alliance toons that tried to take our flag.

Sounded like a good plan to me at the time.

What were my teammates doing during this?

Well all but 2 were fighting in the middle.

There was a priest who stayed with me in the flag room and there was a rogue that kept trying to get the enemy flag.  Everyone else was fighting with the aforementioned priest about whether or not he was a virgin and sexual prowess.  Turns out these rejects were actually from my server.  *sigh*

Seriously kids, if you want people to know you are in fact 12, start talking about how the other person is a virgin.  That ceases to be an insult beyond high school.

So yeah, the Alliance beat us 3-0.  We never got the flag out of their flag room.  I did manage to stun one of the people who took our flag, but before I could get him down (he was at like 10%) he used rocket boots and was gone.  I couldn’t run that fast 😦

With that horrible BG behind me I tried out AB instead.  I like AB as a rogue.  I just hide at the flag and people think it is empty. 😀  Turns out 2 other rogues had the same idea as me and we guarded the gold mine.  I got to kill a pally that was almost dead.  Woot! Go me!

That was the extent of action I saw.

Either it was a really bad day for the horde in our battle group, or that bracket is just REALLY horrible.  We got our asses handed to us.  The only node that we held onto was the gold mine.  The Alliance attacked it exactly once and left it alone after that.  I spent the time chatting with the other rogue sitting there with me.  There was a 3rd rogue, but he was level 40 and spent most of his time hiding.

It was rather boring.  This didn’t stop me bitching about it in gchat.

I quested a bit in Felwood.  There were 2 quests that I could pick up that were yellow.  They should have been orange, all the fricken mobs were orange or red. *sigh*  I finally got fed up and logged for the night.

Sunday rolls around and I managed to get out of bed around 11:30 am.  I logged on and Slice was playing his hunter.  I queued up for a random dungeon just to have him switch to his druid.  We partied up and queued up.  After about 20 mins or so we finally got a dungeon, only to have the instance server go splat.  The tank, Slice and myself made it through.  The other 2 dps were showing up as DCs.  The tank started off with trying to kick them.  At first I hit no on the off chance that they were still stuck with trying to get through the dungeon finder.  Then I just ignored the kick requests.  It was kind of irritating.  I know that I pissed off the tank, and most likely Slice with my refusal to hit kick.  We all dropped group.  I tried to requeue us, but he had the debuff (I didn’t) so I dropped group and queued up alone.  He was kind of pissy and logged for a bit.

I got BRD.  As some of you know I practically lived there while leveling Lyssianna.  Seemed like a competent group.  Every single person was in heirlooms.  Pally tank pulled like a sane person and the shammy was a pretty good healer.  We cleared to the boss for the satchel (where I got the bracers I already had equipped) and the healer asked if we wanted to do a full clear for the xp.  Everyone agreed and charged forward.

At some point we lost the priest, but no biggie.  The warlock we had was doing awesome dps, and I was flailing my way around.  I *think* I was above the tank, but who the hell knows.  We went through and cleared packs of mobs and took down like 2 or 3 bosses when I tried to call Slice to get him in on the XP happening.  He didn’t answer so I didn’t say anything.

About 15 mins later he logged in and I brought it up to the group that I could bring in a boomkin.  Everyone was thrilled and he was summoned into the party.  We took down the rock boss and made it to the vault room.  Suddenly the tank had to leave.  The warlock ninja DCd shortly afterwards.  The shammy had me tank the mob that held the dark coffer key and we went back to the vault room where he opened the vault.  I ended up winning the green ring that dropped.  I was all for pressing on slowly, but the shammy ninja DCd shortly afterwards and Slice and I couldn’t do it alone.

I did manage to hit 50 in there, so that was positive.

Slice logged off again (turns out he played Magic yet again) and I started working on my professions.

I finally caved and went to Un’Goro.  I didn’t pick up the quests though.  I did almost a full circle of the zone just mining away.  I managed to get 50 pieces of thorium.  All in all a good haul.

heh that rhymed.

I got the flight path then ran to Silithus and got the flight path there too.  I decided then that I wanted to get all the engineering patterns from the random vendors.   This meant I had a ton of running to do.

My first stop was Feralas.  The goblin by the Alliance dock sells a pattern but you have to complete his quests first.  This meant I had to kill giants.

Funny story:

These water giants will randomly bend over and fart.  The fart comes out as a green bubble which they then poke and pop with their finger.  Afterwards they laugh.

Silly Blizzard.

I finished the quests, get the pattern and for some unknown reason decide to go to STV instead of Azshara.

The stupid gnomes in STV are a bitch to get to.  Climbing up that hill was super irritating.  I don’t know where the actual path to get up is, but I managed to brute force myself up there.  Luckily both patterns were available.  I would have been mighty pissed if they weren’t.

Next up was a gnome in Azshara.

This chick is so far off the beaten track it is really a wonder she is still on the friggen map.  You know where the elite dragons are in Azshara?  Well go beyond them until you reach elite giants.  There is a path along the cliffs that will take you to a tiny gnome house where there are 2 gnomes.





I had to hearth out of there because there was no way in hell I was going back through all those mobs to try and find the flight path again.

Fuck that noise.

At this point I was just missing the items from the vendor in Winterspring.  Time to hoof it through Felwood again.

In my previous sojourn to Felwood I had picked up the flight path at the Horde encampment.  This meant I only had to run up half of Felwood instead of all of it.  Go me!


I get up to the Furlbog tunnel and decide that “I can do this quest, no prob” only to find out that the mobs are 53-56 and I am 51.


After dying twice I figured how to just kill one without pulling twenty million other mobs.  I am still not quite sure how I managed to complete that quest without punching the monitor, but I did.  I even got a set of feathers to turn in and an item that begins a quest.

Once I was done with the quest I high tailed it through the tunnel, picked up the moonglade flight path then ran to Winterspring.  I got lucky and didn’t come across any mobs while running to Winterspring.  I picked up some recepies and snagged a few to sell then went back to Org.

With all the ore I picked up I was able to move my engineering up to 290.  Before I started running all over the world I went to the Outland and got my skills up.  Funny that you cannot take the portal to the blasted lands until you are 58 but I was able to go through the dark portal at 51.  Odd how that works.

I still want to push to try to get her to the Outlands by this weekend.  I just wish this range of levels wasn’t so shitty.  I might have to actually break down and level in Un’Goro.


Weekend in review

I had a nice weekend playing.  If you read my comments sections at all (and you really should) you would have seen that I was going to be raiding on Millea with Slopoke’s guild.  To make sure all was good to go (since they start raiding shortly after I get home from work) I logged into Millea on Thursday night.

I facepalmed so bad when I looked at her.

Yes it was that bad.

She hasn’t raided since Ulduar.  The highest gear she has is from the new ICC 5 mans.  She is in 2 piece T8 and 2 piece T9.  Both her trinkets and her off hand are ilvl 200.  Her gems were bad.  In fact, she didn’t even have her meta active.


I wanted to go through and fix all of her gems but then I stopped myself and thought about it for a moment.  She wont be keeping this stuff for very long (assuming she raids with Slo more) and will be upgrading.

Of course this assumes that something other than enhancement shammy gear and plate drops from every fucking boss in ICC. >.>

Slo wasn’t kidding when she said that she makes it drop.  One cloth piece dropped the entire night.  ONE!  Luckily the pug priest we brought in didn’t roll on it.  He was a good pug.  He didn’t try to take off spec while he was healing.

Dooms finally got the staff he wanted.  Apparently it has been a running joke with them that Abracadaver doesn’t exist.  As a result, they run with it reserved for him on the off chance that it will drop.  I told Slo that it would drop because I was there (and thus could use it).  What happened?  It dropped of course. 🙂

So grats again to Dooms! 😀

I got my friendly ring from the Ashen Verdict.  That was a HUGE upgrade from the ring from ToC 5 >.< that I was wearing.  I mean HUGE.  I had the triumph badge ring on my other finger slot so when the ring dropped off BP it wasn’t that huge of an upgrade and I didn’t have a problem letting Dooms have it.

I had a ton of fun with Slo and the gang.  If they will have me back I think I shall be running with them again on Friday.

I really don’t know how much time I will be spending on Bloodhoof, but man oh man I am feeling the loss of the stuff I sent over with Tattia when I transferred her.  I sent her with my stockpile of gems, cloth, honor, flasks, fish, etc.  I still have fail mage over there so I can go farm herbs and make flasks, but it is just going to take a bit to get back up to where I was.  I just need to designate a day where I farm herbs.  Maybe on Tuesday.  Everyone will be raiding so it should be fairly quiet around the nodes.

It was kind of funny when I was trying to buy stuff for Millea’s raiding.  Drak’Tharon is a low pop server and has a weak AH.  Bloodhoof is one of the original servers, has a high pop and the market almost always has what you need, at a fairly cheap price.  Cheap flasks on DT are around the 20g range, usually closer to 25g.  On BH I got my flasks for 16-17g.  My gems were about 50g cheaper on BH too.  Of course we all know that Zug controls the gem markets on DT.

Speaking of Zug.  Last night I was on Lyssi farming in WG when I see him talking to me in gchat.  He started talking about racing in Ulduar.  Said that we needed to race on the racetrack before Mimron.  Dodging the bombs etc.  Said that we should do it as a guild.  He even set up something on the calendar.  I was laughing so hard.  It was so completely random and so totally Zug.  I ❤ you Zug, I really do. 🙂

I had forgotten how much fun it is to go into the “Goddess of Death” mode with Lyssi.  I was running around killing litterally EVERYTHING in my path.  It is a real ego booster let me tell you.  I ran over and decided to do the Ebon Blade dailies to get some cash (since I have been sending so much to alts and not playing my main) and I went onto the Savage Ledge.  Nothing is as much fun as killing all of those Vykrul guys until the entire ledge is empty and I have to run around and loot everything before they re-spawn.


I spent some quality time on Saturday with the roguelette.  She is now 1 1/2 bars away from 37.  I got her engineering up so now she can make the 2 pets.  I made a few of each and tried selling them on the AH.  When I put up one of each, there weren’t any on the AH.  They sold almost immediately.  When I went to put up another set there were like 10 of each up there.  So I held back and will try again either tonight or tomorrow.  Made a nice chunck of change for the roguelette.  She won’t need to come crying to Lyssi and Tattia for gold any time soon.

Slice and I also worked on the caster duo on Sunday.  We got up to 23 I think.  He still isn’t feeling the ranged caster dps, but he sure loves to AoE.  I can’t wait to see his reaction once he gets Seed of Corruption at 70.  Now THAT is fun AoE.

I have another project that I am working on.  It has me all excited again.  Once everything is finalized I will annouce it on the blog.  Until then it will remain a secret project. 😀

No Tel it is not another alt. :-p

I think I might even try to set up a 10 man ICC for some point this week.  See if I can still raid lead.  Any takers? 🙂

I have a SPARKLE PONY and I am NOT afraid to USE it!

That’s right, my roguelette hit 20 this weekend and she started using her sparkle pony.

The title of the post is what she yells each time she mounts up. 😀

When I hit 18 I got ambush.  I fricken LOVE this ability.  The first time I used it I crit for 333.  At level 18 that is nothing to sneeze about!  The downside is I have to have a dagger in my main hand and I was using a sword.  I had a dagger in my off-hand, so I switched them, but the sword has a higher dps.  Oh well.  Ambush is worth it.  I have another dagger in my bank for when I hit like 21 or something so I can change that out at that time.

Now I get to use poisons.  At 20 I only have instant and crippling available.  I was chatting with Soth last night and he said I should use both kinds.  I honestly don’t know what I should do, but hey why not right?  I bought a stack of each one.  Might as well 😀

When I hit 20 on my NE rogue I remember getting a quest that sent me into Westfall.  Of course this was when we had to level up poisons too.  I have a feeling the horde equivalent quest doesn’t exist anymore.  I haven’t checked out Org yet to see if there are any quests, but UC doesn’t have any.  If anyone knows about stuff I should be doing at this level please let me know.

The last time I spoke about my roguelette Pie mentioned in the comments that I should check out the rogue leveling guides from Slice & Dice.  I did and now I am leveling subtlety.  So far I like it.  His guides are pretty damn useful for the talents.  I need to look into them a bit more to see if the glyphs are listed on there or not.  Right now I am kind of flailing about on the glyph front.  I *think* I have a decent glyph on her, but I honestly could not tell you.

I am leveling her as mining/engineering.  I have only ever tried to level engineering on one other toon, my gnome warrior Koalabear.  Since she is only 21 or so, I never really got very far into it.  So far I am really liking it.  The training dummies have saved my life more often than not.  In fact I need more wool so I can make some more :D.  I can understand now why so many people level it.  It is a lot of fun.  The bombs are very useful when I end up pulling more mobs than I can handle.  I made my first pair of goggles last night.  Yes I know they are cloth and have spirit on them, but I didn’t have a helmet!  Plus they have stam on them.  More health is win!

What I think is funny is I refused to spoil this toon.  She was going to make it on her own.  Using only the seed money and bags I sent her.  This hasn’t stopped Slice from sending her greens he gets.  To be fair, I am having my mage, who is leveling alchemy, send her potions and stuff, but still.  She gets no help from my mains.  I am so used to seeing a bunch of self buffs up on the screen so it is odd when I am on her and there is nothing.  I finally got some sharpening stones to use on the weapons.  So those and the potions have been filling the void.  Now the poisons will take the place of the sharpening stones.  Woot!!

I have been trying to be smart on the stuff I can sell on the AH.  I know that certain engineering items are needed for quests so I have been putting those up when they are needed.  I don’t know if lower level ammo is worth it to make and attempt to sell.  Hopefully someone in the comments section will be able to tell me.

I have been thinking of selling the greens I come across, but I haven’t yet.  Drak has such an odd market because the server is so low pop.  I have just been sending everything to Lyssi to DE.  I think I will send the mats back to the roguelette to sell.  After all, she is finding the stuff, she should profit.

I am hoping I can get her some rested XP.  Slice has been sick so we haven’t played the caster duo lately.  Currently they are sitting at 16.  We keep getting distracted by the shinies.  I might end up playing the roguelette again tonight though.  I kind of want to see how the dual poisons work.