Screenshot Friday

The Midnight Raiders went back into Naxx last night for our 8 man team.  We cleared up to Gluth in the construct quarter.  Our make up just wasn’t right with the stupid zombie kiting.  That fight is tough with 10 people, it is fricken hard with only 8 people, most of which who are heroics/Naxx geared.  So after wiping, changing out toons and wiping some more, we decided to move onto another wing.  We managed to take out the Spider wing with only one wipe on the first boss.  People got mixed up in the locust swarm and bad things happened.  We are supposed to go back in next week.  That night however is the first night of my sweetie’s visit.  So I am not sure if I will be joining them or not.  We shall see.

"Come on and get down with the sickness"


This lovely picture was taken while we were waiting for Grobbulus to walk back down the platform.  I had just explained the fight for the few of us who had never been there, or had been there in a different capacity.  My sweetie is big on music and sends me all these songs.  I now have two songs from Richard Cheese.  If you aren’t familiar with him, google him.  You will laugh and thank me.

Anyway, the two I have are covers of NIN’s Closer and Disturbed’s Down with the Sickness.  You haven’t danced until you have danced to Closer sung by a lounge singer.

I don’t play using a head set.  I have a free standing mic and just use my monitor speakers so if I am playing music I can put the mic right next to the speakers and everyone in vent can hear my music.  With this particular group of people I usually will stop and play music randomly.  Usually it is the banana phone song.  When this picture was snapped Down with the Sickness was playing, which is quite apropos considering where we were.

So enjoy the midnight raiders dancing.  I think we broke into dance like 2 or 3 more times for the duration of the run.  I do ❤ my guidies.