Because Tir said he didn’t have a post to read

I wasn’t going to post today.  Not even a filler post saying that I wasn’t able to get a post up.  I just was out of it last night and crashed out.  This morning I was busy at work.  Things just conspired to where I decided to not write anything.  Then Tir got bummed when I told him, so to prevent me getting flack I am posting on my lunch break.

Last night was interesting.

Tuesday nights are 25 man runs.  We do the weekly and then if we have Tir (and he is willing) we do 25 man ICC.  Normally we don’t make it past Saurfang.  Last night we downed Festergut and had several attempts on Rotface.  Festergut on 25 man is a bit more complicated in the positioning than 10 man.  Instead of just 3 people in ranged, you need 8.  The strat we use in 10 man is to have the 3 people in the back fall on the “anchor” person when the spore hits.  In 25 man we have to stand in a rectangle shape and all run to a specific place.

I’m a visual learner.  Tir’s explanation didn’t make much sense to me.  I will admit that I was bad and didn’t research the 25 man strats.  I honestly didn’t think to do it.  Will I before next week?  Yep.  My main explanation for not is that we are not yet into 25 mans and focus on 10 mans.  I do my 10 man homework.  Guess I need to start doing the 25 man homework.  *sigh*

I have problems with videos.  Everything is all clean and the voices happen AFTER the recording.  I think I would just be happier with a diagram and then doing the fight once to see how it happens.

Take Rotface for example.  EoF had cleared up to him and so being the raid leader I had to know what was going on so that I could explain it to the kittens that almost assuredly had not read the strats.  I had never done that fight.  Trying to explain it based on a video and long winded technical strats is damn difficult.  I think Tir and Ari were listening in on the vent channel when I was trying to explain.  I got lectured by Tir for making the strats too difficult.  We of course went in and wiped horribly.  No one, least of all me, knew what the hell was going on.  Yeah, not a fun time.

Now look at it with SR.  Simple explanation by people who know what the fight is about.  Don’t stand in the slime.  Stand behind him.  When he pukes, run through him to get out of the puke.  If you get a slime run to the OT from the front.  Cut across the area in front of the big slime to merge your baby slime.  Wait for it to merge, then go back and dps.  It is in fact THAT easy.  The first time I fought him with SR we killed him.  Of course they said that they wiped 44 times before they got their first kill.  Every time since then that we have gone up against him in 10 man, we have taken him down the first time.

We can kite slimes 😀

PuGs apparently cannot kite slimes.  >.>

If the PuGs hadn’t been complete fails we would have downed Rotface on 25 man.  Everyone that was a guildie was doing their job.  The bads were standing in the puke, not moving in the slime explosion and not taking their fucking slimes out of the raid.  When the raid leader yells at you to MOVE AND GTFO OF THE RAID then you better move the fuck out of the raid.  Don’t stand there continuing to DPS, trust me, your DPS was NOT that great.

Have I mentioned that I hate PuGs yet?


Tonight is a non raiding night.  I am hoping to get all of my dailies done.  The last couple of days I haven’t gotten more than my tourney stuff done.  Zam picks on me because I have to do them in a specific order.  This order makes no rhyme or reason to anyone but me.  I just HAVE to do them that way.  Just like I have to pick up the Hodir dailies in a specific order, complete them in a specific order and turn them in in a specific order.

No I don’t have CDO, whatever gave you that idea?

Oh well.  Guilt post is finished.  Comment away! :-p